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OBAMA AND LEFT-WING RACIST STEREOTYPES~ Are The Obamas "Trailer Trash" as defined by liberals? A Graphic Analysis

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"Trailer Trash"

You have heard the ugly, elitist term used by liberals/Democrats to describe conservatives/Republicans.  You have heard that term 
used by liberals often. 
You vaguely know what Trailer Trash is supposed to look like. Perhaps you only vaguely knew that the term originated from "White Trash". Indeed, describes it in part as, " A synonym for poor white trash."


What you may not know is that the term originated as a bigoted, racial epithet used by black slaves against white slaves to whom they thought themselves superior. "White slaves?" you ask.  Essentially, yes. In 1833 Fanny Kemble, an English actress visiting Georgia, noted in her journal: "The slaves themselves entertain the very highest contempt for white servants, whom they designate as 'poor white trash'". In 1854, Harriet Beecher Stowe  in her book A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin wrote a chapter entitled "Poor White Trash". Stowe wrote that slavery not only produces "degraded, miserable slaves", but also poor whites who are even more degraded and miserable. Stowe also relates that both blacks and whites in the area look down on these "poor white trash" - a strong tradition of elitist bigotry, hypocrisy and sick-minded mean-spiritedness that the liberal rank-and-file proudly displays today.

So what is "Trailer Trash" by the dictionary definition? Strict definition by the left-leaning academician dictionaries such a Webster's defines the term merely to describe poor people in trailer parks - obviously an intentionally limited and misleading PC move to erase the unpleasant reverse-discrimination of the term's roots from the past, as it has nothing to do with the definition of the word from which the original synonym sprang. Colloquial-based dictionaries, more in tune with the common societal usage, however, are more honest. writes


noun American

  • (a member of) the white underclass. The phrase became fashionable in the later 1990s, both to denigrate poor whites of the sort who are characteristically forced to live in trailer-parks and to describe a fashion for cheap, garish and kitsch accessories. A synonym for poor white trash.

The URBAN DICTIONARY is more explicit:

1. trailer trash

Derogatory description for person who seems well-suited to residential life in a mobile home park and is distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, slovenly or slutty clothing, and general ignorance. Recreations include drinking malt liquor in lawn chairs under tattered R.V. awning. Close synonym for poor white trash.

The extremely unhappy reality is that if you Google images of Trailer Trash, thanks to malicious liberal Obama trolls and ACORN activists online, you often see entirely unrelated pictures of Sarah Palin. Interestingly, she usually looks beautiful and extremely fashion-savvy, like this

and Sarah Palin lives in this large, sparkling and impeccably-kept upscale house, earned from the success gleaned from her intelligence and talent,  which one supposes liberal democrats would have you believe is a"trailer".

 No trailer, no junk, no slovenly or slutty clothing, no foul language and no ignorance, while her critics themselves could only dream of aspiring to becoming a governor with an eventual 
popularity rating in the 80's, cutting across every demographic and political divide.


So in the interest of fair play, and equal time for all races, political persuasions and demographics, since the left struck first by defining Sarah Palin and so many Republicans as "Trailer Trash" (they do, we all know it and the evidence is positively everywhere), let us apply the question to the highest of the liberal/democrat social and political standard-bearers:
Are The Obamas Trailer Trash?

Obamafake's opinion, based only on the historical and graphic evidence, as always, 
"Yes. The Obamas are 
'Trailer Trash'"
Without question



1. RUDE AND FOUL-MOUTHED and/or crude displays, ignorance, drug use and bigotry are usually associated with the Trailer Trash Stereotype. Here Obama gives the middle finger to Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Notice the titters and laughs and Obama's lingering pause as he makes sure everyone gets the joke:

a good, classy joke is worth repeating, right, "muthufukah"?

2. IGNORANCE. Here he mispronounces corps as "corpse", something most reasonably-educated school children can manage to avoid:

He refers to the United States as having "57 States" (a clear and staggeringly stupid mix-up about the Muslim faith which does have 57 states, supposedly his former faith which is very clearly strongly on his mind):

3. DRUG USE In Dreams From My Father, Obama cites using a large quantities of drugs, later referencing cocaine, a powerful and highly addictive drug often associated with addicts when the user is not wealthy, and at that time, Obama was not wealthy. That was also 30 years ago, when cocaine use was generally reserved only for the hard-core drug user and addict.

4. BIGOTRY. Obama's bigotry is now becoming infamous. Here is a scene from the church in which he sat dutifully for 20 years before being found out during the election, at which point he pretended to not know what was going on in that same church.

5. Drinking beer in public sports events does not denote Trailer Trash in itself, but when you just got through giving someone the finger in public while stoned and calling them a racial epithet while mispronouncing it because you don't know the correct way to say it, that's Trailer Trash. Big time. Very big time.

Young Barack Obama/Barry Seotoro/Sobarkah,  
Christian/Muslim, drug-using, foul-mouthed,  
white-heritage ignoring and socialist-seeking,
at around the age that he could 
not possibly  have gotten a 
social security number from 
Connecticut since he was living in



Obamafake, in deference to the woman who volunteered that she only ever was proud of her country when the time had come that she could possibly become its First Lady, we will concentrate only on that most blistering of Trailer Trash definitions when it comes to women: FasHion.

Here is a particularly sartorially gruesome shot of Mrs. Obama representing the
United States of America as First Lady.

Here's a slogan for Michelle: "HOPELESS, PLEASE CHANGE"

Here is a shot of a commercially available Halloween costume of "Trailer Trash" called "Trailer Park Princess" (click here for the link) (bear in mind that this supposed to be a funny caricature!)

Here is a side-by-side comparison of MICHELLE OBAMA, THE TRAILER PARK PRINCESS.

Particularly note the sometimes almost Industrial Punk-style chest-belts, often bizarre, made of steel and plastic, which are not only a classic stereotype staple of Trailer Trash, but look darn fetching in old science fiction movies as well:

Ever-poised and dignified as the First Lady, Michelle adopts the bored and detached appearance in front of the camera of a mildly drunk housewife watching Jerry Springer while her kids play with frayed electrical cords in the bathtub. 



While it is admittedly unfair to drag these hapless souls into the picture, liberals delight at attacking the relatives of conservatives and Republicans, such as, particularly as of late, Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol. Therefore in the spirit of ethical journalistic fairness and equal time, we make this very brief overview, and will clearly demonstrate our superiority over the mainstream media by not maliciously gloating endlessly. While colorful phrases such a "transgender pimp from 1972" may come to mind, we will let the reader make up their own minds about the style and couture of Obama's Aunt and Uncle, both illegal immigrants who, at least when it comes to deportation, apparently have a glaring contempt for the law.  
 Aunt Polly (wanna crackah)? and Uncle Omar's police mug shot after he was arrested 
for drunk driving, at which time he requested to call the White House to post bail 
(apparently that's no joke)

BARACK OBAMA'S MOTHER: in shots that simply reek of sophistication, proper manners, dignity, self-esteem and and elegance.
Out of control on her first hit of acid or Gypsy Rose Lee wannabie? 
You decide.


The next time the leftist elites want to swagger about with delusions of ultra-hip sophistication, they might do well to look upon their own social and political standard-bearers before attacking those with whom they disagree, such as the beautiful, classy, well-educated, well-spoken and well-dressed Sarah Palin.

Yeah, I know, kid, Obama took my ice cream, too.


Now, the question is, is Barack Obama Natural Born Trailer Trash.....?
We still don't know, though it appears he is not.


  1. PHHHHEEEEWWWW! Scathing write up, Proe. But essentially correct. If the Obamas were republicans the media would have destroyed them for the same things you are writing about here. Good job.

  2. WOW PG! That is an outstanding article. The visuals were spot on to draw your conclusion! Must have been a lot of work for you! Thank you.

  3. What is funny about this is that you're a guy, Proe, and you got it all right! This is really good. Congratulations on entering the world of high fashion!

  4. MicHELLe and Barry both have about as much class as a pile of dog sh!t.

    They are well below trailer trash, both should be living in Barry's home country of Kenya in a mud hut.

    Barry's COLB has been forged and congress knows about it but my senator's office stated that the media and congressional leadership were blocking even the discussion of eligibility. Without media most criminals in congress could never be re-elected. The media tells the brainwashed zombies who to vote for.

  5. One word: BRILLIANT!
    John Wilder

  6. Amen! Sarah Palin is awesome, smart, and classy! There is no comparison between the Obama's and the Palins. NONE. I'd live in a Palin world any day, over an Obama world.

  7. I'm not a birther, but I do want you to know that we Sarah Palin fans are going crazy for this blog!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Classic, Proe. An elegant piece of surgery!

  9. Wow, man! That was simply devastating. Hope you've got bodyguards 24/7, because if this piece doesn't bring out Obot rage, nothing will.

    I set a new personal record for bill seeding today: 36, including TWENTY $100 notes. I use two different banks, and I went to one and took out $2,000 and stamped all 20 of the notes, then went to the other and deposited them. Next week I'll do the same thing in reverse. Hah!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  10. Hilarious and factual. I love this blog!

  11. Thank you for the kind words.


    Ah, let 'em get angry. After the endless, horrendous slamming of the GOP and people like Palin this time we can give it back with facts. It's their turn for a change.

    re the money, WOW, back at ya! The thing about the hundred notes is they go slower. The good thing is that people look at them more closely for obvious reasons. I wish there was a projection model for the trade of between speed of distribution and the attention that the larger bills get. Amazing quality and quantity on the seeding. That's probably a record for anyone. It is for me! Great job!

  12. You're probably right on the $100 bills moving more slowly. Perhaps next time I should draw $600 and ask for all $20 notes instead. ;)

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  13. FJ,

    $600.00 on twenties is 30 bills. ;)

  14. Al Einstein, Marriage coach, Barbra Haney,

    Thank you for the kind words and welcome to ObamaFake. We're a small, close-knit group here, so by all means kick back, relax and join in when and however you feel like it. There are no Obots allowed here, hence the more leisurely pace (no arguments) so you can feel free to express yourself completely with no hassle. Thanks again for the nice words.

  15. Oh, friends Alex, Sharon, thanks.

    Al Einstein,

    Re-reading your comment, "They are well below trailer trash, both should be living in Barry's home country of Kenya in a mud hut." I don't know if that's racist, but it did make me laugh.

  16. Just an FYI, but I've changed the location on the bill face where I place my stamps, in some cases. When the bills have Timothy "Quantitative Easing" Geithner's signature on them, I stamp directly over it. Fits perfectly. =)


  17. I agree: BRILLIANT! This is almost TOO good!


  19. This article is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! If you click on the sentence above the trailer park princess pic, it takes you to the Halloween costume website. The website describes the costume as "Every pimp needs his Ho!" LOL!!!! There ya go! This blog is a masterpiece! Thank you!

  20. Proe,
    I posted this piece at Free Republic, and it started getting comments within the first minute it went up. Hopefully you'll see increased traffic (and even more hopefully, participation/activism) as a result.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  21. Spoke too soon. Thread was pulled by admin/moderator for being "just a bit too over the top".
    Oh, well. At least one person commented that OFake is a "Great Blog!"


  22. FJ,

    By the way, you have been proving to be a good friend on and off the board. Thanks.

  23. You're very welcome, Proe. I'm always glad to help out, when it comes to dethroning the impostor in our White House.

    What really chaps my hide about the thread getting pulled is that it had already garnered a dozen comments in just the first ten minutes (out of 15 total, or thereabouts) it was extant. Some of the Natural Born Citizen threads there have had over three hundred comments posted to them, and I believe that had the piece been allowed to remain, it would have been commented on by at least double that amount, and OFake would have gotten thousands of new hits. The responses were immediate, and by posters who are not "the usual suspects" on the NBC threads.

    Politically correct cowards.


  24. "Politically correct cowards."

    It seems that way on the surface, but you never know what a person's motivation is for starting a blog or site, so you never know what their motivation is when moderating it.

    However, in the mere 15 minutes the thread was up on FR - way, way off-peak very early in the morning - OF got 71 hits from that thread. It's obvious that it's something their readers wanted.


  26. Remember when Barbara Walters said Moochelle was "beeootifoo"? LOL!

  27. Wickedly funny - you nailed those grifters!

  28. Thank you for the great post, Proe.

  29. It's about time someone said it like this. Everyone in America should have their faces pushed into this blog until they understand it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  30. I have no problem agreeing the Obama's fit the description of "trailer trash" or worse.... butt are you sure the photos of Barry's Mom Stanley are not photo-shopped?

    Especially the middle photo looks as if the head was stuck on a different body.....then again, maybe not.

    Is there a way to be sure they are not photo-shopped?

    Please do not mistake my comment as any kind of defense of trailer trash.

  31. Welcome to OF, John.

    That's a very good question and when they first surfaced I did some pretty close analysis for my own mind(I saw them initially at Atlas Shrugs)

    Here is why I feel certain they are genuine:

    Now certainly, I'm in a position to know a photoshop when I see it. If they are photoshopped it's an expert job, to be sure.

    1. No one has refuted the legitimacy of the pictures. This suggests a desire to not engage the battle and that, IMO, therefore suggests that where those came from, there are probably others of the same room.

    2. Some people have features similar to others, some don't. Dunham has a very unusual face. When you see her in other shots, what few exist, it always jumps out.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT: To photoshop Dunham's face onto the body, you need to have the source material not only of the nude model, but of Dunham's face. This is where the tire meets the highway; there are not a lot of pictures of Dunham around. Those that are clear enough to do the job don;t match the angle and expression and overall look. Remember what you need to be able to match here:

    A. It needs to be a dead-ringer for Dunham. Even compared with much later pictures of Dunham after she gained considerable weight, it's still, with little variation, entirely recognizable as being the same person.

    B. No pictures seem to exist of her from which to choose to match up the angle of the face/head to the head/body.

    C. The lighting between face and body/room appears entirely identical.

    D. Film stocks, lighting, the effect of the exposure on the grain, contrast, of the photograph would vary wildly back then - you would need to match that.

    Superimposing a face onto a body is one of the most difficult things any photoshopper can do with new, clean material - you can just instinctively see something is wrong. Doing it believably with 50-year-old source material moves into essentially the impossible range unless you are dealing with large-format prints; you could - maybe - superimpose Humphrey Bogart's face onto another actor's body using 8X8 format Hollywood-quality prints, but at-home snapshots in the 1950's/60's were simply very poor quality making such a thing virtually impossible. Also, you can see from the way they were shot - bad posing, bad angles, bad set dressing (set dressing is arranging the props and things to create an overall attractive shot) that these were amateur snapshots.

    People come to this political battle armed with all sort of different experience and expertise. I sat up ObamaFake when the birth certificate forgery came out because it was something I could absolutely bring to the table: graphics, effects and design expertise.

    Obama's birth certificate, IMO, is absolutely a 100% a fake - no question. For real.

    IMO these nudes of the mother are not.

    Yes, it's unsavory to bring this stuff up, but Obama and media are now playing socialist-control-of-America hardball; they mean it, this time. This is no joke, an they will do what the Russian Communists and the Nazi Socialist Party did in their time: glorify the communist/socialist and paint unflattering pictures of those who they want to beat and try to make the common citizen laugh at or despise them (or in the case of the German Jews in socialist Nazi Germany, both).

    If Obama loses and the swing of the pendulum puts a staunch conservative in office the left's battle to turn America into a socialist/communist country will be set back 30 years and they know it. Therefore we need to play this game on the same level. Or as Obama said about republicans, "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun."

    Does this more or less put your mind at ease about the legitimacy of the pictures, John?


  33. Thanks for your answer Proe. After looking at the center picture again I decided the impossibly skinny neck I thought I was seeing was because I wasn't at first seeing it all.

    Even with scumbags on the level of the Obama's, (or whatever the real name is), my first impulse when seeing pictures like the ones of Stanley is that they just can't be real......but, with that bunch of low-life grifters, nothing is impossible.

    I appreciate your detailed answer and your website is great.

    I'll be back often.

  34. Anybody up for some youtube fun tonight? Gotta get the word out there that Obama's birth certificate is fake!

  35. "I decided the impossibly skinny neck I thought I was seeing was because I wasn't at first seeing it all."

    That's funny - I see what you are saying, I think - you assumed that the neck ended at the line of the earring, because the back of the neck closely matches the background, so the neck itself looked half its actual diameter. I can see that, if that's what you thought you saw.

    You're welcome for the answer, it's what I'm here for. Thank you for the kind words.

    Do know you're welcome to any of the sessions and events we have, including a Youtube session scheduled for 9:00 PM EST tonight. You probably won't read this until it's long over and done, but you are welcome to participate in anything we do. There are no snobs here. Welcome.

  36. Ann,

    I will absolutely do it if I need to take a nap beforehand (up pretty early today). We're scheduled for a big group. I hope many can attend. Anyone reading this for the first time who wants to hop in can, too - all they need do is ask what it's all about and come back at 8:45 PM eastern tonight.

    If anyone from that nice ladies blog would like to join, by all means invite them, Ann. A strike against Obama's fake birth certificate is a strike in favor of good clothing and manners! ;)

  37. DAMN!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  38. Talk about taking off the gloves.

    Check out this union thug threat at:

  39. Thanks, John.

    As I recall, his dear old dad is supposed to be wearing cement overshoes under Giant's Stadium in New Jersey. It's hard to tell from that speech whether he is revving up the crowd, is kissing Obama's tukas, is insane or an idiot. "Taking someone out" as he said about the GOP means killing them, usually.

    This is a media war we're in - a war of influence and perception. It's our job to see to it that as much as we possibly can, every man woman and child knows and understands that Obama lied about his birth certificate - the true material piece of evidence we have that Obama is as low as suspicious as they come - and we know he lied because it's a pathetic fake. Before April 28 you could almost sympathize with people who thought we were nuts because unless you followed the twists and turns of Obama's tortured attempts to avoid disclosure, it just sounded crazy. Now we have the top experts saying it's a fake as well as everyone who ever took a first year graphics class with adobe software. The moment Obama glued his fortunes to that birth certificate fake all that was left to protect him politically from the consequences of his own actions was silence and mockery. We're now in a position to smash that silence and turn the mockery on it's ear. Let's roll.

  40. I am available for a you tube party tonight at 9pm ET. Are we still on? I will check back later...

  41. I know that Ann and I are on, and now you. Still waiting to hear from Charlene, which is unusual. I desperately hope Priscilla can make it, and there is always the possibility of Cranial Access. Alex and FJ cannot and Sharon....? Still could be another bang-up evening. We'll have to see....

    Oh, and hopefully John Smith can join in and see how he likes "the game". He seems like an active kind of guy.

  42. I FINALLY found the new post! OMG Proe you have really outdone yourself! I can not wait to post links to this everywhere!
    I am looking forward to a mob tonight! Missed ya'all! Good to see some new enthusiasts too!
    Looking forward to working (?) Playing(?) with all of you!
    Man the boards!

  43. How is this YouTube get together done??

    I am anything but a computer expert......

  44. where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?


    Maybe this is the end of days after all. It's 9:35 exactly. I will be at

    If there is anyone left who is still interested.


  46. John Smith,

    The youtube details are here.

    Basically, you take an anonymous Yahoo e-mail (lots of luddites among us, don't worry) and with it open a Youtube account and then join the action. The details are here:

  47. Good abbreviated session tonight, with the abbreviation due to additional flooding, it would appear, after hurricane Irene with this new storm over the seaboard.

  48. Your post might appear to be racist or mean-spirited were it not so very true. A very good perspective. Go Palin 2012!

  49. Seeded another 8 stamped bills over lunch today. I've noticed that the self-checkout machines at my grocery store are rejecting them now. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that the machine's sensitivity settings have been changed so that they now pick up and reject bills with the red ink stamp on them. Since I am now impervious to criticism/fear, I simply hand over all of my stamped bills directly to the cashier, and the effect is the same anyway. Still eagerly anticipating the day when I receive change that has stamped/annotated bills mixed in. For myself, every piece of paper currency that passes through my wallet gets stamped "Obama's Birth Certificate is FAKE!" and I have not had one teller get testy about it. Not. One.

    Proe- I've pinged my buddy to see if he's up for a You Tube session this coming Friday or Saturday. I'll let you know what he comes back with.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  50. FJ,

    If you are right and the machine's sensitive settings have been change over this, when Where's George - the template of which we follow with excruciating precision except for the entirely legal 1st amendment message - is everywhere, really signifies a considerable concern/hostility/anger. But the rejection of the bills could be anything, really. Maybe the store set it's sensitivity to accommodate that, but then they lose a customer faster than they stop the activity, and they must know that. Only a mindlessly angry partisan would do something that self-destructive over ideological hate.

    One assumes from a liberal standpoint that it was fine, of course, when liberals marched down the street making death threats to Bush and burning his image in effigy. But heavens to Betsy if you say that Obama's birth certificate is fake. Un-frigging-believeable. This has to stop and we need to start yelling the mockery and facts back at them. Trump made nose, and he got somewhere. Genteel and polite-to-a-fault Bob Dole and John McCain are still wearing the bootprints of their opponents on their faces. Enough.

    Remember what our level-headed, polite, sensible bi-partisian president (maybe) Obama said when talking to his people about Republicans, "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun." Great advice coming from him. We'll do what democrats otherwise tell us to do when it comes to that sage advice: follow Obama's wisdom as he meant his supporters to follow it, politically speaking and to the letter. This is a political and media battle and we better win it.

  51. Proe, I was here with my *guns* sorry your power was off agin and I missed the fun. I did get the message that you were back on at 9:40, but then I could not sign on at YouTube...... Will open new acct today and be ready to spread some truth!
    I hope evryone links this exceptional post everywhere they go. Actually you should submit to The Globe or any media with the b@lls to reprint it!
    I actually saw a book (it was at The Dollar Tree, where it belonged)comparing MoocHELLe with Jackie O. Usually I would spend a buck on anything in that store, but I could not do it! Unbelievable! When they are removed from OUR White House it will need to be tented and fumigated.
    Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I do not like this bunch of criminal liars. Don't like 'em much at all!
    Thank you for giving us a place to share ideas on defeating them at their own game. This is the only site that offers a PROe active means to inform the rest of the world that we will not be fooled and will not stand for this *fundemental change*

  52. Dick,

    That was quite an endorsement - thank you!

    Yeah, I do think you may have mentioned once or twice that you were modestly unhappy with the Obama administration. I think you were the one, anyway. ;)

    I have no trouble comparing Michelle to Jackie O as long as the comparison is rightfully unflattering to Obama. It's when politically-driven writers and operatives make them look equal that I get pissed off.

    We have to get out of timidity mode. Too many people are afraid of saying anything unflattering about a black person because of the fear of being branded racist, and that just plain has to stop because such false claims of racism are in themselves racist. There are beautiful women with magnificent good taste in every racial and ethnic category, black included. But since the left has long ago chosen to play the game of personal destruction and simultaneously hold us hostage to false claims of racism while doing lip service-only to the African Americans whose best interests they pretend to represent, I have no trouble saying that IMO the poise, grace and taste of their First lady is nothing more or less than the sartorial version of an atom bomb dropped on a train wreck.

    If propaganda is all they know, then for the future of America, we'll play their game and be right on the substance of the issues at the same time.

    And speaking of substance of the issues, Barack Obama's birth certificate really is a fake and that comes from experts like Joseph Newcomer whose analysis of the killian documents got Dan Rather fired from CBS News. So not only does Michelle Obama have terrible fashion taste and absolutely zero poise or dignity in her role as First Lady, but she has damn shaky taste in husbands as well.

  53. *damn shakey taste in husbands* Well, finally I see something she and I may have in common! Only difference I would not stand by an obvious fraud. She did this for her own goal satisfaction. She helped him out by hiring him at the Law Firm. She was able to cover his lack of documentation. His lack of papers is the only logical reason he became a Community Organizer when he had a chance at being hired by any top Law Firm, except for the fact he had and has NO PAPERS that are not FAKE!
    I swear at times when I hear myself talk or think about what they have managed to pull off, I begin to think I am nuts too. It just is so unbelievable. I know it is true though, have witnessed almost every step and would have to be blind , deaf and dumb not to know what has been being done to our Country by this low life thug and his buddies.
    Getting the word out, getting the TRUTH out is the most important task we have. I appreciate you and all the folks here who do care enough to do all we can do. I just can't wait till we can celebrate the end of this fundemental change and get back to the Good Ol' Red, White and Blue.
    Gee Proe, it sounds like you hold the same feelings for the usurper!

  54. Hey Pro:

    Check out this Bozo (DAVE) here, who I thought was on our side:

    and here:

    I thought you could go there and "give him a piece of your mind" like noneother than you could do!

  55. Just found this site, it is a riot!

    The story for today needs alink to this masterpiece. It is a perfect fit. I, of course am unable to post a comment for some reason, it just freezes. If someone else can I think we may get some company!

  56. I spent 7 marked bills today. One clerk said to the other clerk while laughing: "someone has written on all of these bills Obama's birth certificate is fake!"

    I said "You know the birth certificate was forged don't you? Look it up." They looked at me like I was an idiot and like who cares? Oh well. . . It doesn't deter me.

    The only other response I have gotten is when a black clerk rolled his eyes at me. Both happened at the same convenience store. You know the types that work in such places.

  57. Saska,

    I posed a response back on Goldberg's site and gave a more comprehensive answer in the form of a new post at ObamaFake. I hope you like it. Thanks for the head's up.

  58. The OBONGOS " TRAILER TRASH " For SURE !!! or better yet GHETTO TRASH !!!

  59. "The OBONGOS " TRAILER TRASH " For SURE !!! or better yet GHETTO TRASH !!! "

    I let through through with some trepidation. For all the fun to be found there, the serious fact is that this is a response to an epithet used by the left to denigrate republicans and win elections and re-shape the country, and that is serious. I don;t think they ever called us "Ghetto trash" and that really is inching into some vague implied racism, so please watch that aspect of it. The arrogant, classless Obama's are easily called out on the mind-blowing facts. We don't need to exaggerate. Thanks.

  60. Proe, I understand what you are saying about *ghetto trash* , in a way. I am really tired of having to watch every word we use. Rev Manning can use ghetto trash refering to the* usurping, half breed, long legged Mack Daddy Muslim* and it is not considered racist. We say the same and it is racist. Why? Can we say, * Call a spade a spade?* Can we say ghetto trash when refering to a non black Ghetto? Like the Ghettos the Jews were forced to live in? That was never an issue. I wonder how we get away with the word *denigerating* Seriously I understand not using a blog to make a point, but this is truly getting oout of hand. Can we say pig in front of Muslims? I do not see the fact they represent everything trailer trash/ ghetto that we can not voice that opinion. Why because they are not white? not Jewish? this has gone too far. This racist ,PC crap is getting old. I do not associate ghetto with race, it is a hood in disrepair no matter who lives there. I am tired of walking on egg shells. I think the people of any color, race, religion that have any brains are not offended by simple descriptions. Regardless I am tired of it all! I feel denigerated.

  61. Dick,

    I understand your concerns and wasn't really pleased about writing that concern. The flip side is we're being much more honest than most, here - as honest as you can get, pretty much - so generally speaking, "Noblesse oblige", and as a consequence, we must be extra careful when treading the fine lines. Not always, but the fine lines.

  62. Outstanding posts.. I loved them..

  63. Quote from Charlene:

    "I swear at times when I hear myself talk or think about what they have managed to pull off, I begin to think I am nuts too. It just is so unbelievable. I know it is true though, have witnessed almost every step and would have to be blind , deaf and dumb not to know what has been being done to our Country by this low life thug and his buddies."

    Good description of the way I, and I am sure lots of others, feel about this mother-of-all frauds/charades pulled on America. Sometimes I ask myself if I could be wrong on this. I then think back over the timeline of what I do know about Obama, the sealed records and BC issue, and I conclude the things I know for certain are more than enough for me to understand he a fraud through and through......there is no doubt in my mind. That so many people cannot or will not see, or do not care what is happening to America is a really depressing fact and it's very difficult at times fo me not to give up.

    But I won't give up..........