Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hat tip to Lane
Having my media background, I think it vitally important to lend support to this video which claims the protests on Wall Street are staged. My own view is that the video creator got it all just about exactly right.

While it could be argued that the Move On people aren't acting but are only being liberals, the fact that the video author has spotted staging marks ("hit your mark") and Move On people posing as brutal police officers is extremely convincing that the entire situation has been staged and rehearsed. 

I would add another point: the more brutal confrontations generally don't show but one or two dozen people in the scene, and that suggests to me that many of the more "shocking" scenes were shot independent of the actual Wall Street protests, probably before, because such things usually require a couple of takes to get them right.

Why is this on ObamaFake? Because if Obama is not challenged on his felony/forgery birth certificate, this is probably the first part of a plan to escalate over time and even - Heaven help me for saying it, because I usually shun such hypothesis - use them as an excuse for "postponing' the elections.

These people mean business. If your friends and relatives still think Obama's birth certificate forgery is too crazy to contemplate as an actual situation, consider the degree to which these Wall Street protest videos are the handiwork not of on-the-fly documentary videographers, but rather amateur fictional filmmakers.

Those of you who read regularly know I didn't just fall out of the media tree. Trust me when I say it: this video author got it right: these "shocking" shots are fakes, from the obvious Halloween store vibrant technicolor blood to the Move On officers to the very recognizable stage marks in chalk on the pavement. These scenes have been faked. This is how Obama's people operate. And it's only going to get worse unless Obama's political momentum is legally halted, and his forged birth certificate is the evidence of wrongdoing that cannot be explained away.  

This is no good. Tell everyone.

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  1. Proe Graphique,
    Excellent job! Keep it up!

    old pal Chris

  2. Apparently Ann Coulter (don't like her, really; I have a few "theories" about her) said this (don't have the exact quote, but it was a good one no matter what):
    "OWS is more like a "Teat Party" than a "Tea Party"!"

  3. We have a message board, now:

  4. @Saska
    Actually, Coulter said (paraphrasing) "The TEA Partiers have three things the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) people don't: showers, jobs, and a point."
    These folks are clownshoes, and if SEIU and other union types want to hitch their wagon to these losers, they're welcome to do so. Camping out in a park in New York should prove to be quite a chilly proposition here in a few more weeks. Good luck with that.

    Yesterday's stamped bill-seeding score:
    $20 x 3
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    $1 x 10

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  5. Whoops! I posted my comments at the Caroline Story.....

  6. Today's stamped bill score:
    $100 x 11
    $20 x 5
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    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  7. keep up the good work-- maybe if a couple of million of us went to Washington (peaceably)and went in the white house and had a sit-in, anybody need a ride???