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Saturday, October 15, 2011


 People have for awhile said they have been having trouble keeping up with discussions here, so this makes sense.

Also, Facebook is closing down the Facebook discussion boards on Oct 31 and leaving only the wall comments, which will essentially close down threaded discussions. I've been on a few of those boards and have put out the invitation to keep the people and threads together and continuing at True Conservative Forums. 

Facebook quietly announces the removal of the discussion boards:
Inside Facebook confirms and more fully explains the result and implications:

You will note that True Conservative Forums is not only pro-birther, but politically general with an emphasis on the elections. By bringing mainstream conservatives onto a board and exposing them gently to the facts of the fake birth certificate which many still do not fully know, we might make additional inroads on the issue as we move into 2012. My own view is that not using a political weapon like a fake birth certificate which is also a lie which is also a felony is tantamount to simply conceding to the liberal democrats. Certainly, they would use such a political weapon against us.

Personally, knowing how the left media operates first-hand, I am suspicious of Facebook closing down the discussion boards essentially one year out from an election in which the democrats are still seen as being in charge and we Tea Party people have been using those Facebook boards to get organized. Especially since there is no equivalent replacement being offered there and facebook itself estimates that 22 million people use those discussion boards.

As with ObamaFake and The Evidence Vault, True Conservative Forums is non-profit.

There is no certainty whatsoever that True Conservative Forums will be even remotely successful. Quite frankly, the odds are heavily against it. But there is a larger strategy here then simply opening up another conservative discussion board, and the potential political  results are very much worth pursuing, so one can only but try. With your help as the Facebook discussion boards close down on Oct 31st and people suddenly look for a continuation to which to migrate, it might just be successful. Please sign up and add your continuing voice on anything political through the end of November and we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hat tip to Lane
Having my media background, I think it vitally important to lend support to this video which claims the protests on Wall Street are staged. My own view is that the video creator got it all just about exactly right.

While it could be argued that the Move On people aren't acting but are only being liberals, the fact that the video author has spotted staging marks ("hit your mark") and Move On people posing as brutal police officers is extremely convincing that the entire situation has been staged and rehearsed. 

I would add another point: the more brutal confrontations generally don't show but one or two dozen people in the scene, and that suggests to me that many of the more "shocking" scenes were shot independent of the actual Wall Street protests, probably before, because such things usually require a couple of takes to get them right.

Why is this on ObamaFake? Because if Obama is not challenged on his felony/forgery birth certificate, this is probably the first part of a plan to escalate over time and even - Heaven help me for saying it, because I usually shun such hypothesis - use them as an excuse for "postponing' the elections.

These people mean business. If your friends and relatives still think Obama's birth certificate forgery is too crazy to contemplate as an actual situation, consider the degree to which these Wall Street protest videos are the handiwork not of on-the-fly documentary videographers, but rather amateur fictional filmmakers.

Those of you who read regularly know I didn't just fall out of the media tree. Trust me when I say it: this video author got it right: these "shocking" shots are fakes, from the obvious Halloween store vibrant technicolor blood to the Move On officers to the very recognizable stage marks in chalk on the pavement. These scenes have been faked. This is how Obama's people operate. And it's only going to get worse unless Obama's political momentum is legally halted, and his forged birth certificate is the evidence of wrongdoing that cannot be explained away.  

This is no good. Tell everyone.

Coming soon, ObamaFake's

Thursday, October 6, 2011


ObamaFake participant Carolyn e-mailed me these shots as an indication of her involvement. Her dedication to getting the word out is clear and admirable, and she is using ObamaFake strategies with great versatility and effect. These arrived much after the last thread showcasing Obamafake participant's activities, but Carolyn has given me permission to post them here, as I thought they might serve as an additional inspiration to everyone.

I'm not quite sure why she is listing along with Obamafake's Evidence Vault other blogs but not ObamaFake itself, but so be it. This is about getting the word out. The participants here know which is the most pro-active activist "birther" site on the net. ;)

Great work, Carolyn!

Monday, September 26, 2011

WINNING THE BIRTHER DEBATE By Making The “Birther” Message More Efficient.

One of the big problems for “birthers’ is that there is so much that supports their argument that they (we) tend to overkill our responses, and then the impact diffuses and people eventually glaze over. In the interest of effective debating, then, here are some (copy-and-paste, if you want) responses to use (such as Youtube threads, Facebook and the like) Remember, there are still some Tea Party people who don’t quite understand this issue yet or are afraid to speak up. Use these examples to show them the way to use their voices and make this issue count in 2012! Just keep to the most efficient answer. We have the evidence. We need to keep these arguments as clean and surgical, now, as possible, repeated endlessly, so the sharp truth works its was irreversibly into the mainstream.

A doubter can be a friend, relative, congressman, sheriff, obot, anyone at all. These answers are generic and stop obots cold without being rude to friends or potential friends. Use them at every opportunity.

Doubter: Hawaii said they gave the birth certificate to the White House. Are you saying that that official agency would engage in conspiracy?! That’s crazy!


1.     1. If Hawaii’s official status means we must believe them, then all liberals must believe Republican Congressmen and Presidents, because they have more authority than the Hawaiian department of health.

2.      2. It doesn’t matter what Hawaii said or did, the birth certificate is a proven fraud by the most esteemed experts. That’s all that matters. Google Newcomer + Obama.

Doubter: How can the birth certificate be a fraud? That’s only an opinion.


1.      1. It is fact: the history of the program commands that created the forgery were accidentally left in the layers of the document itself, and tens of thousands of people have seen it, including top experts who have put their careers on the line and called it a fake.

2.      2. The experts like Newcomer who got Dan Rather fired from CBS news over a forgery have identified the proof of the fake. It is not an opinion. It is a fact.

Doubter: If this was true the press would be reporting it!


1.       1. The press covered for Bill Clinton when he dragged Monica Lewinsky’s name through the mud and said he never had sex with her. Then it turned out she had saved his sperm on a blue dress. Clinton lost his law license for perjury and was impeached by congress. 

2.       2. The press is left wing. They tried to destroy George Bush with forgeries that were identified by the same expert who has identified Obama’s birth certificate as fake, and the forgeries designed to destroy Bush got Dan Rather fired from CBS news.

Doubter: Obama is president. Get over it.


1.       1. We don’t know if he qualifies but that’s irrelevant. The birth certificate is a fake that is a lie that is a forgery that is a felony. That’s what matters.

2.       2. We don’t know if he qualifies but that’s irrelevant. Obama is lying even to his core supporters. The birth certificate is a lie that’s a felony. That’s what matters.
Send them the Evidence Vault for the whole story told easily enough that they can understand it:

Go everywhere you can, tell everyone who will read and listen. Obama’s birth certificate posted on the White House website is a forgery and as such is a felony using government resources to perpetrate a fraud. These are cold, hard, irrefutable facts, not fiction, conspiracy theory or opinion, like Nixon’s missing tapes and Lewinsky’s dress with Clinton’s sperm on it. We no longer need to talk about Vattel, his father’s citizenship or anything else. All that will come out in time if we stay focused on the one piece of evidence we know for a fact: the birth certificate is a fake that’s a lie that’s a forgery that’s a felony.

You may want to throw in a little mockery of the doubters if they’re hostile or demeaning. As liberals know, a little mockery goes a long way. It’s time to turn the tables in every respect, mockery included. The evidence is ours, and 2012 is ours to lose if we don’t use it. Just ask everyone who remembers Nixon’s resignation speech.

OBAMA'S NEAR FUTURE - If it could happen to these seasoned pros, it can happen to an amateur like Obama:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This great idea from Carolina:

New idea....report ss#
042-68-4425 as a fraud.
I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.

SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form

 I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first because I assumed that too much of a person's own identity would be disclosed by necessity when reporting the fraud until I looked at the form and it turns out that this can be done anonymously!

Check out the screen shot: 


I just did it. It takes 2 seconds. No, it won't spread the news of Obama's forged birth certificate, but it seems certain that Obama is using a fraudulent social security number, and this site is called "ObamaFake", right?   

The link to the form is HERE

Thank you, Carolina!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 As the regulars here (and others) know, we have a few activist methods of getting the First Amendment-ensured word out about Obama's fake birth certificate, certain that public pressure will force the media and government to expose a scandal certain to deflate Obama's election chances. As public pressure after a year forced the media to deal with the much more modest scandal of Clinton's affair with Lewinsky that  cost Clinton his law license for perjury, caused his impeachment and nearly cost Clinton the election, so, too, must this do at least as much for Obama.

YOUTUBE, a favorite venue of ours for educating particularly the young, has a FOX NEWS Youtube channel which is specifically asking for questions to repeat to Republican presidential candidates at the next debate on September 22. The chances are extremely slim that a "birther" question will be asked in that forum, and particularly one about the salient issue - the fake birth certificate. However, if we drown Youtube in questions, it will at least point out the silence on this issue to possibly as many as millions of YOUTUBE participants, and as the past has shown, the anger that people experience seeing an important issue ignored always works to broaden "birther' ranks, support and understanding.

A growing number of professional experts on both sides of the political aisle, including Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Killian documents forced Dan Rather's early retirement from CBS News, have come out and  declared that the birth certificate that Obama put up on the white House website is an obvious forgery. Given the current overwhelming expert professional analysis to that effect, and the fact that using the White House website to post a forgery is a criminal offense, are you prepared to deal with this scandal head-on, or continue to avoid it, seemingly for convenience sake?
I suggest you take out a separate e-mail for this purpose since this particular activity requires that your e-mail associated with the post be published. It wants a Google account, so take out a new additional hotmail (same as Google) e-mail specifically for this purpose, set up a second youtube account for this activity only, and use that. Be sure to use a factitious name in the e-mail set-up (it's legal as long as you are not intentionally misrepresenting yourself as someone else) if you want to make doubly sure your privacy is protected (just like some of you did with the initial Youtube set-up) Then you should be good to go.