Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 As the regulars here (and others) know, we have a few activist methods of getting the First Amendment-ensured word out about Obama's fake birth certificate, certain that public pressure will force the media and government to expose a scandal certain to deflate Obama's election chances. As public pressure after a year forced the media to deal with the much more modest scandal of Clinton's affair with Lewinsky that  cost Clinton his law license for perjury, caused his impeachment and nearly cost Clinton the election, so, too, must this do at least as much for Obama.

YOUTUBE, a favorite venue of ours for educating particularly the young, has a FOX NEWS Youtube channel which is specifically asking for questions to repeat to Republican presidential candidates at the next debate on September 22. The chances are extremely slim that a "birther" question will be asked in that forum, and particularly one about the salient issue - the fake birth certificate. However, if we drown Youtube in questions, it will at least point out the silence on this issue to possibly as many as millions of YOUTUBE participants, and as the past has shown, the anger that people experience seeing an important issue ignored always works to broaden "birther' ranks, support and understanding.

A growing number of professional experts on both sides of the political aisle, including Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Killian documents forced Dan Rather's early retirement from CBS News, have come out and  declared that the birth certificate that Obama put up on the white House website is an obvious forgery. Given the current overwhelming expert professional analysis to that effect, and the fact that using the White House website to post a forgery is a criminal offense, are you prepared to deal with this scandal head-on, or continue to avoid it, seemingly for convenience sake?
I suggest you take out a separate e-mail for this purpose since this particular activity requires that your e-mail associated with the post be published. It wants a Google account, so take out a new additional hotmail (same as Google) e-mail specifically for this purpose, set up a second youtube account for this activity only, and use that. Be sure to use a factitious name in the e-mail set-up (it's legal as long as you are not intentionally misrepresenting yourself as someone else) if you want to make doubly sure your privacy is protected (just like some of you did with the initial Youtube set-up) Then you should be good to go.


  1. You're going to make me a youtube user no matter what, aren't you Proe!

  2. Today's bill seeding score:
    $20 x 1
    $1 x 3
    Bonus: 20 "business cards" left throughout a store, including half a dozen in front of Obama books in the book section and another half dozen left in the greeting card section, including the Halloween cards, and my favorite, one in front of a "Happy 50th Birthday" card. They were tucked under the shelf advertisement clips, so they face outward, on display.


  3. FJ,

    "Bonus: 20 "business cards" left throughout a store, including half a dozen in front of Obama books in the book section and another half dozen left in the greeting card section, including the Halloween cards, and my favorite, one in front of a "Happy 50th Birthday" card. They were tucked under the shelf advertisement clips, so they face outward, on display."

    Brilliant. If you go there regularly, could you give us an idea of how long it took for them to be taken down (I suspect different rates for different areas)? It might be fair to give people an idea of what to expect.

    Along the same lines, I like to put the Globe magazine/newspapers with Obama birth certificate cover issues way up in front of everything elsen when I see them - takes 5 seconds - but get this - the last time one came out, someone else had beaten me to it! We are really not alone - in a big way!

  4. Proe, some advice, please, on how to submit a YouTube question, without revealing personal information?? I know you know who I really am, but don't want others to know so much.

  5. I love these ideas! I will do what I can if not me who?

  6. Priscilla,

    I suggest you take out a separate e-mail for this purpose since this particular activity requires that your e-mail associated with the post be published. It wants a Google account, so take out a new additional hotmail (same as Google) e-mail specifically for this purpose, set up a second youtube account for this activity only, and use that. Be sure to use a factitious name in the e-mail set-up if you want to make doubly sure your privacy is protected (just like some of you did with the initial Youtube set-up) Then you should be good to go.

    I am amending the main post to include this information. Thanks for bringing up the question.

  7. PG,

    I love you like a brother, but I think I might have to turn you (and Anne Frank) in to AttackWatch and Mein Führer Zero for the reward money.


  8. @Anonymous 5:27

    The Attaaack Waaaaatch thing has gone viral and it is eating Team Zero alive. My favorite: "Dear Attack Watch, I saw six ATM's in an alley killing a job. I think it was a Hate Crime!"
    Runner up: "How many people do I need to turn in to earn a hoodie?"
    Comedy gold, my friends.

    Today's score:
    $20 x 1
    $10 x 1
    $1 x 4
    (the lesser denominations were broken out of the original $20)

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  9. Today's bill seeding score:
    $20 x 4
    $5 x 2
    $1 x 4

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  10. I have started doing the money messaging, but another thing almost everyone also could do would be to get the message out via commuter car-signs. For about the past year I have placed 11″ x 17″ cardboard message boards about the usurper propped up against the headrests inside of the rear window of my car, one on the right side, one on the left. The signs go up during my daily commute to work and on other long drives.

    When I park in an unsecured public area, they go down until I get back to my car. The actual messages are printed on 11″ x 17″ sheets of paper that I paperclip to the cardboard. I use push pins stuck into the back window deck as stops to keep the bottom of the signs from slipping out of place. For a long time there was a photo of my car that some may remember from at the bottom of The Post & Email homepage.

    My current two favorite read:
    Left side sign, in really big letters (two lines):

    Usurper Out

    Right side sign, smaller letters, but no smaller message (= Skull & Crossbones):

    Obama Fraud
    x Stolen Social Sec. Num.
    x Fake Draft Registration
    x Bogus Birth Certificate
    x Born ½ Brit -- Not Legit!

    My only regret is that the signs are not bigger and blinking. -- thinkwell

  11. Hi, Thinkwell! (Thinkwell and I have been doing some average-citizen-educating over at Bernie Goldberg's site). So you owned the famous car at P&E! It takes guts to do what you're doing with the car sign, but it's legal and in higher-density populations, there is no way that hundreds and even thousands could not see it on any given day, depending on where and when the car was. It's a terrific idea, though. (in my liberal-heavy area, though, the libs can be particularly nasty, so as strange as it sounds coming from me, this is one strategy I might not try unless I wanted the vehicle to get keyed to death.)

    Do you think you might want to join us sometime for an evening Youtube education session? ;)

  12. Hello PG,

    I too live in a *very* "progressive" metropolitan area on the left coast, but most responses I get now are positive (thumbs up, friendly honk). Also, I take the signs down if I leave the car for long (with them paper clipped to cardboard, this is very fast and easy - and it's easy to alternate messages).

    When I do get a negative response nowadays it is much more subdued than when I started - mostly eye rolls, head shakes or thumbs down - far less middle fingers. When Obama-fraud was still riding the wave, I used to get the "road rage" response - tailgating, highbeams and other intimidating driving. That hasn't happened for quite some time now. The worst case was some idiot who tailgated me with highbeams on very closely at speed for ten minutes or so. That was the only time I ever considered calling 911, but he broke off before I got to my destination.

    If an obot flips me off (typical that almost all rude behavior comes from obots) I just wave and smile. It feels really good to have "outed" myself as standing up for what is right.

    I believe it is important for everyone to get our message out so other supporters of the Constitution know that they are not alone and become emboldened in turn to bring our message to even more Americans and to let the weakling politicians know how many of us there are and how riled up we are. I suggest that everyone start placing similar signs in the rear window of their cars. I think this simple act can really overcome the propaganda of the regime-stream media and can grow and strengthen the public meme about the criminal fraud currently squatting in The People's White House.

    Everyone can make their own signs, too (I made mine in Word). If you don’t have access to a large format printer, you can go to Kinkos to print them out for pennies (about 4 signs to the dollar, even in color).

    Just think if 50 percent of the cars on the road had these signs – the regime-stream media simply wouldn’t matter. Right now, many people are afraid to express themselves openly, but this public commuter display tactic could really snowball once enough people started doing it. Yes, I have received my share of middle fingers and even a few acts of road rage, but I don’t care because the even greater numbers (and growing fast) of "thumbs up" and encouraging waves and honks make me know that many, many other Americans feel as I do and I am encouraging them to express it openly and publicly, too. -- tw

  13. Wow, I missed this, I have been checking in at the Vault!
    Proe, it wasn't me that did the USA Today, but who ever did, GREAT JOB!
    I will do my best, the past few days have been way unusually busy for me and I have slacked. When I get back today it will be MISSION ON!
    I love the car idea, I am still a lil paranoid of keying and or flat out being slammed into! I know I get the urge to drive into those bo/ biden stickered Prius'myself and I am usually a pretty peaceful person. Obot whack jobs seem to be a little more angry and defensive of their messiah. But , I LOVE the fact you are using everymeans possible and with quite imagination!
    I will pray for you and your car!
    I intend to keep my eyes peeled on the USADAYOFRAGE.org, the fun begins tomarrow, globally. Scares the crap out of me, because the idea looks like a good one at first glance. It is a Soros funded *civil disobedience* rallies across US, Isreal, Greece, Enland everywhere the commie, Muslim Brotherhood, Union thugs etc are trying to co op Governments. Ya know I would love it if they unseated the usurper, but I do not believe that is the intention. Bill Ayres is involved and he, as we have seen in the Vault, is a unrepetent, astronomically dangerous terrorist. I believe there are some otherwise good people who are being co opted into this movement by their tech savy way with words and spreading the word. Hope I am wrong. Maybe I can educate a few!?!?!?! It may just be a good place to slam with VAULT and the TRUTH!
    I hate to admit this , but back when I was 18, I got sucked into the sds. I was against the war, still am, but they used my youthful ideals to their advantage. I was elected to the Student Government and then along with the sds folks brought down our schools student government. Shameful as it is, at least I see now more how they work. That was in 1972, they have had MANY yrs to perfect thier tools of recruitment and yes, it scares me. The nextmonth will tell the tale....
    This is all the more reason we need to get the TRUTH out about the FAKE usurper. We as a Nation are being conned and takin over by the worst of the worst and they have not an iota of respect for all we hold dear, our Freedom and all we stand for. Lets use this weekend to educate before they use thier sneaky tactics for our detrimate. I also truly believe we must TRY to be as peaceful and yes, loving, as we can. Not stoop to the level they are shooting from. Ghandi was om to something!

  14. TW,

    I hope you plan to stick around because, God, do we need you. Great post worth two reads at least.


    The fact that you were sucked into the SDS - I kinda remember the buttons, but it was over my head because I'm an idiot - gives you huge credibility. Most people think "birthers" grew up in Texas, listen to country music, drink beer, speak poorly, and never met another point of view in their life. Being a creative in NYC, you can imagine where my initial political views were before I used my brain and got smart.

    Liberal become conservatives. It never happens the other way around.

    "Mission on"! Thank you! Remember, we're out to spread the Evidence Vault address around to get the info in people's hands, not this site. But this site is for the conversation and planning. basically I'm just allowing positive feedback on the other site. I want to keep that more or less clear so people concentrate on the main content.

  15. To the regulars,

    Just want to let you know that I heard from Ann, she cannot be on for a bit, but her reason is certainly valid and she'll be back to her active self here soon. No problems, just wanted to explain her absence.

  16. I've been spreading the word the second I found out about that youtube channel.


    The people at Bernard Goldberg's site don't like me! They said they're going to start deleting my comments...and Pro's comments too!

    I'm gonna go cry now (for their sake).

  17. Hey, Chester! Welcome.

    Last I looked (10 seconds ago) they were not going to delete comments, only ask us not to go off-topic. Still, I posted a response back to the admin - politely because the admin was polite - basically saying that you cannot take the fake birth certificate out of the equation of any conversation about Obama as President for obvious reasons - if it's fake, he may be too, and it's fake, which is also a deception and probably a felony. But you and everyone here knows all that.

    Hang around, Chester, we need guys like you. This isn't the fastest moving blog on the planet, and no obots are allowed because IMO we have better things to focus on. But we do get things done on a regular basis.

    BTW, the admin on Bernie's site opened up a forum for us to chat about the birth certificate - where nobody goes. I'm sticking with it on the main page, though, Chester. Not on the "Bad news" thread, but that the first opportunity I'm going to bring it up. Keeping it real, however, I can't believe they tolerated us for as long as they did. For a guy who won't talk about the truth of the BC issue, Goldberg must be given kudos for tolerating dissenting opinions. Now if he would only get his shit together and stop being, IMO, a hypocrite by whining that the MSM won't touch stories hurtful to democrats while remaining silent on the fake birth certificate, maybe we can get somewhere. It's too bad, too, because I otherwise like Goldberg. But for him, especially, to remain silent is too much. The evidence is in, the unimpeachable experts have declared the document to be a fake, and it's time for him to speak up.

  18. Did you see Pat Boone? He was in Kenya a yr and 1/2 ago, he was told by Kenyans barry was born there and he believes it. IF this gets any attention, we may see a few more people seeing that there is an issue with the usurper.

  19. @Dick

    I disagree.

    I personally believe Obama was born in Hawaii. A majority of Americans believe he was born in Hawaii. Some Kenyans say he was born in Kenya because they have been influenced by PR.

    Read the article that goes along with the video. The writer makes fun of Mr. Boone and uses Politifact as his source (lulz).

    What needs to be focused on at this particular stage is the unauthentic birth certificate. The issue of Obama's place of birth is HURTING "birthers," not helping them. Stick to the facts; SOMEONE TAMPERED WITH OBAMA'S DOCUMENTS! If you go beyond that, I'm afraid you won't be taken seriously (even if you are 100% correct).

    If someone actually gets to see the original long form and declares it legit, the next step needs to be focusing on Obama's citizenship. DO NOT confuse this issue with the Vattelist argument of two citizen parents. Vattelists may be right, but, let's be honest; would the Supreme Court rule in favor of Vattelists? Do you think the judiciary actually cares about the Constitution?

    This is where I totally disagree with Leo Donofrio. He thinks all efforts need to be placed on the Vattelist issue. It's actually a waste of time (unless you still believe in the court system).

    I'll leave with this:

    Why aren't "birthers" focusing on the amended birth certificate? Adoption papers or college records could easily be the biggest nail in the coffin.

  20. Trial,

    My own view is that somewhere between you and Dick lies the probable truth. He MAY have been born in Hawaii, or he may not. We don't know.

    On the flip side, in support of your position, there's a reason why this is called Obamafake, not Obama-Something-About-Where-He-Was-Born, because I agree that the fake birth certificate is the key. Expose that fake to the world and everything comes crumbling down around him.

    I don't personally believe he was born in Hawaii, but I don't NOT believe he was born in Hawaii, either. I have no opinion at this point because we don't know. HOWEVER, there were so many people saying he was born in Kenya, including, by inference, his own wife Michelle, that it's easy to understand why people are involved with that aspect of it, and I claim some measure of that interest, too - it's impossible to avoid the interest once you know the facts. But I agree that the key to Obama's political undoing is the fake birth certificate, because it's manifest.

  21. Obama could have been born in Kenya. However, if you say this in a public place you lose credibility with a large number of people. It's best to just stick with the facts; the "birth certificate" was tampered with. Just let them try and prove you wrong.

  22. Trial,

    There ya go. But a person could also say, "one thing at a time", because if the fake birth certificate is made more public - break past the media silence the way people needed to during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal - then, eventually, we find out where Obama came from for certain and more specifically, what Obama is hiding, because guys at the top don't tie themselves to a forgery unless they want to hide something pretty serious.

  23. I agree more with Dick. I believe Obama was likely born in Hawaii, but I think Frank Marshall Davis was his father. If one compares pictures of Obama and Obama Sr., and then compares pictures of Obama and Davis, it is shocking. There are no physical similarities between the two Obamas, but Obama and Davis are unbelievably similar in appearance. I think that also explains Obama's Chicago connections, power, and money. That would cetainly be something to hide from us, wouldn't it? Maybe Congress knows that, and knows he was eligible....er, that is, a natural born citizen...., but would he have ever won if WE had known that? Now that he has committed fraud, with the forgery, even if he is a natural born citizen, he is fodder for impeachment! Tonight is not too soon!!!

  24. Haven't been on much, very busy with burgeoning new business. Stamped another 10 C-notes and feed my local ATM. Stamped 30 odd bills for retail distribution. Always checking for new post to link and always available Monday nite 9:00 pm ET. Hope all is well. Maybe something on Pat Boone birther would be cool.

  25. @charlesmountain:
    Damn, you're trying to catch up, aren't you? I had a slow day today:
    $20 x 3
    $10 x 1



  26. **** Of Interest *****

    If anyone is on FACEBOOK (turns out you can take out an identity that keeps your real name and private info quiet), I have started several threads on different conservative blogs there, and one that's getting a little interest is the discussion board of the main Tea Party Facebook site. The address for the actual discussion itself is a mile long, but here is the address of the discussion board itself, where it should be easily found as

    Obama's fake Birth certificate is a Legit Issue


    My impression of many of the 'mainstream tea party" people is that they want to believe, but have not been properly exposed to the analysis of the evidence by reputable people. If anyone wants to drop in there to make a comment, we could make a little headway there, I think.

  27. Proe will see ya at FB!

    I have been at this for over 3 yrs, when the idiot was Keynote at DNC. He impressed me, so I began looking into him, and found a LOT of questions. After all this time, I must admit I do not have a verifiable place of birth, citizenship etc. All I KNOW is the *bc*'s he has put put out are a joke!
    An intersting theory I have not been able to find much on, is that he was actually born of an Indonesian mother and SAD adopted him. Or something along those lines. As stated above by Proe, the only real info we can prove is the BC's are FAKE. Why he had to put out FAKES is the question we may never have a true answer to. The fact they are fakes should be enough to make any true, Constitution loving person ask why. If there is never an answer to why, the fact they are FAKE should be enough. The SS#, Secret Service # , if we did this, we would already be in jail. (unless we were illegal, then it is acceptable somehow!)
    My point is the BC issue is the most important, undeniable FACT and must be addressed. Hopefuly Sherriff Joe means business. From what I have read about him I think he does. I think he has the b@lls, the means,and I think he, at this point , is a great hope. Apparently his posse is supported by donations. This is a 501c I will contribute to! Prayers of course are free and we all need to support this effort, it may be our best hope at this point.

  28. Today's score:
    $100 x 1
    $20 x1
    $10 X1
    $5 x 1
    $1 X 6
    (all sub-pieces broken out of the original $100)

    Better. :)

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  29. New idea....report ss#
    042-68-4425 as a fraud.
    I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.

    SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form

  30. @Carolina

    I have sent my report!