Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VOLUNTEER ACTIVIST RECRUITMENT DRIVE ` Join With Others Online Today and REALLY Get The Word Out!

If you are one of the regulars here, you already know what this is about: You need to get out and bring more people in who are tired of blogging and arguing endlessly online about Obama's citizenship issue. ObamaFake needs to grow if it's going to come anywhere near its potential.

IF YOU ARE NEW HERE, welcome, and here's a breakdown of this site:

1. ObamaFake is entirely a non-profit enterprise. There are no donate buttons. There are no advertisements. There are no hidden money-making schemes. ObamaFake was set up to strike a political blow for America through real-life activism by cutting to the chase on Obama's now-very-apparent Achilles heel - a past and eligibility problem he is attempting to keep hidden - facts that arrived in the form of a 100% proven birth certificate forgery on April 28th. No weirdo internet fantasy - unbelievably, this is bizarre story is true.

2. This site has one purpose: to provide a conduit for people who want to tell the rest of the world one fact: Experts ranging from Fortune 500 graphics experts to Joseph Newcomer himself, whose analysis of the Killian Documents cost Dan Rather his 24-year news anchor job at CBS News, all agree that Obama's birth certificate released by the White House is a pathetically amateurish fake. We proceed on the daunting but sensible extrapolation that once public awareness grows past the bounds in which it is currently constrained by media silence, the fact that Americans can smell a rat will, in one legal way or another, be Obama's political undoing.

3. There is no pie in the sky here, despite the high-minded purpose; there are no calls for rallies that have proven unsuccessful, no yelling about "arrest them all" and no unrealistic expectations - we're not going to "bring Washington to it's knees", but are and can be more effective

4. Having acknowledged number 3, above, the fact is that we have brainstormed a few ways to make your single voice act as many thousands - sometimes tens and even hundreds of thousands, and that's a mathematical fact proven by projection models for other activities we have adopted with little variation and significant difference in purpose.

6. You won't find an Obot in sight. They get blocked and censored. There are only your friends here. Arguing with Obots in front of others achieves nothing. This isn't 2009. We don't need to argue anything anymore, quite frankly -  that became moot when the White House released a proven birth certificate forgery. (ObamaFake used to be a repository for all the evidence in reader's digest-style so everyone could understand it before it got hacked and taken down. This more secure incarnation is much more activist)

7. Despite it's still-new status, small size and thus far extremely modest activity, this isn't some hole in the wall; We have been featured "Column of the Day" at World Net Daily (that has most of the top conservatives writing editorials) amidst names like The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times, and even have people like Jerome Corsi slightly involved (Here's the ObamaFake exclusive Jerome Corsi interview - expect more).


At the risk of leading a positive request with a negative reality, the fact is that we "Birthers" are, in the larger sense,  slowly proving to be mostly talk and little action on this issue. We need to stop arguing uselessly with Obots who hate us and get together with like-minded patriots and start telling the world that does not know that Obama has tied his political fortunes to a proven birth certificate forgery. Public awareness is how bad Presidents fall from power. Ask Richard Nixon. This we need to do because of a media lock-down on the subject (you've no doubt repeatedly heard them mock us while simultaneously getting every salient fact - probably intentionally - wrong in the process). We're proceeding on one time-proven assumption: once everyone knows about the fake, Obama is defeated/finished. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to get the word out. Here are the ways we're using so far. Please bring your own ideas in, too, if you like.

STRATEGY 1: Following the entirely legal example set forth by the gigantically successful www.Where'sGeorge.com of marking money with a legal message in a legal fashion, your voice speaks in just months to thousands for each bill you mark with OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. This is legal (mention of Where's George per the Fair Use Act does not imply any support by them of any viewpoint or activity at ObamaFake). It's all explained to everyone's satisfaction, HERE.

STRATEGY 2:  Without making a video, take the message to YouTube - where the kids and unknowing, non-political citizens of this country can be found in very large volume. People bash Palin et al off-topic on threads having nothing to do with politics all day long. Take the offensive. Alone or with other ObamaFake members and participants (we've had good success and fun by exposing this issue publicly on Youtube, and the effect is immediate - a thousand times more effective than arguing with Obots in the societal vacuum of a message board), if you get the word out in popular comment threads, you can beat the living tar out of the mainstream media silence. Interesting factoid: in our individual and collective sojourns into "neutral" and "enemy territory", not one person we have encountered out of thousands commenting on videos with tens of millions of hits has been able to make a defense of Obama's birth certificate (how can they? No expert has come forth to defend it, only condemn it as a fake. Literally!) ALL THE DETAILS ARE ON THIS OBAMAFAKE POST

As you can see from this screen capture from the OBAMA GIRL youtube channel, ObamaFake is not at all afraid to take this straight into enemy territory with no apologies. Facts are facts.


Other uses for paper. Yes, we advocate flyers which is nothing new, but ObamaFake has some inventive minds in its ranks (apologies and corrections at your call if I mis-credited the strategies to anyone): Ann came up with putting the flyers in magazines and books donated to library, church and other books sales. I believe Charlene came up with the idea of putting business cards with OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE up on cork boards in public places next to where contractors and the like advertise. You'd be amazed at how many thousands of people on any given week stop and glance at those cards.


This is a win/win for conservatives. If public awareness on the forgery is strong enough, Obama either explains his forgery or he legally goes away. If less pressure is put out then people who are already abandoning Obama turn their backs on him for good, and loses in 2012 even with a hot and eager media. This kind of strategy in politics is not new. But silence on this issue ensures Obama wins in 2012 with the media at his back.

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. Keep it simple: just tell people to look it up online: every piece of evidence is against it. No self-respecting professional of any merit has or will step forward to defend it. 



Monday, August 22, 2011


It's already started, but this weekend is supposedly a big deal for some liberals who are planning on protesting at the White House over the planned Oil pipeline from Canada to Texas (God help me, I agree with a few of their reasons). Now what does this have to do with the birther movement? Television camera crews if you're feeling extremely brave, that's what.

So if there are people in the general area in DC now through this weekend (I think it goes longer) you may want to let them know that.....

Image courtesy Flotsam Jetsome

The following via Fair Use Act from CBS News, former home of 24-year news anchor Dan Rather who lost his coveted job when he apparently tried to fool the American people with a fake document to benefit democrats and hurt republicans. Sound familiar? 

Environmentalists protest proposed Canada to Texas oil pipeline

Brian Montopoli
(Credit: CBS/istockphoto.com)
With just weeks to go before the Obama administration makes a key determination on the environmental impact of a planned massive oil pipeline linking Canada to Texas, protestors are planning a high-profile "sit-in" in front of the White House to block the project.
The environmentalists are planning to begin two weeks of sit ins at the White House Saturday to protest what they cast as "the largest carbon bomb in North America" - a planned 1,700 mile underground oil pipeline linking the tar sands fields of northern Alberta to oil refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.
About 2,000 people total - taking shifts so that there are between 75 and 100 people present every day - are planning to participate in the protest against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

There have been a lot of people calling for Rallies and so forth, and we all know they are never covered by the media. Well, the chances are good that this one will be. The media will probably edit the birthers out, but if people are in the area and want to try to make  difference, there you go. Do know that many if not most of these people plan to get arrested, so be forewarned. Still, you may want to post bail for one... with all one's that have OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE on them.

Anyway, there's the info if you're interested.

Friday, August 19, 2011

YOUTUBE ~ You Don't Need To Make A Video!

All images and names, etc, used via the Fair Use Act as educational illustrations and are not to be regarded as an endorsement of any viewpoint or activity by the people mentioned. All copyrights held by their rightful owners.

I don't need to tell you what this is about. BUT LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS: 39,239,001. (I guess was was "the one") Now, if you were to scroll down you'd see this....

This message speak volumes because it invites people to see for themselves - and all anoyone has to do is GOOGLE it and will get a face-smack full of Mara Zebest, Paul Irey, Jerome Corsi and others. Will they get much in the way of opposing views? NO, and that's the beauty of it, because there are very few if any bona fide experts putting their neck on the line for so obvious a fake. Silence is the only option for the left. You can legally smash it to pieces in just a few minutes. In the case of my account, if they click on the name they come to this site (you can link your name too, here, if you like)

Every day hundreds of millions of people log onto Youtube and watch and comment on the videos, a large percentage of which going to the most popular videos. Many get astonishing numbers of hits - 50 million and more. By leaving a copied and pasted message on YouTube, you can quickly tap into an audience of tens of millions of people and be seen by many thousands in just a few minutes by commenting on a few videos. of course, if you have half an hour and want to put the message on twenty or thirty video comment sections and have the message seen by tens of thousands for a few hours or more, that's good, too.

The left has brainwashed the youth by tapping into their world. Conservatives rarely go into enemy ground. We should. We must. It's easy. Before I explain the very easy way to do it, here are a couple of more examples to whet your whistle:

A (Cropped) image from a Taylor Swift video. Why Taylor Swift? One reason and one reason only: People tune in. It does not matter that the post is off-topic. Some people will be annoyed by your posts. (If you are sensitive to the ire of Obots, you're on the wrong board) Victorian politeness in the face of being treated like dirt is what got us Bob Dole and John McCain, and look where they got us. We need to do what the liberals do: we need to get in people's faces in the real world. The good news is that people will indeed Google the message and find out that the press has been lying to them and that Obama 's birth certificate is fake. And then in between fits of rage at Obama and the media, they will likely be grateful, not annoyed (and yes, liberals post anti-Palin remarks and the like off-topic on entertainment video threads, so you're doing nothing all that out of the ordinary except your message will destroy the left when people find out the truth).

As the 56 million hits for this one unremarkable video can attest, cute animal videos are extremely popular. One copy-and-paste post by you taps into thousands of people before the page eventually turns over - to a new comments page - and you can bet when the ACORN/OBOTS find out what we're up to, they'll be turning whatever they can find over as fast as they can by posting new comments like mad to drive whatever you write off the top comments page. Good. Soros pays them good money - let them earn it. But they can never find more than a small percentage of them all - it's impossible.  In the meantime, tens of thousands of people will see your posts every day. And if only 100 people per day Google "Obama's birth certificate is fake" for our collective day' worth of efforts, that's 200 people learning the truth in 2 days, 3,000 in a month for that one day of effort.  2 days is 6,000 in a month. 1 week of activity is 21,000. One month of activity is 84,000. THAT'S OVER A MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR, AND NOT JUST PEOPLE SEEING THE MESSAGE - THIS IS THE SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE LEARNING THE TRUTH AND BEING ABLE TO TELL EVERYONE THEY KNOW. These numbers are probably modest when you consider the number of views every minute you get the picture. And the Obots need to find those posts. They'll find mine because I posted mine here. But I'll be taking out additional accounts they cannot trace. They will have to find yours, too. They will have to tie up huge operations just to silence what you can do in 2 minutes. A handful of us can legally beat their operations to a pulp this way and get the truth known to million for just a few minutes of activity a day. You might even enjoy the videos. No joke. We've been working this out for awhile to see where the stumbling blocks are. This works. This is important. Please do it.

158 million hits. Posts every few minutes, and a small, small fraction post, but most visitors do read. That means for the couple of hours you post can be read on the top page of the comments, your message will reach - ???? Certainly many thousands at least. You have been complaining angrily that the mainstream media has not gotten the word out. Well, this method is even better. YOU are the new mainstream media, an you are getting the word out to the youth who never watch the news anyway. DO IT. They need to know.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps and please do not just satiate your entertainment appetite at this point and move onto some angry blog that does nothing but argue with Obots. Take the time to do this. Once you take 10 minutes to set up an account, you can reach tens of thousands in mere minutes - anonymously - every single day. OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. Now, do you want America to know, or don't you?


1. Take out a new Yahoo e-mail account under a fictitious name if you want to remain completely anonymous. It is legal!!!! As long as you don't knowingly use someone's actual name, it's legal. No one is reading the names like some thought police. Write anything: Joseph Blow, Dick Tater (hat tip to Charlene!) - Yahoo operates on volume and advertising derived therefrom, so they don't seem to care; it's a numbers game for them;  the more the better, so take out several.

2. Go to Youtube and sign up using your new Yahoo account. They will send a confirmation e-mail to your Yahoo e-mail, so leave the e-mail window open to speed the process.Use you new Yahoo identity (kind of like what Bill Ayres did in the Weather Underground, only unlike what Ayres  allegedly did with social security numbers, this just so happens to be totally legal provided you are not intentionally representing yourself as another real-life person, and names like Dick Tator and Bubbles Sashay take care of that possibility. You can even call yourself - First name: Gray, Last name: Alien - They don't care by any evidence anyone I know has ever seen.)

3. Click on the e-mailed link or copy and paste it into a new window.

4. Go to your Youtube profile and settings and disable everything about your fake self so it cannot be seen by the public if you want to play it quadruple-safe (now impossible for anyone to know anything).

Viola! You are now ready to spread the truth to an unsuspecting world! Now type in a popular entertainer's name in the Youtube search and click the "Sort by" drop down and choose "Most hits" or "Popular". Even if a video was uploaded a year ago you'll find the comments are still extremely active. "Newest" video could be anything - a video of some guy doing nothing that only ever gets 10 hits in the whole life of the video, so don't assume newest is best - MOST POPULAR is best. That's where the audience is and those are the people o whom you want to get the message.


NOTE: Conservative message board habits run deep - you will be tempted to go and check on your message and see if anyone responded. Do this only if you have the willpower not to get into an augment with them. They get paid to waste your time, but you don't get paid to allow them to waste your time.  In the time it takes to argue with an Obot who hates you and will never be convinced, you could have gotten the word out to a hundred different comment threads.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Obots often whine like babies to the Youtube admins, and if they manage to connect with an Obot admin, you may find you account suspended for some nonsensical reason, usually, "off-topic posting". This is only a big deal if you are tired or lazy. You can easily take out another account. What I suggest, then, in the name of ease and efficiency, is when you take out one Yahoo e-mail, you take out several, write the names and passwords down on paper and keep it in a handy drawer, so at such point the Obots try to silence you and succeed, you simply pull out the yahoo e-mail list and take out another YouTube account. You may never get suspended or deleted, but take it from someone who had the original entire ObamaFake site "suspended" completely without explanation - it happens. For a Youtube account it's no big deal. Grab you next Joseph Blow yahoo e-mail account and start another Youtube account. In 5 minutes you're back in business while the Obots go crazy trying to silence a truth they know will destroy them.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

PAUL IREY: WHAT HAPPENED IN HAWAII ~ a mini-interview inside perspective

Document specialist and typography expert Paul Irey answered a few questions briefly for us to give an encapsulation of what actually happened on the ground in Hawaii, so people could get a sense of what actually transpired, not just the result.

As you will recall, ObamaFake ran an in-depth interview with typesetting and document specialist Paul Irey. Hot off his sojourn to Hawaii  we follow up on his experience at the, Hawaiian Department of Health.

Thank you again for speaking to ObamaFake, Mr. Irey. How was the trip to Hawaii?

Tiring doing over 24 hours travel for 3 days of some work ... research ... and a little rest.

What was the attitude among the people you met at the Hawaii DOH. Give us a feeling for the moment - nervous, friendly, indifferent?

 Indifferent would be the best answer.

So they didn't hand over the birth certificate, of course.

No ... and as I said previously ... I don't see how they could show us something they don't have ... regardless of any decision.      I would have been shocked if I had seen it.   After all ... it's only a computer file.

Were you able to draw any conclusions?

Fox interviewed the three of us.  What we said was newsworthy ... but apparently Fox didn't think so because it never aired.  When I asked the Fox crew ... "Where have you guys been" ... they did not answer and smiled a sly smile ... each of them.  The dept. of health ... FBI .... media ... Hawaii ... Judges ... and generally everyone is government is on one side ... and we are on the other.

What's next for you?

Waiting for Orly's hearing to see if there is one unbiased Judge left in America.

You're a genuine American hero in every regard, Mr. Irey, and ObamaFake thanks you for your continued service to your country on this import issue, and looks forward to speaking with you again, soon.

Anytime ... There are leads going on that should lead to more revelations soon.  We will win ... the truth has always won in the end.
ObamaFake makes no money, accepts no donations and has no advertising. ObamaFake is polite, pro-active, open to most activist suggestions and disallows Obots and augments with Obots, as that latter is simply a waste of now-precious time. We do, however, need more activists willing to stand up and be a part of the activist community or ObamaFake will have to shut down for being, in essence, a waste of time. You can read news and argue with Obots in a million other places. We need more people like Paul Irey and the  ObamaFake regulars. Being a part is easy: give yourself a name and say something inspiring, or tell an experience, or pass some positive activist idea or information every day. If arguing with Obots is all we can do as a general collective, then we have failed this country in her darkest day (and please don't spin fantasies about people "working and making progress behind the scenes" because they do not exist; Paul Irey is out in the open and the mysterious people have not yielded any result for 3 years. A few may be somewhere, but hoping for something from them after 3 years is disillusion. Please don't). Give yourself a chat handle at ObamaFake - a free activist enterprise that makes no money - and join in the final push to expose this issue.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

STAFF SERGEANT DARYN MORAN STANDS AGAINST OBAMA ~ And Speaks Against Just Blogging and Complaining

Staff Sergeant Daryn Moran who is refusing any additional orders from the military until Obama's citizenship status and eligibility are clarified said some very important things in the last few days. On an interview on the Manning Report (below) he said very important things  and it's must-listening for everyone.

Of particular interest to ObamaFake readers, besides Sgt Moran recognizing the vast multitude of graphics experts who have cited Obama's long form birth certificate as being a fake, Sgt Moran said something that is at the core of this website and the reason for its creation:

"Instead of blogging, calling on the phone and whining and complaining.... stop talking but think about what actions we can do."

These are words that in a different time and phrased very differently, in many ways were said by our Founding Fathers. It is much to Sgt Moran's credit that he is speaking from passion fueled by the extrapolations of common sense perspectives and that when saying what he does he does not seem to even be aware that he is voicing what the Founders of our nation expressed differently. This is called what is known in the common vernacular as "truth".

As ObamaFake has said over and over, do NOT just blog, do NOT just read, do NOT just talk about what a patriot he is and do NOT just demand that the congress do your work for you. DO SOMETHING besides talk online. That doing something doesn't mean complaining on a comment board. Supporting him does not just mean saying "We must all support him" on a comment board and then not doing something real and tangible in the material world.

Obamafake has talked ad nauseum about how talk isn't enough. What can you really do to help Srg. Moran? First and foremost we suggest that you get the word out to the rest of America that does not know the facts. All the things that birthers want: Obama to explain his citizenship, be held to account for wrongdoing, etc can essentially be accomplished one way: public pressure. That is why the media is silent; rest assured if pubic pressure was not a danger they would be be throwing mockery in our faces. That no longer works. They are reduced to silence. Break that silence.

For many reading this they will nod, and maybe make an affirmative sound, and then go off to another blog or another activity and assume that others will get the word out to their neighbors and associates. The only way that will happen is if you get the word out to your neighbors and associates

Lakin lost his career. Sgt Moran is likely to lose his. Unlike the vast majority of conservative and "birther" sites, out of solidarity for men like Lakin and Moran, and on general principle and conscience, ObamaFake has no "donate" button. You won't find a paypal button, either. This site isn't about turning tens of millions of patriot's worth of frustration into a cottage industry. ObamaFake asks only one thing of you: that you get out into the real world away of the computer screen on which you are reading this and get the word out. Flyers put on bulletin boards and stuck into donated books and magazines for the library and book sale, business cards next to contractor's ads on bulletin boards, stamping or writing the message OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE in the same legal methodology of "Where's George" which will reach hundreds of thousands of people in mere months. Do that and let people know. That's how you can "donate" to ObamaFake. That's how you can "Support" Sgt. Moran. That's how you make a difference.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The answer is, "Yes, it is legal"  and I'm tired of Obots, entrenched GOPers who hate birthers and ignorant blowhards authoritatively declaring that it isn't while basing their authority on common knowledge which is in turn based on an Old Wives Tale.

 Why bring this up again? Because one of our Obamafakers has reported off the board that (he/she) has been put on probation(!) on a large conservative message board for posting links that advocate "illegal activity".  

So here are the facts. Hopefully for the last time.

THE LAW is explicit and simple. It reads in total like this (emphasis by me): 

Defacement of Currency
Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Under this provision, currency defacement is generally defined as follows: Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Defacement of currency in such a way that it is made unfit for circulation comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service. 

In other words, if it can still be used as money, and the message itself is not illegal (slander, a physical threat, etc) then it is not "illegal defacement" and thus, obviously, not illegal.

The law properly understood can be found on numerous "unofficial sources" such as
although there appear to also be plenty in which the law is cited or simply misunderstood by people who aren't used to reading very basic law.

EXAMPLES AS PRECEDENT are perhaps the surest way of fully absorbing the general understanding of the law, and I present the following because many people really feel they are absolutely certain that writing or stamping a message on money is illegal even though they never read the law.

The following examples are not to be construed as an endorsement of any activity or political view by those entities and/or individuals, and the use of their web addresses, quotes and graphics is used per Fair Use Act as an illustration of this issue for educational purposes only as allowed by law for all journalistic and educational endeavors.

www.wheresgeorge.com is a now-famous online activity that follows money around the country as a form of entertainment. At the core of this entertainment is an activity which is where the precedent lies: they write or ink-stamp www.wheresgeorge.com on one dollar bills (hence the "George" part) and then enter the serial number of the annotated bill at Where's George.com. Other players who then get a so-marked bill then enter the serial number online and can see how far and fast it has traveled, and that is, to my understanding, the entertainment of it (and one can understand how that might be fascinating). This they do and have done with no special government wavier for  12 years.

Further, from the FAQ on their website, courtesy the Fair Use Act, there is this:

#8 Is it legal to write on or mark currency?
 Where's George? does not encourage the defacement of U.S. Currency. The law defines 'illegal' defacement as defacement that renders bills unfit to be re-issued. For the legal details from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, please Click Here

 Where's George has been operating in the open for 12 years and has been covered by virtually all of the major media including as CNN, the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

HERE, Where's George claims the total number of bills entered into the Where's George game system to date to be a staggering 221,915,028!

There are many money tracking games out there, including the Canadian version of Where's George, Where's Willy.  


AS LONG AS THE MESSAGE IS LEGAL AND THE BILL IS NOT RUINED SO IT CANNOT BE USED AS MONEY, IT IS LEGAL. The law is clear and explicit and the unbelievable scale of the precedent makes it obvious that it is legal. Of course, if you wrote on it, no one would know it was you regardless of the law, but ObamaFake does not operate that way. It's the law and nothing but the law.

There is a lot of ignorance on this subject online. People will say it is not legal without citing the law, but rather 'common knowledge", and I have even seen some examples where people appeared to have deliberately mis-quoted the law (without providing the Treasury Dept website as OF has done.) though their motivation for doing that is unknown.



 WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because the distribution models are astonishing. Money moves at an estimated rate of 2 people per day (cities would be dozens, rural areas once a week, the average is 2 people a day seeing the message nationwide). Doesn't sound like much does it? Well, that's 14 people seeing that single message a week. That's 56 a month. That's 336 in 6 months. Now if you spend 20 marked bills instead of one in just one day ever, the number of people who see your message in 6 months for that one day of spending is 6720.  If you spend 20 marked bills a day for one single week only, and that's all you ever do, then the number of people who see your message on average will be 47,040. If you decide to engage this activity for only a month and then stop, the number of people who will see your message will be 188,160. 2 months will be 376,320. 4 months 752,640.. Or in a year from now, which will end 3 months before the 2012 election, 1,505,280 people.

That's just you. About 20 people have been doing this to my personal knowledge for 4 months so far at least, and sending out an average of around 30 bills a week. That means the so far, this message has passed through about 537,600 hands so far. That alone is millions by the time the election rolls around. Of course, the amount over time increases enormously as people add more bills to the total. Keeping it real, the flip side is that many people will not notice the writing. But the flip side of that is that many people who see it will mention it to their friends: the loudmouth drunk who gets the whole bar talking about it, the group taking a tour together, the school kids at the mall ("Dude, check this out! Let's look it up with your ipad right now, Dude!") , the little girl who shows it to her family at the dinner table after getting one from her lemonade stand. The supermarket, the electronics chain store, the local newspaper stand, the guy who tosses a bill into the pot in a game of cards, the school bake sale, the library book sale, the church rummage sale, the kid who gets his weekly allowance and asks his parents, the kid who gets one after mowing a lawn and asks the home owner, the bingo players, the casino gamblers, the guy buying a lunch sandwich who mentions the bill he got back as change to his co-workers, the group of kids who get one in change at the theater on Friday night, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....   The scenarios not just of distribution, but discussion, are endless.

If you are a birther, you have probably complained every day how the media has not reported that Obama's birth certificate is a fake. You have cried out loudly, HOW CAN WE TELL PEOPLE? This is the easiest and fastest way for the average citizen (who is no way "average" by the descriptive term - I'd personally trade you for the total numbers of congressmen in the House and Senate in a heartbeat ) can get the word out.

Silence is the only way the left can keep a lid on this issue, now, because the fake is so pathetically obvious.



"PROGRAMMING NOTE": It ensure that this column reaches as many people as possible , OF is suspending additional columns until Sunday, August 14, 2011, so everyone can understand the facts fully and get on board with this important and proven effective strategy. However, the comments will remain open and and will be extra lenient in moderation if people want to debate this strategy to get the concerns out of their systems.  

If you have questions about how to write the message or where to get stamp kits, etc, this is the best time and place to ask

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


If you want to buy 'em up so you can accidentally leave them places - oops! - and inform America act now!

Click HERE

Our Soldiers and Your Obligations

This is not meant as a condemnation of anyone, but just food for thought. And it is certainly not meant for the ObamaFake die-hards out in the field – literally – getting the word out about the forgery in the physical world every day in ways that give each of their voice the power to reach hundreds of thousands.This is meant those who have yet to raise their hands.

 Are you comfortable? 

It’s summer and it goes without saying that this outdoor season has been badly marred by a President who by a seeming combination of incompetence and intent, has decimated the economy in a way that now hits an official milestone: if the S&P downgrade rating is the barometer, then this is the worst economy for America in the history of this nation. No, liberal ideologues, it isn’t Bush’s fault – things took a slight dip after the democrat’s disastrous demands of the country’s major lending agencies, sending Fanny Mae et al into default during Bush – but it was nothing like this. No, this belongs to Obama, every miserable, penny-pinching, barely-get-food-on-the-table-by-the-millions moment of it.

Sometimes it seems as if only prayer will save us from the “Hope and Change” his administration as wrought.

But still, right now, are you physically comfortable? Reasonably well-fed for the time being, the chair not too much of a difficulty if you have a bad back? The chances are you can’t complain too much about that. Now think about something as you sit at your computer instead of spreading the word about Obama’s birth certificate in the immediate, physical world around you: Some of us have made it into middle-age. Yet who died on the beaches and jungles and frozen forests of other countries to protect us from the very threats of communism and subjugation and ruin of the economy that threatens us on this very day? Who died for us far way? Kids, by comparison to us, today: teenagers. Men in their early 20's. Not all square-jawed heroes, but many if not most so oh-so-very average by societal standards - short, fat, skinny, you-name-it - that with the social mores of the past, often never even having kissed a girl before dying for our liberty. Laying for moments or even minutes in searing pain, face down, hoping for help but terrified it would not come, quietly calling out for a friend or parent to save them, because they had not yet someone in their lives outside of their birth family who said, "I love you", and the terror that they were just nothing more in the world than a number assigned to a task as life left them.

That's a hell of a lot to give for people who today mostly sit on their expanding rears, typing away like know-it-alls but rarely raising their voices to say, "Today I did this." And is that "this" dying on a battlefield, or losing a limb, or dealing with psychological trauma from a physical experience no one who has not lived it can know? No. All we're asking you to do in the comfort of your own home or out in the summer sun on a day in which your own trauma may be nothing more than the price of gas, is to stamp a few bills and get some flyers out. Maybe let go some balloons. Balloons. Flyers. A stamp on a bill, to talk to your fellow Americans in ways that reach them by the thousands because the media is complicit and will see to it that all those young men who died so very young gave that ultimate sacrifice in vein. 

Is your comfort and recreation time, those of you have have not yet raised your hand, so critical that you can forget those incalculable number of dead kids who died so you could live free and well and long? They gave up all those things for you. Their death at the moment was as real and genuine as the moment now in which you are reading this. Would you give so great a sacrifice? Is it so much to ask you to get up out of that chair and do a little something besides sound off on a message board, cheerlead, jeer and pontificate while more kids are out on the field right now under a commander-in-chief who may not only be legally unauthorized to give a single order, but would not pass the most basic clearance test were he not, in fact, the President.

If you have not yet stepped up and said, "I am doing and have done this or that", now is the time, because time is running short.

They died for you. Is a little physical effort today too much to ask to even begin to repay their sacrifice?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FEAR FACTOR ~ Guest Editorial

This is our second guest editorial by Flotsam Jetsome whose editorials should stopped being called "guest" - I guess - because he's definitely "on the inside". This brilliant call-to-arms reaffirms that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Please read it, and take his important advice.


Fear Factor
By Flotsam Jetsome

I remember the day when I decided to "seed" copies of Jerome Corsi's book "Where's the Birth Certificate". It was late May of this year, 2011, and I had just finished reading my pre-ordered copy ordered from Amazon. I was freshly livid over having read the revelations contained in that volume, and as luck would have it, ran across some guy posting on another internet site talking about leaving copies of the book laying around in public places for as-yet uneducated folks to discover. "Pure brilliance", I thought, and immediately went to my local bookstore and purchased five more copies. Thus my work as a conservative "subversive" began.

I took each of those initial six books (there have been more, since), including the one that I had originally ordered, and wrote on the inside cover  of each "This book is free to anyone who cares about the truth and in the sanctity of our Constitution. All I ask is that it be passed on to others who don't yet know that this is going on." With that, I set out and began depositing them at different places in my community. The first was tucked into the magazine rack of a crowded reception area at the family practice clinic of a local hospital. I was scared, as unbelievable as that may sound. I knew on an intellectual level that the apprehension I felt was irrational. America is a free country, right? I wasn't breaking any laws by placing the tome where I did, and yet I couldn't escape the feeling that what I was doing would somehow prompt immediate retaliation. I imagined, only halfway in jest, that as soon as the book left my hand, another person's hand would clamp itself down on my shoulder and ask me just what I thought I was doing. It didn't make sense, but knowing so didn't dispel the nervousness I felt, either. The "seeding" of tomes I placed after that was psychologically easier to accomplish, and I managed to disperse the remainder in less than an hour, including at such varied locations as on a bus, in a restaurant waiting area and in a hotel lobby, among others.

I've since moved on to annotating currency (writing on money, for Rio Linda inhabitants ~ PG) with the remark that "Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake" affixed, and with each note that I insert into the currency stream containing the message that the man occupying the Oval Office is a fraud who has posted on White House computer servers a complete fabrication of what is purported to be a genuine copy of a Certificate of Live Birth, my nervousness ebbs. There are several reasons for this, and first and foremost among them is that I have become more comfortable with the fact that it is not illegal to mark currency, so long as the money  has not been rendered unusable due to such marking. I can also say from personal experience that there are very few cashiers in America who would make an issue out of getting handed dollars that have been marked with the fake birth certificate message. Most don't even look closely enough at the money to remark upon it's annotated state, and as for the ones that do, I've found them to be curious, rather than indignant. And for the cagey patriot, there's the sneak delivery method. For those who wish to insert annotated money into the cash stream undetected, you can do what I do when presenting multiple bills: stamp a given number of notes with the message on the front, but for the top bill in the collection that is being handed over to the money handler, stamp that one on the back. When a group of four, five or more bills, especially ones of the same denomination are presented spread out "poker hand" style, the money handler almost never looks at the fronts of the notes that lay beneath the top one. They just see that there are the requisite number of "ones", and slip them into the register without another thought. It works. I see the same reaction (none) time and time again.

As The picture says, this is legal

The upshot of all of the foregoing is to point out that fear of reprisal, where annotation of money is concerned, is unfounded. There are no teams of Black Helicopter Dudes waiting to pounce upon the unwitting patriot stamper of money. We needn't  be fooled by the Obots' obfuscations, and likewise we needn't be cowed by threat of retaliation by fools who think that their temporary, illegal hold on power confers upon them the ability to subjugate the larger citizenry of a still-free country with impunity. No, our answer, rather than cowering in abject terror at the thought of jack-booted OThugs paying us a visit,  should instead be to leap boldly into the fray. The more of us that are in the intellectual trenches, the less effective the speech-suppressing artillery of the usurper's minions. There is indeed strength in numbers, and we should play to that strength.

I've stepped forward to fight for the integrity of our Constitution in the real world on a daily basis. Can you say the same?

If not you, who? If not now, when?