Wednesday, August 17, 2011

STAFF SERGEANT DARYN MORAN STANDS AGAINST OBAMA ~ And Speaks Against Just Blogging and Complaining

Staff Sergeant Daryn Moran who is refusing any additional orders from the military until Obama's citizenship status and eligibility are clarified said some very important things in the last few days. On an interview on the Manning Report (below) he said very important things  and it's must-listening for everyone.

Of particular interest to ObamaFake readers, besides Sgt Moran recognizing the vast multitude of graphics experts who have cited Obama's long form birth certificate as being a fake, Sgt Moran said something that is at the core of this website and the reason for its creation:

"Instead of blogging, calling on the phone and whining and complaining.... stop talking but think about what actions we can do."

These are words that in a different time and phrased very differently, in many ways were said by our Founding Fathers. It is much to Sgt Moran's credit that he is speaking from passion fueled by the extrapolations of common sense perspectives and that when saying what he does he does not seem to even be aware that he is voicing what the Founders of our nation expressed differently. This is called what is known in the common vernacular as "truth".

As ObamaFake has said over and over, do NOT just blog, do NOT just read, do NOT just talk about what a patriot he is and do NOT just demand that the congress do your work for you. DO SOMETHING besides talk online. That doing something doesn't mean complaining on a comment board. Supporting him does not just mean saying "We must all support him" on a comment board and then not doing something real and tangible in the material world.

Obamafake has talked ad nauseum about how talk isn't enough. What can you really do to help Srg. Moran? First and foremost we suggest that you get the word out to the rest of America that does not know the facts. All the things that birthers want: Obama to explain his citizenship, be held to account for wrongdoing, etc can essentially be accomplished one way: public pressure. That is why the media is silent; rest assured if pubic pressure was not a danger they would be be throwing mockery in our faces. That no longer works. They are reduced to silence. Break that silence.

For many reading this they will nod, and maybe make an affirmative sound, and then go off to another blog or another activity and assume that others will get the word out to their neighbors and associates. The only way that will happen is if you get the word out to your neighbors and associates

Lakin lost his career. Sgt Moran is likely to lose his. Unlike the vast majority of conservative and "birther" sites, out of solidarity for men like Lakin and Moran, and on general principle and conscience, ObamaFake has no "donate" button. You won't find a paypal button, either. This site isn't about turning tens of millions of patriot's worth of frustration into a cottage industry. ObamaFake asks only one thing of you: that you get out into the real world away of the computer screen on which you are reading this and get the word out. Flyers put on bulletin boards and stuck into donated books and magazines for the library and book sale, business cards next to contractor's ads on bulletin boards, stamping or writing the message OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE in the same legal methodology of "Where's George" which will reach hundreds of thousands of people in mere months. Do that and let people know. That's how you can "donate" to ObamaFake. That's how you can "Support" Sgt. Moran. That's how you make a difference.


  1. It's time someone did something. God bless your site, Proe, for not taking money. That's a sign that you are in it for your country not a buck.

  2. As usual - as has always been the case - just tell people (the die-hards here are not included and they know that) that they need to do something other than read and complain on news sites and (FJ's term) echo-chambers and everyone sits quietly and timidly in their little corner, waiting and watching. If you don't do your part right now to bring this situation to a conclusion are are 100% as guilty as the mainstream media. Think about that before you go off and do something else after reading this. If Obama ruins the country, it won;t be because the press didn't do their job, or that a Summit didn't happen sooner, or that the courts are corrupt. It's because you went away without pledging your own action. Your fault if America falls. No one else's. It's true, you know. Because you can change the result.

    I don't expect this statement to make this site more popular. Just the reverse; history has shown it will make it less popular. Perhaps by far. But we as a collective are supposed to be more mature than so many second-graders, and one gets tired of always trying to make things "fun". And no talk about magic summits or people "working behind the scenes". Bot have failed repeatedly. You need to get out in the open, inspire others, or Obama will laugh as he steps right on your face.

  3. Many people have been doing more than just blogging and complaining, for 3 years.

    Get over yourself.

  4. Anonymous 2:55 PM,

    I'll be happy to get over myself, "Anonymous". What did YOU do this week? "I told the world!" Translation: I blogged in a tiny echo-chamber bubble while the country went to hell. "I wrote my congressman". And he told you to go give yourself a colonoscopy. "

    "Many people have been doing more than just blogging". Define "many". A couple of dozen at most? I agree. Corsi, Farah, Orly, Berg, Manning,
    Lakin, Moran, and few others in the military, a few more lawyers, a several document specialists. Throw in a few dozen people who have put up flyers, did stamping and the like.

    Okay.That's it, isn't it? What did YOU do? It's not a rhetorical question and I am right to ask it and SO IS SGT MORAN: what did you DO?

    Don't give me this "much work is done behind-the-scenes" bullshit because that's what it is - bullshit. A blogger says he has gone to Africa - but we never hear the results. Someone else is going to have a summit - a year away. And if the rest are quietly toiling away, then they better stop because they've wasted 3 years and the results of their actions are nowhere: they didn;t create Orly or Trump or Lakin or Moran or Corsi or Farah. So what did they DO? "OOOOOOH, IT'S A secret!" Bullshit.


    If people were active there should be hundreds of posts every day - hundreds at least - all saying "I just did this" and "I just did that".

    So in the spirit of precisely this idea that Sgt Moran inferred, I'll ask again, and give an answer or shut-up: WHAT DID YOU *DO* TODAY?

  5. I agree, those anti-birthers who call any birther a racist because of the birther's constitutional concerns is, by definition, being themselves, a racist. Anti-birthers should be careful about that - their racism is showing.

  6. I seeded a dollar bill with the remark "Obama's Birth Certificate is FAKE!" stamped on it into a vending machine this morning before 7:30. I will spread more during lunch. I will be depositing "business" cards with the same message at various retail establishments at the same time. That's called DOING something, as an individual, daily and in the real world.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  7. FJ,

    What you are doing is important, but you'll do it whether there is an ObamaFake or not. I simply am now convinced that re-training fellow birthers to get off their asses and ALSO getting the word out is impossible in the time left. Birthers appear to be actually daring anyone to even try to get them off their asses.

    It occurred to me with a start a while ago that most of these people simply don;t give a flying f*ck about the Constitution - they only want an excuse to rant about Obama and sound important regardless of the results. If they cared, there would be no need for ObamaFake because everyone would be doing these things themselves without the slightest need for prodding. And of course, several opportunists are out there with their donate buttons keeping the majority hanging on every word of news that makes them believe for one more day that someone else will do their work for them. Now it's too late. The time has all been spent and wasted.

    I really in my heart believe that Obama and the obots have won, because our side is all second- grader passion and not a bit of action (and no, orly doing the work isn't the same as SOMEONE ELSE DOING SOMETHING ALSO).

    Everyone might as well log onto those all-talk sites that offer useless, meaningless hope every day and start bitching about how the media and congress let them down. That's where this is heading anyway, and there is no time left to change that course in any meaningful way. It simply isn't realistic. Obama beat us because we sat on our asses. When we needed to get out into the world, we acted like our words online were enough.

    When America needed us in her darkest hour, we let her down because nobody wanted to behave like they gave a shit, only talk like they gave a shit. Obama won, FJ. He did it. He won. It's clear and plain: this is over.

    I'm sorry. I just feel certain of it. Nothing will change.

  8. Be that as it may, I will, as you say, continue to do what I can to get the word out on my own, regardless of the existence of any particular website.

    By my calculations, based on the two-views-per-day model you describe, if I seed 30 bills per week for just twenty weeks, in one calendar year, my bills will have passed through the hands of 438,000 people. That's not insignificant, even for just my one lonesome self.

    The site may not continue; that't your call. The effort however, will. Thanks for your hard work, Proe. It is appreciated.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  9. I know you will, FJ. And the OF-A-Thon would have been fun. But it's just too much work deleting obots and writing copy every day and all the rest for a handful of people while the rest scurry like rats to other all-talk, do-nothing sites and engage in old and useless habits of daydreaming of grandiose miracles and fighting with Obama supporters. There's no point.

    That said, I do believe this is a lost cause. I'm not without some degree of realism. Out of thousands of hits, a few speak up and even only a few of those few say, "I will do something" and to my knowledge this is the only place on the entire internet that does that. The others are news sites, and business advertisements and assorted echo-chamber rooms.

    Our population has been trained into subservience and only a few individual thinkers like yourself rise above the surface. I hate to say it, FJ, because I have made this part of my life for three years, but at this rate it just isn't going anywhere. And I can't try to drag the entire birther movement kicking and screaming like babies, along with the snide comments of a couple of supposed like-minded birther honchos, into the kind of activity that is needed to put this issue squarely on the map. Maybe I'm betraying God, in a way, but if I don;t have some kind of vision in a dream (never has happened yet) then I'm done with this whole thing.

    Nobody gives a shit, FJ. Just you, me and a few others. That's too much work for any one person to try to compensate.

  10. Wow PG! I HATE to see you so down! That's completely unlike you! Completely! We have no choice but to keep fighting back. We cannot give in! Your voice kept many of us going and believing in the cause and taking action. You still have so much to contribute. Get a good nights sleep and have a rest. Tomorrow we will keep passing marked bills and leaving cards around. We will keep telling anyone who will listen about the fraud going on in America!

  11. Ann,

    You know I'm a realist: Obama's birth certificate is fake, so we have tangible evidence. Do the math on the marked bills and they really add up to something gigantically significant. The flip side is I have seen this apathetic aspect of the birther movement for three years. Now it seems as though free Republic has disallowed posts linked to this site because they hate birthers, too (or something, maybe they thought he marked bills via Where's George was illegal - something. I think I might have been told that that was the reason).

    Between you, Sharon, FJ, Charlene, A Patriot, Alex, birther, GStarz, Charles and a couple of others, how many do we have? On the popular threads I see plenty of hits every day. Some big numbers for a new site on Corsi and the WND linked story about forged photos. Out of those I have to cull obots. Of the remaining you get 10 - 30 civil birther posts. Out of those only a couple - the same people - say they will do something. And, keep it real, you lend your support about once a week, Ann.

    It isn't working. People have been conditioned by Limbaugh and Hannity to think in terms of singular heroes who will save them; big miraculous events like rallies and summits - that always fail - not one has succeeded, not one. Our rank and file is either lazy or they don't believe that they can make a difference. The liberals have 1000 times more energy and self-discipline and got a communist after 40 years into the White House after highjacking the media. We can't even get another dozen participants out of thousands of hits every day. If it wasn't for the tea Party we'd be lost as a nation, and even then in my heart I believe that if it wasn't the "party" aspect, with music and food and speakers, it never would have taken off at all. What does that tell you?

    It's easy to say, "PG, don't give up". But you aren't doing what I'm doing. Only FJ and Charlene even bother to post anything at all on a daily basis. And the fact is you and they will keep on keeping on getting the message out no matter what I do. This effectively renders me free to go my way as it effectively renders Obamafake useless past it's present capacity to be of any benefit because it isn't growing. And given that this is the only - the ONLY - get-off-you-duff site - all the others are news and chat sites with much talk about dreamy pie-in-the-sky and never a call for people to do something as individuals each and every day, I can only assume as a realist that this cause is lost. Not because the facts are against us. Indeed, the facts are such that the battle is ours to lose. But I am convinced that we have done just that - lost it.


  12. Conti...

    What is going to happen? What is going to change? People will log into the same sites and comment on the news of the day and that amounts do doing nothing - zero. They'll chat endlessly about orly et al until the cows come home, but if she loses every case, then what? I was hoping we'd get a few extra people. Cranial Access recently found us from the old site, but is gone. Charlene's sister is a stamper, but she doesn't come here to get others on board. You get the picture.

    Without public awareness the birther cause is 100% lost. Period. And public awareness won't happen with the same old people yammering endlessly on the same old sites. The news may be new, but nothing else is. The media hates us. The tea party hates us. The GOP hates us. The only way to get anywhere is to take matters into our own hands. But except for a dozen out of tens of thousands, they won't. It's clear. Now even advertising this site on other sites like Free Republic are impossible.

    So you tell me - why does continuing this effort make sense? 99.99% of the birthers want to chatter and pontificate. They dry up when asked to get involved beyond expressing their own genius wisdom to the world. And everyone else has shut their doors on pro-activity. That's where we are. So please either correct me with real-world examples that are proportionate to the problem, or tell me why this makes sense.

    I'm not trying to beat you up, Ann, you're a wonderful person. But the questions aren't rhetorical. How does this make sense? And if it doesn't, how have we not already lost the birther cause, because a single summit ignored by the press and yammering to the converted will do nothing except uselessly run out the clock.

  13. Proe, I totally understand and do feel some of the pain you must be feeling. I am pissed. I spent hours trying to find you when you left ORYR,YOU were the man with the message.
    YOU were the one telling us to get off our f'in asses and DO. No one else anywhere that I am aware of says anything more than the norm, write, call , townhall blasts etc. your idea is something very easy and like it or not it is FUN.
    You are the one who has spent a zillion hours getting this together, and doing a fine job of it, I might add. You have given me HOPE for CHANGE. If you stop, *then WHO?* F/J
    I understand that you have to see the friggin ignorance of obots trying to lead us off the path and how frustrating that can be. THAT is what they want. There are some very disturbed people that get off calling anyone who doesn't worship their *mesiah*, the fact that they have searched your site out maeans exactly what you have said yourself, *WE ARE IN THE END GAME AND WE ARE WINNING* PG. I would love to take over that part of your day for you. I can read 'em.delete em and leave you to do the hard part of keeping this going.You have said too , numbers that post mean nothing, hits mean nothing, what we each do means SOMETHING.
    Forget the satamp a thon if you want, it was a great idea, but if lack of participation is crucial for our egos then we don't need to know!
    FJ will probably win, I won't cuz I accidently gave some really big 20 buck tips at Reagan, they got mixed in with my ones! I have chalked it up to , *OH well, at least they were marked!
    I did also get out at least 35 more ones.*
    I love this, I hate to see it end. There are good people here. We need to support each other and exchange ideas on ways to do whatever we can.
    A thought I have too, maybe we can continue posting our actions , but also bitch about the stuff that keeps other blogs busy. I post alot here , but would more even if I could talk about some of the reasons we are doing this. I was happily surprised when I saw you posted about Moran. I thought cool, we are going to also have a place to discuss things that matter here.
    I am the one that got warned at FR and yes, the reason was not that they are anti birther, as far as I know and I am there alot. I was warned because they believe it is illegal to mark money. I choose not to explain or point to the facts as it is their site and they have a right to think what they want. I love that site and would hate to be zotted! It has nothing to do with anything else but their belief it is illegal. Yesturday I happenned to see the Moran story first somewhere else before I saw you posted it. If I had seen it here first I would have directed traffic here and do not believe that to be a problem, as it was not about what they believe to be illgal. Would I have been wrong, got the zot? I do not know, I really thought at the time it was not a problem. I will ask the Admin to be sure, but from what I understood the objection was about the legalities and that is exactly what he said.
    I took it hard, as you may be doing with all the negative comments you are subjected to, but it is not the end and like Ann says, I slept, woke up and got back on with it.
    PLEASE reconsider.
    Now that we understand your frustration maybe we can change things. Your examples of how fast the money gets around means we do not NEED a ton of people here. We are an army of our own and we need you to keep us going and to have support from each other. I am pissed.

  14. Charlene- the pissedAugust 18, 2011 at 6:23 AM

    and....... in fairness to those who are doing but not super posting, does that really matter? Thay ARE doing SOMETHING. I really thought that is all we were to post about and how many times can some post that they did that day or have new thoughts on getting out the word? Not fair to beat anyone up!
    I have posted alot because I have followed you from the other place and am intriqued and feel I sometimes can add something to the action. Not everyone does feel that way.
    Now that you mention it I never even thought about telling my sister to get on here cuz she doesn't do anything like this and has no desire to (so she thinks ha ha) she is passin the bucks tho and that is good! We have no idea what others are doing, she is just one example.
    If you are really going to stop I would like to let those of us, including you know that I set up an email acct for the purpose of Twittering about OF. If you really decide after a long hard look at all you have done, maybe we can at least all stay in touch, and continue the motivation amongst ourselves?
    OK enuff! I have to go to court with my EX. after Obama he is the next Monster I need to slay!
    I am going to treat myself too a nice lunch after and pay in all marked ones.
    (she says and then sticks her tongue out!)
    I won't try to guilt you into staying anymore,(maybe) but I sure hope you reconsider. You are the GLUE!

  15. If you can find the video when he was running for the senate, on it he stated he was born in
    Kenya & was not a citizen. i have a copy the when i recommended it to freinds it had disappeard. i still have the copy & would love to share with thank for your support of Daryn Moran

  16. Charlene,

    Thanks (good luck in court, btw).

    That's a lot to absorb that you wrote, and I will.

    Bear in mind I'm not just deleting Obots, IMO it seems I'm also forced to deal with obnoxious guys who appear to be closely aligned with "another" site - so I'm getting obnoxious shit from every possible direction.

    If this country is saved by getting the word out to the public it will literally happen only because of you few, and that's a fact: right wing online sources such as WND et al have, IMO, reached their saturation point in terms of effectiveness.

    I USED to say we were winning this thing because people were coming on board with new ideas, like business cards and inventive ideas. But the moment the brainstorming slowed down and it came time to get to work, no one said anything. Getting the job done at the end of the game requires an everyday effort (which is far smaller than what I have to do here - PLUS what I do in the real world) and people aren't doing it. Believing they are to any proportionate degree but aren't speaking up is, IMO, daydreaming fictional happy scenarios.

    With respect, I simply don't believe people are doing things "behind the scenes" and not talking, either. After 3 years we have seen no result of these mysterious people we have heard about for all that time. I think it's more Obot propaganda to keep us hoping and otherwise inactive.

    The growing apparent fact is that we are a large community with horrible bad habits. We as a collective we talk and not do to any proportionate degree. Check the long and popular threads of *any* board, Charlene - any board at all. All they are are strings of arguments and complaints. Go to a single one - anywhere - and show me how it is in any way pro-active and not a collection of angry back and forth BS with birthers being suckered in - again. I offered an alternative. The analysis appears that it didn't fly because it doesn't cater to people's bad habits. This place has been a petri dish for activism. It has been polite, gotten a lot of hits via WND and others, no Obots get through, has had a couple of star attractions in its short incarnation and plenty of ideas and entirely supportive and is open to most ideas. And still the activity on this site is dying. It can only be because all anyone wants to do is bullshit big talk and argue with Obots. And I chalk that up to habit.

    I will say this: If you and others can bring a dozen new people who give themselves a name - not "anonymous" - by Sunday (and you're on your honor that they are new, not people using multiple aliases) and are willing to get going on Sunday, we'll put back the OF-A-Thon and keep going and see what happens. Remember, I make no money on this -there is no payoff except winning the war. But I need to know I'm not wasting my time, also.

    Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the ride to hell, because if all the participants on all the boards do nothing but bitch about the media, demand into thin air that Obama be arrested and argue with Obots, to hell is exactly where this country is going by 2013, and we are fast approaching the time when that trajectory cannot in any way be reversed. Obama's poor poll numbers are the only seeming hope, but the moment the GOP elects a nominee and the press destroys them, the poll numbers will reverse as Obama looks less like a fool to the public than the GOP nominee and his numbers skyrocket him to a second victory. If we don't get the word out today, that's where we're headed. And arguing with Obots won't help.

  17. at Charlene the pissed

    Actually ORYR also was telling people to get off their butts for over 2 years. It is easy to tell people to do something it is much different to get people to actually do something.

    By the way I wrote "Obama's birth certificate is a big fat fake" on 100 dollar bills this morning. I will use them at rest stop vending machines on my cross country trip I am leaving for later this week.

  18. One day last week I sugestted we Tweet.Simple guys go to twitter .com and sign in. Look for some Birther type sites, even Tea Party ones. Tweet like a bird about OF. We can get people here.
    Anyone on facebook link there. I set up a facebook acct. , but did not know if I could call it ObamaFake or not. I named it Alvin's Smiley Face. It will not get people, but if we could do a OF FB Page it would be another tool.

    Proe, I don't know if you respond to obots or not. But here is a thought. I have done it and it makes me happier than gettin into analyzing why they are brain dead. Just respond Or think of a one liner that makes u laff and just repeat that, they will go away.
    Whats everyone think?

  19. PG: I have been thinking about what you and Charlene wrote. I understand your discouragement. I don't post all that often because they would be repetitive posts about the action I am taking. I am doing!

    What you wrote about "a petri dish for activism, polite, hits from WND, no Obots, and star attractions" is exactly what makes your blog unique and invaluable.

    What Charlene said about you being the glue is spot on. I sure hope you will consider keeping on.

    What we are seeing here is the real world. I know lots of people who hate what Obama has done as a usurper. I just don't know all that many that will actually do something about it. That's just the way it is. But it doesn't mean that those of us who care enough to act should stop doing so.

    I know this blog takes an enormous effort on your part. But I so appreciate having a place to meet on the internet with like minded citizens.

    I liked Charlene's offer to help take the load off of you. Perhaps there are other ways we can help you?

  20. Ted,

    Check in more often. The activism will only grow if other people see daily activity happening. OF makes no money on this, nor shall it. Thanks for your effort. A cross country trip could give some real dividends when it comes to spreading the word with 100 one-dollar bills used in vending machines. This is a little good news, and hugely appreciated.

  21. Charlene,

    IMHO, ignoring Obots is the first course of action because it leaves a void for those who are used to arguing with them. Nature abhors a vacuum, so I'm hoping many people with fill that vacancy in their day with doing something pro-active to get the word out. OG makes no money and there is no point in trying to be a popularity contest. The point is to win this battle. That's the only point, as far as I'm concerned. If we make friends on the way, that's great. But people can argue with Obots elsewhere - we know what Obots have to say, there's nothing new. I won't post their remarks and in turn they have started to drop off sharply - ignore them and they go away, and when they go away you have completely removed their power. That's how this needs to be won. Remove their power, get the word out past the mainstream media. Do that and there's a chance we can win this thing yet, but we need more people involved.

  22. Ann,

    There is one way to help: prove to me that this isn't a waste of time for me and recruit people and get them on board. There is a new post with a mini-interview with Paul Irey about Hawaii and what happened there. Read the small print at the bottom of the interview, and then post every day. Sure, it may seem dull saying "I did the same thing today that I did yesterday - posted a sign, spent bills, etc" but people will come and go every day and someone will get on board, inspired by the message you thought was redundant; just because it's redundant to you doesn't mean it will be for others who may see it for the first time - or be convinced by your daily activity that they need to do their part, also.

    Thanks for the kind words about the site, but we need you and everyone here every day. Think about this: what does it take to post something every day? Two minutes? If you have s slow computer, maybe five. Ten if you have a slow computer and you hunt and peck while typing. Is 10 minutes at the very most a day too much to ask? Trust me, I put in a lot more than that. You can help me by also recruiting people from sites where people know and respect your judgement.

    I make not a buck, not a penny, and there is no advertising. But that's not consultation if people aren't willing to share some sacrifice for 5 minutes a day at most. This is about being among Washington's Troops - myself included, I'm not Washington - and wrapping our feet in burlap from the terrible cold to do what is needed to be done to be and stay free. Except you don;t need to go out in the cold - you can do your part from the comfort of your home and while shopping on a warm, sunny day. If we can't do that much, then we don't deserve our liberty. It may have been God-given according to the Founding fathers, but we'll lose it fast if we don't show our appreciation to God by defending it.

  23. Don't throw in the towel, Proe. Just don't.