Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Soldiers and Your Obligations

This is not meant as a condemnation of anyone, but just food for thought. And it is certainly not meant for the ObamaFake die-hards out in the field – literally – getting the word out about the forgery in the physical world every day in ways that give each of their voice the power to reach hundreds of thousands.This is meant those who have yet to raise their hands.

 Are you comfortable? 

It’s summer and it goes without saying that this outdoor season has been badly marred by a President who by a seeming combination of incompetence and intent, has decimated the economy in a way that now hits an official milestone: if the S&P downgrade rating is the barometer, then this is the worst economy for America in the history of this nation. No, liberal ideologues, it isn’t Bush’s fault – things took a slight dip after the democrat’s disastrous demands of the country’s major lending agencies, sending Fanny Mae et al into default during Bush – but it was nothing like this. No, this belongs to Obama, every miserable, penny-pinching, barely-get-food-on-the-table-by-the-millions moment of it.

Sometimes it seems as if only prayer will save us from the “Hope and Change” his administration as wrought.

But still, right now, are you physically comfortable? Reasonably well-fed for the time being, the chair not too much of a difficulty if you have a bad back? The chances are you can’t complain too much about that. Now think about something as you sit at your computer instead of spreading the word about Obama’s birth certificate in the immediate, physical world around you: Some of us have made it into middle-age. Yet who died on the beaches and jungles and frozen forests of other countries to protect us from the very threats of communism and subjugation and ruin of the economy that threatens us on this very day? Who died for us far way? Kids, by comparison to us, today: teenagers. Men in their early 20's. Not all square-jawed heroes, but many if not most so oh-so-very average by societal standards - short, fat, skinny, you-name-it - that with the social mores of the past, often never even having kissed a girl before dying for our liberty. Laying for moments or even minutes in searing pain, face down, hoping for help but terrified it would not come, quietly calling out for a friend or parent to save them, because they had not yet someone in their lives outside of their birth family who said, "I love you", and the terror that they were just nothing more in the world than a number assigned to a task as life left them.

That's a hell of a lot to give for people who today mostly sit on their expanding rears, typing away like know-it-alls but rarely raising their voices to say, "Today I did this." And is that "this" dying on a battlefield, or losing a limb, or dealing with psychological trauma from a physical experience no one who has not lived it can know? No. All we're asking you to do in the comfort of your own home or out in the summer sun on a day in which your own trauma may be nothing more than the price of gas, is to stamp a few bills and get some flyers out. Maybe let go some balloons. Balloons. Flyers. A stamp on a bill, to talk to your fellow Americans in ways that reach them by the thousands because the media is complicit and will see to it that all those young men who died so very young gave that ultimate sacrifice in vein. 

Is your comfort and recreation time, those of you have have not yet raised your hand, so critical that you can forget those incalculable number of dead kids who died so you could live free and well and long? They gave up all those things for you. Their death at the moment was as real and genuine as the moment now in which you are reading this. Would you give so great a sacrifice? Is it so much to ask you to get up out of that chair and do a little something besides sound off on a message board, cheerlead, jeer and pontificate while more kids are out on the field right now under a commander-in-chief who may not only be legally unauthorized to give a single order, but would not pass the most basic clearance test were he not, in fact, the President.

If you have not yet stepped up and said, "I am doing and have done this or that", now is the time, because time is running short.

They died for you. Is a little physical effort today too much to ask to even begin to repay their sacrifice?

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  1. God bless you for respecting the sacrifice of my brothers.

  2. I don't think this one is going to be very popular, Proe. You're hitting too close to home for the people who only want to gab gab gab.

  3. This should shame everyone who is not getting the usurper out of office.

  4. I served seven years on active duty, including at a shooting war, and I'd still be ashamed if I didn't get up from behind the keyboard and head out into the real world to do my part to expose the fraud. If this piece hits too close to home for "talkers" then that's tough. Hopefully it will spur fence-sitters into becoming "doers" instead.

    Thanks for this, PG. We need to be reminded from time to time what real sacrifice is, and taking a minute or two a day to mark some bills and insert them into the economic stream hardly constitutes such.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  5. I agree with Alex, Proe. This is rough. But I suppose it needs to be said just the same.

  6. It is true most of us have no inkling of any idea what these Patriots go through every minute of every day. In the field or back home they have been asked to do what most of us could never do and then live with the memories of the experiance forever.
    Stamping and posting notes and letting ballons sail in the sky is not even comparable to one thousandth of a second of what our men and women do every day, for us, past and present.

    PS I was able to pass 10 today.
    I am motivated.

  7. Remember Flotsam Jetsome writing how he bought Cosi's book when it was on sale for $4.95 and left them around for others to learn from?

    Today they are $4.95! It is our chance to follow his lead.


  8. I think this is Pretty powerful, to tell you the truth. The pictures of sunbathers on the beach and then the old pictures of soldiers DEAD on the beach reminds us of who kept us a free country. This SHOULD shame people who are not doing their part.

  9. Flag,

    Yes brother. THIS is what we must remember. Liberty must be fought for every day or it is lost. That means more than just talk. We have to get in people's faces.

  10. Charlene,

    Everyone should place their orders!

  11. Woot! Corsi's book on sale again!!

    On a related note, and you're going to love this: I was at the bank today to make a deposit, and when I turned over my marked cash ($100x3, $20x2), the teller looked at it and remarked "We've been getting a lot of these." I am NOT kidding! I then said "Sounds like there are some angry patriots out there. You do know that it really is fake, don't you?" to which she replied "Oh, yes. After they started showing up, I went onto the internet and looked it up for myself."


    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  12. FJ,

    You have never, ever said anything that wasn't 100% straight-up, so I have no reason to doubt you, now. What this means, of course, is that the strategy is working from start to finish as designed: 1. STAMPED 2. PEOPLE SEND THEM OUT (spend them) 3. PEOPLE GET THEM (in change, the bank, etc) 4. THE MESSAGE STICKS WITH THEM AND THEY LOOK UP THE FACTS 5. THEY LEARN THE TRUTH. 6. THEY SPEND THAT MONEY. 7. THE PROCESS REPEATS ITSELF WITH THE NEXT PERSON. Even if only one-in-ten goes through the process, that's huge, and for the teller at the bank to have said that she went through that process is pretty significant, because the chances of you getting that answer from the one person you actually asked suggests that either the coincidence was amaing or a lot of people are looking at it. And they probably are: Gallup has Obama at 40% approval and 50-something disapproval. When people re hurting like this, they look for reasons to dislike the person hurting them as a catharsis if nothing else. The timing of the money is significant, because as they grasp those dollars tighter than before, they see that message about the very guy who is hurting them financially. This is going to work better than we thought.

    Bingo. Done.

    This is the best news we've heard in ages. It also suggests that when people saw your bills, they were inspired to annotate their own, because even doing this for a few months, the percentages would demand that a single bank teller could not possibly be so aware of the movement unless a LOT of other people saw yours, and annotated their own money, and other people saw those, annotated their own money, etc etc ect. By November we're going to blow the doors off the media silence - and this issue.

    This is almost too good to be true, but I know you well enough to know you don't tell stories. Thanks FJ (and thanks for telling me here, on the board)

    Thanks, also, for starting the movement in your area. Imagine if they have been getting "alot of those", how far they will travel - just yours - across the country. We imagined that other people would be inspired to mark their own currency, but mostly we've been counting the traveling of how many people we know re doing this and how many bills. What this means is the number must be much larger than we expected. There is no way to really know at this point how many people are seeing this message - whatever number we throw out based on what we do know is likely to be far smaller than the actual amount (and out numbers are huge according to the projection models).

    Turns out some people STILL are timid about the strategy because they think that "defacing" money is "illegal_. Sigh. A primer coming up to set the record strait. Hopefully for the last time.

    Great news, FJ. amazing, actually.

  13. California Birther/Dualer/DoubterAugust 10, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    I agree with Charlene that stamping bills may seem nothing in comparison with what our fallen warriors went through, but it's the least we can do to help restore the nation to what they fought for. We will not let it go the way of London, even if that means doing more than just stamping bills. Hopefully we won't get to that point and that what we're doing is having a positive effect as FJ points out.

  14. Just a quick note in closing vis a vis the Fear Factor aspect of all this: I could really give a crap anymore about the "stigma" of handing over bills annotated with the "Obama's birth certificate is fake" message. I stamp all of them on the front now, and eagerly await questions by the money handlers. It is NOT illegal. My repeated presentation of such notes to financial institutions (banks) should be more than enough of a demonstration that these bills are still viable and that the annotation of such is NOT illegal.

    I won't be silenced. If operators of other sites are too cowardly to allow the opinions of concerned, activist patriots to appear in their forums, then I have no further use for their pusillanimous (look it up, you illiterate jerkoffs), pseudo-patriotic "efforts". I can find other venues, or establish my own, if it comes to that. PG has the technical skills, and I (if I may be so presumptuous) have the literary skills necessary to force the issue . Come get some, you traitorous (expletive deleted). In the new media medium, the Powers can only silence us site by site, rather than wholesale via the evening news broadcasts, as in the old days. How you like that Walter Kronkite?

    Unfortunately for the Old Media, enough of us are now tech savvy and wary enough that the rubicon has been crossed. Stand by for heavy rolls. Especially wary shoud be the traitorous bastards who are complicit in the ongoing fraud. I've got news for you. We know. And we're coming for you. . .

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  15. I hope you are right Cali. there is a Movement in the works called US Day of RAGE. MG, what crazed idiots live here! Here is a link,

    Sept 17,is Constitution Day and there is Rally planned in DC that is to be peaceful, civil disobedience, I just hope never, the two shall meet.

  16. FJ,

    I am addressing your concerns in a column today. Your writing skill is outstanding and much better than most of the so-called "popular blogs". You have a voice here, though I'm getting worn down by the friction of grinding my brain against ignorance and leftist ideology.

  17. Charlene et al,

    I, for one, am axiously looking forward to meeting those crazed idiots in DC on September 17. :-)

    Vietnam Veteran

  18. Thanks for your service, Jim. You were there in the war and in the war here, too. You have sacrificed much.

    *Big Salute*

  19. *Big Salute* back at ya P.G.!

    No doubt you understand why the war here at home was, in many ways, harder for most of us to deal with than the war over there -- both while we were over there and after we came home. That's THE reason why I have been participating in Free Republic's Friday night "Support Our Troops" rallys in front of the main gate to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which began in 2005 to counter Code Pink's "Die GI Die" rally's there. I REFUSE to sit idly by and let Code Pink desecrate our Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans, especially seriously wounded Veterans in a military hospital, like Jane HANOI Fonda and John TRAITOR Kerry did to we Vietnam Veterans. BTW/FYI: Although Walter Reed Army Medical Center was officially decommissioned (closed forever) two weeks ago the last "Wounded Warrior" won't be transferred elsewhere until Sunday August 28th, so Free Republic will hold Friday night rallys on the 19th and 26th and all day Sunday the 28th. Come one, come all! Here's the link to the Free Republic's "Walter Reed" page --

    I have indeed sacrificed and suffered much but in no way, shape or form as much as the 58,272 KIAs whose names are currently inscribed in the National Vietnam War Memorial Wall, the 2,500 +/- still unacounted for MIAs/POWs, the 500,000+ disabled Vietnam Veterans and the families of all the aforementioned. "All gave some, some gave all."

    However, the Vietnam War et al foreign wars before and since pale in comparison to the domestic war we're now fighting - the fight to save the United States of America itself.

    It’s not so much the usurper and legacy anti-Capitalist, anti-Christian and anti-Caucasion who got elected but, rather, it’s the fools who voted him in.

    Get the word out to those fools!


  20. Racer Jim,

    This is a powerful statement coming from a Vietnam Vet: "However, the Vietnam War et al foreign wars before and since pale in comparison to the domestic war we're now fighting - the fight to save the United States of America itself."

    I have a suggestion. In the "Is it legal to stamp" comment thread Charlene lists as having free ink stamps custom-made for just a few each (just the cost of shipping) and free business cards, too (just look under "Free" in the upper left corner and choose stamps and business cards). They only charge a few bucks for shipping. I think you'll be among some true believers at Walter Read. If you happen to have an extra 20 or 30 bucks, is it possible that you could order up some cards and a few stamps with OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE on them and hand them out to some like-minded vets? What I have seen thus far of the civilians is that Vets often still carry the self-disciple of their service to get the job done - they know that talk won't cut it. I am, of course, asking you to make a "donation" to the cause out of your own pocket, so there will be no hard feelings whatsoever if you refuse, so don't be shy about saying "no", but it would be great if you could say "yes". But like DC on Memorial Day with the Rolling Thunder guys, once in a while you'll find a collection of guys who are just ready to get the job done. It sounds like the group at Walter Reed will be just exactly that.

  21. P.G.,

    "Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory." -- General George S. Patton

    Excellent suggestion. However, I just went to "" and found out that even the "Large 2.24"x0.83" stamp isn't long/wide enough for "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE" to be on one line so as to be able to stamp money similar to the example $1 and $5 bills at the top of your "IS IT LEGAL TO WRITE..." article. Sorry and/or my bad for fogetting, but could you remind me what you used to stamp those examples? Thanx. Their free business cards are another matter altogether, however, due to past experiences I quit paying for stuff using the internet years ago and have no intention of ever doing so again.

    Your observation re civilians and Vets is exactly the same as mine -- and perfectly understandable given that civilians rarely, if ever, put their lives at risk if they don't have enough self-discipline to get the job done -- on the other hand Vets know all too well that all talk and no action on the battlefield will often will get you captured, injured or killed. It is what it is.

    I am, of course, not refusing to make a "donation" to the cause out of my own pocket -- I am simply pointing out that, as far as I was able to ascertain, Vistaprint's free stamps won't cut it and they won't ship their free business cards C.O.D. However, since Charlene is in the DC area allow me to suggest that if she'll order the free business cards (and a handful of free stamps if they'll stamp bills similar to your examples) and bring them to the Free Republic rally at Walter Reed on 8/19, 8/26 or 8/28 it would be my pleasure to reimburse her in cash.

    Ah yes...just like that collection of 300,000+ crazy right-wing terrorist Rolling Thunder guys, and gals too!, who roll into and around DC on Memorial Day -- the Free Republic group at Walter Reed is indeed a collection of guys and gals who are able, eager and willing to get 'er done. :-)


  22. Racer Jim,

    I duplicated your post up on the top "ObamaFake-A-Thon" thread where Charlene has already answered.