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DR. JEROME CORSI, PhD ~ An ObamaFake Exclusive Interview


It seems impossible that anyone reading this blog would not be familiar with NY Times bestselling author and television personality Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD. But since this site is about getting the word out on the fact of Obama’s phony birth certificate, it seems only fair to recap his significant accomplishments for those who may find their way here and not be familiar with Dr. Corsi’s extraordinary – and virtually unique - accomplishments.

In 2004 Dr. Corsi co-authored the #1 New York Times bestseller, Unfit for Command — Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry (Regnery Publishing) with swift boat veteran John O'Neill, the extremely powerful reporting and writing of which is generally understood by all to have torpedoed the presidential election of Democrat party nominee John Kerry; Kerry tried to spin the results to no avail – with Kerry citing the book repeatedly -  the cause and effect that exposed the facts and cost Kerry the election.

In no way a one-hit wonder, Dr. Corsi has published several books that have gone on to become high-ranking NY Times bestsellers, the status of which, as everyone knows, is the gold standard by which publishing success is measured. Some of these include the #1 NY Times bestseller The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality (2008, New York: Simon and Schuster Threshold Editions); America for Sale: Fighting the New World Order, Surviving a Global Depression, and Preserving USA Sovereignty; Showdown with Nuclear Iran: Radical Islam's Messianic Mission to Destroy Israel and Cripple the United States and The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada  – all top-ranking NY Times Bestsellers.

Dr. Corsi’s latest book, Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President, may be his most extraordinary accomplishment to date: shunned by a timid and left-wing media because of its both courageous and volatile subject matter, it received essentially no advance media publicity. Yet upon offering, it hit #1 on Amazon advance orders – beating hundreds of thousands – and did the almost impossible: added to Dr. Corsi’s NY Times bestseller status by reaching #6 on the NY Times bestseller list in what amounts to a virtuoso performance for a book the media refused to acknowledge even existed. Where’s The Birth Certificate has Dr. Corsi’s engagingly precise and likeable writing style, makes its overwhelming argument with stunning conviction and is a must-read for every single adult American. 

Dr. Corsi has been a frequent guest on talk radio and television programs on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN News and Fox Business News. Since 1972, Dr. Corsi has held a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University. ObamaFake is pleased and honored to have him answer our questions for you.  

Dr. Corsi, you have a tremendous amount of photographic evidence in Where’s The Birth Certificate. While those of us ensconced in the issue are amazed and appreciative, sometimes the man on the street can suffer from overload on too much info and simply glaze over. If there are three samples of all the photographic evidence in WITBC that people should show to their friends – and congressmen – (or lead with before showing the rest) which three do you feel are the most efficient as illustrations of Obama’s citizenship/lack of eligibility status?

There are many convincing demonstrations that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery — the variations in the typeface on the document show it was not made with one manual typewriter, the layers seen when the document is viewed in Adobe Illustrator show that parts of the document (for instance, the registrar date stamp and the registrar text/signature stamp) come from outside sources and can be moved around the document, the combination of bitmap characters and smooth edge characters are not possible unless the document were constructed by cut-and-paste.  Most importantly, none of the defenders of the president have been able to replicate what we see in the WH PDF of the president's birth certificate.  The PDF file does not look anything like a scanned document — OCR (Optical Character Recognition) was not turned on in the file and optimization produces very different layers than we see in the PDF.  Then, there's the smiley face in the loop of the "A" in the registrar Alvin Onaka's signature — and the misspelling in the registrar's stamp -- "TXE" instead of "THE."  

You have been at the forefront of American politics since 2004 and the Swift Boat issue. Your NY Times successes and their impact on American politics make it clear you are a feared and respected mainstream player, not some minimal figure as the left-wing media has been recently trying to portray you. This seems like an obvious question but repetition is the key to success: from you established and esteemed perspective then, is there any question in your mind that Obama is not eligible to serve as president according to the existing evidence of his citizenship status?

Obama is obviously not eligible to be president.  His father, by his own admission, was a Kenyan citizen when Obama was born.  Hence, Obama was a dual citizen at birth — a citizen of the Commonwealth of Great Britain, through his father.  The founders never meant a dual citizen — especially not one with citizenship ties to Great Britain — to be eligible for president.  This was the standard the Senate wrote into Senate Resolution 511, confirming that Sen. John McCain was a natural born citizen under Article 2, Section 1 — that McCain had two U.S. citizen parents when he was born.  The Senate said the founders never wanted to exclude from being president someone born out of the USA because their parents were protecting the nation in the military.  Obama co-sponsored the McCain resolution but refused to submit his own birth credentials to the Senate.  Why?  Because Obama knew he was not eligible to be president.  It doesn't matter if Obama was born in Hawaii — the citizenship of his father at Obama's birth disqualifies Obama from legitimately sitting in the White House.

 What are the top few points, in your mind, that people can tell to their friends, co-workers and family at the dinner table to get them on-board quickly?

 If Obama really believed he had a legitimate 1961 birth certificate in Hawaii, why didn't he release the original document that is currently being held under lock and key by the Hawaii Department of Health?  In a court of law, the "best evidence" of the document is the document itself.  If Obama had been serious, and not just trying to perpetuate the lie, he would have released the original document to a group of court-authorized forensic examiners who could have authenticated the document.  Instead, the cover-up is continuing.

By the way, it may interest you to know that one of ObamaFake’s recommended methods of getting the word out is for people to buy as many copies of  Where’s The Birth Certificate? as they can when it’s on sale (once or twice WND generously offered it for $4.99 as one-day specials as part of a larger promotion), and forgetfully misplace them in public areas such as libraries, commuter buses, train stations and the like. Our readership is very absent-minded like that. I would like to apologize to you for our forgetful behavior.

Keep on getting the word out.  WND is preparing an e-book addition to WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?  -- two additional chapters of all the new material we have published since the book was published, focusing on why the document is a forgery and how the radical Obama supporters — the OBOTs, or "Obama Robots" -- have lied, promoted forged documents, and interfered in legal processes — all the while using the foulest language possible, combined with ridicule and character assassination — all to keep their beloved leader from being examined by the mainstream media at the American people.  If you really want to know who Obama is, just take a look at the low-life OBOTs he allows to do his character assassination dirty tricks to keep him in office.

Have you heard directly from the White House or any of its representatives, or claimed or implied representatives, about Where’s The Birth Certificate?

No, not a word.

Astoundingly, Fox News has seemingly put a lock-down on the Obama eligibility scandal and their hosts have often mocked it, though not one can claim the kind of political success you enjoyed with the Swift Boat publication, and now, Where’s The Birth Certificate? Do you have any knowledge or theory as to why Fox appears to be in denial on this subject?

When the American public realize the Obama birth certificate is a forgery, the backlash will not only end up removing Obama from office, but will also reverberate to the detriment of the media, including Fox, that abrogated their responsibilities as the Fourth Estate to question government in the public interest.

Many people support the idea of Marco Rubio as Vice President, but while ObamaFake feels he is a terrific conservative, OF also feels that to put Rubio anywhere near the Presidency creates a very dangerous constitutional gray area and OF rejects such notions entirely. Care to correct OF thinking and/or offer any thoughts on that?

Rubio is not a natural born citizen.  He did not have two U.S. citizen parents when he was born.   The same problem applies to Bobby Jindal.

 It would seem that as long as Obama is the presumptive nominee for 2012, the nation is only being offered a false choice and that is in fact is robbing the American people of their constitutional right to a fair election. Thoughts?

The eligibility issue is not going away.  That he is not a natural born citizen under the meaning of Article 2, Section 1 will dog Obama through the 2012 election.  Obama knows he is lying and he has to be concerned that any day, I or someone else investigating his background will come up with the one piece of evidence that is so shocking, the American people will demand he be removed from office.  I consider it possible that Obama may simply choose not to run for re-election, especially as the deteriorating U.S. economic situation shows that what I wrote about him in THE OBAMA NATION is correct — Obama is an inexperienced politician with a radical leftist mindset.  The nation will end up economically poorer, internally divided, and threatened in foreign policy as a result of his presidency.  Obama could do us all a favor and just resign.

Thank you for taking the time to update the OF readers on your thoughts on this issue and share with us your considerable knowledge and insight, Dr. Corsi.

Dr. Corsi, is  one of this nation’s true heroes. The astounding success of Where’s The Birth Certificate despite an absolutely unprecedented media lock-down on the book because of the sensitive nature of the subject shows that while those handful of people who control the media are not with him (and us) on this, the better part of 300 million Americans stand enthusiastically by his side, and proved it beyond any discussion by making Where’s The Birth Certificate a huge and unique success.  If history writers of the future are of his significant caliber, then Dr. Corsi’s name will be well-placed in the history books, indeed. 

Everyone should run, not walk, to check out Dr. Corsi’s important website

Also, if you are first-time reader of ObamaFake, please take a short moment  to look around this site for ideas and information helpful to see how you can inform the rest of America about this extremely important constitutional issue.

On a special "programming note", ObamaFake will not be publishing new articles for the next day and half, Sunday August 7, or Monday morning, August 8 AM out of respect for Dr. Taitz's efforts, until the results of Dr. Taitz's investigation in Hawaii are known, which should be sometime in the afternoon of Monday, August 8, EST .


  1. PG: Excellent interview with Dr. Corsi! Thank you!

    May I remind everyone that Amazon has over 9 million books in its catalog? That means to be number one you have to beat out all of those books. Dr. Corsi's book is currently ranked at 9,372. His book remains a very strong seller at Amazon.

  2. WHOA, PROE! The man himself! Your "little blog" is growing into something pretty big, now, isn't it?! Congratulations. It has an ObamaFake spin to it, too: "what can people tell their families!" This is wonderful!

  3. I read it twice. This feels a little different from other Corsi interviews. It has a homier feel to it. Well done, PG.

  4. The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 1):

    The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 2):

  5. Go Orly! Go Corsi!


  6. Great work, PG! Agree that Dr. Corsi came across as very approachable and more of an average joe in this interview. Looking forward to "seeding" info on the e-book with the extra chapters when it comes out. Presume the updated volume will be entitled "Where's the (Real) Birth Certificate?"

    Congratulations on scoring this interview, and thanks to Dr. Corsi for taking the time out of his schedule to make himself available for it.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  7. Okay, PG, now I'm just PO'd! LOL! Great coup! Dr Corsi really knows how to put it right out there. There's a video at Rusty Humphries website in which Corsi says Orly is going to have extra high-level legal help on Monday. We can hope.

  8. Proe Graphique,

    This is pretty remarkable. So first you have Irey and now Corsi. Who next?

  9. Um, next time let us know something like this is coming, okay? Corsi is excellent, tho I wish it was a little longer. I didn't know about the e-book, tho.

  10. Anon,

    Here is the link to Rusty Humphries site with the interviews of Dr. Taitz and Dr. Corsi.

  11. Thank you to to Charlene for linking this at FP!

  12. 4 4lags under coverAugust 6, 2011 at 8:56 PM

    Directed from FR. I've read several blogs from this site in the last hour. I do not consider myself a birther but IMHO this place is actually very fine for what it is. I could do without the sermon I must admit. A big thank you to the host, Proe G, whatever his/her name is, no offense. I also like that no obots are allowed here. I may hang my hat in this room for awhile. Not bad at all. Interesting.

  13. The thanks belong to Dr. Corsi, but thanks anyway.

    Comments to Obots and like-minded psychos: By all means, post to your little hearts content on this board and enjoy every psychotic ranting moment of it. It takes me much less time to delete your barely-read posts than it takes for you to write them. I suppose everyone needs a hobby, but you won't see the results here, and in an Obot-controlled media world, I do get some base satisfaction from deleting your rantings, quite frankly. If your intention was to provide me with target practice with the bulk delete button, then you have served your purpose admirably and with apumb. Just a friendly head's-up from the Waste-Your-Time-If-You-Want-I-Could-Care-Less department.

    Do know that this is a pro-activist site by the truest meaning of the term. Distractions are deleted. Period. Have a wonderful day.

  14. PG
    Corsi is one man I would love to have a conversation with! Unlike some obots who apparently are a little green that you got the interview and are getting people to DO, I am jealous that I couldn't talk to him! He in my opinion is an expert on barry. He , like you is tenacious and will not stop till this job is done.

    You have never quit, you have motivated us to action that is possitive and actually a rather smart idea at that.
    The interview read more like a very comfortable conversation. Different than typical *interviews*, this has feeling.
    I hope it is true that Corsi is backing Orley with some good lawyers in HI, she has busted it and never quits in spite of those on all sides giving her a tough time. Her heart is in it and with God's help and a Irey and Voght having her back, a few lawyers along may be all she needs.
    The SS# can not be denied or twisted, this is plain and simple. He has used the number,we have evidence that is genuine,there is no denying it bub, your days are numbered.

  15. Great Interview Pro! Love your site! Finally able to post here.......still stamping my money and leaving my sticky-notes...summer fair season soon in upstate NY!

    Cranial Access

  16. It is good to see fellow FReeper FRiends coming to this refuge! Hope you find the idiot free snactuary a good place to come to for a FRiendly conversation.
    We do stamp money and I can promise you when you get to spend it, you will get a Chris Mathews tingle RIGHT up your arm. Plus the satisfaction that proactiviy brings!
    I got to spend a few donating to the troops today, pretty cool! (they will also get Snickers Candy bars. I thought the Snickers was kinda funny!) It was at Wallgreens 3 snickers for 2 (marked)dollars. They get the candy plus 59cents of the donation. Maybe all Wallgreens are doing it?

  17. Charlene,

    We were posting at the same time. Your accolades are humbling, but while I do my part, my function here quite literally is little more than that of a conduit; energy, heart and intelligence like yours are tough for anyone to match. I'm proud that you would think me to be in the same league with you, sincerely. I mean that.

    We only have a day and half to wait, give or take several hours, to see if Hawaii makes it "raise or call". After 3 years, that's not long to wait. Either way, it's hard to imagine with additional legal help and experts on-site that something significant won't be breaking on Monday, even if it turns out to be the form in which Hawaii's stonewalling is manifest. It's a win-win for us either way, because even if they stonewall, the American public has made it clear that they smell a rat, and more stonewalling only makes it that much worse. This is a win no matter what, unless they have a genuine original long form Birth certificate.... cough. We win again; the only question remaining is the matter of degree.

  18. Cranial Access,

    Good Lord, I remember you! Hi! I remember how you lived up to your moniker, also. How have you been etc etc etc? Thanks for showing up to the new and improved OF. Great to see you - between you and Charlene you just made my day.

  19. Blog Hog for the day, CharleneAugust 6, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    One last thought, which should have been my first, God Bless our troops. This is a very sad day, America lost some very special Patriots. God be with their family and friends and keep the others safe in your Loving Hands.

  20. Let's see, PG's previous site got hacked/suspended back in July. The new site went up on or about 21 July if I recall correctly. In about three weeks' worth of existence in its new incarnation, it's gotten featured on WND, and the site owner has scored interviews with both Paul Irey and Mr. Where's the Birth Certificate himself, Dr. Jerome Corsi. Oh, and have I mentioned that Obamafake is not a commercial enterprise? Note to detractors: Better put some ice on that.

    The reason this place is taking off is because its message resonates with folks who are tired of the incessant back-and-forth with Obots, "concern trolls" and others who debate endlessly the minutiae of ofttimes obscure legal arguments in order to "win" a chat room argument. All of that claptrap is completely irrelevant at this point. We've WON already, by virtue of a FORGERY having been posted on computer servers at the White House that we who pay taxes have funded. The overriding goal now should be to Get. The Word. Out.

    Deepest and humblest thanks to PG, Mr. Irey and Dr. Corsi. We, you included, are truly the heroes we've been waiting for. The time for just talk is over. Taking action in every legal way possible to educate our fellow citizens, both online and in the physical realm (start stamping already!) is what it's all about. Shout it from the billtops!!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  21. Strange how so soon after the Seal Team Six dudes got Bin Laden, they're taken out by a Taliban RPG. Coincidence, I'm sure.

  22. Saska,
    Thank you for posting the link to the Barnhardt piece! She sure hit the nail on the head. Her thoughts echo mine exactly. It was comforting in the midst of the sadness and despair.
    Never in my life have I been so cynical of the news. I almost never can just accept the report as stated. It was extremely disheartening to have to think that this tragedy could have actually been by design, but lately it is my first thought.
    We may never know the truth, but for now I agree with her.
    Am going to keep her in my favorites!

  23. Thank you Dr. Corsi for all your hard work. As it says, you are a real American hero. Expose BO!

  24. See yuo in Sun city Dr Corsi,thumbs up

  25. I have a question for you. The faker in the white house as we know is just that a faker. But what happens when or if he does get found out and gets impeached, does everything he ever signed into law get dismissed or thrown out? And what do you think that would do to the country as a whole. That would make Biden the Pres. (shudder to think that) and would he reinstate everything that 0bammy has signed? Just wondering.
    By the way great site you have here. Thanks

  26. Sarg,

    That's a great question, and to paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends on what your definition of "happens" is.

    What is SUPPOSED to happen if I understand my constitutional law properly at this point is that everything Obama signed either as legislation or executive order is immediately null and void. That part is clear. If you check the archive here from a few days ago, in the article "What we're fighting for", there is a list of some of what happens if Obama is removed.

    However, there is a gray area I have yet seen properly resolved as to who becomes President. Some say Biden, some say if Obama is found ineligible, then his whole ticket is ineligible and the Presidency falls to Boehner. I would prefer to see Biden, quite frankly, for what's it's worth, because then he really is a poster-boy for Idiots Anonymous who would be a reminder of why Obama is not President right up until Nov 2012. Boehner is not a terribly good leader, IMO, and the media could, in a year and a half, make the a portion of the public think that the economy is Boehner's fault (unless he slashed taxes and spending to the bone and rescued the economy, in which case the GOP would be in happy control for 20 years straight).

    Now, on the definition of "happens"; that depends on the courage of the GOP house, which, except for the first wave of Tea Party congressmen who are doing a good job, IMO, appears to have the spine of a tapeworm. Will they act on what the law is supposed to be, is the question. It's our job to create the circumstances by revealing the truth to the rest of county that puts the congress to that very test.

    Thanks for the kind words and welcome to a not-just-talk-but-do-something site.

  27. Great interview and a great new site! Thank you!

  28. Mr. Corsi IS great American hero. More power to him.

  29. @ Proe
    It's nice to have a site to come to where you can have a conversation that doesn't include "It's Bushes Fault" although I do believe some of it was but then again he did have a Dem. Congress. I knew that in the event that 0bamma gets tossed (something I hope happens) everything he has done is null and void but wouldn't that make McRino the pres. and what would the Dems do for a candidate in 12? If 0bamma does get brought up on those charges (something I think all of the Sens. and Cong. will not do. Wouldn't it be easy for him to declare Marshall Law and just become dictator for life? Although he would have to have all of the Military behind him (which I don't think he would have) not to mention all of the Law Enforcement also. What are your thoughts on this, and what could be done about it short of a full scale blood bath?

  30. Thanks to Obama Fake for this great interview with Dr Corsi. With the media against us, we need all the help we can get.

  31. Proe Graphique. Are you a professional journalist? How did you pull this off?


  32. Sarg,

    I'm not expert of the fine points of conservative blogs and message boards, but a good portion of the sites with which I am familiar appear to have some pretty awkward comment approval policies: Allow obots in, but ban comments from conservatives that disagree with the host's views. This one is simple: stay on-topic about the birther issue with no distractions. That will limit the popularity, I know (though you wouldn't know it from the very significant actual hit counts today). There are plenty of places to pass the time endlessly and argue with obots. There needs to be a place free of that and dedicated to informing America.

    "everything he has done is null and void but wouldn't that make McRino the pres. and what would the Dems do for a candidate in 12?"

    The constitution is pretty clear about this: if the president cannot serve out his term, then that falls to the vice, and if he/she cannot, then the speaker. I imagine that would be the model congress would follow.

    "Wouldn't it be easy for him to declare Marshall Law and just become dictator for life? "

    I suppose it would be easy for him to say the words, but I think the actual reality would last about zero seconds. Even the left would go nuts because if Obama did it, then at some point a GOP could do it. I think we can suspect he would if he could: he appears to be a lazy, swaggering egotist at his core who is only motivated by his own self-aggrandizement and ideological anger.

    I don't think there would be a bloodbath. I don't think the military would support it and the house is controlled by the GOP, who would move in a millisecond to get Obama ousted. You need a *reason* for martial law, and "infantile hissy fit" doesn't count.

    As far as what the dems would do for a candidate, I gave up trying to predict the actions of the insane long ago. The only thing of which I feel certain is that the press would call whoever it is a wonderful family man and just perfect for America. After all, they said that about Obama, an inexperienced, self-admitted coke-snorting, community organizer with zero political accomplishment relative to the task of being president under whose staggeringly incompetent leadership America just lost it's AAA bond rating for the first time in the history of this country. Be forewarned: if the press will push that guy on us, they'll push anyone.

    I don't know if that helps anything, but those my thoughts, as request. Thanks.

  33. To Ann,

    As the interview says, Dr. Corsi did all that without advertising. His books are reaching the people and they are learning that Obama is a fraud and a usurper!!!!

  34. I agree with some of the other people posting here. This "interview" sounds more like a conversation between two friends talking. It is very loose compared to others. I hope this place has more like these.

  35. Dr. Corsi is today's white people's, NO let me correct that, he's AMERICANS today's version of Martin Luther King

  36. Sarg,
    I have no idea how any of this will play out, but if the SHTF and the usurper dared declare Martial Law, there is a VERY dedicated
    group of Military and Ex Military and dedicated Patriots called The Oath Keepers. Alot of our active duty, even in war zone, are wearing the patch on their uniforms and are deicated to our Constitutional Rights.
    *Not on our watch* is one of the mottos.
    If interested in knowing more is the official site.
    Knowing they are ready, willing and able gives me great comfort as I watch obama think he can pi$$ on our Constitution.

  37. supports Dr. Corsi and

  38. Pray for our soldiers and keep them safe.

  39. @GMiller,


    OT, but related, in the thinking-out-loud category, My own feeling is that the best thing, if possible, would be to organize many of the pro-birther sites into a loosely coordinated grassroots activity among their members. To become, for want of a much better analogy, collectively the ANTI-ACORN. We have collectively the numbers, passion, and network. We also happen to be on the side of truth, coincidentally. It would mean there would be no single authority, however. No one person or blog could be allowed to *control* the movement. No single authority and no star performers hoping the masses gaze up at their wisdom. Just a loose collection of well-organized sites, hosts and members working together to get the word out in a tighter, more well-organized manner. Almost a "birther tea party", without the rallies but much individual action.

    The problem of course is that there are a lot of bad habits on our side which amount to sitting and complaining at the computer. But as a collective we could inspire the participants to much greater grassroots action. It would mean agreeing to disagree on some things, but that doesn't preclude otherwise working together to get things done.

    My own caveat: no "huge single rally" as a central theme because they have proven to be an embarrassing waste of time, each and everyone, bar none - the media won't cover it. The media hates us and rallies need the media to succeed. Result: failure of rallies. It's not complicated, but it *is* true.

    Now many Tea Party and GOP honchos would be terrified of something like this because they think they know better than the masses and would be afraid we would endanger the 2012 election. What they fail to realize is that it wasn't their leadership that led to the 2010 landslide, it was the very "extremists" they fear are too unsophisticated to handle the situation properly. *Their* way led to Obama becoming President. That's just the plain and obvious statistical fact of it.

    Anyway, there's a thought for you and Constitutional reset and any other blogs/boards that are about more than collecting numbers of posts through arguing with Obots.

    Anyway, a thought while thinking out loud.

  40. It's always great to hear from Dr. Corsi. He's a true patriot. Pray for Orly tomorrow in Hawaii. Let's be done with this usurper!

  41. Sarg,

    I have read often that if Obama is relieved of his post, that the speaker of the house will become the President, because if Obama cannot serve, then he had no authority to choose a vice president.

  42. I can't wait for the e-book version of Dr. Corsi's book!

  43. California birther/dualer/doubterAugust 7, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    Jerome Corsi for president! Thanks for a job well done on this interview, PG. Hopefully your website will be a short-lived one because that can only mean we will have done our jobs in liberating America from this bullshitting Kenyan scam artist.

  44. @Flag,
    That sounds about right. If the nominee at the top of the ticket is the one that picks their running mate, and the nominee is then eliminated due to being proven ineligible, then the entire ticket should perforce be eliminated.

    @ California b/d/d,
    Good to see you here. This place is about ACTION to get out the word on the forgery the WH posted on 27 April 2011. Bullshit, irrelevant comments that take away from that central focus are absolutely and unabashedly deleted by the host/moderator, as he has openly admitted. We're not here to bandy about "birther" talking points (unless they are relevant to the educational mission) or joust with Obots. This site is for folks who have had enough of the usual, and I would argue mostly useless, talk, talk, talk I've seen in most forums. If you're intent on taking the fight (legally) to the enemy in any effectual way possible, then you've found what is hopefully your very temporary, if we're successful, new home on the web. I seeded four annotated bills at lunch today alone. What did you do?

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  45. Let's hope for the best today!

  46. I am soooooooo anxious to hear that Orly and Irey and Voght and Atty's are smooth sailing. Wish I was a bug on the wall at Fuddy's office. They should be opening soon!

  47. California,

    Welcome to the quickly growing ObamaFake can-do community. ;) Nothing would please me more than if real-world circumstances instantly made the purpose for this site moot. It takes up the better part of my day, and while I have resigned myself to do 100% of what I can, it would be lovely if the whole obama-citizenship went away. Of course, when that happens we'll have to make sure that everyone knows, and that it never happens again, even with guys like Rubio .... etc etc etc. Freedom - it rhymes with "witch".

    FJ, Flag,

    I'm not sure about that one. It's the way it SHOULD be, but I don;t know that the law would allow for it. Hopefully, that question will be put to the test quickly.

    FJ, lest anyone think that you are the only ones distributing stamped money, I rarely mention it but I do more that talk the talk. I try to get out about 20 - 40 a week, obviously asking for ones as much as possible. I wish I could pay the bills with cash, though. Update on that whole strategy coming soon.

    I hope California and Cranial Access can hop aboard that one, too. It really is legal.

    Charles, Charlene,

    Yes. It could be a big day, but if it seems not, it's STILL a big day: The American people in general are now vaguely onto this, and a high minority to slight majority (depending on the poll) shows solid support. Everyone smells a rat, now. Suspicion is on high.Every time there is more slight of hand, evasion, parsing and general avoidance of dealing directly with the issue as common sense demands - seeing the original and allowing it to be analyzed - the more people smell a rat. Now that Obama has utterly decimated the US economy to the worst point it history - literally, now - people are even less like to look the other way on a complicated and heavily mocked issue.

    Mockery has failed, now, for the left. You can't blame Bush for Obama's citizenship secrecy and silence is being beaten down fast by people like us all over America. Whatever happens today is a win. I think we're all on the edge of our seats.

    We're winning this thing. We're going to win.

  48. ****** REMINDER********

    Since ObamaFake is specifically a pro-active, get-out-the-word site, we're waiting to see how the situation with Orly Taitz plays out today, Monday, August 8, before publishing any further columns. It makes no sense to steer in one direction if it turns out the road is about to turn in another.

  49. California birther/dualer/doubterAugust 8, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    PG, I've been annotating dollar bills in different denominations for some time now, while still dreaming of doing something much grander like draping one wall of the Getty Museum high above Los Angeles with a huge "Obama's birth certificate is a fake" banner.

  50. California,

    ... and it looks like Orly's trip to Hawaii doesn't change our strategy, alas. We still need to get the word out to everyone.

    IMO, you're a real patriot, CB. Thanks for reminding me that you're annotating bills, because that adds one more to the number that I know for a fact are doing it. That matters, because the distribution numbers are astounding, as you know.

    "while still dreaming of doing something much grander like draping one wall of the Getty Museum high above Los Angeles with a huge "Obama's birth certificate is a fake" banner. "

    Great idea! Hey, you're right there when they have Disneyland and Universal Studio tours and such. Leave some flyers on the ride seats and tape one to the back of Goofy's head. ;)

  51. Hi, California! Welcome to PG's world of getting around the liberal media! I want to let go of some annotated helium balloons, myself! Can you imagine if Fuddy really was arrested?