Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obama's Eligibility: What We're Fighting For

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There are presumptions here, but that's the nature of political predictions.

As we work in every way to inform our fellow citizens of something that now is unquestionably an undisputed fact - that Obama presented a fake birth certificate to quell the growing demands for the true document - so as to put the pressure necessary on all facets of society to resolve the issue, it helps to take a step back, clear one's head of the endless details and keep it simple so as to stay focused. One of the first things we can do is - keeping it simple - remember just that for which we're fighting a timid and complicit media and congress.


It often seems like an idealistic notion to fight for something tangible and yet as a recognizable aspect of our daily lives, a seeming abstract - that historical thing enveloped in patriotic feelings that set where we are into motion, God bless it. But do know that the constitution lives and functions as a fundamental rudder for our society in a million ways, times and places every single day. It gives you the right, for example, to speak our mind on the internet. Try setting up a political blog critical of the government in China, for example, and see how long you remain free.  

Ignore those important words, "Natural Born Citizen", re-define it according to political convenience on the assumption that they can be re-defined again as needed, and you might as well throw the entire Constitution into the flames, because if that clause can be so easily modified, then so, too, can your freedoms - by the same people and for the same reason: political convenience.

If the press will not stand firm and protect the Constitution now, who can expect them to come to the aid of this country when more pressing and immediate concerns loom over this country? Who, in turn, will protect them when their turn to be stifled and brought down comes to pass?

You are the new media. You are establishing your superiority to them every day you tell just one person of a fact you know to be true that they refuse to report. The media has abandoned us. Rather than beg them for their help, it is time to return the favor. And we can.


This idea is predicated, of course,  on the following stream of falling dominoes: Obama is found to be ineligible (and if so, probably a felon), resigns or is removed, congress takes up their Constitutional responsibilities and declares by legislative action all of what Obama signed to be null and void. That's not all that likely. But it isn't impossible. Not as impossible as it would have been before the 2010 elections when Tea Party congressmen took their places in Congress. The proof of this is the new budget deal; while imperfect to be sure, the Tea Party congressmen - who are needed by the establishment GOP - held out against the establishment GOP rollover and demanded action that brought us much closer to what most of us would have otherwise desired.

The Tea Party Congressmen are proving themselves. Should Obama be found to be ineligible, they may again. And that's gigantically important, because if Obama is found ineligible and removed by Congress, it is not impossible that we can see the following:

1. The recall - hook, line and sinker - of ObamaCare.

A massive bill in which are contained loopholes having nothing to do with health care, and when it does address health care, ruins the best system in the world. With public opinion still against it 2-1, it would be an easy thing to bring down. Congress is hoping to recall it legislatively, but that's a gamble. If we expose Obama by informing our fellow citizens of one of the few historical facts known about Obama for a fact - that his birth certificate that he offered is an amatuerish fake - then there is no gamble, in theory. Obamacare - all it it, without negotiation or compromise - simply vanishes as law. We're back to where we were as as though it never existed.

2. Supreme Court Appointments.

                              Kagen                                                                             Sotomayor

Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor are the most liberal supreme court justices we have ever seen. Their legendary - and notorious - positions and decisions place them at the worst America has to offer when it comes to Constitutional jurisprudence. If Obama is not eligible, then they were never legally appointed regardless of the congressional hearings. Obama simply wasted everyone's time with the hearings and everything else because he had no authority to do so. Simple. They go away and new appointments are chosen by the acting or next duly-elected President. America has seen much worse turmoil and difficulty. We can get through that easily. The citizenry will probably be overjoyed, in fact, that the system worked.

3. Our Reputation as a Nation

Obama astounds the free world by bowing to a Saudi. Amateurish mistake or 
respect from one Muslim to another? You decide.

Countries all over the world - some US allies - run articles about our "illegal President from Kenya". Our reputation - as a ridiculous nation with an illegal President - hamstrings negotiations with foes and allies alike at every turn, leaving capitulation as our only recourse. If Obama leaves office, the US faces not disgrace - because the world already knows that Obama is not eligible - but redemption for our allies and renewed respect from those who would harm us.


Even with unprecedented press protection, Obama's numbers are in free-fall and essentially what George Bush's numbers were while the press relentlessly attacked and turned public opinion against Bush. Obama has achieved his poll numbers all by himself - one of the only honest accomplishments he has every achieved.

Obama's poll approval showing 44% approve / 52% disapprove, as of this writing, August 2, 2011
Strong approval/disapproval is even worse:  23% strongly approve / 41% strongly disapprove

So the next time you read or hear of someone calling for people to stamp bills, or make fliers, or shout down your congressman at a town hall about the Obama citizenship issue - before you shrug it off - remember the stakes. Nothing is ever a sure thing. But with stakes like these, look in the mirror and convince yourself that it isn't worth the fight.


  1. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Proe, This site is stupendous! Did you make the pic about NBC?? I love it. I was trying to blow it up last night and couldn't so I am very happy to be able to see it!
    Got to pass several today, some at CVS, a few at Dunkin Donuts too!

  3. Excellent rally cry. This should be posted everywhere.

  4. Another extreme eyeopener Proe. You are so right, we need to be aware always of the *STAKES*.

  5. Charlene,

    Thanks ;)

    I did not make the pic per se, but photoshopped an old elegant public domain painting along with others as a way of manifestly demonstrating my practical expertise with the programs necessary to show my own evaluation of Obama's birth certificate had merit. As you might expect, I added the words and the fallen poster of Obama, blending the new material to match the old - much more difficult when dealing with an artist's brush strokes than mere photographic matching - so you can imagine what i think of Obama's half-assed phony birth certificate: It stinks. A cat chasing a mouse on a keyboard could do a better job.

    God bless you for passing the bills. Sometime this week I want to try to have an update on the money-stamping strategy.

    "Blog Hog" - LOL. Not at all. There is plenty of room since the Obots are not allowed in. Look at some other message boards and comments sections and you see 30 - 40 posts and you think, "Okay, that's popular" only to discover that 3/4 of the posts are one or two guys arguing with an obnoxious Obot. Enough of that nonsense. We have work to do.

  6. We Have work to do -----PG

    And work we shall!

    I think your talent with the art is amazing. The one you did at that *other* site was my first glimpse of the soul in your art. AWSOME!

    It is amazing what disruption Obots are. I have been trying to reason with this dude that was questioning Mr. Irey's *expertise* I finally had it and got kinda smart a$$. I do not like getting upset at them because that is what they are looking for , along with distraction of course. BUT sometimes.............

  7. PG, simply BRILLIANT! I love this:

    "Even with unprecedented press protection, Obama's numbers are in free-fall and essentially what George Bush's numbers were while the press relentlessly attacked and turned public opinion against Bush. Obama has achieved his poll numbers all by himself - one of the only honest accomplishments he has every achieved."

  8. Charlene,

    "The one you did at that *other* site was my first glimpse of the soul in your art."

    Thank you, and it annoys me when people don't just say "thank you" as a response to a compliment and shut up, but on the soul of the art part, I need to really say that the soul - the expressions, posture, lighting of the figures, the deep emotional expression of the overall scene - was from the original artist. All I did was change the context and skew presumption of the emotions of the figures by adding the Obama poster and the Constitutional quote.

    It's a technical point, but credit where credit is due. I would never post original art in the context of this site, BTW, because it's all about the manipulation of existing images. To show I know the fact of the technical manipulations that created the birth certificate forgery, I manipulated images. There is too much talk and not enough proven expertise. So I proved mine, in context. That's the purpose. Thank you anyway.

    Re Obots:

    My own feeling is that we have wasted - and I do mean wasted - the better part of 3 years arguing with people who do not want and will never except the truth, and they played with us to get us to waste time. We need to drop this habit of engaging them now, and drop it completely, even if it means our little sites look less "popular" at first glance, and get on with business. Time is getting short with Rubio in the mix, and that's a fact.

    Arguing with Obots only *feels* like we're accomplishing something. In reality we're accomplishing nothing. The time spent arguing with them could have been spent tell the country, and now that we have the forgery as a manifest piece of evidence, that's what we need to do. I don;t even read the Obot posts I get all the way through. The moment I see where it's going - poof. I won't waste time even reading them.

  9. Ann,

    Goodness, thank you!

    If you want to really compliment me, spread this site addy around regularly, because it isn't about me looking for attention - it's about getting people to behave more as activists and less as armchair experts blathering to each other. A good portion of AMERICA HAS NO IDEA THE BC IS A FAKE. Despite other posters on other sites saying, "We get the word out every time we post" that's bull, because they're only posting to the converted. We need to do some good old-fashioned mainstream evangelizing, and to my knowledge, few other sites bother to be anything more than sounding boards and echo chambers. That has to stop. Time is short.

    Thanks again, sincerely.

  10. Every patriot who hates Obummer needs to read this. We need to make this one go viral. Great post, PG.

  11. Guest Editorial is coming up. I'll post it in the very next one after this. I'll also take your advice (if Charlene doesn't beat me to it)on putting it up at Free Republic as well, but as the one who prompted my writing in the first place, you've got dibs! ;)

  12. Proe,
    I tried to post my guest editorial, but apparently it was to big (almost 4,100 characters) and the software wouldn't allow me to do so. I'll try sending it in pieces. Do you know what the max character count is for posts via the program in use?

  13. FJ,

    Send it to the e-mail address on my profile on the right

  14. Okay, will do. It'll be later on though.

  15. Great News! I ran into an associate this morning who knows that I've been annotating bills, and he told me that he actually encountered some of my handiwork this past weekend: TWICE! Once at the gas station, and again at the supermarket. The community where I live and work is only about 25,000 people, but still, I was floored when he told me. Proe is right; we're winning this thing. We are going to win.

  16. FJ,

    It's really important that you reported that about the stamped bills (money with the message OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE); the fact that someone you know got not one but 2 bills tells us not that your friend got one because you're close to him, or that even the community is small (though that has something to do with it, but not entirely because most of those bills have left town by now), it shows the speed at which the stamped money travels and the volume of people who see the message. While wonderful to hear, it's no surprise. This is precisely in-line with what you would expect from all the projection models, which are astonishing.

    The money moves like lightening, and so the message moves through people's hands like wildfire. The media cannot silence this message. And mockery no longer works for them, so silence was all they had left. If even a very small number of people keep getting bills out, all of America becomes informed, and poor Barack has - at best, if Orly and others are unsuccessful - a full year and a half while the message grows and grows. By then everyone will be talking about the content of the money-message if not always the delivery system: OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. Everyone, that is, but the media.

    It really is that simple, because we don't need an army of people doing it - the small, dedicated number we have now (about 20 of whom I am aware could actually accomplish the mission in a year and a half easily, because the projection models are simply that vast, but there is no such thing as too many people on this. The faster the money-message grows, the quicker pubic pressure resolves this issue)

    All we need to do is stick with it. The strategy is literally unbeatable if the only requisite is that people get the message, and that's all we need now.

    The concept isn't complicated at all. Checkmate. We win.

    Thanks for posting this, FJ.

    Looking forward to your column!

  17. Ann is right, Pro. This is simply brilliant.

  18. Hard core, man. Kick-ass!

  19. FJ The fact you have tracked 2 put a huge smile on my face! That is so cool!
    I do not remeber where the projection model is posted, but if that can be posted along with the message on other sites it might motivate some folks. Can you repost it PG?
    FJ I can't wait to see your words! I promise to try my hardest not to post it before you! It will be great! I will post it other places where I have not seen you!!
    We ARE the media! We can help win this. We have to. Super Congress, Treason, Directive to ICE to not prosecute Illegals who are College Students, pregnant or nursing Mothers or a member of Military, and on and on. (Illegals are allowed to be in Military???)
    This is another act of a man/boy who has no, nadda, zip- respect , let alone LOVE for OUR Country or our hard fought for Constitutional RIGHTS.
    Watch this hand picked super congress take away a few more freedoms, including one of barry's favorites , our right to bear arms.
    We need to stamp, (shout from the billtops) and we need to do everything we can, time is running out, he and his America haters are in hyper mode necause WE have spoke and WE are getting louder. They are running *Fast and Furious* We must be faster.

  20. PG What if we each sent a Obama BC is FAKE Dollar to each of our buddies in Congress? We could do it annon. Just to let them know we are here and IN ACTION.as they say...
    Also the overpaid, lazy , useless ,treasonous idiots are on their summer recess, we need to get to any town hall and shout, maybe even visit the local office? *get in their faces* (do not bring guns or knives)

  21. Eh, this blog is okay, maybe, I guess. Just kidding! Terrific, Pro(E)!


    Your spirit is very positive and uplifting and it makes exposing BO seem like it's going to be very easy. I'm glad you're with us!

  22. Charlene,

    "What if we each sent a Obama BC is FAKE Dollar to each of our buddies in Congress?"

    No, let the word get out to all of America before sending anything directly to them - they aren't to be trusted, and even if they got the message, they won't respect it until all of America knows about the fake.

  23. Proe,
    The editorial is on its way to your inbox. Hopefully this piece will have the Obots fit to be tied. You'll know it's my piece because the email address begins with 33 and ends in p.

    Important Update on my having been informed by an associate that he'd had two encounters with my (presumably, but maybe they were done by someone else?) annotated cash. I talked with this guy later on in the day, and it turns out that the annotated bill that this individual encountered at the gas station wasn't handed to him by the cashier at the gas station. It was spit out when he made a withdrawal from the ATM located at the gas station!!! Do you realize what the implications are of this? It means absolutely that the bill passed muster to be re-issued after having passed through a BANK. It's legal to mark the cash as long as it doesn't deface the money to the point of being unusable as currency as Proe has been saying. Mark away, fellow patriots! Woot!!

  24. Proe @ 8:31
    "No, let the word get out to all of America before sending anything directly to them - they aren't to be trusted, and even if they got the message, they won't respect it until all of America knows about the fake."

    Besides, Charlene, don't those bastards have enough of our money already? ;)

  25. @ Bog Hog
    Thanks for the kind words, and if I know Proe, the editorial piece should be appearing shortly. As to Fast and Furious hoo boy! I'm split on which will get Barry and his evil operatives first, the gunrunning that they're up to the gills in, to both Mexico and Honduras (those countries that we know about thus far) or the forged LFBC. The forged LFBC is more important IMHO, because it immediately renders null and void every act enacted by the sitting usurper. The Fast and Furious debacle will also result in the dissolution of this "Presidency" but might only lead to impeachment and "resignation" from office. For true justice to prevail, this fraud needs not to be impeached and removed (with retention of benefits, I'd imagine) but to be ARRESTED and imprisoned at the very least.

  26. Wow GStarz Thanks! I admit this is making me happier because finally doing something proactive and not battling obot idiots!
    Everyone here are likeminded and willing to *put their money where their mouth is!* It feels great knowing I am part of a group in action.
    This whole devish plot against us will be stopped and one day soon we can all know we helped in some way. I would never have the guts to be in Military, nor the strength or patience to be very involved in politics, but spending money, well that is my style! (wish we all had more to spend, maybe someday soon!?!?!)
    Do you guys pass it with the stamp showing? Any more comments? I loved the waitress that smiled, was that Ann or Sharon? Good story!
    We keep it up and get more people doing it they won't know what hit 'em!+

  27. PG, I know you are beyond busy with all you do,but I respect your opinion and I do not recall if you have adressed this subject. It is my pet peeve regarding the BC.
    Please, if you can!
    How did the smiley face and TXE end up on the WH BC?
    IF it could have been caused by scanning *artifacts* or whatever, why didn't WH clean it up?
    I remain perplexed!

  28. PG: Did you see your analysis cited as Exhibit 2 in Jerome Corsi's latest WND article? It was submitted at 8PM on August 2. The title is:

    Experts say Obama certificate not scan of original document


  29. Sorry for the lack of a timely response, life duties were on a significant rise yesterday.


    I did see it. Charlene e-mailed it to me. I thought that was funny. I've been in semi-regular communication with Dr. Corsi, so while I haven;t and won;t bother to ask him, I suspect posting that specifically was a friendly, inside joke. What surprised me then is that the person who responded did not take the remark as the obvious joke it was meant to be. The content was true enough, but it was just a flip little comment, and then he responded in-depth. Thanks for he head's up on that little acknowledgement just the same, Ann. Appreciated.


    I din;t have much of a strong opinion on the smiley face because I just want to focus on what's conclusive to get to the bottom of this issue, and the smiley face will, alas, while suspicious, never be conclusive. As others have said, my first impression was that it was drawn in as a snarky little, catch-me-if-you-can wisecrack. I feel particularly sure of this because the document needed a lot of cleaning up "by hand" (or by mouse) because the aging artifacts certainly encountered by the forger would have mis-matched one another and ended abruptly where the "picture piece was cut out" before laying it down. That's why I also think the signatures have mis-matched pixels - they did a sloppy job on the erasing and instead of hitting edit>back, they tried to do a truly pathetic re-drawing of those parts. The smiley face suggests something else: that the forger thought he was really good to play little games like that.

    "I admit this is making me happier because finally doing something proactive and not battling obot idiots! "

    That's what it's about.

    Flotsom Jetsome,

    Quote: "It was spit out when he made a withdrawal from the ATM located at the gas station!!! Do you realize what the implications are of this? It means absolutely that the bill passed muster to be re-issued after having passed through a BANK. It's legal to mark the cash as long as it doesn't deface the money to the point of being unusable as currency as Proe has been saying. Mark away, fellow patriots! Woot!!"

    This is no surprise, actually, because bills with Where's George stamp and written on them go through by the thousands every day. An who has not gotten a bill with a telephone number or something written on them. Just keep the message modest and the law is quite clear: it's legal, and that's the important part.

  30. OMG! I am glhappy(glad and happy) to see your back! I was getting paranoid and thought the *Fed* came and got you for IMPROVING the VALUE of the dollar!!
    Can't wait to see FJ's piece, bet it is coming!
    Very cool some marked money came spittin out of an ATM, and that you heard about it!
    PG do you want us to send traffic here? I wasn't sure.
    What can we buy today? It is the creeps alleged birthday, wonder if they are serving Devils food or TEA cakes?

  31. Charlene,

    Thank you for your concern. I got several e-mails asking what was going on. Everything is fine - just a glitch in time. ;)

    If you can drive traffic here that would be great, for almost every post - your discretion. The reason is we have not one but TWO battles, described thus:

    1. The liberals, mainstream media, and the like. We know why.

    2. Our own ESTABLISHMENT birthers who have fallen into bad habits of sitting and gabbing and mistaking the emotional satisfaction that is derived from mere venting with actually taking action to the get the word out beyond out societal bubble. Case in point: Over at Dr. Kate's I suggested that people need to stop chattering away and get with the program and get the word out. Someone very vocal responded that they didn;t need me lecturing them - they already get the word out *every time they post there*. NO! The idea is absurd. It's a tiny community all yammering at each other - probably the only reason Obots don;t shut them down, because as long as they are doing that, they're harmless.

    So anyone you can get to come over here regularly until they get with the program and start taking REAL get-the-word-out action is extremely important (and no, it has nothing to do with driving people to *my& site - I get no ego satisfaction from this and indeed wouldn't be doing it if i didn't feel it was necessary because no one else is, to my knowledge. You know the rest)

    Thanks again, Charlene.

    "Devils food or TEA cakes"

    LOL. CLEVER! Very funny!

  32. Flotsom and Jetsome's guest editorial is up.AND IT'S TERRIFIC. I knew it would be. You know, it really does get tiresome being right all the time.....*sigh*

  33. I am very disappointed that those whom I would have thought would be the most vocal on this issue have been silent. Who? Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich specifically and all of the new TEA party representatives generally. Is there no one who will carry this torch for us?

  34. Re. my earlier post, my suggestion is that you should call out your congresscritters at both Federal and State levels at every opportunity, especially in town hall type venues, and pin them down as to why they have done nothing to either fix the problem or prevent it from happening in the future. Put them on the hot seat and get firm commitments from them. My own congressman, McCaul from Texas, responded to a query of mine(email)and actually said that presidential candidates had to be "naturalized citizens"!! I don't think the man has ever read the Constitution!