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WINNING THE BIRTHER DEBATE By Making The “Birther” Message More Efficient.

One of the big problems for “birthers’ is that there is so much that supports their argument that they (we) tend to overkill our responses, and then the impact diffuses and people eventually glaze over. In the interest of effective debating, then, here are some (copy-and-paste, if you want) responses to use (such as Youtube threads, Facebook and the like) Remember, there are still some Tea Party people who don’t quite understand this issue yet or are afraid to speak up. Use these examples to show them the way to use their voices and make this issue count in 2012! Just keep to the most efficient answer. We have the evidence. We need to keep these arguments as clean and surgical, now, as possible, repeated endlessly, so the sharp truth works its was irreversibly into the mainstream.

A doubter can be a friend, relative, congressman, sheriff, obot, anyone at all. These answers are generic and stop obots cold without being rude to friends or potential friends. Use them at every opportunity.

Doubter: Hawaii said they gave the birth certificate to the White House. Are you saying that that official agency would engage in conspiracy?! That’s crazy!


1.     1. If Hawaii’s official status means we must believe them, then all liberals must believe Republican Congressmen and Presidents, because they have more authority than the Hawaiian department of health.

2.      2. It doesn’t matter what Hawaii said or did, the birth certificate is a proven fraud by the most esteemed experts. That’s all that matters. Google Newcomer + Obama.

Doubter: How can the birth certificate be a fraud? That’s only an opinion.


1.      1. It is fact: the history of the program commands that created the forgery were accidentally left in the layers of the document itself, and tens of thousands of people have seen it, including top experts who have put their careers on the line and called it a fake.

2.      2. The experts like Newcomer who got Dan Rather fired from CBS news over a forgery have identified the proof of the fake. It is not an opinion. It is a fact.

Doubter: If this was true the press would be reporting it!


1.       1. The press covered for Bill Clinton when he dragged Monica Lewinsky’s name through the mud and said he never had sex with her. Then it turned out she had saved his sperm on a blue dress. Clinton lost his law license for perjury and was impeached by congress. 

2.       2. The press is left wing. They tried to destroy George Bush with forgeries that were identified by the same expert who has identified Obama’s birth certificate as fake, and the forgeries designed to destroy Bush got Dan Rather fired from CBS news.

Doubter: Obama is president. Get over it.


1.       1. We don’t know if he qualifies but that’s irrelevant. The birth certificate is a fake that is a lie that is a forgery that is a felony. That’s what matters.

2.       2. We don’t know if he qualifies but that’s irrelevant. Obama is lying even to his core supporters. The birth certificate is a lie that’s a felony. That’s what matters.
Send them the Evidence Vault for the whole story told easily enough that they can understand it:

Go everywhere you can, tell everyone who will read and listen. Obama’s birth certificate posted on the White House website is a forgery and as such is a felony using government resources to perpetrate a fraud. These are cold, hard, irrefutable facts, not fiction, conspiracy theory or opinion, like Nixon’s missing tapes and Lewinsky’s dress with Clinton’s sperm on it. We no longer need to talk about Vattel, his father’s citizenship or anything else. All that will come out in time if we stay focused on the one piece of evidence we know for a fact: the birth certificate is a fake that’s a lie that’s a forgery that’s a felony.

You may want to throw in a little mockery of the doubters if they’re hostile or demeaning. As liberals know, a little mockery goes a long way. It’s time to turn the tables in every respect, mockery included. The evidence is ours, and 2012 is ours to lose if we don’t use it. Just ask everyone who remembers Nixon’s resignation speech.

OBAMA'S NEAR FUTURE - If it could happen to these seasoned pros, it can happen to an amateur like Obama:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This great idea from Carolina:

New ss#
042-68-4425 as a fraud.
I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.
SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form 

 I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first because I assumed that too much of a person's own identity would be disclosed by necessity when reporting the fraud until I looked at the form and it turns out that this can be done anonymously!

Check out the screen shot: 


I just did it. It takes 2 seconds. No, it won't spread the news of Obama's forged birth certificate, but it seems certain that Obama is using a fraudulent social security number, and this site is called "ObamaFake", right?   

The link to the form is HERE

Thank you, Carolina!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 As the regulars here (and others) know, we have a few activist methods of getting the First Amendment-ensured word out about Obama's fake birth certificate, certain that public pressure will force the media and government to expose a scandal certain to deflate Obama's election chances. As public pressure after a year forced the media to deal with the much more modest scandal of Clinton's affair with Lewinsky that  cost Clinton his law license for perjury, caused his impeachment and nearly cost Clinton the election, so, too, must this do at least as much for Obama.

YOUTUBE, a favorite venue of ours for educating particularly the young, has a FOX NEWS Youtube channel which is specifically asking for questions to repeat to Republican presidential candidates at the next debate on September 22. The chances are extremely slim that a "birther" question will be asked in that forum, and particularly one about the salient issue - the fake birth certificate. However, if we drown Youtube in questions, it will at least point out the silence on this issue to possibly as many as millions of YOUTUBE participants, and as the past has shown, the anger that people experience seeing an important issue ignored always works to broaden "birther' ranks, support and understanding.

A growing number of professional experts on both sides of the political aisle, including Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Killian documents forced Dan Rather's early retirement from CBS News, have come out and  declared that the birth certificate that Obama put up on the white House website is an obvious forgery. Given the current overwhelming expert professional analysis to that effect, and the fact that using the White House website to post a forgery is a criminal offense, are you prepared to deal with this scandal head-on, or continue to avoid it, seemingly for convenience sake?
I suggest you take out a separate e-mail for this purpose since this particular activity requires that your e-mail associated with the post be published. It wants a Google account, so take out a new additional hotmail (same as Google) e-mail specifically for this purpose, set up a second youtube account for this activity only, and use that. Be sure to use a factitious name in the e-mail set-up (it's legal as long as you are not intentionally misrepresenting yourself as someone else) if you want to make doubly sure your privacy is protected (just like some of you did with the initial Youtube set-up) Then you should be good to go.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


As some of you know, ObamaFake started as a simple repository of all the evidence about the fact that Obama's birth certificate is fake. It was hacked and taken down. We've gotten a bit better at protection so a new and vastly improved version is back up. Like this site it is non-commercial and non-profit, and does not even collect operational donations. This is for God and country.


Thursday, September 8, 2011


In all candor I doubt this will help. I'm not even sure why I'm posting it here except as a reminder to leave no stone unturned in educating everyone on what the birth certificate forgery is and the importance that fact carries with it. One thing I am convinced about Speaker Gingrich, however: he knows a fact when he sees it and seems more driven by those recognitions than political concerns; he was, after all, the guy who shut down government to do what needed to be done properly when the media tried to scare the public about the ramifications of that shutdown. During the current Presidential debates, while the other candidates start to stammer when pressed hard by the media, Gingrich has very, very forcefully called out that media for their prejudice and bias and unethical journalistic habits, and those moments, IMO, have been the most important messages the American people have so far heard during those debates. So slim as the chances may be, if there was one person among those candidates who may awaken when confronted with the facts, it may be Gingrich. You never know. It's always worth a shot.


Dear Mr. Speaker and/or Assistants Of Same,

I have been a huge admirer of  The Speaker for many years. His courage, intelligence and resultant logic in problem-solving - something for which I have become somewhat modestly known on an obviously much lesser scale within my own professional sphere - has often left me looking up like a child to a master. That's a rare and great experience. His challenges to the media on prime-time television have been perhaps the most valuable messages the public have yet to hear in the debates.

I'm about to say something certain to turn your appreciation of this admiring  e-mail on its head, but I'm not intrinsically stupid or without common sense so do please take a moment to at least see this through to the end.

When - if ever - will the Speaker address the 800 pound gorilla in the room: The fact that unimpeachable experts, including Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Killian Documents resulted in Dan Rather being fired from his 24-year career at CBS News, have concluded that the long form birth certificate that Obama offered on the White House website is a fake. The people making this assessment, Newcomer, Fortune 500 company consultant Mara Zebest - a lifelong democrat whose hardcover photoshop books sit on the shelves of every professional graphics studio in the English-speaking world - Paul Irey, a 50-Year typography expert whose company once employed over 60 people and held major accounts, and many, many more have determined that Obama's birth certificate is not only a fake, but a pathetic one with so many amateur-level mistakes it's astounding, including the fact that embedded in the very layers of the document  is the operational history of the creation of the forgery itself. This is no longer conspiracy stuff, this is the real deal. I even started a website on this because as a graphics professional and occasional executive in media myself, this is something I know for a fact is manifest and true upon my own examination of the original downloaded from the White House website (my website is This is not theory. Please understand that fact; if you want I can provide all of the top level experts you need, as I have communicated directly with some of them.

Right now the world is sitting on a story that is monumental in its scope and implication. The forged birth certificate document - it is that - is to Obama what Monica Lewinsky's DNA-covered blue dress was to Clinton: the evidence that cannot be spun or explained away, only the constitutional and legal implications are simply staggering. I repeat and implore you to drop media-spun perceptions on this issue for just a moment longer: this is the real deal.

I suggest Newt take this issue head-on because when Trump did his poll numbers shot nearly to the top. When he withdrew, they sank. That's not a random coincidence coinciding with other factors determining those results: the causation is clear. There are millions and millions of Americans now educated through the proper channels who know of the forgery as fact and many times more who suspect. Most polls show a plurality of Americans have doubts - doubts at least - after Trump legitimized the issue, and Trump remains publicly skeptical of the released document.   It would take someone of Newt's reputation and gigantically clear thinking to make the case and force Obama's hand in explaining the forged document. This issue, I believe, as was true of Trump, will return the favored attention by putting Newt at the top of the polls for the GOP. Millions are looking for a champion who can articulate this scandal and make the case with the reputation required to sell the facts to the remaining minority of the nation not yet at least suspicious.

I won't ask you to do the homework on this because the blogosphere is filled with lunacy, sometimes seemingly created by Obama supporters to confuse the issue because the conservatives I know are never nearly as insane as some of what I have read online.  I can, however, provide legit and level-headed analysis by top-flight experts and ways of contacting some of those experts. These people are not low-end nutcases from the dark and angry corner of someone's sick imagination - these people are professionals with powerful Fortune 500 credentials. This forgery and the idea that our president who has gone by a few different names and whose background is pot-marked with more holes than New York's Westside Highway may be be causing the damage he is causing without even the constitutional authority to do so, is becoming a terrible wound in the heart of this nation. If our country's soul is going to remain healthy if, alas,  impure (nothing is perfect), then this issue must be resolved; the lingering uncertainty that will remain if the questions simply "go away" will be extremely unhealthy for this country. The cat is out of the bag, now - too many people know and even more suspect.

Even if only Joesph Newcomer alone had called the birth certificate a forgery, it was his analysis that got Dan Rather fired from CBS News. That alone would be good enough for me.

Please at least confirm that this correspondence has been read. As you can see, it is my opinion - one that I believe is shared by the majority of Americans - that lingering, unresolved issues are never a good thing.


Proe Graphique

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DEAR MR. GOLDBERG ~ The Response You Have Requested Sans The Sarcastic Tone Of The Phrasing Of the Questions

Bernard Goldberg is an extremely well-established journalist with many years in the business, including at major networks. He skews heavily right-wing and is a commentator on Fox News. he's also an anti-birther to the point where he seemingly cannot contain the sarcasm apparently born of his ignorance on the subject of Obama's citizenship issue scandal and lack of graphics expertise required to understand the forgery for what it is: a hopeless fake.

O.F. reader Saska brought this column by Mr. Goldberg to my attention. The link is HERE. Additionally, there is a book being embraced by what Mr. Goldberg normally calls the lamestream media written by a Mr. Woodman that supposedly debunks the fake birth certificate "theory" ( quotes intentional as the forgery is so blatant there is no reasonable claim to support it)

Mr. Goldberg, IMO in an unfortunate, arrogantly sarcastic fashion, writes a series of seeming rhetorical questions to apparently attempt to silence the issue like the lamestream media he claims to reject, an organization for whom he created the term lamestream media, which now appears tragically and ironically self-descriptive. For the sake of fully addressing the issue of Mr. Goldberg's column, I will answer his questions, here.

Do You Believe in the Devil — and a Few Other Questions

Okay class, let’s try an experiment.  Please read these questions and send me your comments.  Trust me, I’m a professional, I know what I’m doing.  I anxiously await your responses.

1. Do you still think that Barack Obama was not born in the United States?

Not all birthers believe that, so don't make generalized assumptions - it's bad journalism.

2. If so, where do you think he was born?  

I have no idea, but it would be nice to know.

3. Do you think the long form birth certificate released a few months ago is legitimate or do you think it’s a fraud. If you think it’s fake, why do you think that? 

I know it's a fake because I have looked at it as a professional, determined that it is, and the best experts to whom I might otherwise turn to advice on the issue came to the same conclusion before I got the chance to ask them.

4. How would you characterize people who believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and that his birth certificate is 100 percent real.   

Simple. I could characteristic them as mistaken. If you want to bait me into insulting them personally I won't do it, and you should be ashamed for the seeming attempt.

5.How would you characterize people who don’t believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and think his birth certificate is a fake?  

Accurate and correct on the second, I have no opinion on the first. Lumping the two together is awful and seemingly designed to denigrate the birther movement. You should re-apply for a job at CBS News - IMO if this is your current journalistic standard they'd be happy to take you back.

6.Do you think Barack Obama is a kind of Manchurian candidate?  That is, do you think he’s a front man for some devious un-American force that is calling the shots and pulling the strings?

What does this have to do with a fake birth certificate? Horrible journalism at its worst, Mr. Goldberg. 

7.Bonus question:  Do you think there is a real devil who is the anti-Christ and who now lives among uso you still think that Barack Obama was not born in the United States?

I'm glad this is a bonus since it has nothing to do with the question of Obama's birth certificate. if you are saying birthers all think that you are mistaken. Not everyone who like pastrami like roast beef. Get with the program.

Here is what I posted to Mr. Goldberg directly, and, for what it may mean,  is my own official response:


Okay, “class”, let me correct a few things, including the otherwise astute anti-birther Mr. Goldberg, who, with respect, is hopelessly out of his depth on this issue. He may be a “professional” journalist (I assume he means journalist when he says he is a professional, since that’s his profession), but he is not a professional graphics and document expert. Period. 

This goes out also to “Dave”, who is making the rounds including his own blog doing a very nice thing for a certain Mr.Woodman’s book by selling it, intentionally or not.

Here’s how it shakes out in a nutshell, and it will all be very distressing to anti-birthers like Mr. Goldberg, so you have fair warning in advance:

1. Probable Cause: Obama has spent 3 years and very large sums of money keeping his citizenship records hidden. This not only includes his birth certificate, but virtually anything else that could identify his citizenship status. This is perhaps to be expected from a guy from Hawaii who has a proven social security number from Connecticut whose political career began virtually on the lap of domestic terrorist Bill Ayres who bragged about creating false identities for his past groups’ operatives by using stolen social security numbers, usually otherwise assigned to dead people.

 2. IMO pathetically, “Dave” and a very enthusiastic lamestream media are embracing this anti-birther book which supposedly debunks claims of experts whose credentials leave that book's author IMO in the dust: Joesph Newcomer says it is almost certainly a fake, and Newcomer is the man who exposed the fake Killian documents that got Dan Rather ousted after 24 years at CBS News. Mr. Goldberg should know this as I believe Mr. Goldberg worked with Dan Rather for years. Mara Zebest has co-authored several hardcover photoshop books that sit on the shelves of every respected professional graphics house in the English-speaking world. These are not “computer guys” like Mr. Woodman’s own folksy self-assessment. These are powerfully accomplished, high-level professionals. 

I have not read Mr. Woodman’s book, but I strongly suspect he does not have an explanation for, in my mind, as a graphic professional myself and one of tens of thousands of graphics professionals who have also examined the document, one of the most glaring aspects of the forgery: the fact that part of the program commands used to create it are embedded in the layers of the forgery itself. In other words, when Adobe graphics software is used in the creation of a document, it keeps a log of the actions in each layer, such as rotate and scale, and these are important for the artist should he or she wish to duplicate a past effect or know where he went wrong. This log is extremely important. More to the point, it cannot write itself; if the software was that sloppy that non-existent logs would be created by scans, it would essentially be worthless.

Just ask true and proven experts Newcomer and Zebest. And about one hundred thousand other graphics professionals.

With respect, IMO I must assume given the status of those with whom he disagrees that Mr. Woodman is of the same caliber as the forger who knew enough to do the job wrong, in the AKA-vernacular, “Jimmy Down The Hall”. I submit that those who don’t believe Zebest, Newcomer, 50-year-typography expert Paul Irey and others don’t know what they are talking about, and should perhaps stick to the expertise of their chosen professions and listen to the expert testimony of those properly-placed to give it.

The evidence is in and damningly conclusive despite the anxious hand-wringing of those who wish the issue would go away: Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. Deal with it. Of course, Obama could put this to rest by allowing a forensic examination of the original, since it has been his probable cause that has created such suspicion before the forgery was released, but naturally he has refused, and in the course of avoiding the issue, created a much more immediate question: who committed the apparent felony by creating a forgery – something else that will eventually force Obama to release the original, at some point.

Know it: That birth certificate forgery is perfectly aligned in incredulous-inducing reaction to be to Obama what Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress with Bill Clinton’s sperm on it was to that president: the evidence that cannot be explained away.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

OBAMA AND LEFT-WING RACIST STEREOTYPES~ Are The Obamas "Trailer Trash" as defined by liberals? A Graphic Analysis

All images, quotes and video used via the Fair Use Act. All copyrights held by their respective owners  
"Trailer Trash"

You have heard the ugly, elitist term used by liberals/Democrats to describe conservatives/Republicans.  You have heard that term 
used by liberals often. 
You vaguely know what Trailer Trash is supposed to look like. Perhaps you only vaguely knew that the term originated from "White Trash". Indeed, describes it in part as, " A synonym for poor white trash."


What you may not know is that the term originated as a bigoted, racial epithet used by black slaves against white slaves to whom they thought themselves superior. "White slaves?" you ask.  Essentially, yes. In 1833 Fanny Kemble, an English actress visiting Georgia, noted in her journal: "The slaves themselves entertain the very highest contempt for white servants, whom they designate as 'poor white trash'". In 1854, Harriet Beecher Stowe  in her book A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin wrote a chapter entitled "Poor White Trash". Stowe wrote that slavery not only produces "degraded, miserable slaves", but also poor whites who are even more degraded and miserable. Stowe also relates that both blacks and whites in the area look down on these "poor white trash" - a strong tradition of elitist bigotry, hypocrisy and sick-minded mean-spiritedness that the liberal rank-and-file proudly displays today.

So what is "Trailer Trash" by the dictionary definition? Strict definition by the left-leaning academician dictionaries such a Webster's defines the term merely to describe poor people in trailer parks - obviously an intentionally limited and misleading PC move to erase the unpleasant reverse-discrimination of the term's roots from the past, as it has nothing to do with the definition of the word from which the original synonym sprang. Colloquial-based dictionaries, more in tune with the common societal usage, however, are more honest. writes


noun American

  • (a member of) the white underclass. The phrase became fashionable in the later 1990s, both to denigrate poor whites of the sort who are characteristically forced to live in trailer-parks and to describe a fashion for cheap, garish and kitsch accessories. A synonym for poor white trash.

The URBAN DICTIONARY is more explicit:

1. trailer trash

Derogatory description for person who seems well-suited to residential life in a mobile home park and is distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, slovenly or slutty clothing, and general ignorance. Recreations include drinking malt liquor in lawn chairs under tattered R.V. awning. Close synonym for poor white trash.

The extremely unhappy reality is that if you Google images of Trailer Trash, thanks to malicious liberal Obama trolls and ACORN activists online, you often see entirely unrelated pictures of Sarah Palin. Interestingly, she usually looks beautiful and extremely fashion-savvy, like this

and Sarah Palin lives in this large, sparkling and impeccably-kept upscale house, earned from the success gleaned from her intelligence and talent,  which one supposes liberal democrats would have you believe is a"trailer".

 No trailer, no junk, no slovenly or slutty clothing, no foul language and no ignorance, while her critics themselves could only dream of aspiring to becoming a governor with an eventual 
popularity rating in the 80's, cutting across every demographic and political divide.


So in the interest of fair play, and equal time for all races, political persuasions and demographics, since the left struck first by defining Sarah Palin and so many Republicans as "Trailer Trash" (they do, we all know it and the evidence is positively everywhere), let us apply the question to the highest of the liberal/democrat social and political standard-bearers:
Are The Obamas Trailer Trash?

Obamafake's opinion, based only on the historical and graphic evidence, as always, 
"Yes. The Obamas are 
'Trailer Trash'"
Without question



1. RUDE AND FOUL-MOUTHED and/or crude displays, ignorance, drug use and bigotry are usually associated with the Trailer Trash Stereotype. Here Obama gives the middle finger to Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Notice the titters and laughs and Obama's lingering pause as he makes sure everyone gets the joke:

a good, classy joke is worth repeating, right, "muthufukah"?

2. IGNORANCE. Here he mispronounces corps as "corpse", something most reasonably-educated school children can manage to avoid:

He refers to the United States as having "57 States" (a clear and staggeringly stupid mix-up about the Muslim faith which does have 57 states, supposedly his former faith which is very clearly strongly on his mind):

3. DRUG USE In Dreams From My Father, Obama cites using a large quantities of drugs, later referencing cocaine, a powerful and highly addictive drug often associated with addicts when the user is not wealthy, and at that time, Obama was not wealthy. That was also 30 years ago, when cocaine use was generally reserved only for the hard-core drug user and addict.

4. BIGOTRY. Obama's bigotry is now becoming infamous. Here is a scene from the church in which he sat dutifully for 20 years before being found out during the election, at which point he pretended to not know what was going on in that same church.

5. Drinking beer in public sports events does not denote Trailer Trash in itself, but when you just got through giving someone the finger in public while stoned and calling them a racial epithet while mispronouncing it because you don't know the correct way to say it, that's Trailer Trash. Big time. Very big time.

Young Barack Obama/Barry Seotoro/Sobarkah,  
Christian/Muslim, drug-using, foul-mouthed,  
white-heritage ignoring and socialist-seeking,
at around the age that he could 
not possibly  have gotten a 
social security number from 
Connecticut since he was living in



Obamafake, in deference to the woman who volunteered that she only ever was proud of her country when the time had come that she could possibly become its First Lady, we will concentrate only on that most blistering of Trailer Trash definitions when it comes to women: FasHion.

Here is a particularly sartorially gruesome shot of Mrs. Obama representing the
United States of America as First Lady.

Here's a slogan for Michelle: "HOPELESS, PLEASE CHANGE"

Here is a shot of a commercially available Halloween costume of "Trailer Trash" called "Trailer Park Princess" (click here for the link) (bear in mind that this supposed to be a funny caricature!)

Here is a side-by-side comparison of MICHELLE OBAMA, THE TRAILER PARK PRINCESS.

Particularly note the sometimes almost Industrial Punk-style chest-belts, often bizarre, made of steel and plastic, which are not only a classic stereotype staple of Trailer Trash, but look darn fetching in old science fiction movies as well:

Ever-poised and dignified as the First Lady, Michelle adopts the bored and detached appearance in front of the camera of a mildly drunk housewife watching Jerry Springer while her kids play with frayed electrical cords in the bathtub. 



While it is admittedly unfair to drag these hapless souls into the picture, liberals delight at attacking the relatives of conservatives and Republicans, such as, particularly as of late, Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol. Therefore in the spirit of ethical journalistic fairness and equal time, we make this very brief overview, and will clearly demonstrate our superiority over the mainstream media by not maliciously gloating endlessly. While colorful phrases such a "transgender pimp from 1972" may come to mind, we will let the reader make up their own minds about the style and couture of Obama's Aunt and Uncle, both illegal immigrants who, at least when it comes to deportation, apparently have a glaring contempt for the law.  
 Aunt Polly (wanna crackah)? and Uncle Omar's police mug shot after he was arrested 
for drunk driving, at which time he requested to call the White House to post bail 
(apparently that's no joke)

BARACK OBAMA'S MOTHER: in shots that simply reek of sophistication, proper manners, dignity, self-esteem and and elegance.
Out of control on her first hit of acid or Gypsy Rose Lee wannabie? 
You decide.


The next time the leftist elites want to swagger about with delusions of ultra-hip sophistication, they might do well to look upon their own social and political standard-bearers before attacking those with whom they disagree, such as the beautiful, classy, well-educated, well-spoken and well-dressed Sarah Palin.

Yeah, I know, kid, Obama took my ice cream, too.


Now, the question is, is Barack Obama Natural Born Trailer Trash.....?
We still don't know, though it appears he is not.