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In all candor I doubt this will help. I'm not even sure why I'm posting it here except as a reminder to leave no stone unturned in educating everyone on what the birth certificate forgery is and the importance that fact carries with it. One thing I am convinced about Speaker Gingrich, however: he knows a fact when he sees it and seems more driven by those recognitions than political concerns; he was, after all, the guy who shut down government to do what needed to be done properly when the media tried to scare the public about the ramifications of that shutdown. During the current Presidential debates, while the other candidates start to stammer when pressed hard by the media, Gingrich has very, very forcefully called out that media for their prejudice and bias and unethical journalistic habits, and those moments, IMO, have been the most important messages the American people have so far heard during those debates. So slim as the chances may be, if there was one person among those candidates who may awaken when confronted with the facts, it may be Gingrich. You never know. It's always worth a shot.


Dear Mr. Speaker and/or Assistants Of Same,

I have been a huge admirer of  The Speaker for many years. His courage, intelligence and resultant logic in problem-solving - something for which I have become somewhat modestly known on an obviously much lesser scale within my own professional sphere - has often left me looking up like a child to a master. That's a rare and great experience. His challenges to the media on prime-time television have been perhaps the most valuable messages the public have yet to hear in the debates.

I'm about to say something certain to turn your appreciation of this admiring  e-mail on its head, but I'm not intrinsically stupid or without common sense so do please take a moment to at least see this through to the end.

When - if ever - will the Speaker address the 800 pound gorilla in the room: The fact that unimpeachable experts, including Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Killian Documents resulted in Dan Rather being fired from his 24-year career at CBS News, have concluded that the long form birth certificate that Obama offered on the White House website is a fake. The people making this assessment, Newcomer, Fortune 500 company consultant Mara Zebest - a lifelong democrat whose hardcover photoshop books sit on the shelves of every professional graphics studio in the English-speaking world - Paul Irey, a 50-Year typography expert whose company once employed over 60 people and held major accounts, and many, many more have determined that Obama's birth certificate is not only a fake, but a pathetic one with so many amateur-level mistakes it's astounding, including the fact that embedded in the very layers of the document  is the operational history of the creation of the forgery itself. This is no longer conspiracy stuff, this is the real deal. I even started a website on this because as a graphics professional and occasional executive in media myself, this is something I know for a fact is manifest and true upon my own examination of the original downloaded from the White House website (my website is This is not theory. Please understand that fact; if you want I can provide all of the top level experts you need, as I have communicated directly with some of them.

Right now the world is sitting on a story that is monumental in its scope and implication. The forged birth certificate document - it is that - is to Obama what Monica Lewinsky's DNA-covered blue dress was to Clinton: the evidence that cannot be spun or explained away, only the constitutional and legal implications are simply staggering. I repeat and implore you to drop media-spun perceptions on this issue for just a moment longer: this is the real deal.

I suggest Newt take this issue head-on because when Trump did his poll numbers shot nearly to the top. When he withdrew, they sank. That's not a random coincidence coinciding with other factors determining those results: the causation is clear. There are millions and millions of Americans now educated through the proper channels who know of the forgery as fact and many times more who suspect. Most polls show a plurality of Americans have doubts - doubts at least - after Trump legitimized the issue, and Trump remains publicly skeptical of the released document.   It would take someone of Newt's reputation and gigantically clear thinking to make the case and force Obama's hand in explaining the forged document. This issue, I believe, as was true of Trump, will return the favored attention by putting Newt at the top of the polls for the GOP. Millions are looking for a champion who can articulate this scandal and make the case with the reputation required to sell the facts to the remaining minority of the nation not yet at least suspicious.

I won't ask you to do the homework on this because the blogosphere is filled with lunacy, sometimes seemingly created by Obama supporters to confuse the issue because the conservatives I know are never nearly as insane as some of what I have read online.  I can, however, provide legit and level-headed analysis by top-flight experts and ways of contacting some of those experts. These people are not low-end nutcases from the dark and angry corner of someone's sick imagination - these people are professionals with powerful Fortune 500 credentials. This forgery and the idea that our president who has gone by a few different names and whose background is pot-marked with more holes than New York's Westside Highway may be be causing the damage he is causing without even the constitutional authority to do so, is becoming a terrible wound in the heart of this nation. If our country's soul is going to remain healthy if, alas,  impure (nothing is perfect), then this issue must be resolved; the lingering uncertainty that will remain if the questions simply "go away" will be extremely unhealthy for this country. The cat is out of the bag, now - too many people know and even more suspect.

Even if only Joesph Newcomer alone had called the birth certificate a forgery, it was his analysis that got Dan Rather fired from CBS News. That alone would be good enough for me.

Please at least confirm that this correspondence has been read. As you can see, it is my opinion - one that I believe is shared by the majority of Americans - that lingering, unresolved issues are never a good thing.


Proe Graphique


  1. If Newt and or his staff ignore this fact filled briefing I will lose some respect for Newt and I have always held him in high regard. He is a very smart man, politician, author, Christian who has apeared to me as an honest Statesman. I hope he doesn't let me down.
    I have a feeling as the debates continue, Newt's true spirit will continue to shine so brightly that Mitt will fade into the sunset where he belongs. Newt has the experiance of a great leader coupled with his moral compass and True Love for the Republic he could make people stand up and reclaim our Nation. I love the way the press does not intimidate him and he shuts them down with powerful class. Time will tell, but I have high hopes. Last night he certainly did not *win*, that was a decided outcome, obvious by the way Mitt and Rick Perry got the time and attention. Newt will get his time at the right time and has the ability to blow them all away. It is early!

  2. I hope Newt listens to the reasoning you have laid out, Proe. You have expressed some good reasons as to why he should pick up the issue.

  3. I watched a good bit of the GOP debates and scored Newt's responses much higher than Rick Perry's. If Newt (or any other candidate for that matter) were to bring this issue to the fore, they would receive my full backing, both through volunteer grassroots efforts and through monetary donations. That said, "Obama" is "Too Black to Fail", and none will address that 800 pound gorilla. They'll just feed it 450 Billion bananas and hope that it goes away in 2012. And of course, a Rubio VP slot is still in the offing, also.

    For what it's worth, I seeded nine more bills today.


  4. Newt is a RINO. He'll never listen!

  5. I believe lots of lives, not to mention careers, have been threatened if anyone covers this subject, but I think the best protection is by going public with the threats.

  6. Just a head's up to the regulars at OF - the repository of all the expert testimony and evidence of the fake birth certificate, such as was the original Obamafake website in the original form, will be up in the next day or so as a sister site to this one, so get ready to hit all you regular haunts with a new link. This one is much better than the last.

  7. I can hardly wait!

  8. So that is whatyou have been up too! Great, this will be wonderful I am sure!!!

  9. PG,

    I follow your work, and like your thought process of attempting to translate outrage into concrete outcomes. My analysis leads me to believe that BHO was adopted by Lolo, held some form of Indonesian citizenship as a child, and made a claim of such as an adult (college applications, student aid, passports). This could inform many of the actions he has taken to seal his records - and the anomalies in his SSN, selective service application, and LFBC. Sadly very few people (even some very well informed ones) will ever visit "birther" websites. My hobby for the last few months has been to try to move the debate to more mainstream semi-conservative sites like FOX Nation, American Thinker, the UK's Daily Mail, PJ Media, the J-post and select conservative commentators - to widen the audience. No real luck yet, - but, I understand that working a project like this takes six to twelve months to show any results. BHO / Barry / Soebarkah is sinking on all fronts at this point (poll numbers, economic policy, jobs, Fast and Furious, Libya intervention, primary challenge, authorship of "Dreams", Uncle Omar) so maybe the time is getting ripe for somebody in power (maybe even the Democrats), to seriously address eligibility. Massive scrutiny has been focused on the birth documentation at this point. The 1980 selective service application is another period document that is suspect. Recommend that some document experts take another look at it.


    A fan

  10. Thank you very much, V/R. However, I have a request of you: join us in these activities, as they are the same you are trying to achieve. We're better as a team.

  11. ***** NOTICE ******

    There is a new post here with a link to the new "OBAMAFAKE" evidence repository with all the best evidence of the fake. It's another tool to get the word out. Please use it and spread it around.

  12. See you have been busy at Bernard's site!
    We all need to sign up at the Repository, some one over there tried mocking it by saying there were only 2 followers. Of course Proe let him /her know it has only been up 24 hrs! Sign up the same as here, unfortunately, the ignorant seem to relate the number of followers to the validity of the site.
    Have been posting links and the reactions have all been positive with many saying they are passing it on. We need to do this! This is one easy to read and understand FACTUAL site that should wake a few even staunch deniers, see the error of their ways. GET THE WORD OUT! It does not matter so much that we KNOW the TRUTH, if we don't shout it at every site we can.

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    042-68-4425 as a fraud.
    I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.
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