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Amazing Round-Table Interview With Many Top Forgery Experts About Obama's Birth Certificate

Mark Gillar's Blog 2-hour radio show:

The first hour is great. The second is amazing. This is probably the best "Birther" show of any kind ever done, IMHO. Tell every "Birther" you know: This is a 100% must-listen.

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Naturally, the title of this column suggests that when Dr Taitz arrives at the Department of Health in Hawaii, reported to be at 10:00 AM on August 8, with subpoena in hand and a seeming legal right to examine the documents, the DOH will not do what they have unbelievably suspiciously done for ages: find a way to keep Dr. Taitz from seeing it.

          A jpeg image of the birth certificate PDF proven by some of the 
        world's best graphics experts to be an "amateurish fake"

However, there is always the chance that Taitz will be allowed to see the document.  My concern is that because the document Obama released has a potential backdoor qualifier as being a potential "abstract", that the "original" document they may be allowed to see will simply be Round Two of the release of the forgery: different enough to start the process all over again and slick enough after learning their lessons and being taught how it's supposed to look by the analysis of the aforementioned experts that it will leave the issue "inconclusive". This time Obama's people  are certain to have their typeset correct, stamps in place and all the rest (if Taitz is allowed to see anything).

While the experts Irey and Vogt are very good, as I understand the process they will only be able to make a visual analysis. In short, a visual inspection is almost certain to fail to conclusively prove anything unless Obama's resources are much tighter and more restricted than we might guess - in that case he must be having some sleepless nights.

While Vogt and Irey should be there, if I understand the approach they are taking correctly, Orly Taitz is missing the most critical analyst and most important person who could possibly be there: a forensic document analyst of the laboratory/chemical UV light on-site variety. The reason is that the success of this examination won't be based on typesetting or any kind of visual analysis. The proof will be in determining the age and consequent authenticity of the document. THIS kind of thing.



More "suspicious" aspects of the document won't settle anything. Without the press behind us on this we're banging our heads against a wall with "suspicious evidence". This is the President and the press and congress are in full protection mode, that's just the fact of it. This is the subpoena for which we have all waited for 3 years. This is it. If the good Dr. Taitz does not have the proper authority to make a forensic determination on the age to qualify whatever Vogt and Irey determine, that's it. We lose. Not maybe. We lose. Why? Because realistically we'll never get this opportunity again and the press will spin this mercilessly and with sadistic glee against us. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT.

For example, Bill Clinton almost got away with destroying Monica Lewinski for his own political gain after she did little more than be nice enough to service is base desires; It was the DNA of his own semen on her dress that she kept as a bizarre keepsake that forced him to admit his grotesque affair to the nation. We need chemical proof besides what the document says, because it can say anything unless it's 50 years old, and the age then becomes the proof positive.

Forensics experts are everywhere - there is no excuse for this not to be done. 


Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. Katherine Mainolfi Koppenhaver
Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. consists of a staff dedicated to providing professional services in a timely manner in the field of questioned documents.
Integrated Paper Services, Inc (IPS)
Paper Forensics and Age Dating. Testing a Paper's Age-Old Story Using Fiber Science
Geochron Laboratories - Radiocarbon dating for paper
Radiocarbon dating is the principal method for determining the age of carbon-bearing materials from the present to about 50,000 years ago.

THIS scribd article show some of the on-site methods used outside the lab:

Level 2 refers to features to be checked with technical facilities such as: visible light to look at printing quality, traces of substitution or relief effects; UV light to detect UV-fluorescent securities (paper bleaching, fibers, printing) and UV-visible forgery traces (chemi cal eradication); infrared radiation to examine writing inks; reading devices to detect magnetic printing; special viewing systems for retro-reflective securities; reading systems for machine readable devices.

They need someone with chemical analysis and UV forensics experience to confirm the age of the document.

Remember, some of the most esteemed graphics people in the world have called the forgery out as a fake and the media won't cover it. Whatever is done has to be of a caliber that no courtroom could deny the evidence - like Clinton's DNA.  Indeed, the judge may have allowed the examination on the assumption that only an inconclusive visual (and not chemical) analysis would be done, so as to appear fair while ensuring that no judgement against Obama would be rendered.

Dr Taitz says she is busy right now. I beseech her: if she is too busy to organize this with a chemical forensics analyst in 7 days, then she needs the re-schedule. Irey and Vogt will presumably still be there when the time comes and the document no matter how old - if it exists - will still be there, also.

The age of the document must be ascertained or nothing else will fly.



ADDENDUM: I mentioned this to someone active in this cause and they said they had heard that the Obots were publicly boasting that they had gotten their hands on "1961 paper and ink" for a forgery. I think this is absolute BS, probably designed to demoralize birthers and shore up morale among the Obot ranks (Obama's polls are looking pretty dismal right now, though it is interesting to think that Obots would essentially acknowledge that Obama is ineligible by admitting he needed a forgery for which "1961 inks and paper" had been gotten).

Anyway, on the issue of "1961 paper and ink" I'd like to say this:

1. Where do you get 1961 ink? - it's possible, but it needs to be the same kind of 1961 ink as other birth certificates, and you need at least three different kinds: the ink with which the document was printed and two at least for credible variation on the signatures, and these need to match similar documents, such as the Nordyke's BC, a manifest piece of evidence with which it can be forensically compared.

2. Ditto the paper. Maybe 1961 unused paper is around (I doubt it), but it has to be the same kind of 1961 paper. (electron microscopic analysis of the paper weave and decay would tell you that in two seconds)

3. Hawaii is a particular and sometimes unique place. The paper will have absorbed traces from the air which will be uniform to other Hawaiian documents but not elsewhere. So they have to get the same kind of Hawaiian 1961 paper. My feeling is such a thing does not exist. Many things don't exist. I think 1961 Hawaiian document paper in unused condition is one of them.

4. They have to find a way to duplicate the changes in the ink and paper combinations that occur with half a century of aging. When paper and ink combine and age over time, there is a recognizable signature to the chemistry which can be compared to like-date and like-geographic documents. This is simply impossible to duplicate. This is how forgers get caught. That's what chemical document forensics are all about. That one is just a done deal - you can't duplicate this aging process. Period. Impossible.

I wouldn't worry about "1961 paper and ink". That's a weird, anti-birther fantasy. In fact, it doesn't even make sense from a practical perspective.

Friday, July 29, 2011


This column is very short and without illustration, links, suggestions for activism or the like. It is extremely simple and it asks a question which is very similar to World Net Daily's question, Where Is The Birth certificate?

Where Is The Leadership?

As the clock ticks down to a supposed zero-hour for the economy on August 2nd, Obama is doing something unheard-of for a President: he has relinquished all leadership on the issue to the House and Senate.

Granted, House Leader Boehner rightfully walked away from Obama, who, in an ever-increasing demonstration that he is the man-child many have assumed of him, could not bring himself to compromise on the budget. Now, Obama, instead of demonstrating any leadership skills, is simply pretending to preside over a process which has abandoned him and his acrimonious demands and childish name calling. What form does Obama's performance take? He is demanding that the left and right come to an agreement.

Obama has offered no independent plan, no insights, not even a pro-active rallying cry. Just a sour-faced petulant performance, like a lonely and unbalanced old school teacher who has grown to hate her own students, demanding that they finish their homework or they will all have to stay after school for detention.

This is Obama's leadership style. He mishandles our foreign relations, insults our allies and embraces those who seek to murder us, guts our military, engages Marxists to become a part of his administration cabinet,  hides his citizenship, offers a fraudulent document when pressed, and then when he spends the country into oblivion with a stimulus package that triples our debt into the stratosphere, he sternly walks up to the podium and demands that others fix what he has broken.

Our President is a shockingly unsettling case of arrested emotional development - a spoiled and naughty child  -with the power of a super-nation and behavior so irresponsible that it often appears on the brink of madness. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And his dwindling supporters want you to vote for him again.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Obama’s Media Machine Imitates the Propaganda Art of The Communist Soviet Union - and what it tells us

All photos, art and media via the Fair Use Act

It makes sense that hero worshipers imitate the iconic forms of the heroes themselves, and their methods of operation.

Obama Is A Communist 

Let’s not play games about this: his close friends Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn (who also ran the terrorist Weather Underground) are self-admitted communists; 

 Here Dorn makes herself famous in 1970 on the CBS Nightly News by declaring war on the United States

 Reverend Wright espouses communist philosophy in his racist church of hate and was Obama’s “spiritual advisor” by Obama’s own admission. Obama’s mother was so captivated by communism that she moved to an essentially communist country in the late 1950’s when such lifestyles were adopted only by the truest of anti-America, pro-communist believers. We all know Obama grew up in Indonesia, but no one ever states why: because from the 1920’s – 1966, Indonesia grew into a hard-core communist enclave country, and that is where his pro-communist mother, originally from Kansas, consciously chose to raise her children in the late 1950’s. Indeed, with growing popular support and a membership of about 3 million by 1965, Indonesia’s PKI was the strongest communist party outside the Soviet Union and China. (The PKI was revived by the self-styled "Leninist wing" around D N Aidit.) 

It was under the Indonesian Marxist/communist influence that Barack Obama spent his formative years, and that is not theory, that is indisputable fact – that’s where he was and he admits it.  

One does not grow up with a free-market capitalist influence in the world’s third most communist country, one grows up under a communist influence in the world’s third most communist country, as his mother very obviously intended for her “good son”.

  Jarkata, where Obama grew up. In the center square you see figures in the soviet style.

 This image in Indonesia of a common worker breaking the chains of the oppression supposedly forced upon him by wealthy capitalists is a central and recurring visual analogy to communist propaganda. The fact that it makes no literal sense whatsoever in a free-market, representative republic like the United States is  entirely beyond the point; people for a good century bought into it.

This is the immediate environment – politically and socially – in communist Indonesia where Obama was instilled with his core beliefs and ideology.

Obama’s Teen Years.

In one of his two(!?!) autobiographies written before he even ran for President, Obama brazenly admits that in his teens and twenties, he sought out only communist revolutionaries and socialists with whom to associate, so it’s clear that the Indonesian ‘education” was entirely successful, and Obama has never – ever - recanted his former views. Finally, there is no history of Obama being ensconced with any conservative American groups for balance. That is Obama’s world. 

Obama is a communist. By his history, by his associations, by his upbringing, by his own essential admission, Obama is a communist. Anyone who wants to split indistinct political hairs in his defense or stick his or her head in the sand for fear of witnessing an outrage, is living in a dream world. Obama is a communist. Our President is a communist. Not maybe. Absolutely.

The Art

One would ask then, “If Obama is a communist, why didn’t he run as a communist?” Incredibly, in many ways he did, and in his egocentric machinations his political art pays tribute to the communist heroes of the past he almost certainly grew up adoring in Indonesia in the 1960’s.

First, as has been cited on ObamaFake before and recognized by others, his poster art is in all respects extremely imitative of the soviet propaganda art during the times of Lenin and Stalin, and are quintessentially the reverse of the current America illustration styles. 

For the last 10 years American illustration and political advertising has been gigantically influenced by computer technology and therefore is rich in three-dimensional character and photographic, realistic tonalities, even to the point where even the American cartoon has rejected 2-dimensional line art in favor of those mainstream aesthetic qualities. In the aesthetic reverse of this, Obama’s posters contain all the elements of the soviet style of Lenin and Stalin with shockingly little variation: a simple color pallet (necessary back in the day but a conscious style choice today); silkscreen-style line art (once again, a production necessity in the soviet union at the time but a obviously deliberate style choice today), a close up of a neutral-looking hero whose deification by commanding low angle forces us to feel as though we are looking up at him adoringly even if we’re not, so contrived are the angles, and this, too, is how the soviet tyrants manipulated the lower classes. The neutral expression, incidentally, is an intentional manipulation; by making the subject look great by low angles but not defining his character, it allows the viewer to “fill in the blanks” in his or her own imagination and see that great person as they define the character of a “great person”.

To regard such comparisons between Obama’s “Hope” poster and the soviet propaganda of Lenin and Stalin as coincidence is absolute, blind lunacy. 

 Note how the McCain/Palin campaign art, contemporary, in-line with current and historical American campaign art,  sharpens by contrast the striking resemblance that Obama’s art has to the old Communist soviet union. 

The History of the Original Obama Poster
The artist who rendered the first version of the main poster independently, Shepard Fairey, was a “graffiti artist” who created graffiti art critical of George Bush. This was immediately embraced by Obama and the campaign with Obama writing personally to Fairey:

I would like to thank you for using your talent in support of my campaign. The political messages involved in your work have encouraged Americans to believe they can change the status-quo. Your images have a profound effect on people, whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign. I am privileged to be a part of your artwork and proud to have your support. – Barack Obama, February 22, 2008

(You might have noticed in the "Stop Sign" reference, Obama is espousing an inner-city slum encouragement of the graffiti-style defacing of public and government property. I wonder how soon he will change his tune if people start spray-painting "Obama's birth certificate is fake" on stop signs)

Fairey was then commission directly by the Obama campaign to produce variations on the original theme. Rather than reject the soviet style, they embraced it.
In a shocking column, another Obama supporter in the mainstream press, Laura Barton, in the   Guardian newspaper, wrote that the image "acquired the kind of instant recognition of Jim Fitzpatrick's Che Guevara poster, and is surely set to grace T-shirts, coffee mugs and the walls of student bedrooms in the years to come." 

If you don’t know, Che Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary and figured heavily in the murderous and horrifically bloody Marxist takeover of Cuba, a person with whom Barton is making gloriously optimistic comparisons to Obama. Barton is right about another thing, too – Obama’s poster and Guevara’s are similar, and because they are both coming from the otherwise unique visual style of the Lenin and Stalin communist regimes. There is no example of American political art in the entire history of this nation – save for Obama’s – that mimics this Soviet Marxist political/leadership style. That is unique to Obama, who grew up a communist., Guevera wrote in his diary of the thrill he got from shooting people and, in a savage bit of irony, "The negro is lazy and indolent, and spends all of his money on frivolities on booze."

 An un-retouched image of a Guevera poster at Obama campaign headquarters.

The Variations

The word “Change” has been the central core of all Marxist revolutions for obvious reasons; capitalism and communism cannot co-exist. This poster was commissioned directly by the Obama camp.

"Progress", though not a bad word in itself, is a word legendary nevertheless in soviet communist propaganda. The reason is that it focuses the people’s attention away from their own needs and into a greater project, which in communism is never quite fully explained except that it is supposed to lead to a better life.

 "Progress" in the worker-ant sense in which it is used in communism  also takes people attention away from the rather quick dismantling of Christianity in those countries, and the USSR was famous for essentially outlawing religion. The assumption is that the hard work of the soviet people now will lead to a better life in some future time as they give their earnings to the state which will then redistribute it equally. Or, as Obama would say, “pay our fair share” and “We’ve been living beyond our means.”(funny coming from an inexperienced community organizer who tripled the debt with meaningless spending)
As a consequence, with any humanizing or religious references out of the mix so as to leave the state de facto supreme, entertainment in the USSR was greatly derived from science fiction, and the country poured its greatest revenue of entertainment into that genre. Sweeping epics of heroic explorations into space and our nearest planets in the solar system were the implied wonders that the soviet could expect for his sacrifice today as his earnings were confiscated by the state. The it was horrible false promise. When it fell, unemployment in the soviet union was  40% and alcoholism among men at 50%, most restaurants had almost no food and people stood in line for hours to purchase the essentials at nearly-unaffordable prices. Russia was in ruins because of communism. And our economy is falling also, for exactly the same reasons.

So the next time someone jokes about the soviet-style of Obama’s old campaign art, or does a send-up – stop them cold. It’s not a joke. These people are communists, they mean it, and unless you want to live like the old Soviet Union at the time of its collapse, you better start telling your fellow Americans.

Obama is not a left-wing capitalist. He’s not a “socialist”. By all available evidence save for his own word which has proven not be worth a plug nickle, Obama is a Marxist communist. Dismiss the mockery of the left-wing media that shares Obama’s extremist ideology - it’s to your advantage as an American that Obama and his ilk need to hide the fact of their communist roots and political persuasions. Expose that, and you “break the chains”.

But time is running short, and the economy is collapsing – just like Russia and for the same reasons. Please get the word out without apology. Hurry.



I clearly hit an Obot nerve with this one, it seems. Rather than allow this place to devolve into a flame war, I simply deleted the Obot comments, because I'm a delete Obot comments kind of guy - they can delete my comments on their boards, if they want.

However, it did occur to me to give an overview, and basically their objections are over citing the fact that Obama grew up in a country with a huge communist enclave, which seems to be driving Obots into hysteria, because, you know, that's something everyone can understand: if the guy grew up in communist surroundings, what is to make us think that things like not saluting the flag and raising taxes are not coming from that influence (which is a terrifying thought when applied to a US president).

Let me recap how these posts have been going, with responses:

1. "Indonesia was not a communist government, they loved America, bla bla bla"

Response: The government might not have been communist, but it had the third largest communist party in the world after China and Russia, and Russia was extremely difficult to get into and "only Nixon could go to China". in the McCarthy-era 50's and early 60's, If you wanted to be hip - and safe - communist expatriating from the US, Indonesia was your best bet. So cut the "Indonesia was all pro-capitalist" BS, because that's what it is - BS.

2. "The government hated communists so much they exterminated them all in the mid-60's"

Response: Yes, there was a massacre of communists when the government went through some upheavals. But the communists remained as a powerful underground force, as one would expect when you try to eliminate a party that large. They couldn't (and shouldn't, of course, the massacre was an atrocity ) have massacred them all or even close when a party grows that large in any country. Besides, Obama and his family were taken to Indonesia years before the massacre.
To recap: Indonesia had the largest communist party in the world in the 50's and 60's after Russia and China. US citizens didn't go there for the glorious capitalism that was the American way. They went for the communism. Like Obama's mother. Get it now, kids? 

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BIRTHER BLOGS: Frozen in Time and the Need to Learn New Habits.

This column covers a wide range of problems and potential solutions which will be explored here in-depth in the coming days. First and foremost, however, we need to come to grips with a reality: the days for hoping for large-scale miracles and chatting to each other online about what may and may not be true about the Obama eligibility issue are past. I can tell you exactly when that threshold was crossed, too: when it was publicly determined by the best graphic experts in the world, bar none, that Obama's birth certificate, which Obama finally released after three years of court battles to keep it hidden, is a positively amateurish fake, and that is now no longer opinion - that has been quantitatively and subjectively proven as fact, by democrats as well as Republicans (Mara Zebest, for example, one of the most outspoken critics is a Fortune 500-level graphics expert, author and lifelong democrat).

Fully more than half of polled Americans suspect that Obama' eligibility is in question. We have have gotten that far, and that's huge. But if we don't learn new habits, the opportunity afforded by those poll numbers will vanish.

There is plenty of tough love here, but that's just the way it has to be. Apologies to those who find tough love unpleasant.


Here is a new "Birther Dictonary" established in part by paid Obots working the message boards pretending to be your passionate friends:

"SUPPORT":  Used in a sentence: We must SUPPORT the new rally. Translation: we must sit on our asses in front of the computer at home or work and talk vigorously about it until we feel emotionally satisfied so we don't do anything that might really hurt the democrats and communists. Value in the real world: 2%.

"ACTION": Used in a sentence: Go to all the other blogs and demand action! Translation: we must sit on our asses in front of the computer at home or work and talk vigorously about it until we feel emotionally satisfied so we don't do anything that might really hurt the democrats and communists. Value in the real world: 2%.

Translation: we must sit on our asses in front of the computer at home or work and talk vigorously about it until we feel emotionally satisfied so we don't do anything that might really hurt the democrats and communists. Value in the real world: ZERO.

We have the fact of the fake birth certificate, now. There are many blogs with chat rooms and comments areas in which people can compare notes on getting the word out IN THE REAL WORLD IN A REAL WAY, such as those detailed in the column, below. If your favorite blog isn't using their space and organization to do that above all else, demand that they do so. They need you more than you need them.


The reason for this truth is that for a huge rally to be proportionately successful it requires the media to cover it and the media is controlled by left-wing ideologues like CNN and the networks and the New York Times, and the left-wing mainstream media hates us and will not help us. Period. Learn it. It's no fun but that's the way it is, and unless we want to sit and be petulant until America is destroyed, we better get past that thinking, get off our asses and get the word out on a grassroots basis.


                                                                                                             photo via the Fair Use Act
                                                                            Photo via The Fair Use Act
They hate us and will not help us and will try to destroy us. Period. This has been proven over and over and over. For Christ sake, please learn it - we're running out of time.


                                                                                         Photo via The Fair Use Act

                                                                                                 Photo via The Fair Use Act

For a representative sample of how the left grossly misrepresents us in the majority - and this includes the mainstream press - check out one of hundreds of left-wing articles and posts HERE. This kind of propaganda is well-organized and well-paid-for.

Getting the word out IN THE REAL WORLD, to all of America, is what is needed on an individual basis and can take many forms. This billboard is one of many paid for and put up by conservative internet news giant World Net Daily and it's owner/editor-in-chief Joseph Farrah. This is a superb example of not just chatting online or hoping for big events to save America, but rather putting the message in front of the eyes of all America. WND is in great part responsible for the polls that show that a majority of Americans have doubts about Obama's eligibility, and it's because they put the word out in the real world, not just the internet.

                                                                                                                            Image via the Fair Use Act.

Dr. Orly Taitz Esq, has been a courageous leader on attempting to get the word out on Obama's eligibility from the beginning, and really is one of the foremost de facto leaders in this cause. Having grown up in Russia and having known what real oppression is about, she has been through more than most and recognizes the severe dangers of communism that are upon us as you read these very words. Here are her words on the issue of "birther summits" - meaning single, big rallies and events on the "birther" issue: (presented here via the Fair Use Act)

My thoughts about birther summits (Title links to the full text)

I understand there is an idea of the birther  summit  in a year or so.  I believe we need to concentrate first on what is urgent now: motion to compel subpoena in HI, lobbying the congressmen and senators on the eligibility issues now, as they are doing their town hall meetings. I am telling all of my supporters to concentrate on what they need to do now, (to) make sure they are making a difference now.....
I was part of the Continental Congress. A lot of time and money went on it. At the end, nobody covered it. It was completely ignored by most media. There is a possibility that the summit will be similarly ignored.
On the other hand, when one woman confronted Congressman Mike Castle and demanded answers on birth certificate and he stood there like a potz, (it) was free advertisement of the issue. It did not cost us a cent, it went viral, was seen by millions of people and media. Castle was thrown out of office. He actually lost his bid to Senate to unknown primary challenger Christine O’Donnell.
Let’s concentrate on what works, what is cost effective and what sheds light on the issue now, today.

In the column immediately beneath this one is a list of action steps that you can take right now - this moment - that will counter the mainstream media by making your single - anonymous, if you wish -  voice count as hundreds of thousands and the projection models prove it. All you need do is get the words OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FAKE out to the world.

You no longer need to argue Vattel and the rest of constitutional law because that is moot: Obama's birth certificate is fake, and it's tough to understand how that is not a felony and felon cannot be President, besides utterly - and truthfully - undermining Obama's credibility on a massive scale, and if he goes, so, too, essentially, does the entire democrat party.

This is worth your time.

Now that we have the evidence of Obama's fake birth certificate, you need not argue the points with democrats because there is nothing left for them to defend: silence is their only weapon. Defeat it. You have the power. Right now.

You have been waiting for a hero. Look in the mirror. The hero is you, and you are about to speak with your one - anonymous, if you wish - voice is about to reach millions. Read the column below this one to see how.






Sunday, July 24, 2011


IMO, though we can win the Obama eligibility battle - indeed are winning it -  we have been snookered at every turn, except for a few lucky breaks. The biggest lucky break has been Obama gambling on a fake birth certificate, and it seems to me that if anything, the fake birth certificate is our ace in the hole.

 Why? Because it is something simple enough that everyone - even children - can understand it. they don't have time to learn constitutional law and all the rest of it. But everyone understands, "Obama's birth certificate is fake." 

Image by the author
What can we do that guarantees some measure of success right now, today? Obvious: spread that message. But it means learning new habits and making them habits. We talk a lot to each other about the same details and ideas. That's been good, we have all learned a lot, but we're reaching a point of seriously diminishing returns and now time is running very short.

New Habit 1: Find 15 minutes a day to post "Obama's birth certificate is fake. pass it on" on every site you can think of that IS NOT political: kid's sites, senior living sites, comments sections of Youtube videos, comments sections on news stories that have nothing to do with politics. People who blog politics have made up their minds. It's the rest of America we need to reach. We will seem annoying and even impolite placing an out-of-context message where it is not wanted, but if we don't, no one will find out because the media will not invite us to discuss it. So we need to be party crashers. For every 5 - 10 people who dismiss it, one will look into it and learn the truth and pass it on. That effect will roll on into millions before long, but we need to collectively push hard enough now to get the ball rolling. Please do.

Remember, we are not alone (image used per the Fair Use Act):

New Habit 2: Modestly Stamp or write "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE"  on money. Let no one tell you it is illegal - that's bull. As long as you don't scribble so much that you literally destroy the bill it's legal. The gov center for disease control uses Where's George money stamping models to predict the spread of infectious diseases - that's how legal it is. Click here to go to the Fox News story(stories) that proves it . Please do it today. Stamp kits can be bought for under$25.00 at any office supply store. Your own individual efforts will reach millions in no time. You cannot stop the flow of money. Literally. Your message goes where the money goes and no one can stop it.

 Image by the author

 Image per the Fair Use Act

New Habit 3: Put up signs and fliers. They will be taken down very quickly. But in that time hundreds will see it. Then put another back up again. It feels futile because you are getting no feedback and having them taken down feels like rejection. However, the reality is you are getting the word out ultimately to many thousands who would not otherwise know.

 Image by the author & per Fair Use Act
We can do this. The media silence covering this issue is extremely fragile now. Do your part and break it to pieces.

This Nov is likely to prove to be a do-or-die turning point politically on the eligibility issue. Public pressure forced Obama to play the forgery hand. If the majority of the population go from merely suspecting all is not right with Obama's nativity story to KNOWING he is not eligible, he and democrats are done politically in the United States for the next 50 years. The alternative is that Obama succeeds in transforming America into a giant, terminally poor and undernourished quasi-European welfare state that will soon run out of welfare money. 

 Images per Fair Use Act, Composite by the author

The stakes could not possibly be higher.


Time is short.

Get the word out.

Painting in public domain, photoshop by the author

Daily Media Watch for Sunday, July 24, 2011

While Obama's birth certificate has proven to be a fake for over 2 months and this constitutional crisis hangs over the nation, and while Obama's reckless financial policies ruin the economy causing real unemployment numbers at Great Depression levels, and while you slept, here are the top 7 news stories the media has chosen to present to you online.

Today's source: Yahoo Home Page

Norway massacre suspect defends acts

Eerie encounter with a whale shark

Inside Amy Winehouse's troubled life

NFL lockout's end appears to be near

Guys' most appalling grooming mistakes

Original 'Batman' cast reunites

You are the new mainstream media. Ask yourself what you did to day to tell America that Obama's birth certificate is a fake.





Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama's Forged Birth Certificate and The History Of Political Image Tampering

When people hear that Obama's birth certificate is a fake, some people (the number is shrinking) shake their heads in disbelief - or feign disbelief - and say things like, "That's impossible', "not in this day and age" and "Not in our country". Those are the same refrains voiced by Russians when Stalin took power, and what the Germans said when Hitler's sadistic rein of terror began (by the way and for the record, Stalin murdered 40-60 million of his own people, Hitler about 7 million, if you're into body counting to score left/right political points. Hitler was also a "Nazi Socialist", meaning the left wing is simply lying when they attach conservatism to Nazism, anyway. Stalin and Hitler were simply variations of the same totalitarian, media-controlling coin, and entirely apart from any free-market, first amendment-loving, free-society conservative notions that have ever existed).

Not only do we now know that Obama's birth certificate is a pathetic fake from the fact that the digital image practically crumbles in your hands upon examination, but there is a long precedent for the forgery used by the highest leaders in the most powerful nations. Those forgeries are what this illustrated post is about, because Obama's forged birth certificate is serious business. As a devout communist virtually by his own admission in his autobiography, the realities of those past forgeries would not be unknown to Obama, and may figure heavily in his thinking. Indeed, Obama's own 2008 campaign art reflects a very heavy soviet propaganda influence in its style:

Here is a short, illustrated historical summery, so people may better come to grips with the reality that faces us today about Obama's forged long form birth certificate by knowing that such things are neither new nor beyond the realm of possibility. All images courtesy Dartmouth edu and the Fair Use Act: 

circa 1930: Stalin routinely air-brushed his enemies out of photographs. In this photograph a commissar was removed from the original photograph after falling out of favor with Stalin. Stalin was just as real and in power and trusted by the people as Obama is now. Think about that.

1936: Mao Tse-tung (right) had Po Ku (left) removed from the original photograph, after Po Ku fell out of favor with Mao. We take these old pictures for granted, as though the leaders created the fakes personally in some semi-real ether, but at the time the orders were as real and immediate as the instruction to create Obama's birth certificate forgery, which is manifest. The technology is more advanced today, but the executive process of ordering a forgery from a subordinate is exactly the same.

1937: as can be seen, Hitler had many ways of eliminating those with whom he came to dislike. Remember, someone had to be given the order to remove the figure - in this case, a former friend, Joseph Goebbels - and the job must have been done in the cover of darkness and then released to the press, as was apparently also the case with Obama's forged birth certificate. Indeed, that's true of every example on this page. Why should we believe that Obama, a communist community organizer, should be above the same tactics when the socialist and communist heroes of the past rose to power using the same methods? Should we jokingly dismiss the notion as being "impossible" and because "could never happen in our country"? That reassurance didn't help thirty-forty million Soviet citizens or seven million German Jews.

Not only the bad guys did it. 1939: In this doctored photo of Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King in Banff, Alberta, King George VI was removed from the original photograph. This photo was used on an election poster for the Prime Minister. It is assumed that the Prime Minister had the photo altered because a photo of just him and the Queen painted him in a more powerful light. Stop and wonder for a moment who did the retouching to eliminate the figure, and what they thought when they got the assignment to do it. Maybe the same feeling felt by the forger of Obama's birth certificate? Both are just as real.

1968: When in the summer of 1968 Fidel Castro (right) approves of the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia, Carlos Franqui (middle) cuts off relations with the regime and goes into exile in Italy. His image was removed from photographs.

2004: Remember, George Bush's national guard records, (the Killian documents) released 2 months before the election and calculated to  make Bush look very poorly, were also forgeries and the press said those were real, too. Once the fact broke that the Killian documents were forgeries, famous, 24-year CBS veteran news anchor Dan Rather was forced to resign because of that scandal(hence the alternate term for the scandal, "Rathergate". Rather, an unapologetic, hard-core democrat, pushed the forgeries on the American people hard, later calling the action a "mistake". Others called it an  example of corrupt left-wing American  journalism and intentional dishonest propaganda designed to attempt to throw a presidential election against the Republican). Just because something is unthinkable does in no way make it impossible.

2008, and now we have this:
Click the "play" arrow. Michelle Obama saying that Kenya is Obama's "home country" clear as day. So is Obama lying - or is his wife lying? Both cannot be telling the truth. It's impossible. And if Obama's home country is Kenya as his wife states, then he cannot be a natural born citizen as the law requires of a President and Barack Obama has assumed the Presidency and the power that comes with it illegally. Not maybe. Absolutely.

Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

Think about it.

It's 100% proven. Obama's Birth certificate is a fake. 

Get the word out.

Illustration from Fortune 500 graphic expert and lifelong democrat Mara Zebest's stunning dissection of Obama's forged birth certificate, presented here per the Fair Use Act. 

More Evidence That Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake

The "Reader's Digest"-style version.

World Net Daily has more evidence that the birth certificate is a fake. My own feeling is that a little of it is stretching a bit, but most is solid.  However,  in my opinion it is explained in such a way certain to make people glaze over. It gets too technical. Since this site is about getting the word out, and I know the processes, the following is a Reader's Digest-style version of World Net Daily's excellent investigation so everyone can understand it:

1. Much of this analysis comes from Mara Zebest, who is a nationally recognized computer graphics author and expert with a dozen books authored and over one hundred she has edited. Zebest is a solid Fortune 500 player.

Analysis (illustrations from World Net Daily per Fair Use Act):

1.  The layers window on the right indicate that the registrar's stamp is from 2 different layers, immediately indicating a forgery. Not maybe. Absolutely:

2. The history of the document, embedded in the files contained in the image itself (the forger did not "purge" the layer history before submitting the forgery)- as I reported on the former version of ObamaFake - contains the actual history of the creation of the forgery itself. In this instance, World Net Daily is correctly pointing out an embedded record of deliberate rotations of "pieces" of the picture used in the final forgery.

Here you see the signature was rotated 90 degrees. Look at the window where it says "transform", second from the bottom, and then it says, "Rotate -90 degrees". That means the forger rotated that "piece" of the picture  -90 degrees so it was properly horizontal on the page before laying it down. Once again this is not theory. There is only one explanation for this: the document is a cut and paste forgery. Not maybe. Absolutely:

3. The stamp at the bottom that reads "April 25 2011" was also rotated and placed down (these rotations were probably because the "picture pieces" were likely scanned from other sources and were scanned sideways, so the forger needed to rotate them to place them properly on the page. Once again, read "Transform.... Rotate -90 degrees" second from the bottom in the gray window.

If you want to read the whole World Net Daily article, it's HERE.

However, while the rest of the article is good, my concern is we're getting hip-deep in details while running out of time to get the word out. What is cited above is in itself 100% evidence proof positive that the document is a forgery despite all the rest. That's enough. The history of a graphic piece does not write itself in the computer. It would not say that a piece of the picture had been rotated unless someone had commanded the program to rotate that piece of the picture. This is basic to the point where entry-level students know this. Histories do not write themselves. Period.

Obama's birth certificate is a fake. That is not speculation. That is fact. Get the word out. Hurry.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marco Rubio: The Constitution's Worst Nightmare

Image used per Fair Use Act

As you can see from the cover of National Review, the entrenched Republican elite are clearly prepared to throw the Constitution under the bus for the sake of a promising, handsome young face and well-spoken, articulate salesman of the conservative cause. The problem is, he cannot ever be President, because he does not qualify as a Natural Born Citizen.

Why is this a problem? Because people want him to run for President, and are using his dreamboat candidacy to attempt to establish a constitutional precedent that will, in the short or long term, ruin this country as Obama has ruined it by allowing people whose first allegiance is not to the United States to become its chief executive. I'm not saying Rubio doesn't love America. He clearly does. But love, as they say, isn't enough. If he wins the Presidency, assuming all the stars align, then who is the next guy - a person both of whose parents were Iranian terrorists? If you think that's too improbable, examine Obama's past associations and then look where he is. Who would have thought in our parent's time that a guy with Obama's past associations could get within a million miles of the White House? And that isn't "progress", that is "decay". And it's our own fault for not speaking louder.

While Republican Elites like Bernie Goldberg on Fox News drool over Rubio and say they are "sick of the natural born citizens issue", a terrible reality may be emerging: Rubio sets an implicit and legally defensible standard for Obama to run again as president and he does so by November of this year. That leaves us 5 months to get the word out about Obama's fake birth certificate and resolve the Obama eligibility issue once and for all. If you ever worked hard on this issue, then work harder than you ever have in your life. The media is treating Rubio with kid gloves and you know that's always a bad sign when they do that to a Republican: they only do it when they have something to gain - before mercilessly eviscerating the person, usually after his work is done and he has gotten the primary

And remember, too, that for all Rubio has said, he is still highly untested in the higher ranks enough that he may simply turn out to be another Scott Brown only in Presidential form - a sellout once he is enveloped into the machine. That would mean we scarified our constitution and it's demand for the strictest standard of presidential eligibility for all time.... for nothing.

Raise you voice as loud as you can: Rubio must not even be mentioned in the same breath as the word "President". I like him, and many do, but politically speaking, it simply cannot happen under any circumstances if America is remain remotely politically solvent.