Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marco Rubio: The Constitution's Worst Nightmare

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As you can see from the cover of National Review, the entrenched Republican elite are clearly prepared to throw the Constitution under the bus for the sake of a promising, handsome young face and well-spoken, articulate salesman of the conservative cause. The problem is, he cannot ever be President, because he does not qualify as a Natural Born Citizen.

Why is this a problem? Because people want him to run for President, and are using his dreamboat candidacy to attempt to establish a constitutional precedent that will, in the short or long term, ruin this country as Obama has ruined it by allowing people whose first allegiance is not to the United States to become its chief executive. I'm not saying Rubio doesn't love America. He clearly does. But love, as they say, isn't enough. If he wins the Presidency, assuming all the stars align, then who is the next guy - a person both of whose parents were Iranian terrorists? If you think that's too improbable, examine Obama's past associations and then look where he is. Who would have thought in our parent's time that a guy with Obama's past associations could get within a million miles of the White House? And that isn't "progress", that is "decay". And it's our own fault for not speaking louder.

While Republican Elites like Bernie Goldberg on Fox News drool over Rubio and say they are "sick of the natural born citizens issue", a terrible reality may be emerging: Rubio sets an implicit and legally defensible standard for Obama to run again as president and he does so by November of this year. That leaves us 5 months to get the word out about Obama's fake birth certificate and resolve the Obama eligibility issue once and for all. If you ever worked hard on this issue, then work harder than you ever have in your life. The media is treating Rubio with kid gloves and you know that's always a bad sign when they do that to a Republican: they only do it when they have something to gain - before mercilessly eviscerating the person, usually after his work is done and he has gotten the primary

And remember, too, that for all Rubio has said, he is still highly untested in the higher ranks enough that he may simply turn out to be another Scott Brown only in Presidential form - a sellout once he is enveloped into the machine. That would mean we scarified our constitution and it's demand for the strictest standard of presidential eligibility for all time.... for nothing.

Raise you voice as loud as you can: Rubio must not even be mentioned in the same breath as the word "President". I like him, and many do, but politically speaking, it simply cannot happen under any circumstances if America is remain remotely politically solvent.


  1. I never considered the possibility that Rubio could inadvertently usher in a new Obama term! Yikes! Don't think about it, Marco! Our country is screwed up enough!

    Great blog, Pro. Very insightful, as always!

  2. Yeah, this whole thing with Rubio is bad news. We're losing our minds. What do these dopes not understand about the idea that some people just can't be president?

    Rubio creates another 4 years of Obama? It could happen.

  3. "I never considered the possibility that Rubio could inadvertently usher in a new Obama term!"

    Holy sh*t. It really could happen, couldn't it?

  4. It would even be worse if Rubio won! I believe he could be exactly what we need, a man who would be a President and do the right thing, but that all doesn't matter. NOT an NBC!!! So I hope Rubio DOES do the right thing, not run. The NBC issue, if he won would be over for good.
    We would be open to anything at that point.
    This NBC issue has to be adressed and never be allowed to happen again.
    Now maybe if he jumped in and allowed the protest and then jumped out we would get more understanding from the left regarding the NBC issue!?!?! Wouldn't that be a riot. All the BO believers would take another look at the NBC issue if it might put anyone other then their messiah back in......