Saturday, July 30, 2011


Naturally, the title of this column suggests that when Dr Taitz arrives at the Department of Health in Hawaii, reported to be at 10:00 AM on August 8, with subpoena in hand and a seeming legal right to examine the documents, the DOH will not do what they have unbelievably suspiciously done for ages: find a way to keep Dr. Taitz from seeing it.

          A jpeg image of the birth certificate PDF proven by some of the 
        world's best graphics experts to be an "amateurish fake"

However, there is always the chance that Taitz will be allowed to see the document.  My concern is that because the document Obama released has a potential backdoor qualifier as being a potential "abstract", that the "original" document they may be allowed to see will simply be Round Two of the release of the forgery: different enough to start the process all over again and slick enough after learning their lessons and being taught how it's supposed to look by the analysis of the aforementioned experts that it will leave the issue "inconclusive". This time Obama's people  are certain to have their typeset correct, stamps in place and all the rest (if Taitz is allowed to see anything).

While the experts Irey and Vogt are very good, as I understand the process they will only be able to make a visual analysis. In short, a visual inspection is almost certain to fail to conclusively prove anything unless Obama's resources are much tighter and more restricted than we might guess - in that case he must be having some sleepless nights.

While Vogt and Irey should be there, if I understand the approach they are taking correctly, Orly Taitz is missing the most critical analyst and most important person who could possibly be there: a forensic document analyst of the laboratory/chemical UV light on-site variety. The reason is that the success of this examination won't be based on typesetting or any kind of visual analysis. The proof will be in determining the age and consequent authenticity of the document. THIS kind of thing.



More "suspicious" aspects of the document won't settle anything. Without the press behind us on this we're banging our heads against a wall with "suspicious evidence". This is the President and the press and congress are in full protection mode, that's just the fact of it. This is the subpoena for which we have all waited for 3 years. This is it. If the good Dr. Taitz does not have the proper authority to make a forensic determination on the age to qualify whatever Vogt and Irey determine, that's it. We lose. Not maybe. We lose. Why? Because realistically we'll never get this opportunity again and the press will spin this mercilessly and with sadistic glee against us. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT.

For example, Bill Clinton almost got away with destroying Monica Lewinski for his own political gain after she did little more than be nice enough to service is base desires; It was the DNA of his own semen on her dress that she kept as a bizarre keepsake that forced him to admit his grotesque affair to the nation. We need chemical proof besides what the document says, because it can say anything unless it's 50 years old, and the age then becomes the proof positive.

Forensics experts are everywhere - there is no excuse for this not to be done. 


Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. Katherine Mainolfi Koppenhaver
Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. consists of a staff dedicated to providing professional services in a timely manner in the field of questioned documents.
Integrated Paper Services, Inc (IPS)
Paper Forensics and Age Dating. Testing a Paper's Age-Old Story Using Fiber Science
Geochron Laboratories - Radiocarbon dating for paper
Radiocarbon dating is the principal method for determining the age of carbon-bearing materials from the present to about 50,000 years ago.

THIS scribd article show some of the on-site methods used outside the lab:

Level 2 refers to features to be checked with technical facilities such as: visible light to look at printing quality, traces of substitution or relief effects; UV light to detect UV-fluorescent securities (paper bleaching, fibers, printing) and UV-visible forgery traces (chemi cal eradication); infrared radiation to examine writing inks; reading devices to detect magnetic printing; special viewing systems for retro-reflective securities; reading systems for machine readable devices.

They need someone with chemical analysis and UV forensics experience to confirm the age of the document.

Remember, some of the most esteemed graphics people in the world have called the forgery out as a fake and the media won't cover it. Whatever is done has to be of a caliber that no courtroom could deny the evidence - like Clinton's DNA.  Indeed, the judge may have allowed the examination on the assumption that only an inconclusive visual (and not chemical) analysis would be done, so as to appear fair while ensuring that no judgement against Obama would be rendered.

Dr Taitz says she is busy right now. I beseech her: if she is too busy to organize this with a chemical forensics analyst in 7 days, then she needs the re-schedule. Irey and Vogt will presumably still be there when the time comes and the document no matter how old - if it exists - will still be there, also.

The age of the document must be ascertained or nothing else will fly.



ADDENDUM: I mentioned this to someone active in this cause and they said they had heard that the Obots were publicly boasting that they had gotten their hands on "1961 paper and ink" for a forgery. I think this is absolute BS, probably designed to demoralize birthers and shore up morale among the Obot ranks (Obama's polls are looking pretty dismal right now, though it is interesting to think that Obots would essentially acknowledge that Obama is ineligible by admitting he needed a forgery for which "1961 inks and paper" had been gotten).

Anyway, on the issue of "1961 paper and ink" I'd like to say this:

1. Where do you get 1961 ink? - it's possible, but it needs to be the same kind of 1961 ink as other birth certificates, and you need at least three different kinds: the ink with which the document was printed and two at least for credible variation on the signatures, and these need to match similar documents, such as the Nordyke's BC, a manifest piece of evidence with which it can be forensically compared.

2. Ditto the paper. Maybe 1961 unused paper is around (I doubt it), but it has to be the same kind of 1961 paper. (electron microscopic analysis of the paper weave and decay would tell you that in two seconds)

3. Hawaii is a particular and sometimes unique place. The paper will have absorbed traces from the air which will be uniform to other Hawaiian documents but not elsewhere. So they have to get the same kind of Hawaiian 1961 paper. My feeling is such a thing does not exist. Many things don't exist. I think 1961 Hawaiian document paper in unused condition is one of them.

4. They have to find a way to duplicate the changes in the ink and paper combinations that occur with half a century of aging. When paper and ink combine and age over time, there is a recognizable signature to the chemistry which can be compared to like-date and like-geographic documents. This is simply impossible to duplicate. This is how forgers get caught. That's what chemical document forensics are all about. That one is just a done deal - you can't duplicate this aging process. Period. Impossible.

I wouldn't worry about "1961 paper and ink". That's a weird, anti-birther fantasy. In fact, it doesn't even make sense from a practical perspective.


  1. Excellent points.

  2. So right. Did you email Orly with that ?

  3. Cornelius,

    Won't need to - it's on the way via someone extremely highly placed in this cause. At the top. I'm going to err on the side of protocol caution, and I'll leave it at that.

    Maybe I'll leave a link on her site anyway, come to think of it. Can't hurt. 7 days is not a long time, all things considered.

    BTW, loved you as Roddy McDowell. ;)

  4. Good deal. Hear this, Orly?

  5. Orly is a hero! No one has put themselves on the line like she has!

  6. Pro,

    When you consider what's at stake, it would be shocking if Orly Taitz DIDN'T bring a document forensics expert. All good points. Let's hope they listen.

  7. There seems to be only two kinds of certified forensic document examiners in this country. Those with government contracts who want to keep them ... and those without government contracts who want to get them.
    We need to find a foreign forensic document examiner.
    Perhaps from Britain. I will be suggesting that to the group.
    Paul Irey

  8. 1. They will find a way to deny access to the document for the simple reason that the "document" DOES NOT EXIST, at least not as constituted in the image that the WH posted.
    2. If the typesetting or other artifacts present on the "original" don't match up with those of the image released by the WH, that in itself would be a "smoking gun" indicating hanky-panky with either the subpoenaed document or the online image.
    3. Given Orly's manifest track record of blunders, and with all due respect to her tireless efforts (yes, I've donated at her site), the likelihood is that the requisite paper/ink/aging experts will not be in attendance, should an "original" document, against astronomical odds,
    even be presented.

    FORE! (4). A larger, even more critical question we have to ask ourselves is, why aren't there hordes (whoreds? heh) of media personalities, ambitious political up-and-comers, and high-level business and military leaders leaping into the fray on exposing this obvious fraud?? Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins? The George Pattons and Douglas MacArthers? Is the Republic so far gone that there aren't any true patriot leaders left? None? Is Donald Trump really the best we can do now, in the 21st Century? Really? If so, I'm inclined to be bearish on the fate of the future of our Nation.

    That said, WE are the heroes we've been waiting for, as I've read somewhere before ;) and instead of standing by waiting for the Anointed Champion to appear, we've all just got to do what we can, as individuals, every single day to shout the truth from the bill-tops (instead of hilltops) as far and wide as we possibly can. Our fellow citizens CAN have their eyes opened to the bullshit that has overtaken our country. Sometimes they are so deep in denial that they almost have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light, but they CAN BE CONVINCED. It just takes persistence, level-headedness, patience and a firm grasp of the subject matter. It works. I know this well, as I've personally educated several people on the subject, and they are know "in the know", if not overtly active in the cause, as yet. Even if they do nothing more than correct/challenge sheeple that they meet when the subject comes up at random, they'll have contributed.

    There was an excellent, excellent article on American Thinker yesterday on this subject, and how herd mentality factors into the equation. That's what we're up against, and why it is so important that we not relent in our efforts to help our fellow citizens break the debilitating intellectual apathy so many are operating under. The public has been hypnotized by the peddlers of "Hope" and "Change". Somebody has to be the one to snap their fingers and break the spell. We are those somebodies. Now stop messing around, get off your arses and *DO* something, anything (LEGAL) to end this national nightmare.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?'

  9. ******** OF NOTE**************

    anonymous said...

    There seems to be only two kinds of certified forensic document examiners in this country. Those with government contracts who want to keep them ... and those without government contracts who want to get them. We need to find a foreign forensic document examiner. Perhaps from Britain. I will be suggesting that to the group.
    Paul Irey

    If you are wondering, yes, this is the real Paul Irey, the graphics specialist who has been written up in World Net daily. I feel confident of that that because Dr. Corsi informed that that he was forwarding my concerns to Irey, and I received a CC of the e-mail. FYI

    Do know, however, that I will not be reporting anything that I feel is sensitive on the issue. Also FYI. We telegraph too much to the opposition as it is.

  10. It is odd we have no Bernstein types, but this is 2011 and we do have the internet warriors! Books are becoming extinct, Newspapers too.
    The internet , as long as it remains free, is our Hope for Change. The more we can post referances to sites like ObamaFake, the more cash we can get moving in the economy that is Stamped, Obama BC is FAKE, the more we can get people to be open to the possibility that we have forsaken the Constitution, if we do not let this issue go, we will get to the truth. The TRUTH is what matters, transparency when promised and done will set us and our Country free.
    The whole Net Nuetrality thing is anything but Nuetral. So much is going on while the masses slumber in their *hope* that the Gov of the USA will always uphold the Freedom that was and is being fought for. It is difficult to believe, even for me, to get the fact that we have been taken over. A person who has no desire to know these truths never will, unless we get it *in their face.*
    Many will not even look at the issue until there is so much out there that they can no longer ignore it. We are getting it out there!
    I am also passing $5, 10, and $20's. No one will discard a $20! I like the idea of using change machines to deposit bills into, mark 20's get the ones, stamp em and recirculate, change them in too. Ha, could be as fun standing at a change machine as playing in a Casino!
    Stamp, write, blog, talk, risk a few friendships,
    be civil, make phone calls, send letters,and BELIEVE! What we are trying to do is the right thing. When searching for truth anyone who puts up an obstacle to the search has something to hide.
    Gee, didn't bo say something along those lines?LOL

  11. Flotsam Jetsome,

    As always, FJ, your insightful and clever wordsmithery is a wonder to behold. I have a request: should you be interested, and care to do a more formal version of the latter 3 paragraphs of your last post, I'd be pleased and honored to run it as a guest editorial. You get it, and I'd like to offer you an occasional forum, so other people know that a growing number of their fellows also "get it".

    We're winning, but time is growing short if Rubio is now in the mix.

  12. Charlene,

    Perhaps I should make the same request of you that I just made of FJ. Perhaps to be the fully activist site this needs to be, particularly strong voices should be featured.

  13. This is a good idea. PG's blog is really taking off, isn't it?

  14. I'm sorry to say this but Orly will screw this up.

  15. There seems to be only two kinds of certified forensic document examiners in this country. Those with government contracts who want to keep them ... and those without government contracts who want to get them.
    We need to find a foreign forensic document examiner.
    Perhaps from Britain. I will be suggesting that to the group.
    Paul Irey


    Paul Irey,

    These are the times for which the term "burn up the phone lines" was invented.

  16. BTW, whoever is spoken to and agrees to do the forensics needs to be vetted in a hurry before anything is signed; campaign contributions, all of it.

  17. Anonymous@7:17

    Negativism gets us nowhere. Please put that away. We'll have plenty of time to be negative if Obama destroys America. Right now the focus should be to keep that from happening in any legal way possible. Instead of saying Orly won;t do the job well, help however you can to see to it that she does a spectacular job. That benefits all of us. Don't just sit on your ass and complain.

  18. IF bo was not formally adopted (as in Court) by Lolo, using false documents may have had its start then and there. The Indonesian Gov issued ID to all students, as they were supposed to be citizens. Poor thing has been brought up lying to get what he wants. Maybe when finally busted he can blame it all on SAD and Lolo teaching him the ease of falsifying ID...

  19. PG, I totally agree with you :
    - Negativism gets us nowhere.
    - We need a professional forensic expert.

    On the last point, I am 100% sure that, as professional Mister Irey is, he could not pass a Daubert Motion. The reason is he clearly expressed his political views : "Obama is a danger for the Republic", etc... Of course, we all agree with him, but he would be dismissed in a court because they would pretend his testimony is biased.

    Anyway, you have convinced me about stamping bills, I have just ordered a kit.

  20. Charlene,

    "Poor thing has been brought up lying to get what he wants."

    This is funny but I'm hard-pressed to feel sorry for a guy with such an arrogant swagger, dismissive condescension and foul, terrorist associations.

  21. Cornelius,

    I was unaware of the Daubert Motion but I'm not sure it's quite all that relevant, with the greatest respect. It is defined at US com here
    and states

    "A Daubert motion is a specific type of motion in limine. It is raised before or during trial, to exclude the presentation of unqualified evidence to the jury. Daubert motion is used to exclude the testimony of an expert witness does not possess the requisite level of expertise or used questionable methods to obtain data."


    Nothing is included in the definition and descriptive examples to suggest that testimony should be deemed inadmissible due to any prejudice, political or otherwise, on the part of the person giving evidence. I agree that when the time comes to go to trial they should *also* have people who have not made such political statements. Mara Zebest is a superlative example, since as a lifelong democrat, if anything, she almost qualifies as a hostile witness (in short, that's good for our side, because it means if anything her biases should favor the opposition against whom she is testifying, which makes her testimony unimpeachable as it relates to her prejudices).

    Obama's people will try to undermine Irey's testimony as being unreliable, but Taitz should be able to make clear that the evidence Irey is putting forth can be proved OBJECTIVELY, and is not in any way constrained or influenced by the biases of the witness (if all witnesses needed to be unbiased, we would have no judicial system - what matters are the facts).

    "Anyway, you have convinced me about stamping bills, I have just ordered a kit. '

    Now THIS is important! Thank you and welcome to ObamaFake! Great to have you aboard!

  22. Dr. Taitz has a very bad record. All we can do is hope.

    Okay. I will stamp money also. That's not one but 2 more today who are willing to admit it, Proe. It's a good idea.

  23. Charlene and FJ,

    Both great posts! FJ, that was a pretty powerful post!

    Welcome to Pro's site, Cornelius.

  24. Thanks Sharon!
    PG, Ha! I agree, hard pressed to feel sorry for all the things you called him! I do , indeed feel a little sorry for the girls though. Having the parents they do, having to look at them,be indoctrinated in the commie way, have a fat a$$ mom telling your peers what to eat,etc. I just can't imagine an Ozzie and Harriet home life happening in that family. The girls are just adorable right now, but in a few years life ain't going to be so fine for them and their illegal alien father. Wonder if he is even the father?!?!?!?

  25. Charlene,

    "have a fat a$$ mom telling your peers what to eat,etc."


    "Now, kids, we're all going to eat healthy....oh look! That jet plane is going to crash! *chomp munch crew slobber* Ohhh, I'm shorree, musht haff been a mushtake. *Gulp*"

    Let's go all the way with this. I agree, the kids are cute and beautiful, and I'm not saying that to be politically correct - they are. But look at what they got as parents: Barack is an arrogant, lying, swishy, obnoxious little snot who thinks his poop is ice cream. Michelle is reputed to be the tyrant from hell to her staff, and her office personnel rolls over faster than the centrifuge of a power plant generator.

    Let's hope with such extremely unlikeable parents, they'll grow up with an unusually objective view of their upbringing and become conservative Republicans.

  26. PG you might want to check Free Repub. This story is posted and in a few minutes people are commenting. You are the expert!

  27. FJ, LOve it! *shout it from the BILLTOPS!* Excellent!

  28. Thanks for continuing to get the word out, Charlene. I'm in no way THE expert - but I *do* know what I'm talking about. Obama's Birth certificate = FAKE.

  29. Hawaii won't comply, Orly will file suit, the media will mock, this will go on forever.

  30. Anon 12:24

    Better to try and fail then to not try at all.
    The more directions that the cries for justice come from the sooner something will happen.
    Roadblocks are everywhere and I believe this admin has a golden GPS, but soon the GPS will even f up! We all feel the frustration, but think back 3 yrs ago, we have come a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way!
    Stamp from *the billtops* and keep the FAITH! Good and Right will win!

  31. There is no birth certificate on file for Obama at the HDOH. That is why they will not comply with the subpoena. And Orly will not be inspecting anything that day.