Friday, July 29, 2011


This column is very short and without illustration, links, suggestions for activism or the like. It is extremely simple and it asks a question which is very similar to World Net Daily's question, Where Is The Birth certificate?

Where Is The Leadership?

As the clock ticks down to a supposed zero-hour for the economy on August 2nd, Obama is doing something unheard-of for a President: he has relinquished all leadership on the issue to the House and Senate.

Granted, House Leader Boehner rightfully walked away from Obama, who, in an ever-increasing demonstration that he is the man-child many have assumed of him, could not bring himself to compromise on the budget. Now, Obama, instead of demonstrating any leadership skills, is simply pretending to preside over a process which has abandoned him and his acrimonious demands and childish name calling. What form does Obama's performance take? He is demanding that the left and right come to an agreement.

Obama has offered no independent plan, no insights, not even a pro-active rallying cry. Just a sour-faced petulant performance, like a lonely and unbalanced old school teacher who has grown to hate her own students, demanding that they finish their homework or they will all have to stay after school for detention.

This is Obama's leadership style. He mishandles our foreign relations, insults our allies and embraces those who seek to murder us, guts our military, engages Marxists to become a part of his administration cabinet,  hides his citizenship, offers a fraudulent document when pressed, and then when he spends the country into oblivion with a stimulus package that triples our debt into the stratosphere, he sternly walks up to the podium and demands that others fix what he has broken.

Our President is a shockingly unsettling case of arrested emotional development - a spoiled and naughty child  -with the power of a super-nation and behavior so irresponsible that it often appears on the brink of madness. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And his dwindling supporters want you to vote for him again.


  1. Words well said.

  2. Another good one! Maybe he practicinghis resignation teleprompted speech????

    Is anyone aware of a Rally in DC next week? Aug 4?
    I want to go, but can not find info.

  3. The man is a figurehead, nothing more. Why do you think they had to literally pull him off the golf course when the Bin Laden raid was going down? He is a pretender in everything he does, and his "leadership" is as fraudulent as the rest of his miserable existence. Sock. Puppet.

    I only seeded one annotated bill yesterday (a $5 on a $2 purchase so at least I got back additional "ammo") and felt kinda guilty about that. Then I consoled myself with the fact that at least I passed one more bill than Congress did! ;)

  4. Charlene,

    I don't know any info about the Aug 4 rally. I think even Pro said he was for that one, because it's on Obama's birthday. But I'm afraid that one might have fizzled. I have heard nothing about the details. Are you in DC?

  5. Charlene,

    I have no info on the Aug 4 rally, either. If they only have a small group of people, I hope they call it off. Not doing it leaves us undefined. Doing it small defines us as small - and we're not! Big or nothing. Not that the media will cover it, but Sharon is right - this is one rally I feel might have done some good, because of the novelty of the birthday connection.


    "Then I consoled myself with the fact that at least I passed one more bill than Congress did! "


    I'm going to do a blog in-depth next week about the money stamping. Undated with more distribution projection models (it is simply unbelievable how quickly that currency moves!)

    I feel Obama may be a sock puppet - or may not be, and the reason I can't decide is that anyone savvy and powerful enough to put him in office wouldn't allow him to screw up at every turn. I think he may be a puppet who never understood his role - and now he's a loose cannon who really thinks that he got into office by his own con-man routine that he equates with greatness. He's an idiot and a Marxist, but even beyond his mysterious past, in my mind, at least, he's a real puzzle. A nasty one, but a puzzle.


    Yeah, I do support the Aug 4 birthday rally, but as you suggest, it looks doubtful from what little most people seem to have heard of it.

  6. Sharon and PG, I am here in DC just a few miles from where that scum is staying at our expense! I was really hoping to get over there Thurs! I guess there will be no cake then huh? CRAP!
    If anyone hears more plz email me I really want to go!
    I will come back for the Birther Summit hope to meet a bunch of you guys!

  7. Pro, some terrific info on your new blog! You are really in your element here! This was a good move!

  8. Hey, Charlene, if you are really in the Beltway, you should hook up with Cao and see what you two can get cooking! Two voices in the house chamber are better than one!

  9. Alexpdf, LOL! I would LOVE to meet her! I hadn't thought about going to Congress. I wonder how to find out if they will be *working*?
    Actually may not be a good idea, I may end up like Theresa, it might be hard to keep my mouth shut!

  10. Sorry for being out of the loop for a bit. My computer went totally belly-up yesterday for reasons yet to be determined, and I bought a new one, which I finally was able to activate today. I was running Norton 360 on the old machine and it didn't indicate anything amiss, mal-wise. Wish I could've paid for the new machine all in ones, stamped. The new platform is a different O/S, and the learning curve is a b*tch, but I'm dealing with it, and hope to come out better off for it. Kinda like PG's new venture.

    Anyone care to take any odds on the success of Taitz' subpoena submission? A couple of august personages have apparently pledged to be physically present when she presents the document on 08 August, which is interesting. Given the track record of officials thus far with a say in the matter however, I'm inclined to to just place my $2 (or should I say $.02) on only Place/Show in this Gayhound dog race.

  11. Charlene,

    Alex gives me an idea: you really are in the belly of the beast. How long will you be there? This is a hell of a presumptive request, I know that and apologize for it, but if you can buy as much as you can with single bills while you're there, put up some fliers, especially at outdoor summer events, you can rattle the congressmen a little and that would help enormously. Those guys, as we know, live in an ivory tower. Their arrogance will allow them to casually dismiss the faxes and e-mails of "crazies" in "flyover country". But if the message is becoming intrinsically part of their immediate environment, that has a different emotional effect altogether. If they feel the issue is encroaching on their daily lives in a way that is manifest in everyday life, that they may take action.

    As an historical media example to learn from, back in the late 1960's, when the old original "Star Trek" was due for cancellation and the letters in support of the show were having a definite but nevertheless not-entirely-convincing effect on the NBC network, producer Roddenberry enlisted the help of uber-fan (I will leave off her name, but you can google it) and she few to NY and snuck into NBC parking lot and headwaters and wallpapered the limousines and Mercedes of executive and even some of the office halls and doors with "Save Star Trek" bumper stickers. This example is extremely analogous insomuch as there is an obvious truth and legitimate desire on the part of a large segment of the population, the powers that be are turning an irrational blind eye, and there are ways to get the population engaged and force the powers-that-be to be mindful(and the network never acknowledged the bumper sticks -probably for fear of encouraging such action - or even the letters, just made a surprise announcement at the end of the credits one night that the show was returning for a second and then third season).

    You are right there in the middle of the decision-makers for an apparently extended period. You have the passion, determination and intelligence. You might also want to go to a local tea party meeting, if anyone is having such a thing and if you can find a few kindred souls you feel you can trust, educate them on why the money stamping IS legal as long as it's done within the law and maybe organize some "save Star trek"-style activities (as long as no one is breaking the law, of course - although it is amazing how much latitude there is in getting the word out without breaking the law.)

    For your own activism, I've been to DC several times, and there are good places - such as the supermarkets that cater to the inhabitants of Georgetown, where many Congressmen reside - where change coming out of a machine or from a cashier, or a flyer put up on a bulletin board, would get extremely immediate attention. If these guys realize that the "birthers" have entered their ivory tower and are now on the inside, it could have a tremendous impact.

    Sound reasonable from where you see things, Charlene?

    *A senator buys something and of the three bills he gets back, two have "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE" on them. Now that's "*change* you can believe in"!*

  12. Thanks, Ann. Glad to have you on board. I hope you have been doing your trouble-making best, also. :)

  13. F/J,

    Orly needs more than the two guys she's bringing along. She needs someone who can do a chemical absorption test on the document. More about that in another post later. If she can really get what they claim will be an "original", she needs to be dead certain of the age.

    Not that I think the BC exists and Hawaii will take a chance on a fake - they'll do something to get out of it, but in the event they are as brazen as Obama, they need to be able to prove the fake IS a fake. The guys guys going are very good, but she needs someone to do a chemical test on the ink and paper. That will cerement the facts. You can fake everything else, but you can't fake the actual results of a legit chemical absorption test for age. Only God and time can yield the proper manifestations.

    We're winning this thing. We're going to win.

  14. FJ, I am not a good gambler, ut if I had to guess what will happen I am guessing Orly (God Bless her)will show up at 9:50 and be gretted by some motion to squash her attempt. Then she will file a contempt motion, HI will file a Protective type motion, then it will go on and on. It is certainly worth a try, but from what I have seen trying to get my ex (an atty) to pay what he owes, this is exactly what he has done and along with continuances has been able to drag the case on for 5 plus yrs. The wheels of Justice..... The law is great, but the LOOPHOLES are well know to this Admin and they will use them all!
    It is great that Orly has been able to get this far, but I fear the bubble will soon burst, when they begin to pull out even bigger guns then she can get around. Sad, very sad, but that is my bet.

  15. PG, First thank you for your confidence! I am here till the 16th as my sister has been ill and will be having surgery. I will spend as many ones as I can and they will be marked and I will get creative as possible!
    My Sis keeps pointing out that she is worried as the people for the most part are very lib (ie BLIND, Deaf,& DUMB) around here. I am not afraid of any of it and will do what I can.
    I think you may be over estimating my abilities, I shall do all I can!
    Funny you brought up the Star Trek campaign. I think it was early 70's. I was attending a boarding school on OH, a good friend was a Trekk fanatic (still is, she even designed the Star Trek machines in Casinos) anyway....... she started a petition to keep it on the air. 25 yrs later a mag , I think Time, did a piece on the show and its survival. On the time line of the show our school, Andrew School, was named on that time line! I have always believed in grassroot power! What you have started here is BIG and what we all are doing has made a differance. I hope you are right, we are in the end game. We will get this Country back.
    Will be looking into the visit to Congress and definately see what Tea Party meetings may be happening, check Meet up etc. Anxious to meet more Patriots!
    Together we are making a differance! Thank you for this forum!

  16. "I will spend as many ones as I can and they will be marked and I will get creative as possible!"

    GIMMIE A "C".... GIMMIE AN "H"....!


  17. Charlene,

    "My Sis keeps pointing out that she is worried as the people for the most part are very lib"

    How did she mean this? At first I though being a lib she was concerned about Obama's re-election chances, and then I figured maybe she was concerned for you because of your activism. That's a disquieting thought coming from the political wing that always fought for the regular guy's right to stand in the street and curse their oppressive government.

    I for one am not worried. I think a lot of that fear mongering by the left and leftist pretending to be right-wingers is to scare us into silence. The hell with that. The left-wing set the standard for grassroots activism and after 40 years it's time we gave them a taste of their own medicine - patriot style.

    Maybe we an combine the start trek and birther strategies: we can have a picture of Obama with pointed ears and the bumper sticker can read, "I Grok Obama's birth certificate!"

    Or then again, maybe not.

    And I really do think we're at the end-game. Especially now, because political power is what is partially protecting Obama on this issue, and as his dismal poll numbers go, so, too, does his political protection on this issue. The left is tired of defending him, now. They're continuing to do it out of survival of the party. If they see Obama as irreversible damaged goods, they'll turn their backs - and scorn - on him in a second.

    The good thing about stamping OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE" on money and spending it is that the message will remain in circulation for while after the issue is resolved. That's a good reminder about what the democrats are like.

    You've got the spirit of a hero, Charlene. I mean that. Truly.