Sunday, July 24, 2011

Daily Media Watch for Sunday, July 24, 2011

While Obama's birth certificate has proven to be a fake for over 2 months and this constitutional crisis hangs over the nation, and while Obama's reckless financial policies ruin the economy causing real unemployment numbers at Great Depression levels, and while you slept, here are the top 7 news stories the media has chosen to present to you online.

Today's source: Yahoo Home Page

Norway massacre suspect defends acts

Eerie encounter with a whale shark

Inside Amy Winehouse's troubled life

NFL lockout's end appears to be near

Guys' most appalling grooming mistakes

Original 'Batman' cast reunites

You are the new mainstream media. Ask yourself what you did to day to tell America that Obama's birth certificate is a fake.






  1. The media sucks. This is a good illustration, tho. Batman is more important than a ruined nation. Of course.

  2. I noticed that the flags on base here were flying at half-mast yesterday and thought "O gawd, they're honoring Amy Winehouse!"/s Turns out it was ordered because of the passing of former Joint Chiefs Chairman Shalikashvili, but really, the flag should be flown that way (or upside-down) until the usurper has been overthrown and the Contstitution is restored. Game on, Obots!