Friday, July 22, 2011

More Evidence That Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake

The "Reader's Digest"-style version.

World Net Daily has more evidence that the birth certificate is a fake. My own feeling is that a little of it is stretching a bit, but most is solid.  However,  in my opinion it is explained in such a way certain to make people glaze over. It gets too technical. Since this site is about getting the word out, and I know the processes, the following is a Reader's Digest-style version of World Net Daily's excellent investigation so everyone can understand it:

1. Much of this analysis comes from Mara Zebest, who is a nationally recognized computer graphics author and expert with a dozen books authored and over one hundred she has edited. Zebest is a solid Fortune 500 player.

Analysis (illustrations from World Net Daily per Fair Use Act):

1.  The layers window on the right indicate that the registrar's stamp is from 2 different layers, immediately indicating a forgery. Not maybe. Absolutely:

2. The history of the document, embedded in the files contained in the image itself (the forger did not "purge" the layer history before submitting the forgery)- as I reported on the former version of ObamaFake - contains the actual history of the creation of the forgery itself. In this instance, World Net Daily is correctly pointing out an embedded record of deliberate rotations of "pieces" of the picture used in the final forgery.

Here you see the signature was rotated 90 degrees. Look at the window where it says "transform", second from the bottom, and then it says, "Rotate -90 degrees". That means the forger rotated that "piece" of the picture  -90 degrees so it was properly horizontal on the page before laying it down. Once again this is not theory. There is only one explanation for this: the document is a cut and paste forgery. Not maybe. Absolutely:

3. The stamp at the bottom that reads "April 25 2011" was also rotated and placed down (these rotations were probably because the "picture pieces" were likely scanned from other sources and were scanned sideways, so the forger needed to rotate them to place them properly on the page. Once again, read "Transform.... Rotate -90 degrees" second from the bottom in the gray window.

If you want to read the whole World Net Daily article, it's HERE.

However, while the rest of the article is good, my concern is we're getting hip-deep in details while running out of time to get the word out. What is cited above is in itself 100% evidence proof positive that the document is a forgery despite all the rest. That's enough. The history of a graphic piece does not write itself in the computer. It would not say that a piece of the picture had been rotated unless someone had commanded the program to rotate that piece of the picture. This is basic to the point where entry-level students know this. Histories do not write themselves. Period.

Obama's birth certificate is a fake. That is not speculation. That is fact. Get the word out. Hurry.


  1. Thank you for the easy to understand version. This helps!

  2. This is a great website, thanks PG! I've got it bookmarked. Please keep posting on ORYR, Citizen WElls and drkatesview for all to see!

  3. Anon and Saska, thank you! Look for all the forgery evidence from the old site to be back up soon.


    Don't look for me on ORYR. They appear to not want me to post there after I raised my voice in objection to the idea of the "Birther Summit". That after I gave them free art. So be it. It's a big world out there, and that includes Dr Kate, Citizen Wells and... ObamaFake!

  4. The presentation you have makes this all very clear. Thank you.

  5. How can this thing simply be hanging out there and the media ignore it?!?!?!?!

  6. Proe Graphique and World net Daily are turning into a good combination. I found this site through WND and this guy explains the forgery stuff so even I can understand it. Well done.

  7. Good commentary and analysis. When will the press wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I was looking for 0bama's new "made in china" coffee mug to do my Photoshop version and found your site... BTW love the pic of him!
    I downloaded the BC from the WH source right after it was released, and opened it with Adobe illustrator. I'm not that good with AI but I'm sure I'm better than the buffoon that did that piece of excrement!
    And of course it looks fake even to the naked eye!