Thursday, July 21, 2011

ObamaFake Has Returned

 Hello, again.

Well, the old Obamafake was taken down by the prior host for no reason ever given, and I can only assume that people with whom I disagree online were responsible, since the original ObamaFake was humming merrily along until a conflict occured with particular group, and, coincidentally or not, the site was "suspended" without explanation. The terms at this host site are better suited to the blogger, and so this site is expected to stay.

You who knew the old ObamaFake will wonder why the blog format instead of a website. There is a method to the madness. However, the full evidence repository will be up soon.  In the meantime, those of you who know the activism drill can co-ordinate much better in real time in the comments sections of the blog, and it's a better way to throw news and ideas out for everyone to analyze and comment on.

Admittedly, the message of this site is likely to be seen as a threat to every interested party in the "birther" cause except, of course, the balance of the 300 million Americans, more than half of which are now suspicious of Obama's nativity story and therefore, his veracity and probably his legal eligibility to hold office.

The site is a threat to the interested parties because

1. It is obviously unwelcome by Obama supporters who clearly very much do not want this issue to become public knowledge, and are working with the press in the most complicit way since Stalin and Hitler seized control of their state media, only in this instance, the media is willingly complicit. Every time someone now even mentions the issue of Obama's eligibility, a majority of Americans are reminded that the issue exists, and that hurts Obama politically very badly.

2. There seem to be, in my opinion,  individuals and groups in the "Birther" movement who appear to want to seize control of the movement for reasons unknown. They ask for donations. They call attention to their staged events and often claim theirs will be the "only solution". In this person's opinion, they do everything except what this site provides: a way for you to empower yourself in the cause without them and for free.

This is not to say that you should not join them in their efforts. But you can get the word out on your own, too, and that should take precedence over everything. That's the sole purpose of this site without taking a single dime of your money. It's simple. This is about truth.

Here is where we are as of today:

1. Rallies

A. Single, "earth-shattering" rallies have been tried and failed. The ultimate example of this is the 9/12 march, hosted by Glenn Beck from the studio at Fox in which 1 -2 million people hit the ground on Pennsylvania Ave to protest Obamacare  almost 2 years ago and the media put down such a lock-down on the event that few even know that the biggest grassroots demonstration in DC ever even occurred. All "Birther Rallies" have failed. To work, a large rally needs the media to make the public aware of the rally and the media will not do that. The media hates us. The left-wing wants to dance on our graves. Learn this lesson: anything that requires the media to help us will fail. They will not help us. Not ever. Period. Unless someone has a secret plan for ensuring media attention, and if they do they better get off their asses and get on with it right now because there is no time to waste. Otherwise, we need to get the message out about Obama's forged birth certificate without them. The good news is that strategies have been figured out that will work. We just need to get as many people on board as possible, but even then it won't take many.

B. Tea Party style rally - local across America - is a different matter entirely and are already organized all over the country. Indeed, the tea party led the GOP to the biggest congressional landslide this country has seen in 70 years (you don't hear the media reminding anyone much about that either, do you?). Go to tea party rallies and meetings and hook up with fellow "birthers" to get the word out, including at local rallies. It's grassroots, hometown all the way, people. The "big event" cannot save us. It never has. It never will. You need to save yourself and America. You are the hero you have been waiting for. Step right up and take your place of honor. You deserve it.

HOW (the quick version):

Stamping money legally - it is legal as long as the money can continue to be used as money as in the way of "Where's George"- let no one tell you otherwise ever, because that's bullshit - and this is still a paramount way to get the message of Obama's fraudulent birth certificate into the hands of every American. The distribution models are mind-blowing, and confirmed by Where's George, the dept of the treasury and the center for disease control which uses Where's George model samples to predict the spread of contagious diseases (doesn't sound very "illegal", does it?). A few bills out each week will reach hundreds of thousands in a few months. It's almost unbelievable how many people will see the message with only a handful of participants, but that handful is already working at it. Won't you quietly - or noisily - join them?

Balloon launches have been tried and are successful. We are working with someone now to create an online video to show you just how easy, safe, legal and fun they can be. Don't underestimate what a hundred red rubber soldiers can do in terms of generating overall pubic awareness.Tens of thousands will be reminded of the Obama birth certificate mystery by just an hour of leisurely activity on a beautiful summer day at a park or other private area, including your own back yard.

Business cards which say "Obama's Birth certificate has been deemed fake by experts" stuck on bulletin boards where contracts hawk their services are also very good. That's a very local thing but it works.

Please bookmark this site and otherwise visit every day. This site hopes to have not only breaking news, but original insights, ideas and hopefully original interviews with key players before long. Your visits and contribution to the dialogue is for one purpose only: to keep up momentum and win this battle we have already established to a winning course (more than 50% of Americans believe there is an issue with Obama's eligibility.)  Now we need to push to get the word out about the forgery to close the deal with the American public.

We're winning this thing. We're going to win.

Tell your friends.

God bless.


  1. Welcome back, Pro(e!) I love the new moniker (Proe Graphique! LOL!). Bigger and better than ever! I hope the "semi famous repository" will match the new standard. Great blogs, too! I'm in!

  2. Pro,

    Much better than the old one! That scum will be sorry they screwed with Pro G! Great site, great commentary. EXCELLENT! I'll be here every day!

  3. I saw a post about this at Citizen Wells. Finally, someone has thought of a new approach and angle. That angle is to DO something! What happened to the old version mentioned in the blog? I don't quite understand the history of all this is. I like this blog, tho. Very good.


    WTBF is going on at Birther report? You have been censored?!

    This site is actually better than the old one, pro. Just get the evidence back up and you're better than before. Great post about Rubio, too. That is a bad situation.

  5. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Pro. or is that "proe"? I'm getting good vibes from this site, man. Liking it. I'm looking forward to all the evidence, again. Maybe you could just put it all on the side of the site? Would that work? You have plenty of room for it.

  6. Ahhhhhh! The old crew slowly re-assembles (not that I doubted it). Thank you, folks. We're still missing several from the core and we need more people involved in getting the word out. People are still filling the blogs with talk of "exciting summits" that the media won't cover and therefore will, IMO, render useless and all the hopeless angry blather about "arresting them all". We need to get the word out realistically.

    Thanks for the very kind words.


    "I'm looking forward to all the evidence, again. Maybe you could just put it all on the side of the site?"

    That's a FANTASTIC" idea, except I have no idea how to do it! I do graphics and media, not web design! But the idea of having all the evidence listed along the side of the blog and comments is absolutely superb, if I can only learn how such a thing could be done. I'm looking into it. Great idea! Thanks!

  7. I never even heard about the old obamafake. Someone must think you're a threat and I see why. Excellent work.

  8. I and many others were worried about you for awhile there, bro. Glad to see that you're back, better than evah! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to seeding "subversive" materials. Thank you sir, for your herculean efforts on this critical issue!!!

  9. F/J,

    No, thank YOU for making the effort worthwhile by being a solid activist.

    "Subversive" materials! This is crazy. We're conservative Americans and informing the people that Obama's birth certificate is consider "fringe" while he have a communist no one knows anything about in the White House. This is just way, WAY too surreal to be true. We need to wake up.

    Thanks to Darcy for letting you guys know I was fine. She's a champ.