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Obama's Forged Birth Certificate and The History Of Political Image Tampering

When people hear that Obama's birth certificate is a fake, some people (the number is shrinking) shake their heads in disbelief - or feign disbelief - and say things like, "That's impossible', "not in this day and age" and "Not in our country". Those are the same refrains voiced by Russians when Stalin took power, and what the Germans said when Hitler's sadistic rein of terror began (by the way and for the record, Stalin murdered 40-60 million of his own people, Hitler about 7 million, if you're into body counting to score left/right political points. Hitler was also a "Nazi Socialist", meaning the left wing is simply lying when they attach conservatism to Nazism, anyway. Stalin and Hitler were simply variations of the same totalitarian, media-controlling coin, and entirely apart from any free-market, first amendment-loving, free-society conservative notions that have ever existed).

Not only do we now know that Obama's birth certificate is a pathetic fake from the fact that the digital image practically crumbles in your hands upon examination, but there is a long precedent for the forgery used by the highest leaders in the most powerful nations. Those forgeries are what this illustrated post is about, because Obama's forged birth certificate is serious business. As a devout communist virtually by his own admission in his autobiography, the realities of those past forgeries would not be unknown to Obama, and may figure heavily in his thinking. Indeed, Obama's own 2008 campaign art reflects a very heavy soviet propaganda influence in its style:

Here is a short, illustrated historical summery, so people may better come to grips with the reality that faces us today about Obama's forged long form birth certificate by knowing that such things are neither new nor beyond the realm of possibility. All images courtesy Dartmouth edu and the Fair Use Act: 

circa 1930: Stalin routinely air-brushed his enemies out of photographs. In this photograph a commissar was removed from the original photograph after falling out of favor with Stalin. Stalin was just as real and in power and trusted by the people as Obama is now. Think about that.

1936: Mao Tse-tung (right) had Po Ku (left) removed from the original photograph, after Po Ku fell out of favor with Mao. We take these old pictures for granted, as though the leaders created the fakes personally in some semi-real ether, but at the time the orders were as real and immediate as the instruction to create Obama's birth certificate forgery, which is manifest. The technology is more advanced today, but the executive process of ordering a forgery from a subordinate is exactly the same.

1937: as can be seen, Hitler had many ways of eliminating those with whom he came to dislike. Remember, someone had to be given the order to remove the figure - in this case, a former friend, Joseph Goebbels - and the job must have been done in the cover of darkness and then released to the press, as was apparently also the case with Obama's forged birth certificate. Indeed, that's true of every example on this page. Why should we believe that Obama, a communist community organizer, should be above the same tactics when the socialist and communist heroes of the past rose to power using the same methods? Should we jokingly dismiss the notion as being "impossible" and because "could never happen in our country"? That reassurance didn't help thirty-forty million Soviet citizens or seven million German Jews.

Not only the bad guys did it. 1939: In this doctored photo of Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King in Banff, Alberta, King George VI was removed from the original photograph. This photo was used on an election poster for the Prime Minister. It is assumed that the Prime Minister had the photo altered because a photo of just him and the Queen painted him in a more powerful light. Stop and wonder for a moment who did the retouching to eliminate the figure, and what they thought when they got the assignment to do it. Maybe the same feeling felt by the forger of Obama's birth certificate? Both are just as real.

1968: When in the summer of 1968 Fidel Castro (right) approves of the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia, Carlos Franqui (middle) cuts off relations with the regime and goes into exile in Italy. His image was removed from photographs.

2004: Remember, George Bush's national guard records, (the Killian documents) released 2 months before the election and calculated to  make Bush look very poorly, were also forgeries and the press said those were real, too. Once the fact broke that the Killian documents were forgeries, famous, 24-year CBS veteran news anchor Dan Rather was forced to resign because of that scandal(hence the alternate term for the scandal, "Rathergate". Rather, an unapologetic, hard-core democrat, pushed the forgeries on the American people hard, later calling the action a "mistake". Others called it an  example of corrupt left-wing American  journalism and intentional dishonest propaganda designed to attempt to throw a presidential election against the Republican). Just because something is unthinkable does in no way make it impossible.

2008, and now we have this:
Click the "play" arrow. Michelle Obama saying that Kenya is Obama's "home country" clear as day. So is Obama lying - or is his wife lying? Both cannot be telling the truth. It's impossible. And if Obama's home country is Kenya as his wife states, then he cannot be a natural born citizen as the law requires of a President and Barack Obama has assumed the Presidency and the power that comes with it illegally. Not maybe. Absolutely.

Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

Think about it.

It's 100% proven. Obama's Birth certificate is a fake. 

Get the word out.

Illustration from Fortune 500 graphic expert and lifelong democrat Mara Zebest's stunning dissection of Obama's forged birth certificate, presented here per the Fair Use Act. 


  1. This is scary as shit.

  2. Looking at those communist posters and then Obama's poster gave me a sick feeling and a chill. Even Obama's POSTER looks communist!

    And the point is well made. If all those people in the past had experts beneath them doctor photographs, why should anyone be shy about saying Obama has a doctored birth certificate when the experts tell us it's a a fact and prove it?

    I hope it's not too late.

  3. Amazing article!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Anonymous

    This really IS scary as shit! I suppose we have to know, but seriously!

    Thanks for the nightmares, PG!

  5. How soon we forget. And Obama's relatives seem to keel over at the most appropriate times. History does repeat itself. I agree. This is pretty nerve wracking.

  6. Superb article for perspective on Obummer BC. This is very serious.


    I have been following your remarks on ORYR and Dr Kate regarding the birther summit (bs for short). I agree with you and Orly Taitz. This is the wrong time for making people wait and then have the media make us look like fools.

    I would much rather go on world net daily's alaska cruise, because then at least you get to see alaska and meet Dr Keyes, Victoria Jackson and Dr Corsi. The media will not cover either, so we might as well see alaska. Maybe we'll get to see Sarah Palin while we're up there!

  7. "Stalin murdered 40-30 million of his own people, Hitler about 7 million, if you're into body counting to score left/right political points, though Hitler was also a "Nazi Socialist", meaning the left wing is full of it when they attach conservatism to Nazism. Stalin and Hitler were simply variations of the same totalitarian, media-controlling coin, and entirely apart from any free-market, 1st-amendment-loving, free-society conservative notions known to have existed"


  8. The left wing media also ran with a fake document: the papers that made Bush look bad about the national guard story. Those were also fake. As long as the records attack a republican and protect a democrat, fakes are fine for the media. Our press has never been so outright corrupt in the entire history of our country. This is what we get for allowing communist journalism professors to flourish in our colleges for the last 40 years, and it has to stop.

  9. Bill,

    Rathergate never occurred to me and I have amended the blog accordingly. Thank you very much for the suggestion!


  11. You nailed it, pro. Fantastic job!

  12. This article is what you would expect from a professional publication, not a blog.

    "Rathergate never occurred to me and I have amended the blog accordingly. Thank you very much for the suggestion! "

    This guy actually listens to the commentators and then changes the content of the blog itself to fit the new information?! That's enough for me. You can consider me a regular. Well done.

  13. This isn't scary. The facts just make me angry. Excellent article, though. Something new for a change. Keep up the good work.


  15. Glad you're back, Pro. Great work!

  16. I disagree with what I have read you said about the Birther Summit, even if it's the same thing that Orly Taitz thinks. But this site is fantastic. It gives the birther movement a real shot in the arm. We need something fresh. Thank you.

  17. Outstanding historical perspective. Thank you!

  18. Proe Graphique - You seem like a professional artist of some caliber but your profile is empty. At least treat us to more artwork!!! This article is really good.

  19. Saw this listed at World Net Daily. People need to remember this kind of history. Obama is clearly a communist who is simply imitating those who came before him. We need more articles like this to remind the world of what we are up against! He is a communist who is ruining America!

  20. The work those guys did with an airbrush 80 years ago is better than Obama's digital fake! ROTFLMFAO!

  21. Obama's hope poster totally looks like communist propaganda posters. Scary.

  22. What will it take to get congress to act? How obvious does it need get to show Obama to be what he is?

  23. Forgeries have also been used to discredit, otherwise, truths. What if Mr. Bush's so-called National Guard records contained truthful information but a forgery was done to discredit?

    Who is going to touch that topic again, ever?

    The truth is the first casualty of war, someone once said. Just remember the war includes those who wiould grow the FedGov and restrict our liberties. The Bushes included.

    Who Knows what the truth is anymore?


  24. Very well written! A great history lesson! So glad I found your new site, Pro!

  25. Hi, Ann, glad you found your way to ObamaFake II Redeux and looking forward to your posts.

    I wouldn't otherwise blow my own horn, here, but this is something you'll appreciate: after less than a week, the new ObamaFake is on the map via the big time as of this morning: World Net Daily has posted a link to this article today under "Column Du Jour" at the bottom of this page, and proud I am of it, too (I'll take being at the bottom of WND's page rather than the top of anyone else's page any day):

    Glad to have you back, Ann. And Alex and GStarz and Patriot and Sharon, etc... I suddenly feel like Mr Rogers....

  26. I never would have connected the idea of these old forgeries to Obama's birth certificate. This is a good article and a good site.

  27. Why would Hitler remove Goebbels? They stayed so close they even committed suicide together.

  28. Pro: Congrats for being mentioned on WND! That is indeed terrific! I look forward to seeing what you do with this new site. Thanks for the time and effort you put in!

  29. Anonymous,

    "Why would Hitler remove Goebbels? They stayed so close they even committed suicide together. "

    I'm not sure of all the historical facts on the relationship between the two.You would have to ask a truly learned historian on the facts - my historian status, as it is, tops out on the graphics and propaganda aspects. Historically, the two pictures are legit. The pictures on this page are minor gold mines, too, because the originals are rarely recovered. Normally, an even semi-practiced eye can spot the retouching. Even when I was a teenager and saw such things in history books you could easily see the retouching, and that's how we have an idea of the volume of retouching, which is significant. These however, show WHO was removed, and that is enormously important, historically.

    From a graphics perspective, it's fascinating, also, by the way. The stone wall insert on the picture with Queen Elizabeth appears to have been simply painted by a conventional brush and actually looks like a cartoon. Just as yesterday's special effects in movies don't hold up today, neither do these forgeries. But the INTENTIONS behind them are important - just like the intentions behind Obama's fake birth certificate - a fake that has now been absolutely proven, The determination of the press to ignore this indisputable fact will go down a one of the great shames of modern American history unless the same people are allowed to write that history, and, if legally possible, that cannot be allowed to happen.

    You can help by dismissing the fear of mockery and telling everyone you know about Obama's fake birth certificate. If anyone mocks you, cite Mara Zebest's credentials and conclusion. That usually leaves people wide-eyed and bewildered - and that's the appropriate first reaction.

  30. Thanks, Ann. Keep telling people to stamp money to get the word out and the rest. We have only a few short months before November, when things really solidify, politically. The fake birth certificate needs to be on the lips of all America before then.

    Thanks for coming aboard the good ship ObamaFake!

  31. Great site, great article. Keep up the good work. Our country must be told of this!

  32. Even if the document is legit (which I doubt, for all the reasons detailed here) Hussein is still ineligible to be President, because he is, by his own admission, of dual citizenship. His dad was Kenyan, a subject of Great Britain at the time. He therefore is not a 'Natural Born U.S. Citizen' and is ineligible upon that basis alone. Morever, it's likely he lost his citizenship status when he was brought to Indonesia to be raised & educated as a child. But however true and valid all these concerns are, in the final analysis, none of it will make a difference, because there is no one in authority with sufficient backbone to raise questions on these matters in the course of an official investigation, nor is there anyone in authority who would attempt to enforce the law in this matter by removing the usurper from office. Face the facts: It is, for all intent and purposes, a 'done deal.' America has been conned into accepting a usurper and a fraud as President, we're stuck with him, and there isn't a thing any of us can do about it. We can complain about the issue 'til we're all blue in the face, and in the end, it won't make a bit of difference.

  33. Anonymous,

    "We can complain about the issue 'til we're all blue in the face, and in the end, it won't make a bit of difference."

    If you mean continuing to complain to each other, I agree. But as Trump and Corsi proved, even the threat of public pressure can have real effect. The congress, press, judges, everything will change dramatically if it becomes a national discussion among the people without the media. remember, no one in the media covered Corsi's book - only blog radio hosts - and it still hit number 6 on the NY Times bestseller list. They're playing dumb but they know we know. All that is required is for the larger America to learn Obama's birth certificate is fake. Then that is the end of this nightmare. Rely on it. This experiment has been tried and proved (and we owe a huge debt to Trump for making the issue legit, by the way, even if he didn't follow it up).

    Public awareness of the forgery will do the trick, now. That's all that's left. Get the word out.

  34. Good info!
    Excerpted and linked!


    Gunny G
    aka: Dick Gaines


  35. Welcome Gunny. Check out today's column. If you like this one, you might like that one, too!

  36. Amazing post! The rest of the site is good, too!

  37. Outstanding. Great site!

  38. I showed this to some friends who think I'm crazy for being a birther and it really woke them up. It looks like they're beginning to see the light, now. People really need to see these kinds of things because we get caught up in the flavor of the moment and lose sight of what is really happening to America. The way Obama's poster looks like old communist posters really freaked them out. That's a powerful comparison.

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    I hope they don't mind me sending people there, but they are offering!

  40. Having trouble understanding *layers?* This helped me....

    Harrison proposes the following thought experiment to understand why the white dots prove the document is a forgery:

    •Imagine a window envelope, of the type used by banks for statements, in which the address of the client shows through a clear plastic window.

    •There are two layers of paper visible to the observer: the envelope and the portion of the contents visible through the transparent “hole” in the envelope.

    •Now imagine taking a picture of that envelope and printing the picture: What was previously the composite of two pieces of paper is now just one piece of paper.

    •With the envelope in hand, the contents could be removed and the bank statement read.

    •With only the picture of the envelope in hand, no part of the statement is visible or retrievable, except the address.

    •Now take just one more step in the experiment: Place a small, opaque adhesive sticker on the transparent envelope window, so that it covers just one letter in the address on the bank statement inside, take another picture of the envelope and print it.

    •On the envelope, you can remove the sticker, and again you can see the complete address. You can still open the envelope and read the entire statement.

    •On this new picture, however, you can erase the image of the sticker, or perhaps cut it out, but you will not be able to see the letter covered by it – the camera cannot capture what it cannot see – and you still cannot get access to the statement.
    How exactly does this apply to the Obama birth certificate?

    Harrison explains:

    •Recall the adhesive dot on the window envelope in the thought experiment: The picture of the window envelope did not have the information under the dot, even if the dot was cut out of the picture, or somehow “erased.”

    •Just as the paper of the envelope, and the adhesive dot added to the window on the envelope, both obscured the statement kept inside, both of the images (dots and background safety paper) obscure the blue background, because both the white dots and the green safety paper are made of opaque color.
    “Now ask this question,” he continued. “How

    Read more: Layered colors ‘simple proof’ of Obama document forgery

  41. Thanks, Charlene,

    As usual I'll offer the Reader's Digest version, because even I want to glaze over on that one.

    Let's make this simpler still:

    Imagine a ringbinder filled with pages of clear plastic instead of paper. On each clear plastic page is a sticker that comprises a piece of the picture. When all the pages lay on top of one another, the picture is complete. Those clear plastic pages with the different sticker on each one are the "layers".

    The professional stamps all the pages flat before showing it to anyone, so it is one immoveable image. Obama's forger left the binder with all the separate pages intact. Worse still, by not purging the history layers, you could say that he left a separate little notebook inside the ringbinder that shows his notes of how he put the forgery together. That's no joke. I mean that literally.

    That's what we have with Obama's fake birth certificate. That's how pathetic it is.

    The fact the press is saying nothing is driving me positively out of my mind, now. It's getting to the point where the heads of A LOT of people I know are ready to explode. Covering this up is absolute insanity. If the press is hoping for a better day to expose it, they can forget it: each day they wait is the day when their own day of reckoning in the eyes of the public will be worse than the day before.

  42. Delphi,

    The same thing happened to me. I showed this to some people and they freaked out a little bit. They realized that things like Obummer's BC could be fake because this kind of thing has happened before in history. The Obummer poster really looks like the first Stalin picture. Does anyone know what Leninas Su Mumas means? If that means "hope and change" in Russian we're f*cked.

  43. Hi, Charlene! Good to see you made it to Pro's new ObamaFake!

  44. Delphi, I tried translators, it does seem to be Russian and may have something to do with Lenin. Sorry, all I could find!

    Sharon, Thank you! It is good to have the site up again!

  45. Charlene,

    I think I have the answer.

    Mumis appears to only be a legit word in Lithuanian, and Lithuania knew all about Stalin. It is the first-person plural for "Mes" which means "We"


    Cognate with Old Church Slavonic мꙑ and Old Armenian մեք (mekʿ).
    [edit] Pronunciation

    IPA: [mæːs]

    [edit] Pronoun


    (first-person plural) we

    SU is in half a dozen languages, but in Lithuanian it means "with"


    So it appears to translate, logically given the history, into

    "Lenin (is) with us (we)"

    Translation source here:

  46. So you think it was Lenin?
    or maybe not the question?

  47. It appears to say, (roughly translated), "Lenin is us". That makes sense - the common worker against the supposedly greedy capitalist and all that stupid nonsense.