Sunday, July 24, 2011


IMO, though we can win the Obama eligibility battle - indeed are winning it -  we have been snookered at every turn, except for a few lucky breaks. The biggest lucky break has been Obama gambling on a fake birth certificate, and it seems to me that if anything, the fake birth certificate is our ace in the hole.

 Why? Because it is something simple enough that everyone - even children - can understand it. they don't have time to learn constitutional law and all the rest of it. But everyone understands, "Obama's birth certificate is fake." 

Image by the author
What can we do that guarantees some measure of success right now, today? Obvious: spread that message. But it means learning new habits and making them habits. We talk a lot to each other about the same details and ideas. That's been good, we have all learned a lot, but we're reaching a point of seriously diminishing returns and now time is running very short.

New Habit 1: Find 15 minutes a day to post "Obama's birth certificate is fake. pass it on" on every site you can think of that IS NOT political: kid's sites, senior living sites, comments sections of Youtube videos, comments sections on news stories that have nothing to do with politics. People who blog politics have made up their minds. It's the rest of America we need to reach. We will seem annoying and even impolite placing an out-of-context message where it is not wanted, but if we don't, no one will find out because the media will not invite us to discuss it. So we need to be party crashers. For every 5 - 10 people who dismiss it, one will look into it and learn the truth and pass it on. That effect will roll on into millions before long, but we need to collectively push hard enough now to get the ball rolling. Please do.

Remember, we are not alone (image used per the Fair Use Act):

New Habit 2: Modestly Stamp or write "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE"  on money. Let no one tell you it is illegal - that's bull. As long as you don't scribble so much that you literally destroy the bill it's legal. The gov center for disease control uses Where's George money stamping models to predict the spread of infectious diseases - that's how legal it is. Click here to go to the Fox News story(stories) that proves it . Please do it today. Stamp kits can be bought for under$25.00 at any office supply store. Your own individual efforts will reach millions in no time. You cannot stop the flow of money. Literally. Your message goes where the money goes and no one can stop it.

 Image by the author

 Image per the Fair Use Act

New Habit 3: Put up signs and fliers. They will be taken down very quickly. But in that time hundreds will see it. Then put another back up again. It feels futile because you are getting no feedback and having them taken down feels like rejection. However, the reality is you are getting the word out ultimately to many thousands who would not otherwise know.

 Image by the author & per Fair Use Act
We can do this. The media silence covering this issue is extremely fragile now. Do your part and break it to pieces.

This Nov is likely to prove to be a do-or-die turning point politically on the eligibility issue. Public pressure forced Obama to play the forgery hand. If the majority of the population go from merely suspecting all is not right with Obama's nativity story to KNOWING he is not eligible, he and democrats are done politically in the United States for the next 50 years. The alternative is that Obama succeeds in transforming America into a giant, terminally poor and undernourished quasi-European welfare state that will soon run out of welfare money. 

 Images per Fair Use Act, Composite by the author

The stakes could not possibly be higher.


Time is short.

Get the word out.

Painting in public domain, photoshop by the author


  1. Good ideas. I never would have thought of the money.

  2. This guy is right. We need to get off our butts and do more. All we do is talk to each other while Obama screws America.

  3. I suppose if we stamp money we can use the stamps for anything, right? We can stamp books, cereal boxes at the store or anything. I'm getting my stamp after work today. Screw the mainstream media.

  4. Wow! I just accidently found you! A post over at Dr. Kates. I was wondering where you went and wtf happenned! Glad to see your back! The site looks wonderful, very classy and easy to navigate.
    Don't forget about the almost free stamps at!!

  5. Hi, Charlene! Thanks for finding this. After being censored over at another conservative site about my view on so-called Summits and the simultaneous hacking/"suspension" of the old ObamaFake, I had no immediate way to reach the people there. If you happen upon Flotsome and Jetsome, please send him this way! He's an excellent general in this battle!

    Try to drive a little traffic here if you can, because every other blog appears to be stuck in Chatsville and hyper-analysis land - old habits - and now that we finally have the material evidence we need to catch Obama on this issue, what we need to do is co-ordinate and be mutually supportive of our efforts to get the word out to America (you're great at that!).

    I'll do an in-depth post on all the money particulars, soon.

    Time is short and the media hates this issue for reasons that are bewildering, because even the left must know Obama cannot ride this issue out until November of 2012. It's our job to get the word out to every American by November of *this* year.

    How about it? Agreed, Charlene?

  6. The work you are doing on this site is important, Proe. I do not see anyone else leading people to actually do something about telling the country about obama having a fake birth certificate. They hacked an old version of this site did they? That's not surprising. All they do is complain that no one else is telling people. I will be doing my part. Thank you for this site and the inspiration.

  7. Will GLADLY do all I can!
    HotlantaMikes post got me here. I had just posted at ORYR so I am guessing a F/J will be here as soon (if?) they post it.
    There have been some great posts at ORYR, but you have been missed!
    OF to FR will try to post your one of your topics!

  8. Charlene,

    Mike knows and posted about this somewhere? Tell him he needs to be in on this discussion!

    I would be *astounded* if OR printed your post! Anyway, this site traffic has exploded since WND linked to the forgery history article, so hopefully F/J will find his way here, too, in time. We're slowly getting the old crew back and seem to be quickly building a community, here, overall, in record time.

    Speaking of WND, I have had a tiny bit of correspondence with J. Farrah since then, also - seems like a terrific guy. Extremely likeable. Nice to know.

  9. I think F/J is on FR too, so hopefully he and many others will find there way here! I am posting links everywhere I go!

  10. You're absolutely fantastic, Charlene! Thanks! It looks as though we're going to be growing into a much bigger community than the old site ever had in record time - 6 days! (thanks in part to World Net Daily carrying one of the columns)

    Please leave a post if you would for F/J and tell him if he doesn't get his butt over here I'm going to misspell his name -- on purpose!

  11. This place is excellent! Classy! Great job!!!!

  12. This money stamping idea on this blog is actually very good. I wonder why no one ever thought of it before or did they? We can tell all of America that Obama's birth certificate is forged, can't we, because everyone needs money. This is amazing in a way. I don't know about a stamp but I'm going to write it on every bill I get.

  13. Incredible artwork and well written. Some big talent here, by the look of it.

  14. Proe,
    I'm here, buddy! F'n-A!! So glad you're back in the mix. I've seeded the better part of twenty bills this week, and have now ordered (or am trying to order- Vistaprint says they can't ship to my FPO address anything over 1 lb, so I'm exploring other options) 500 "business" cards with the relevant language. I KNEW that as soon as the "establishment birthers" (who would've thought such a thing could exist??) tried to silence you, they were messing with the wrong dude. As evinced by the strong response to your fresh offerings, the folks that care, truly care about this issue are tired of the e-echo chambers and want desperately to *do* something, anything (legal) to oust this con artist and his enablers from our government. Viva La Constitution!!!

  15. BTW, in Japanese, my name is Frotsam Jietsum! ;)

  16. FJ!

    Here you are and here I am, too. Some people will find that an enraging combination.

    You know, you are the second person in a day who said they were sick of what I seemed to have coined as "establishment birthers" - the all-talkers. This is extremely good news. That means that there is what many of us suspected - a definite core of us who are sick of all the gab and just want to move and do something.

    Thanks also for qualifying all action as action within the law. I think the guys who run around writing "WE MUST STORM CONGRESS" are either obots attempting to get us to go nowhere by sucking the air out of the room or guys who are just venting because they're so frustrated. But there is always the chance some lunatic really means it, so we need to qualify that, always. Get the word out in any way possible WITHIN THE LAW! I've already had to moderate some real lulus.

    The good news is that things like stamping money like the money tracking games do, with the message OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE, is 100% legal!

    Great to have you here, F/J. That completes a pretty good 48 hours.

    (L@e-echo chambers!)

  17. Flotsam Jetsome,

    I was reading the exchanges between you and pro at the OTHER site. It's wonderful to have you in our growing circle!

  18. Proe, is there any place we can see more of your art?

  19. "The media will filter out the attractive people and show only the eccentrics" is right on the money. They have lied and cheated their way to the top while we were too nice to say anything about it. The pictures you posted of the attractive people look like the tea parties I have been to. Only maybe one-in-one-hundred is wearing something unusual or funny, but liberals look stupid 24/7.

  20. Charlene, we must all do everything we can!

  21. Anonymous@6:16 AM,

    I'll have some more political stuff up in a bit, but time is short these days. Thank you for asking, though.

  22. Delphi,

    The media will always try to make us look foolish until we are the media again. The tea parties I go to are always filled good, normal people. It's the left wing media people who are mentally unstable. Only a sick person always tries to turn the people they hate into monsters.