Sunday, September 11, 2011


As some of you know, ObamaFake started as a simple repository of all the evidence about the fact that Obama's birth certificate is fake. It was hacked and taken down. We've gotten a bit better at protection so a new and vastly improved version is back up. Like this site it is non-commercial and non-profit, and does not even collect operational donations. This is for God and country.



  1. Proe, it's fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  2. Nice work, Proe. That's quite the clearinghouse of info you've assembled there. I plan on citing it to people whom I'm attempting to educate on the fraudulent bc.

    Today's "seeded bill score":
    $20 x 3
    $5 x 1
    $1 x 7

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  3. Thanks. It's not all that aesthetically pleasing, alas, but I was in a hurry to get the info up regardless of the aesthetics, and that in itself was quite a job. Maybe when I step back for a couple of days I'll get in there and give it a classy look.


    11 bills a day. This message is going to get out whether anyone wants it to or not.

  4. Spent sometime last night marking my sons cash. ( he has more then me)He started doing it too, so I did not count but I am sure it was over 100. He will be paying cash at the BMV, nice little Gov agency.....
    Last week I did the same. We had a blast lauging at his humorous comments about what else we could write!

  5. Charlene,

    It makes my heart swell to hear a story like yours - having fun and laughing with your son while doing the work for America. Would could it be that every American household spent their evenings the same way. God bless you for your work and for enjoying it!

  6. Spreading your new post, Pro. Been busy getting new business off the ground. Stamped another thirty C-notes for deposit into ATM. I am available for 9:00 E.T.tonite.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwww gee! Thanks for letting me see that this way, you are correct, it is a good family night!
    Next i plan on using this new sister site to really show my Grandkids what I am always so distracted about! They ask me what I am doing on the Computer all the time, My answer was *saving America* We have spoke about the fact that I am not thriilled with the man, but this will be a great visual for them. Thanks!

  8. I guess we are not doing Monday nights. : (

  9. Charles,

    I had assumed, I supposed wrongly, that any youtube night in which there was a GOP debate was otherwise preempted by that debate. Since I never said it, only assumed, I'll say it now. That said, you guys can always e-mail and work together and I wish you would and/or work with each other more. We're too big for me to be in the center of everything and too small for the larger momentum to carry the activities effortlessly, so I need you guys to to post earlier in the day so when we approach the evening I have some idea of who is doing what.

    I'm expanding the OF internet aspects considerably, and the Evidence Vault, which was only the first part of that expansion, proved to be an enormous amount of work.

    On that site Sharon said the books on the sides were a distraction. Who else from OF thinks the visuals need to be slicker?


    I love the idea of people showing their KIDS what it's all about; the education should never end at the age boarders of too young or somehow too old.

  10. See you have been busy at Bernard's site!
    We all need to sign up at the Repository, some one over there tried mocking it by saying there were only 2 followers. Of course Proe let him /her know it has only been up 24 hrs! Sign up the same as here, unfortunately, the ignorant seem to relate the number of followers to the validity of the site.

    Have been posting links and the reactions have all been positive with many saying they are passing it on. We need to do this! This is one easy to read and understand FACTUAL site that should wake a few even staunch deniers, see the error of their ways. GET THE WORD OUT! It does not matter so much that we KNOW the TRUTH, if we don't shout it at every site we can.

  11. PG,

    I saw your repository - very nice job of framing the LFBC forgery question. The parallel you demonstrated to the initial treatment of Clinton's monica-gate scandal and subsequent perjury by the main-stream / dinosaur / legacy media was compelling. Your repository was linked by somebody to Free Republic (there seems to be a whole lot of very smart people that frequent that site). BHO's/ Barry's/ Soebarkah's new "misinformation website" is a sign that he knows that sharks have a surprisingly good sense of smell. Keep up the good work.

    A fan

  12. Thanks, folks.

    V/R, I'm not so sure I am an advocate of your implication that I am a shark, sense of smell or no -! - LOL - but I understand your beautifully expressed point just the same, and thank you for you kind words.

  13. ***** FIELD ASSIGNMENT *****

    Someone has been doing a good job at getting the word out about the Evidence Vault and that includes to the comment section of USA Today. From the names and writing style I am assuming it is mostly Charlene, but correct me in that if I'm wrong.

    It's time, now, for field assignments. A couple of you are getting assignments via e-mail for obvious secrecy reasons.

    I need the following people to do the following activity:

    Ann, Charles and Priscilla: Your assignment is to get the evidence vault web address to 10 different places each, for a collective total of 30, and post the links to the web pages on which you got the information out on the "Repository Has Returned" thread by Saturday noon, EST.

    Charlene, FJ: 3 different places by Saturday noon, EST, because there is also something else I need you to do.

    The Evidence Vault address is

    That's 36 places total in 48 hours. This should be easily done. if you need to sacrifice the youtube session to do it, so be it - the youtube responses will not take URLs, and the evidence vault needs to make the rounds.

    Charlene, if that has been you doing the Lion's share, then I'm going to ask you to do a little more, because if we try to pro-rate this for everyone, we'll never get anywhere. I'm sure you'll understand.

    Each person who makes 15 as an individual in that time will get a gold star in some place of honor yet to be determined. We're going to start a gold star collection, perhaps at the top of this site.

  14. On the field assignment, if you are uncertain what to say, here is an example


    If you want to cut to the chase on the evidence of Obama's fake according to unimpeachable top-flight analysts, including Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Bush National Guard forgeries got Dan Rather fired from CBS news, presented in a "Reader's Digest" kind of way that's easy to understand, the site link is

    If Obama cannot even be trusted on an issue like this, who is he and who can trust him about anything?

  15. Daily Caller
    5th Estate
    Manning Report

  16. Charlene,

    You did it! Excellent. Give me a day or so to find a place to put the stars!

  17. Watching USDAYOFRAGE on Wall ST. They are all over the world. Peaceful, but LOUD! The police are surronding them to keep the peace, but have redirected where they can be. I saw a police line and a tank, but did not know which city. Maybe Pittsburgh? Quite a few lefties outthere, although they do look young 20 somethings. They do not plan on leaving.

  18. I got this list of Priscilla "Field Assignment" posts via an e-mail, and her permission to post them for her, here. All ten, as requested. Huge thumbs up. Gotta find a place for those gold stars!

    This should actually be a once a week part of our operation. remember, the address is the Evidence vault, not ObamaFake, since the purpose is to spread the word of the fake, and the Evidence vault is the fact of the fake.

    From Priscilla:




    As for me, I'm not some mercurial general, I'm out in the field. A few examples of my own (like I'm not doing enough around here... is this called "obsession"?)

    extended discussion

    extended discussion

  19. Charlene,

    I think the day Of Rage will simply be another Attack Watch: a lunatic convention certain to make the average citizen run as far away from any democrat as possible. They think that a few hundred people with sleeping bags will shut down Wall Street. Pathetic. One rich guy hiring a street sweeper for an hour: Day Of Rage over.

    These people are imploding because they feel the handwriting is on the wall; they had their socialist president, he screwed up and couldn't deliver communism fast enough to outrun 2012. Now it's almost over and they will have failed. They had their big chance and they blew it.

  20. New ss#
    042-68-4425 as a fraud.
    I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.
    SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form

  21. Hey Guys:

    Go over to Facebook and start posting reponses on the Tea Party Patriots page under discussions. The more posts more often the discussion stays on top of the discussions.!/topic.php?uid=93228695778&topic=30666