Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DEAR MR. GOLDBERG ~ The Response You Have Requested Sans The Sarcastic Tone Of The Phrasing Of the Questions

Bernard Goldberg is an extremely well-established journalist with many years in the business, including at major networks. He skews heavily right-wing and is a commentator on Fox News. he's also an anti-birther to the point where he seemingly cannot contain the sarcasm apparently born of his ignorance on the subject of Obama's citizenship issue scandal and lack of graphics expertise required to understand the forgery for what it is: a hopeless fake.

O.F. reader Saska brought this column by Mr. Goldberg to my attention. The link is HERE. Additionally, there is a book being embraced by what Mr. Goldberg normally calls the lamestream media written by a Mr. Woodman that supposedly debunks the fake birth certificate "theory" ( quotes intentional as the forgery is so blatant there is no reasonable claim to support it)

Mr. Goldberg, IMO in an unfortunate, arrogantly sarcastic fashion, writes a series of seeming rhetorical questions to apparently attempt to silence the issue like the lamestream media he claims to reject, an organization for whom he created the term lamestream media, which now appears tragically and ironically self-descriptive. For the sake of fully addressing the issue of Mr. Goldberg's column, I will answer his questions, here.

Do You Believe in the Devil — and a Few Other Questions

Okay class, let’s try an experiment.  Please read these questions and send me your comments.  Trust me, I’m a professional, I know what I’m doing.  I anxiously await your responses.

1. Do you still think that Barack Obama was not born in the United States?

Not all birthers believe that, so don't make generalized assumptions - it's bad journalism.

2. If so, where do you think he was born?  

I have no idea, but it would be nice to know.

3. Do you think the long form birth certificate released a few months ago is legitimate or do you think it’s a fraud. If you think it’s fake, why do you think that? 

I know it's a fake because I have looked at it as a professional, determined that it is, and the best experts to whom I might otherwise turn to advice on the issue came to the same conclusion before I got the chance to ask them.

4. How would you characterize people who believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and that his birth certificate is 100 percent real.   

Simple. I could characteristic them as mistaken. If you want to bait me into insulting them personally I won't do it, and you should be ashamed for the seeming attempt.

5.How would you characterize people who don’t believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and think his birth certificate is a fake?  

Accurate and correct on the second, I have no opinion on the first. Lumping the two together is awful and seemingly designed to denigrate the birther movement. You should re-apply for a job at CBS News - IMO if this is your current journalistic standard they'd be happy to take you back.

6.Do you think Barack Obama is a kind of Manchurian candidate?  That is, do you think he’s a front man for some devious un-American force that is calling the shots and pulling the strings?

What does this have to do with a fake birth certificate? Horrible journalism at its worst, Mr. Goldberg. 

7.Bonus question:  Do you think there is a real devil who is the anti-Christ and who now lives among uso you still think that Barack Obama was not born in the United States?

I'm glad this is a bonus since it has nothing to do with the question of Obama's birth certificate. if you are saying birthers all think that you are mistaken. Not everyone who like pastrami like roast beef. Get with the program.

Here is what I posted to Mr. Goldberg directly, and, for what it may mean,  is my own official response:


Okay, “class”, let me correct a few things, including the otherwise astute anti-birther Mr. Goldberg, who, with respect, is hopelessly out of his depth on this issue. He may be a “professional” journalist (I assume he means journalist when he says he is a professional, since that’s his profession), but he is not a professional graphics and document expert. Period. 

This goes out also to “Dave”, who is making the rounds including his own blog doing a very nice thing for a certain Mr.Woodman’s book by selling it, intentionally or not.

Here’s how it shakes out in a nutshell, and it will all be very distressing to anti-birthers like Mr. Goldberg, so you have fair warning in advance:

1. Probable Cause: Obama has spent 3 years and very large sums of money keeping his citizenship records hidden. This not only includes his birth certificate, but virtually anything else that could identify his citizenship status. This is perhaps to be expected from a guy from Hawaii who has a proven social security number from Connecticut whose political career began virtually on the lap of domestic terrorist Bill Ayres who bragged about creating false identities for his past groups’ operatives by using stolen social security numbers, usually otherwise assigned to dead people.

 2. IMO pathetically, “Dave” and a very enthusiastic lamestream media are embracing this anti-birther book which supposedly debunks claims of experts whose credentials leave that book's author IMO in the dust: Joesph Newcomer says it is almost certainly a fake, and Newcomer is the man who exposed the fake Killian documents that got Dan Rather ousted after 24 years at CBS News. Mr. Goldberg should know this as I believe Mr. Goldberg worked with Dan Rather for years. Mara Zebest has co-authored several hardcover photoshop books that sit on the shelves of every respected professional graphics house in the English-speaking world. These are not “computer guys” like Mr. Woodman’s own folksy self-assessment. These are powerfully accomplished, high-level professionals. 

I have not read Mr. Woodman’s book, but I strongly suspect he does not have an explanation for, in my mind, as a graphic professional myself and one of tens of thousands of graphics professionals who have also examined the document, one of the most glaring aspects of the forgery: the fact that part of the program commands used to create it are embedded in the layers of the forgery itself. In other words, when Adobe graphics software is used in the creation of a document, it keeps a log of the actions in each layer, such as rotate and scale, and these are important for the artist should he or she wish to duplicate a past effect or know where he went wrong. This log is extremely important. More to the point, it cannot write itself; if the software was that sloppy that non-existent logs would be created by scans, it would essentially be worthless.

Just ask true and proven experts Newcomer and Zebest. And about one hundred thousand other graphics professionals.

With respect, IMO I must assume given the status of those with whom he disagrees that Mr. Woodman is of the same caliber as the forger who knew enough to do the job wrong, in the AKA-vernacular, “Jimmy Down The Hall”. I submit that those who don’t believe Zebest, Newcomer, 50-year-typography expert Paul Irey and others don’t know what they are talking about, and should perhaps stick to the expertise of their chosen professions and listen to the expert testimony of those properly-placed to give it.

The evidence is in and damningly conclusive despite the anxious hand-wringing of those who wish the issue would go away: Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. Deal with it. Of course, Obama could put this to rest by allowing a forensic examination of the original, since it has been his probable cause that has created such suspicion before the forgery was released, but naturally he has refused, and in the course of avoiding the issue, created a much more immediate question: who committed the apparent felony by creating a forgery – something else that will eventually force Obama to release the original, at some point.

Know it: That birth certificate forgery is perfectly aligned in incredulous-inducing reaction to be to Obama what Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress with Bill Clinton’s sperm on it was to that president: the evidence that cannot be explained away.


  1. Good piece, Proe. Given the huge amount of still-unanswered questions regarding "Obama"'s birth and life narrative, plus the fact of the indubitably fraudulent document posted on White House Servers on 27 April, and in light of the universal governmental and media blackout on these issues, the conclusion seems inescapable that the game has been rigged. Remember when Saddam Hussein used to get 99% of the "votes" in elections in Iraq? Same applies here. There is no way, statistically, that coverage of concerns over his eligibility could be as anemic as it is, unless the fix is in. It's an open secret.

    Seeded 5 bills and a dozen business cards today over my lunch hour.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  2. This blog is truly outstanding. Time after time you hit the nail on the head in post after post. I promise that I'll be reading this blog often. Thank you.


  4. I would love to read or hear Goldberg's response to this, Proe. The word DUH comes to mind. This is post is dead on. How long until the MSM wake up? This is like living in a bad dream.

  5. Very nicely done, PG! Thoughtful and cogent!

  6. Hi Everyone!! When is the next U tube flash mob planned for?
    Anyone available Thursday night?

    Who do you think did the best in the Debate? I liked Perry and Cain. For tonight they did well anyhow. Then again anyone is better than the usurper!

  7. Goldberg and O'Reilly are getting paid handsomely, and will do nothing to jeopardize that. Same can be said of Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and on and on in the Conservosphere. They're perfectly okay with going after the scumbag leftists, but for them to vigorously pursue the eligibility issue and the fraudulent birth certificate might harm their bottom lines. That they just won't do.


  8. An excellent response to Goldberg's sarcastic rant.

  9. Very direct and no nonsense commentary, Proe. You have a talent for turning the tables on fools like Goldberg and turning their mockery against them. Well done.

  10. FJ,

    "There is no way, statistically, that coverage of concerns over his eligibility could be as anemic as it is, unless the fix is in. It's an open secret."

    Absolutely. For anyone to think otherwise is much more of a "conspiracy theory" than anything the birthers themselves (ourselves) have been accused of. Now some guy named Woodman (I think) who calls himself "a computer guy" writes a book presumably debunking the claims that the forgery is a forgery and I see an AP article about it. But not a word about Newcomer's analysis that says it's a fraud, and Newcomer was the man whose analysis of the killian documents got Dan Rather fired from CBS News. A bit more credibility but the guy with, IMO, less credibility, by far gets the AP attention.

    You know, I have never been political like this in my life. I have always seen the guys in both corners huddled away yelling absurdities born of their imagination and figured it was a release for some manifestations of mental illness. I was hoping that Clinton would be politically diminished because he's way, way too liberal for me but I never would have started a "lewinskiFake" website for it - and then it tuned out to be true.

    However this is a totally different matter entirely. The birth certificate REALLY IS a fake. I KNOW it from personal examination of the same file that everyone else downloaded from the white house site. When Newcomer and Zebest and Irey and others speak and write, I understand what they are saying because I know the programs intimately and there is absolutely zero question that they're right. I even recognized it from my own professional perspective: the document has not aged, which is impossible. This is no longer a hypothetical question in the abstract, like, "why wont Obama release his records, he must be hiding something." The birth certificate is manifest - AND IT'S A FAKE. It should be the political story of the century, and one can only assume that it is that scale of scandal that has the left in protection mode and the right frightened of it.

    Right again, FJ, the statistical odds are overwhelmingly against anything but an intentional coverup. And if it is that to save the country from race riots by a tiny percentage of presumably already criminally-minded African Americans, then the reason is utterly unwarranted.


    I want someone else to pick the video tonight. Let's say Ann or Priscilla make the move tonight, since they're good at this.

    Here's what you do:

    Go to Youtube BUT DO NOT YET SIGN IN. Look at the "Most Popular" and "Most Favorited" Check out the comment threads. Most will have postings every 10 to 20 minutes. There is usually one that has posts showing action every minute or less, often every several seconds. Copy the address of that youtube video address. Come here and post it before 9:00 PM and include the name of the video.

    Then cross your fingers you don't wind up there alone. ;)

  11. OK Proe! I will see whomever, wherever @9!
    You are so right the con friggin spiracy is with the people who deny the FACTS about the Fake. They are the loons!

  12. I will try to get in on the youtube educating for a little while tonight. I'm sorry I can't do the picking though. I have some things that I have to get done. I hope that's not lame.

  13. No Anne that is not lame!
    If no one else can I will find something, I think I get how!

  14. This one seems to have younger adults and somew are even thinking! I hope this is an ok pick.....


    9 o clock tonight

  15. Charlene,

    I don't know how you found that fast-moving and well-populated thread without it being a most popular, but you did a very good job. Amazing, in fact. I'm game.

  16. Proe everytime i post it just stops, I have to go out, come back. I don't know why?????

  17. Charlene,

    Sometimes it stops updating automatically. You need to go to the top into the yellow box and click to start the automatic updates again.

    ****** IMPORTANT ********

    Tonight was a wash out but I do believe I saw something happening there. This will sound ridiculous because we're so small, but I think some Obots are on to us and trying to drown out the message. I mean that. The thread was simply flying so fast you couldn't see or do anything, and if you read the posts, they appear to be parts of a discussion but were all disjointed with no substantial posts to connect these posts into a larger, meaningful conversation. Kind of like this:

    "If I do I'll tell you"


    "Anyone see that?"

    "What about the one before?"

    "I see what you mean"

    All responses, but nothing to which they should have been responding. I have never seen that before.

    For the time being I'll be e-mailing the threads immediately before we go on so the obots won;t know where we'll be. There was something going on here, and more to the point, it was emphasized by a post I saw that seemed to really give it all away, that said, "Yeah, like stupid birthers."

    I feel someone has decided to try to silence the message by making the threads impossibly fast, and that means several people working in unison with generic cut and paste messages.(I think the birther one was someone unable to contain themselves professionally). We're going to have the change the nights around and from now on I will be e-mailing the threads and times.

    As FJ says, when you start taking flack, you know you're over the target.

  18. I got on about 9:30 EST. I posted about 30 educational messages. I was ignored. But, I did definitely see the board slow down when I posted. I couldn't find any of you. The posts were mostly flying by.

    And if PG is going to email us our assignments would more of you who are willing to help please give him your email address? Thanks!

    And Charlene: Way to go to find such a fast moving topic! I have never found it as easy as you did. Thanks for doing that!

  19. All~
    Maybe it was too fast moving. I could not keep up, nor find any of you!
    When I found it, it appeared to be young adults who were educated, carrying on intelligently.
    I like the idea of the email Proe,I hope everyone sends their address.
    We will *change* some *hearts and minds* by educating. It is a pleasure and an honor working with dedicated Patriots, who love this Country and are willing to do something,spreading the TRUTH!
    How are the dollars and post its going? I am going to be going to a casino in 2 weeks, will be fun using all marked ones in machines and then taking the wins , marking them and start again! Of course I am only gambling to get the word out! LOL

  20. New idea....report ss#
    042-68-4425 as a fraud.
    I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.

    SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form