Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This great idea from Carolina:

New idea....report ss#
042-68-4425 as a fraud.
I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.

SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form

 I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first because I assumed that too much of a person's own identity would be disclosed by necessity when reporting the fraud until I looked at the form and it turns out that this can be done anonymously!

Check out the screen shot: 


I just did it. It takes 2 seconds. No, it won't spread the news of Obama's forged birth certificate, but it seems certain that Obama is using a fraudulent social security number, and this site is called "ObamaFake", right?   

The link to the form is HERE

Thank you, Carolina!


  1. Thanks for the article....hope LOTS AND LOTS do this....if that happens we will hear about how they are changing the way you report FRAUD....sort of like the way they now assign ss#'s since the exposure of his stolen Connecticut ss#

  2. I have to confess that this was not my original idea, I saw it posted on another site, but I am sure that that person only wants the idea to spread

  3. More ss# infor for those living in the DC area, I believe you can do this also....

    look at Sept. 20 date
    From Linda Jordan, who submitted an affidavit with Obama’s failed e-verify for my case Taitz v Astrue

    the veracity of all the claims and allegations in the articles.
    From Linda Jordan, who submitted an affidavit with Obama’s failed e-verify for my case Taitz v Astrue

    Posted on | September 20, 2011 | 4 Comments
    Submitted on 2011/09/20 at 6:21am

    Orly, In response to my E-Verify Affidavit about Barack Obama’s social security number, several readers have raised a few points repeatedly and I think I can provide some clarification for them.

    1. I was able to do a search through E-Verify on Mr. Obama because Washington D.C. participates in the Self Check E-Verify program and I provided the correct information or otherwise I would not have been able to run the E-Verify check.

    2. The SSN I used is on Mr. Obama’s 2010 Tax Return, it is the number he has used since around 1980. The birthdate I used is the one that he claims.

    3. I did successfully enroll with E-Verify. I figured I would be challenged on my justification for doing so, that I considered myself to be one of the employers of the President of the United States, but I determined that was a gray area and I was willing to argue my standing.

    4. When running Mr. Obama’s social security number I thought I was using the self-service section of their system, not a “self-check” section. Like a lot of people on the internet I did not read the fine print but it never entered my mind that anybody but an employer would have to independently verify the eligibility of an employee or potential employee. The employee or potential employee knows if they are a citizen of the United States or if they are using their real SSN or if they have a work Visa. Why would they have to ask the government to confirm that about them? That would be like the government setting up a website so people could ask them “Do I have brown hair?”. The letter I printed out that says, “take this to the SSO with you” is one I figured an employer would give to the potential employee or actual employee when telling them there was a problem with their SSN.

    5. The “Notice of Mismatch” I received after entering in Mr. Obama’s information was not due to entering in the data incorrectly, or a mismatch between his name and birthdate. If that were true I would have got back, “SSN does not match”. I could have got back “SSA unable to confirm U.S. Citizenship” or “SSA unable to process data” or “SSN is invalid”. But I did not. I got back “SSA does not verify, other reason” which, according to the Social Security Administration manual, (POMS) specifically means “Special indicator present”. Eight out of nine special indicators concern fraud. One is reserved for people who are being stalked so they can go in to hiding and not be pursued by their stalker. Kind of hard for a POTUS to go in to hiding and I highly doubt that Mr. Obama got a new SSN between 2010 (we know it was on his tax return) and now under special indicator # 6. But hey, let’s have a through, independent investigation and prove me wrong.

    6. My final point. As of November 2008 about 46,000 of the 453 million SSN’s on the SSA Numident had Special Indicator codes. (Office of the Inspector General analysis of the Numident data, A-08-09-19099) Only 46,000 out of 453 million were flagged with a special indicator code! It looks to me like it takes a whole lot of suspected fraud to earn one of those flags. And it’s looking very much like the SSN that Barack Obama is using was one of them.
    Linda Jordan

  4. Great idea! If they get swamped maybe they may feel like looking into the FRAUDULENT FAKE!

    In case anyone needs his SS# that he used most recently

    042 68 4425

    DOB 08 04 1961

  5. I did it. Man some of those questions were tough! Born where? Birthday? Race? Place of Birth? Who knows!?!?!?!??
    I do feel like I did a Civic duty though.

  6. PG,

    At least some reporting today questioning LFBC on U.K.'s Daily Mail, Daily Caller, and Fox Nation. The news on Operation Fast and Furious looks very ugly today. I'll take an impeachment any way I can get it.

  7. I filled it out, but...

    This idea has a lot of catch 22's.

    Is Obama's name Barry Soetoro? Is he African or black? When was he REALLY born?

    Also, if Obama really is/was using a fraudulent SSN, shouldn't the SSA already know about it?

  8. Charlene & SR,

    I know, it's hilarious in a way, because one barely knows where to start. His name? Um..... Sobarkah? Race? Place of birth? Age?

    As far as the SS administration knowing about it, maybe, but who knows? Remember who is in charge until the people speak up: country club stye politicians who, let's face it, as usually not really all that bright, and I mean that. If they were smarter they'd be making real money in the private sector, and their speeches have a generally very ordinary level of intelligence to them, and that's after people they hired did most of the writing. Besides governors, who need brains to function, the few politicians I have met personally very clearly had wind whistling between their ears. That's why public pressure is important and that comes from awareness. They need problems to solve on a simple basis: taking decisive pro-active moves on a problem without having the course laid out for them in advance is impossible for them. They haven't got the brains.

    Anon, checking those sites out. Those are good places to put messages about the evidence vault and ObamaFake. Thank you.

  9. Today's bill seeding score:
    $20 x 2
    $10 x1
    $5 x 1
    $1 x 11

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  10. Any debate winners?
    Today i am a Newt/ Cain voter, lots of time left for changes but those two have been consistent and both have great resumes for what we need despaerately!
    I am on a borrowed computer. Once again I broke mine. It was almost brand new too! I slipped while carrying it , we both went flying and the screen is now gone. The one I have borrowd I think i bent the power cord. This has to be computer number 11 or more.... think someone is tellin me to get a life!?!?
    The economy is really pi$$in me off! Now the Peso is worth about 30 cents more than US dollar. Now can't even afford to move there! Pretty scary, I do not ever remember the peso being worth more. Anyone have a mountain get away??? Better mark those bucks and spend em on necesities, I bet prices sky rocket in the next 30 days????

  11. Hello PG,

    Maybe some would like to contribute to Sheriff Joe Arpiao's investigation team into Barry's birth certificate,(and much more I hope).

    If so, contributions can be sent to this address:

    "Those wishing to contribute to the 501(c)3 supporting the Cold Case Posse investigation of the Obama birth certificate are asked to send contributions addressed to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office at: MCSO Cold Case Posse, P.O. Box 74374, Phoenix, Ariz., 85087."


    I am pretty well broke but I am sending a small contribution because I want to be on record as part of this effort to expose the truth about Barry. I do hope this involves a lot more than just the birth certificate...and I believe it will.

    Thank you Sheriff Joe.

    Read more: Sheriff Joe's posse to the rescue http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=347417#ixzz1YmPEXbKr

  12. Tried to submit a Social Security fraud form from the linked SSA website...it allowed me to fill out the form, but when I tried to submit it I was directed to a "page not found" screen and the form was not submitted.

    I think they have blocked submitting if you use Barry's SS number.

  13. If the Tea Party is going to convinced to get on board with the issue of the fake birth certificate, and use it to defeat Obama (the media should have forced him to resign by now, quite frankly, since the document really IS a fake regardless of what the original may or may not show), in the rank-and-file if not in the leaders, there has to be more education and discussion at their Facebook site about it. You can try here and/or start your own threads, too, and be sure to join the discussions on the issue and keep those threads bumped to the top.


    I have a bad feeling that the facebook discussions have been taken over by not-so-stealth Obots; too many people - the same, relentless few, by the look of it - endlessly quoting unber-far-left Ralph Nader and Rolling Stone magazine and demanding anti-corporate this and that. The obots have bragged about highjacking the tea party; it might make sense that this is what they mean.

    Please go to Facebook, take a new account under a new name (use a different browser for that) and join the conversation.

  14. Charlene,

    I admit newt has been giving the best answers, IMO, at the debates. The very best by far. A Gingrich/Cain ticket would positively mop the floor with the competition, and it sounds like the two guys are inching toward some kind of potential tentative agreement. They seem to genuinely like each other.

    Who was that new guy, by the way (missed the first 20 minutes), talking about eliminating the entire IRS income tax structure and replacing it with a flat tax? He got my attention right away.


    Thank you for posting that. People should, if possible, throw a few bucks at Joe's posse, because they can probably use it. I hope WND also continues a lot, because the money spent on the posse might go a lot farther than, with respect to them, a billboard. That posse will need bucks, eventually, because no matter what action they take, Obama's lawyers are sure to try to outspend them in the courtroom - that appears to be the strategy.

  15. John,

    Wow.... the trench they're digging just keeps getting deeper and deeper. There is no way these people don't know what's up with Barry. Just keep pressing the issue everywhere you can - message boards, dollar bills, flyers, Facebook, everywhere, until the greater population gets loud about it. You can sense it happening now.... the extra few late night jokes, etc. The difference between now and Nov of 2012 is us. If we don't do it nobody will - that's clear. Thankfully, we can; the strategies are in place and they work.

    As for me, I'm setting up a version of the Evidence Vault on my Facebook account. Might as well.

  16. "Thankfully, we can; the strategies are in place and they work."

    This is so very true. At the very least, people can get the word out.

  17. This site rocks! Thank you to all the people who put it together!

  18. New Assignment Suggestion!


    You guys know what to do ;D

  19. P.S.

    I suggest you make the petition Proe! Let the "birther" community know all about it!

  20. Yeah, like the obots don't hate me enough. I've already posted birther evidence on the White House's own youtube page stuffing their face in it. I'm trying to get a full version of this site and the Evidence vault together for Facebook. Why don't YOU create the petition and I'll run it as a story and post it here. Then they can still blame the messenger, but at least I don't have to pout in the time doing it. Deal?

  21. I honestly do not have enough faith in my petition writing skills. Plus, the petition has to be written in a way that conforms with TOS. It's tricky, but it should be doable. Plus, keep in mind, I do not consider myself a "birther," so what I would want to write is probably somewhat different than what most "birthers" want to write.

    Well, I at least got the suggestion out there. Anyone want to write the actual petition?

    Must have hit a nerve and lots and lots of people are doing this...

    the veracity of all the claims and allegations in the articles.
    Obama regime is not letting citizens report SSN fraud by Obama, demand a congressional hearing on this issue

    Posted on | September 24, 2011 | No Comments
    dianna burton
    Submitted on 2011/09/23 at 2:43pm

    tried to leave a fraud report and the site crashed.what can i do now?
    tried to leave a fraud report and the site crashed.what can i do now?
    When you write and call Congressman Lamar Smith, chair of the Judicial Committee and
    file a SSN fraud complaint in 2 minutes

    senator Tom Coburn, ranking member of the senate subcommittee on privacy and Orin Hatch, ranking member of the Senate judicial committee, Darrell Issa, chair of the House oversight committee, please report not only crimes, but also the cover up

    1. Obaa’s use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425

    2. cover up by the SSN, where now you can’t go on their sites and check and report

    3. cover up by the selective service. now you can check everyone else’s Selective service, but when you try to check Obama’s you get a message, that it is not possible due to technical difficulties

    4. cover up by the director of helth and registrar in HI

    5. cover up by WH counsel Robert Bauer and Kathy Ruemmler

    6. cover up by Nancy Pelosi in altering the candidate certification wording (removing the words, eligible according to the constitution)

    There should be criminal charges brought against a number of people involved in this most egregious crime committed against this nation.

    Please, send me copies of your letters to your congressmen, your sheriffs, your AGs and governors. One day this will be a historic record. This is our Sodom and Gomorrah. We are yet to find one honest judge, one honest congressman, who will finally stand up and speak up.



  23. That did NOT take long for them to shut down the "reporting" site for ss# fraud...

    Now everyone needs to do the same at

    see if we can shut that one down too!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

  24. Please support my White House petition!


  25. Proe,

    Obamafake really has become the watering hole of activist activity you planned for it all those months ago. You're the only truly can-do guy out there, Proe. It was only a matter of time!

  26. @Carolina

    LOL. I can't imagine why they would take down the form...

  27. This link still works:


  28. Just tried to report stolen ss#....here is what I got...at least it does mention a "thank-you"


    They must be sending these into the "trash"

    Move on to reporting on ATTACK WATCH.COM

  29. One cannot help but imagine that even Obama cannot be so arrogant as to not be nervous as hell behind the scenes. If he isn't, then everyone around him must be nearing panic. In the meantime, all the government agencies are finding ways to shut out the information. They can't possibly be so delusional as to think they can keep this issue off the front burner all the way to November of 2012, can they? Really?!

    This situation is now truly crazy. Imagine if this had been about George Bush. Tom Brokaw: "ThankYouForJoingUsTonightMrPresidentWhyAreYouUsingAPhoneySocialSecurityNumber?"

  30. I am starting to get re-election pleas for $ and campaign helps...

    I have started to return them with the statement of "I will send $ as soon as you publicly address:
    1)stolen ct ss#
    2)fraudulent/fake bc
    3)fast and furious
    4)campaigning with Odinga in Kenya
    5)hidden records
    6)court martial/Levenworth for Terry Lakin
    7)You are guilty of misprison of felony and will be prosecuted with the rest of the criminals..

    Then I stamp it with my currency stamp and enclose the business card I have been leaving around.

    I have even done this with 2 congressmen whose have wives have sent "please send my husband a b-day card" and written the info on the card.

    It may not go anywhere but to the trash, but at least the "letter opener" will see and read it and even THEY must be getting nervous!

  31. NEW IDEA.....not my own, mind you....


    1577 e-mail addresses of sheriffs around the country. Write to them, demand immediate criminal charges brought against Barack Hussein Obama for elections fraud in their locality, for running for the US president, while using forged and fraudulently obtained SSN ID and BC

    There is also an article from WND about Sheriff Joe, but who knows WHEN his posse will proceed. I understood that he will NOT meet with Orly Taitz...hmmmm, now why would that be???

    All emails are listed....should I recopy here? or could you do a "write up?"

    Perhaps sending letter to sheriff and then sending letter to paper and/or congressmen/senator/etc....

  32. The Emperor is naked....The party who has supported him is vanquished. Their credibility has been destroyed.
    Obama is nothing more than an illegal alien.
    The greatest fraud and cover-up in American history has been perpetrated on the American people. The Democratic Party has supported, and been complicit in the cover-up of the usurping of the office of the presidency.
    Bye Democrats...you allowed yourselves to be manipulated by the subversive, radical element in your party. You screwed yourselves.....

  33. Please speak up!
    More pressure...perhaps more cooperation?

    The senators/congressmen KNOW what is going on and they are afraid!!!!
    Read this and weep....then call/write/post...


    by Dr. Orly Taitz. Esq.

  34. lOOKS LIKE EVERYONE HAS BEEN VERY BUSY! Lots of great ideas. I slipped and broke my VERY NEW computer, that is why I haven't been around. Borrowed one, I wonder if barry has a welfare plan for free computers?
    Still circulating dollars and headin back to what Proe calls *the belly of the beast* later this week and will be spending all ones. Did not make it to casino yet, but we are going to try again after my sisters surgery in 2weeks, THAT will be agreat palce to circulate ones and 5's. Hope I win a few thousand and I will get ones and mark all of them! Need to figure out a way to mark my ATM card! LOL
    Good to see ya'all so busy and happily having fun at this!

  35. Link to the form seems to be down. Too much traffic?

  36. The SS fraud website worked OK last night and I submitted another report on Barry's fake SS number.

    Try it repeatedly if necessary, it works sometimes and it feels good to file the report.