Monday, September 26, 2011

WINNING THE BIRTHER DEBATE By Making The “Birther” Message More Efficient.

One of the big problems for “birthers’ is that there is so much that supports their argument that they (we) tend to overkill our responses, and then the impact diffuses and people eventually glaze over. In the interest of effective debating, then, here are some (copy-and-paste, if you want) responses to use (such as Youtube threads, Facebook and the like) Remember, there are still some Tea Party people who don’t quite understand this issue yet or are afraid to speak up. Use these examples to show them the way to use their voices and make this issue count in 2012! Just keep to the most efficient answer. We have the evidence. We need to keep these arguments as clean and surgical, now, as possible, repeated endlessly, so the sharp truth works its was irreversibly into the mainstream.

A doubter can be a friend, relative, congressman, sheriff, obot, anyone at all. These answers are generic and stop obots cold without being rude to friends or potential friends. Use them at every opportunity.

Doubter: Hawaii said they gave the birth certificate to the White House. Are you saying that that official agency would engage in conspiracy?! That’s crazy!


1.     1. If Hawaii’s official status means we must believe them, then all liberals must believe Republican Congressmen and Presidents, because they have more authority than the Hawaiian department of health.

2.      2. It doesn’t matter what Hawaii said or did, the birth certificate is a proven fraud by the most esteemed experts. That’s all that matters. Google Newcomer + Obama.

Doubter: How can the birth certificate be a fraud? That’s only an opinion.


1.      1. It is fact: the history of the program commands that created the forgery were accidentally left in the layers of the document itself, and tens of thousands of people have seen it, including top experts who have put their careers on the line and called it a fake.

2.      2. The experts like Newcomer who got Dan Rather fired from CBS news over a forgery have identified the proof of the fake. It is not an opinion. It is a fact.

Doubter: If this was true the press would be reporting it!


1.       1. The press covered for Bill Clinton when he dragged Monica Lewinsky’s name through the mud and said he never had sex with her. Then it turned out she had saved his sperm on a blue dress. Clinton lost his law license for perjury and was impeached by congress. 

2.       2. The press is left wing. They tried to destroy George Bush with forgeries that were identified by the same expert who has identified Obama’s birth certificate as fake, and the forgeries designed to destroy Bush got Dan Rather fired from CBS news.

Doubter: Obama is president. Get over it.


1.       1. We don’t know if he qualifies but that’s irrelevant. The birth certificate is a fake that is a lie that is a forgery that is a felony. That’s what matters.

2.       2. We don’t know if he qualifies but that’s irrelevant. Obama is lying even to his core supporters. The birth certificate is a lie that’s a felony. That’s what matters.
Send them the Evidence Vault for the whole story told easily enough that they can understand it:

Go everywhere you can, tell everyone who will read and listen. Obama’s birth certificate posted on the White House website is a forgery and as such is a felony using government resources to perpetrate a fraud. These are cold, hard, irrefutable facts, not fiction, conspiracy theory or opinion, like Nixon’s missing tapes and Lewinsky’s dress with Clinton’s sperm on it. We no longer need to talk about Vattel, his father’s citizenship or anything else. All that will come out in time if we stay focused on the one piece of evidence we know for a fact: the birth certificate is a fake that’s a lie that’s a forgery that’s a felony.

You may want to throw in a little mockery of the doubters if they’re hostile or demeaning. As liberals know, a little mockery goes a long way. It’s time to turn the tables in every respect, mockery included. The evidence is ours, and 2012 is ours to lose if we don’t use it. Just ask everyone who remembers Nixon’s resignation speech.

OBAMA'S NEAR FUTURE - If it could happen to these seasoned pros, it can happen to an amateur like Obama:


  1. Seeded only one bill today; my otherwise purchases were of a nature that required card. :(

    "Obama" will be allowed to do any damn thing he pleases until he leaves office, and even then the incoming administration will not touch the radioactive issue of the Elected as Reparations President.
    He's "Too Black to Fail." It's really that simple. How's that working out for you, blacks still on the Democrat plantation who have unemployment rates twice the rates of your white contemporaries?

    I donated to a Black guy (Cain) today. Does that make me a racist? Am I now going to be accused of pitting my own personal "Super Negro" against the DemoRats' "Super Negro" in an attempt to show that while I'm a "birther" and a Tea Partier I'm NOT a racist?? Damned if I do and damned if I don't? I have never personally contributed financially to a candidate's campaign, for any office. Mr. Cain hasn't brought up the birth certificate forgery as yet, but as far as I know he is the only candidate who has raised the issue of Fast and Furious, the gunrunning debacle that SHOULD be the end (at least) of the "Obama" administration.


    I'm still going to

  2. Great info...I like your concise info. Birthers get so upset that they (me) tend to give too much info instead of a few undisputable facts. I hate to be discounted with dirision instead of someone looking at facts, but the kool-aid drinkers can only count on the fact that they only have RIDICULE.

    Here is my current idea...not as frequent to do, but lots of people may see the info in transit.

    I am hopeful that lots of folks are reading and proceeding to instigate with some of the suggestions. I love your ideas....easy, far-reaching, and do-able...I have seeded many stamped currency over the weekend(about 6- $20s, 7- $1s, and 2- $5.

    I have stamped and enclosed the "business card" in the envelope of the PRE-ADDRESSED, PRE-POSTAGE PAID envelopes that come with the request for new credit cards. I did the same with any organization that sent me requests for donations in their PRE-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE (I have to stamp those, but it is worth the 42cents.

    I found 11 envelopes to send from my stack of "junk" mail that was waiting to be shredded.
    I made sure that there was NO pre-printed return address (of mine) then stamped away. Even my hubby thought that it was a great idea.
    I have these "envelopes" going to UT, MI, MD, AZ and more.

    I hope that there are more like me that are doing many things, but don't have time to post or report what we are doing.

    Keep up the good work. And bathe everything with prayer.

  3. Proe and Everyone: I've decided to be a Facebook and Twitter activist. I don't do YouTube much. Let's get together on Facebook!

  4. Proe and Everyone: I've decided to be a Facebook and Twitter activist. I don't do YouTube much. Let's get together on Facebook!

  5. Sorry for the double post above, please delete the second post, Pro. Here's something interesting:

    The Obama Hustle
    The Rediscovered Truth About Barack H Obama
    “The Wormhole” by Peggy Knutson

    I’ve been in a funk lately. Some people seem to think I’m merely a figment of a social media site. Some people think I’m just a joke. Let me be clear, I am neither a figment nor a joke.

    My name is Harrison J. Bounel and I share the Social Security Number of one of the most powerful men in the world, whom I shall refer to only as “The Other One”. I am, however, a mystery, an enigma, a ghost. Who is the man behind this mask? Who am I and where did I come from? What are my secrets? Those are the things I deliberately obfuscate....

  6. The person that runs against him in 2012 can demand he reveal his papers as that person will have "standing" in the courts. I blame McCain for this whole mess as he should've done that in '08.

  7. The obama Social Security card issue is gainning traction and over 1,000 pages of PROOF has been collected and is being organized for submission to the Court system. The Birth certificate issue is being put on the back burner for now, because the S.S. issue has more weight and can go through the Courts faster, because it is an OBVIOUS Case of FRAUD. Best of Luck to all those involved and if you are not aware of the issue about the SS card - I will post info on it shortly.

  8. The "obama Hustle" - Social Security FRAUD -

  9. I managed to seed 26 bills yesterday. I got $160 in twenties out of the ATM (better report me to Ataack Waaaatch for consorting with a known job killer), and it just turned out that I had a lot of small-dollar purchases to make, and I didn't have my stamp with me, so I kept getting change back on twenties for $2-3 purchases. By the time 7 of the stamped twenties had been broken, I had like five $5, 17 $1, a couple of $10 and of course, one of the original $20 bills. I stamped them all and even after yesterday's events, I still had, until lunchtime today ten remaining $1. That number is now reduced by six to only four.
    So, a two day total of 32 notes. 23,000+ will see that message in a year, just for the "effort" of stamping money I would spend anyway. FJ

  10. ACTION TO TAKE...then send a copy to Orly(info below...

    Please submit a voter complaint in each and every state, see below a link to CA voter complaint

    Posted on | October 3, 2011 | No Comments
    Exhibits p1-30 Taitz v Astrue unredacted
    Taitz v Astrue filed motion for reconsideration p1-30
    Taitz v Astrue filed motion for reconsideration p31-60
    Additional Elections Information

    Voter Education and Outreach
    Voters with Disabilities
    Publications and Resources
    Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
    Advisories To
    County Elections Officials
    Voter Complaint

    Please, go to the web site of your Secretary of State, go to voter complaint (see link below on my web site). Fill out a complaint and attach my pleadings and documents showing Obama using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him, as well as a computer generated forgery instead of a valis Birth Certificate. Demand an emergency hearing and a resolution, that Obama cannot be on the ballot in 2012 due to lack of valid identification papers. Send a copy of your complaint to me. You can post it below this post as well in a comment section.

  11. Today's score:
    $20 x 4
    $1 x 6
    $10 x 1

    Speaking of stamping money, something funny happened with that today. One of the four dollars I got in change from Taco Hell was stamped with a cool circular stamp, in purple ink around both of the round bill seals which said "Track This Bill. on it. I went to the site, entered the bill's serial number into their database to update its location, and there was a text window to leave a comment on the condition of the bill and such. I wrote that the bill is in good shape and is also sporting another stamp in red ink, on the left side of George's portrait, which says "Obama's Birth Certificate Is FAKE!" Pretty nifty coinkydink.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?