Thursday, October 6, 2011


ObamaFake participant Carolyn e-mailed me these shots as an indication of her involvement. Her dedication to getting the word out is clear and admirable, and she is using ObamaFake strategies with great versatility and effect. These arrived much after the last thread showcasing Obamafake participant's activities, but Carolyn has given me permission to post them here, as I thought they might serve as an additional inspiration to everyone.

I'm not quite sure why she is listing along with Obamafake's Evidence Vault other blogs but not ObamaFake itself, but so be it. This is about getting the word out. The participants here know which is the most pro-active activist "birther" site on the net. ;)

Great work, Carolyn!


  1. More activity to pursue, it one thinks that someone on Capital Hill will listen:

    A sample letter from a supporter, Truthseeker6. please, sign and mail. Please, forward to all your friends for signature
    Example Letter
    Submitted on 2011/09/29 at 7:35am

    The Honorable Lamar Smith Chair of the House Judiciary Committee
    United States House of Representatives
    2409 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515-4321
    September , 2011

    Dear Congressman Smith; Chair of the Judiciary Committee,

    Thank you for allowing Holt Lackey, your legal counsel, to meet with Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., a truly brave American Patriot.

    Your willingness to read and study her legal pleadings to proceed forward by committing to investigate the issues surrounding Mr. Obama’s citizenship, and the numerous discrepancies surrounding his social security number is of great concern for all Americans. “We the People,’ care deeply about the security of the highest law in our land; the Constitution of the United States, as well as the breach in the safety of our National defense for the position of Commander in Chief of all our Military personnel must never be compromised.

    The pleadings, Dr. Taitz presented to your staff, clearly points out the concerns surrounding the issues in relation to Mr. Obama’s social security number through E-verify; a system that has proved accurate, and used by our government in their participation with this process to assist in determining the legal verification of American Citizenship.

    When an “E-verify,” was checked for Mr. Obama’s information came up to read: “SSA does not verify, other reason,” a statement supported by the affidavit in Dr. Taitz’s pleadings. This indication, according to the Social Security Administration manual, (POMS) specifically means, “Special indicator present.” In that Dr. Taitz learned from her sources that the E-verify’s system noted; “Eight out of nine special indicators concern fraud.” There were a few variables of which Mr. Obama could not have been, “someone in hiding,” to have had this warning. This research continues to substantiate this fraudulent activity, as this affidavit states:

    “In November 2008 about 46,000 of the 453 million SSN’s on the SSA Numident had Special Indicator codes. (Office of the Inspector General analysis of the Numident data, A-08-09-19099). Only 46,000 out of 453 million were flagged with a special indicator code! It looks to me like it takes a whole lot of suspected fraud to earn one of those flags. And it’s looking very much like the SSN that Barack Obama is using was one of them.”

    Sir, you have been placed in this high position for a reason; therefore we now employ you to thoroughly examine, as well as, utilize the provided information. Moreover we request that you invite Dr.Taitz to testify at these hearings, due to her expertise and vast research in this investigation process, what we consider paramount. “We the People of the United States of America,” need our country and the laws of this land upheld and secured, regardless of the consequences.

    Respectfully yours,

    CC: Cynthia A. Schnedar, Acting Inspector General of the Department of Justice
    Jack Smith, Chief Public Integrity Section
    Dinah L. Shelton, Chair of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights

  2. Today's bill seeding score:
    $20 x 3
    $5 x 2
    $1 x 8

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  3. To those e-mailing that the ObamaFake absence from the stamping and the Evidence Vault being listed *beneath* other site names and upside down and so forth is a sly spin and slam at at ObamaFake by people with loyalties to other "birther" boards who may feel competitive and confrontational and may perhaps need to feel like they are the Queen Bees - it could be seen that way, of course and no one can read minds.

    However, this site isn't business for me. I make no money from this nor shall I. Period. No donate button, no advertising, no mugs, cups and t-shirts and hopeless rally tickets at X-dollars a pop. I don't care if this issue is dealt with by them, Corsi, Trump or Peter Pan, as long as it's dealt with.

    Obamafake has strategies no one else is pushing. That's a manifest fact. Therefore ObamaFake serves a purpose. And to those of you with apparent loyalties to other "birther" sites commenting anonymously with supposed evidence of the superiority of other "birther" sites, get a life: it isn't about competition and your comments will simply never get published. I would have thought you would have learned both easily by now.


    And we all know that we have indications that this is working, too.

  4. Oh, no, Pro, are you still having to deal with all that? You have my sympathy, brother. Ignore it. Keep on moving forward.

  5. Love the story and video about exposing Move On.Org
    The websites like ows listed the sponors months ago. MO was one, SEIU, several unions, Code Pink, listed all of them, only name I didn't see was G Soros, but he is responsible financially for all of this.

    Left about 60 bucks in DC ! It always feels so good to hand over marked bills in the *belly of the beast*

  6. Seeded more paper currency...
    4 -$20
    3- $5

    Keep up the great work...all these ideas are truly wonderful. Listing other sites only gives people different options to search for truth...there are those out there that are sacrificing in ways that I can not...(ie. file briefs, run for office, fly to HI, write a book, run a radio show, pay for ads in a paper, keep up a blog/website!)... my efforts of seeding stamped currency and putting out "business cards" everywhere, and the stamping of envelopes that travel thru Post Offices(great idea!) across the country and then land in some office and then having someone pull out a "business card" instead of a filled out form(!) least info is getting out there.

    I appreciate this site as "anyone" can do these ideas and feel like they do not have to sit on the sidelines and watch our great nation collapse.

  7. This is what I have been doing to spread the words in a fun and no cost way -
    send your message in the postage-paid envelopes from junk mails, including the 'surveys' and solicitation for donation from the R and D parties.