Saturday, October 15, 2011


 People have for awhile said they have been having trouble keeping up with discussions here, so this makes sense.

Also, Facebook is closing down the Facebook discussion boards on Oct 31 and leaving only the wall comments, which will essentially close down threaded discussions. I've been on a few of those boards and have put out the invitation to keep the people and threads together and continuing at True Conservative Forums. 

Facebook quietly announces the removal of the discussion boards:
Inside Facebook confirms and more fully explains the result and implications:

You will note that True Conservative Forums is not only pro-birther, but politically general with an emphasis on the elections. By bringing mainstream conservatives onto a board and exposing them gently to the facts of the fake birth certificate which many still do not fully know, we might make additional inroads on the issue as we move into 2012. My own view is that not using a political weapon like a fake birth certificate which is also a lie which is also a felony is tantamount to simply conceding to the liberal democrats. Certainly, they would use such a political weapon against us.

Personally, knowing how the left media operates first-hand, I am suspicious of Facebook closing down the discussion boards essentially one year out from an election in which the democrats are still seen as being in charge and we Tea Party people have been using those Facebook boards to get organized. Especially since there is no equivalent replacement being offered there and facebook itself estimates that 22 million people use those discussion boards.

As with ObamaFake and The Evidence Vault, True Conservative Forums is non-profit.

There is no certainty whatsoever that True Conservative Forums will be even remotely successful. Quite frankly, the odds are heavily against it. But there is a larger strategy here then simply opening up another conservative discussion board, and the potential political  results are very much worth pursuing, so one can only but try. With your help as the Facebook discussion boards close down on Oct 31st and people suddenly look for a continuation to which to migrate, it might just be successful. Please sign up and add your continuing voice on anything political through the end of November and we'll see how it goes.

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  1. To all Orly Taitz supporters,

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    With your financial help, you may be finally able to witness live televised debates between Dr. Orly Taitz, a true patriot, and Diane Feinstein, one of the enablers of Obama, (a.k.a. Soetero, Dunham, Bounel), whom is well on his way to bringing our once great country to its knees. These debates, along with other opportunities to reach possibly millions of people who are in the dark about the eligibility issues, may finally be the silver bullet against Obama’s, (as well as the establishment’s), blatant fraud and corruption.

    Although Orly Taitz is a strong woman, and has sacrificed much on her own, she simply cannot proceed with her Senate bid without the financial support of her followers.

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