Friday, August 19, 2011

YOUTUBE ~ You Don't Need To Make A Video!

All images and names, etc, used via the Fair Use Act as educational illustrations and are not to be regarded as an endorsement of any viewpoint or activity by the people mentioned. All copyrights held by their rightful owners.

I don't need to tell you what this is about. BUT LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF VIEWS: 39,239,001. (I guess was was "the one") Now, if you were to scroll down you'd see this....

This message speak volumes because it invites people to see for themselves - and all anoyone has to do is GOOGLE it and will get a face-smack full of Mara Zebest, Paul Irey, Jerome Corsi and others. Will they get much in the way of opposing views? NO, and that's the beauty of it, because there are very few if any bona fide experts putting their neck on the line for so obvious a fake. Silence is the only option for the left. You can legally smash it to pieces in just a few minutes. In the case of my account, if they click on the name they come to this site (you can link your name too, here, if you like)

Every day hundreds of millions of people log onto Youtube and watch and comment on the videos, a large percentage of which going to the most popular videos. Many get astonishing numbers of hits - 50 million and more. By leaving a copied and pasted message on YouTube, you can quickly tap into an audience of tens of millions of people and be seen by many thousands in just a few minutes by commenting on a few videos. of course, if you have half an hour and want to put the message on twenty or thirty video comment sections and have the message seen by tens of thousands for a few hours or more, that's good, too.

The left has brainwashed the youth by tapping into their world. Conservatives rarely go into enemy ground. We should. We must. It's easy. Before I explain the very easy way to do it, here are a couple of more examples to whet your whistle:

A (Cropped) image from a Taylor Swift video. Why Taylor Swift? One reason and one reason only: People tune in. It does not matter that the post is off-topic. Some people will be annoyed by your posts. (If you are sensitive to the ire of Obots, you're on the wrong board) Victorian politeness in the face of being treated like dirt is what got us Bob Dole and John McCain, and look where they got us. We need to do what the liberals do: we need to get in people's faces in the real world. The good news is that people will indeed Google the message and find out that the press has been lying to them and that Obama 's birth certificate is fake. And then in between fits of rage at Obama and the media, they will likely be grateful, not annoyed (and yes, liberals post anti-Palin remarks and the like off-topic on entertainment video threads, so you're doing nothing all that out of the ordinary except your message will destroy the left when people find out the truth).

As the 56 million hits for this one unremarkable video can attest, cute animal videos are extremely popular. One copy-and-paste post by you taps into thousands of people before the page eventually turns over - to a new comments page - and you can bet when the ACORN/OBOTS find out what we're up to, they'll be turning whatever they can find over as fast as they can by posting new comments like mad to drive whatever you write off the top comments page. Good. Soros pays them good money - let them earn it. But they can never find more than a small percentage of them all - it's impossible.  In the meantime, tens of thousands of people will see your posts every day. And if only 100 people per day Google "Obama's birth certificate is fake" for our collective day' worth of efforts, that's 200 people learning the truth in 2 days, 3,000 in a month for that one day of effort.  2 days is 6,000 in a month. 1 week of activity is 21,000. One month of activity is 84,000. THAT'S OVER A MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR, AND NOT JUST PEOPLE SEEING THE MESSAGE - THIS IS THE SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE LEARNING THE TRUTH AND BEING ABLE TO TELL EVERYONE THEY KNOW. These numbers are probably modest when you consider the number of views every minute you get the picture. And the Obots need to find those posts. They'll find mine because I posted mine here. But I'll be taking out additional accounts they cannot trace. They will have to find yours, too. They will have to tie up huge operations just to silence what you can do in 2 minutes. A handful of us can legally beat their operations to a pulp this way and get the truth known to million for just a few minutes of activity a day. You might even enjoy the videos. No joke. We've been working this out for awhile to see where the stumbling blocks are. This works. This is important. Please do it.

158 million hits. Posts every few minutes, and a small, small fraction post, but most visitors do read. That means for the couple of hours you post can be read on the top page of the comments, your message will reach - ???? Certainly many thousands at least. You have been complaining angrily that the mainstream media has not gotten the word out. Well, this method is even better. YOU are the new mainstream media, an you are getting the word out to the youth who never watch the news anyway. DO IT. They need to know.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps and please do not just satiate your entertainment appetite at this point and move onto some angry blog that does nothing but argue with Obots. Take the time to do this. Once you take 10 minutes to set up an account, you can reach tens of thousands in mere minutes - anonymously - every single day. OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. Now, do you want America to know, or don't you?


1. Take out a new Yahoo e-mail account under a fictitious name if you want to remain completely anonymous. It is legal!!!! As long as you don't knowingly use someone's actual name, it's legal. No one is reading the names like some thought police. Write anything: Joseph Blow, Dick Tater (hat tip to Charlene!) - Yahoo operates on volume and advertising derived therefrom, so they don't seem to care; it's a numbers game for them;  the more the better, so take out several.

2. Go to Youtube and sign up using your new Yahoo account. They will send a confirmation e-mail to your Yahoo e-mail, so leave the e-mail window open to speed the process.Use you new Yahoo identity (kind of like what Bill Ayres did in the Weather Underground, only unlike what Ayres  allegedly did with social security numbers, this just so happens to be totally legal provided you are not intentionally representing yourself as another real-life person, and names like Dick Tator and Bubbles Sashay take care of that possibility. You can even call yourself - First name: Gray, Last name: Alien - They don't care by any evidence anyone I know has ever seen.)

3. Click on the e-mailed link or copy and paste it into a new window.

4. Go to your Youtube profile and settings and disable everything about your fake self so it cannot be seen by the public if you want to play it quadruple-safe (now impossible for anyone to know anything).

Viola! You are now ready to spread the truth to an unsuspecting world! Now type in a popular entertainer's name in the Youtube search and click the "Sort by" drop down and choose "Most hits" or "Popular". Even if a video was uploaded a year ago you'll find the comments are still extremely active. "Newest" video could be anything - a video of some guy doing nothing that only ever gets 10 hits in the whole life of the video, so don't assume newest is best - MOST POPULAR is best. That's where the audience is and those are the people o whom you want to get the message.


NOTE: Conservative message board habits run deep - you will be tempted to go and check on your message and see if anyone responded. Do this only if you have the willpower not to get into an augment with them. They get paid to waste your time, but you don't get paid to allow them to waste your time.  In the time it takes to argue with an Obot who hates you and will never be convinced, you could have gotten the word out to a hundred different comment threads.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Obots often whine like babies to the Youtube admins, and if they manage to connect with an Obot admin, you may find you account suspended for some nonsensical reason, usually, "off-topic posting". This is only a big deal if you are tired or lazy. You can easily take out another account. What I suggest, then, in the name of ease and efficiency, is when you take out one Yahoo e-mail, you take out several, write the names and passwords down on paper and keep it in a handy drawer, so at such point the Obots try to silence you and succeed, you simply pull out the yahoo e-mail list and take out another YouTube account. You may never get suspended or deleted, but take it from someone who had the original entire ObamaFake site "suspended" completely without explanation - it happens. For a Youtube account it's no big deal. Grab you next Joseph Blow yahoo e-mail account and start another Youtube account. In 5 minutes you're back in business while the Obots go crazy trying to silence a truth they know will destroy them.



  1. Brilliant, Pro. Simply brilliant. I'm going straight to yahoo and open up 5 accounts. Thank you. Do not stop!

  2. Me too!
    Well done again Proe!!!!

  3. Count me in also.

    I'm going out of town for an overnight trip, so if I don't check in any further today, that's why. Black Helicopter Dudes will just have to wait until I get back to lay hands on me! ;)

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  4. ( 19, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    I just had a blast getting my new email accts,check this out You can choose from all kinds of .com's. I did one, but is my favorite. After I set up the first one I realized there is no need to even use my real email for verification , they don't do it. So i was pick a password DONE!

  5. Thanks so much for spelling this out to us PG! We can all do this!

  6. I don't know how you think this amazing sh*t up, Proe. Outstanding. I don't know if this helps keep OF open, but if you decide to call it quits, you have given us another amazing way we can communicate to the world. Thank you. I'm doing it tonight.

  7. You're welcome, guys, and thank you, too.

    I am struck by something Alex said, "if you decide to call it quits, you have given us another amazing way we can communicate to the world."

    There is a lot to this. I am extending my deadline for the 12 recruits into next week, but if they don't show up by then, it means they never will. For us in this cause, it should not be a matter of slowly building an audience. If we have to buddy up, cajole, in essence, manipulate, patriots into wanting to get involved with like-minded people who are sick of just debating endlessly with Obots uselessly while the country goes to hell, then the few who are involved here are all there will ever be and I am wasting my time.

    The reaction has been not what anyone who believes in activist, tea party-style patriotism would have imagined. I know that had there been another site like this one that spelled out specific new strategies and was devoted unilaterally to working together to get the word out - there isn't, let's not be cute about it, we all know it (news, talk, opinion and the occasional call to arms is not what this is about) - I would have jumped at the chance. That's why I made it - I jumped at the idea that it might work. The idea that people need to be asked and convinced to get active in a site that promotes just about any legal idea to get the word out simply demoralizes me like you can't believe. It makes me think we are truly sheep. It makes me think that all human beings want to do on average is imitate their heroes, and this means that while the left imitates radicals who did things in the physical world, our side imitates Rush and Hannity who sit on their asses and talk. If that is truly the situation, this country is simply finished - it's lost. I feel that after 3 years of watching the same habits, that's just exactly where we are headed and why. Only the tea party gives me hope, and my gut tells me it's solvency is a tad shaky.

    Once again, I make no money from this - no donation button, no advertising, no nothing, and I have given up making some good money here and there to concentrate on this, which I now regret given the continued downward economic spiral.

    I only hope you guys prove me wrong and get some bodies in here.... Sharon, Charlene, FJ, Ann, Charles - the tiny core (I understand your situation Alex). Obviously, the blow-hards always outnumber the doers by hundreds to one. Most colonists would not fight for this country against the British. I see guys on other boards chatter away like wind up teeth about nothing but never made the jump here to at least support their friends from those boards who were active. So be it. You can't change human nature. But we need more than a dozen or less, because you guys will do what you do if there is no ObamaFake or not. If the people at the other boards daydreaming uselessly for rallies and mysterious people "behind the scenes" who have yet to deliver anything at after 3 years to save them then OF failed because I took the soaring patriotic rhetoric at face value and did not recognize the grim, lazy reality.

    I'm not hopeful, quite frankly, because getting a conservative off his ass without country music and a hot dog dangled in front of him is like trying to talk a dog off a meat truck, and I'm a conservative but the fact is that that's how we tend to be as a collective - we're so sure we're right we never want to do anything to prove it - we're sure talking to each other is enough. And horribly, it isn't.

    I certainly hope you guys prove me wrong and make me eat every word with burning hot sauce on top. But I have to be candid: I'm not hopeful. It may be that withdrawing a little hope because everyone except this tiny core was too lazy to act might be the best message this site could ever send.

    We'll see what happens.

  8. Dick Tater(!),

    That's a very good resource you mentioned. Thank you.

  9. Pro active Pro Graphics! See you on you tube!

  10. I'm on board Pro! You'll see me, I'm right behind, your comments. This is a great idea!

  11. Thanks Charles. Appreciated. Grab someone by the ear and get them pro-active, would ya, buddy? Our side needs a good kick in the ass: sometimes I just can't believe the discrepancy between the defiant roar of the lion and his soft rubber teeth.

    I got the pic by the way. Thank you very much for that. It'll be up soon.

  12. I sent you another email Pro. The link is to a page that has no admin. Obviously you can see the work done there...The page has grown fast, over 20,000 more since I started. I always put your link up as soon as you post. I have my my own page too with almost a hundred followers. FB sucks but it's still an outlet to get the word out.

  13. Charles,

    Thank you for the link and thank you for posting this thread there.

    Reading it, it occurred to me: if we want people to understand that we're on a recruitment drive to get people on board as activists, we're going to have to be blunt: "Activist Anti-Obama site is on a recruitment drive. We need you!" that kind of thing. That way the people who want to argue with Obots won't be disappointed when they come here and pro-active people who may think this otherwise just *is* a place to argue with obots will know this place is for them. Straightforward is the best policy.

    I appreciate the link very much, but if OF is going to fly, we need to get a real recruitment drive going. Maybe that should be the next post, but don't wait for it. If you want to help, be blunt fast. We're looking for recruits to get the word out. Don't be shy. The worst anyone can say is "no" (well, okay they can say "Fuck you", too, but I generally group that in with "No".)

  14. By the way, on the Youtube strategy, you can generally post about one message a minute if your pre-compose something and simply paste it in. You'll get flagged eventually for spam, but that's okay. It's a volume in numbers game.

    Also I forget to mention that the most popular videos are on the main board, and they will need to be repeated because the comment turnover is pretty fast on the main board videos.

  15. F/J God WILL Bless YOU! You did it and it stayed up! Well done! They took mine off in a heartbeat.
    Maybe your tenure at the site helped, I am new?
    Whatever , I am so happy it is there and the string is HUGE!
    Welome FReepers. This will work if we work it!

  16. This must work. Great idea. Stick it out, Proe. Think of it this way.... if people are as lazy as you think, then your activity is needed all the more.

  17. Charlene,

    Keep doing the youtube thing, because strange things happen; one post was flagged and then somehow became un-flagged. I have no idea how that happens. As far as they respecting tenure, the account I'm using now is brand new to keep the results separate from the test accounts, so that has nothing to do with it. Try using the same message I do. It may be the way you're phrasing it.


  18. Charlene,

    I have added the comment about not putting web addresses into the youtube comments into this main post. That's important and if you mention this technique off this board, be sure to tell them just the message about the birth certificate. if they post a web address the chances are nothing will get through.

  19. Tom McClintock (CA-04) Town Hall Meeting schedule -- all Proud Birthers please attend:

    Tuesday, August 30 from 6:00PM – 7:30PM Rocklin Town Hall - Sunset Center, 2650 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin

    Thursday, September 1 from 6:00PM - &:30PM Auburn Town Hall Meeting - 2020 Golf Course Road, The Ridge Events Center

  20. Perhaps someone can help me - a first time youtube account holder. I signed up for a youtube accnt. I checked my new yahoo mail account for the "Google Email Verification". I responded to it. I now get this message:

    "Thank you for verifying your Google account. However, your email has already been verified."

    Then I go to post a message on youtube and get this:

    "Error, account unverified (see email)"

    I know I have a new yahoo mail account and a youtube account.

    Can anyone advise how I can post? Thanks!

  21. Saska,

    Thanks for the head's up.


    Sounds like some confusion occurred in the process. Rather than go crazy trying to track down the reason, simply take out a new Yahoo account and try again. Takes 5 minutes. ;)

    I'm just coming off youtube myself. Some fun sparring at Super Obama Girl. You know what most of the responses tend to be? "I don't care if it's fake or not." We're winning. Definitely. But only if we can get some small number of our fellow conservatives to join in.

  22. Thanks PG! I've got it working now. Here come all my youtube comments!

    Now, how are some of the posters above able to follow what you are doing? I get that I can look for Super Obama Girls videow and find you there.

    I am just youtube ignorant!

  23. Are people still having trouble with youtube? I did a few yesterday and a few tonight and just for the heck of it counted how many from my private profile and saw that I had left the message on over 60 different videos and had time to mix it up with a few obots to boot. After awhile you can just soar through this stuff in a heartbeat.

    Most of the responses are still, "I don't care if it's fake", not, "it isn't fake and here's why". I think we have them on the ropes if we can get the word out (can you imagine what would be happening if the press was doing its job? they seem to think they can skate through this no matter how this breaks because they'll be reporting on themselves. Boy, are they ever wrong)

  24. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually set up a Facebook account, to better access certain sites' forums and such. Lo and behold, I ended up hooking up with a buddy I haven't heard from in a looong time. I told him about OFake and also provided him with a link to the Albert Einstein Renshaw video (best one I've seen on the web, anywhere) deconstructing the forgery.

    My buddy, as it turns out, is connected to a large number of people and will get the word out about OFake to a lot of people, I'm sure.

    Proe- I'll try to get you some photos of the "business cards" I had made, as well as photos of some stamped money today.

  25. Ann,

    We were posting at the same time. In terms of other posters finding OF friends, you can put your names up or I can add them to a list in the main post with links. I worry because obots can follow us and turn the pages over, but if you are prepared to take out more than one account in the event Obots start burying your comments with more comments, you can tell us your name and I can post a link to your page.

    I haven;t brainstormed a strategy on how we can work together because the future of OF is still in doubt if more people don;t come on board, but we can definitely highjack the most popular threads if you really want to throw your back into it, and we can do it by simply having a conversation between each other. It might be a gigantically efficient way to reach tens of thousands of people quickly. You pick one and I'll follow up and hopefully others will, too. Instead of arguing with obots in a bubble, we can do it in front of 10 million people. We could have some real impact that way.

    Let's highjack and thread or to for Old Glory.

  26. PS - if we're going to do this, we should pick a time if you aren't doing it tonight. Pick a time for tomorrow anyway in the afternoon or evening. Maybe we can get a couple of others on board and we can just take over a couple of threads with a "conversation" between each other all discussing the facts of the fake BC. This could work.

  27. FJ,

    Thanks for helping OF via Facebook. I imagine that FB and Youtube are really the best places to reach tens of thousands quickly.

  28. It's my pleasure, Proe. You can trust me on that. Okay, I'm signed into You Tube and ready to rumble!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  29. FJ, a friend of his and I are going to try to birther-ize a youtube video comments section that's traveling at a hundred miles a minute on a very popular video tonight. If anyone wants to join in, be our guest! We're really putting the strategy to the test impromptu tonight.

    Silence this truth? Never.

  30. We're on right now posting to the Dr. Seuss vs Shakespear video thread. It's freaking great, and we've gotten others into the discussion now, also. Yeah, baby!

  31. ****** UPDATE *******

    Just came off a 2-hour session on that one thread and I'd say we put the strategy to the acid test and it worked beautifully.

    Here's how it went down: that thread was the most-viewed on the entire Youtube site of millions, and the comment board was speeding at comments every 1-3 seconds. By all rights we should have gotten swept away, but we tied the this VS that into things like Obama VS his fake birth certificate, then launched into details and told everyone, over and over to search it. After about 20 minutes you could see a sudden sea change as the three of us were conversing - the hundreds of other posters started slowing, getting involved, and when a particularly impactful statement came up from one of us, the board stopped moving completely (from a speeding pace) for 10 - 20 seconds. Everything slowed and occasionally stood still for several seconds and more people involved themselves, but no one called us "crazy birthers" - they sounded more centrist in their remarks: "If obama's birth certificate is fake he would be thrown out by now", that kind of thing.

    Of course, no one came back and said, "OMG it's true", but you wouldn't expect that, thought we did appear to be making some converts. It will take time for people to read the stuff they search for, and then you know that once they get that info that they aren't going back to Dr. Seuss.

    The slowing, the stopping at critical posts, the involvement, showed that this can work beautifully, especially when done by a small group (and three against hundreds was a real Davey and Goliath test and we had a very definite impact - there is absolutely no question at all. None. It was obvious in the extreme).

    If anyone wants to pick a time and find someone to buddy up with on this board, just pick the "Most popular" on the youtube board and jump right in, and tell us how it goes. FJ and I can tell you the ropes or even join you.

    It's been proven every way imaginable, now. When it comes to breaking down media silence, this strategy is a keeper.

    Much better than arguing with obots in the bubble of a conservative chat room.

    I think FJ will agree with all this.

  32. ** UPDATE again*******

    I see from the traffic sources that a handful of people have already come straight here off Youtube by clicking on my youtube name. One thing is for sure: for those 2 hours people were paying attention and in very large numbers, probably by the many thousands, since only a few out of many readers even post, and there were hundreds of people posting on the most-watched video on all of Youtube at that time (youtube gets an estimated 130 million plus hits each day from the U.S. alone). I didn't expect any to come here at all from Youtube, statistics and behavior being what they are. I think the number of people getting the message tonight on the most-watched video at that time was probably very, very large compared to anything we're otherwise used to - and these were mostly people who did NOT already know the facts. Try to get the message out like *that* at your average conservative message board.

    This works. Guaranteed.

  33. I too, noticed the thread slowing down in places around where we were posting. I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not, but I repeatedly referred people to Albert Einstein Renshaw's devastating You Tube video where he deconstructs the actual document downloaded from the WH servers, and hopefully some of the readers ventured over to that video to discover for themselves the absolute poor forgery that is the Obama "birth certificate" image.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  34. FJ,

    That was a brilliant move to recommend Renshaw because he's in the age-range of many of those watching. Considering we were on the thread of THE most-watched Youtube video it seems impossible that some people did not go to see Renshaw's video.

    I like your buddy, FJ. he has the right attitude.

    I'd say it was a very decided success - which, being a realist, I didn't really expect. I hoped for it but never expected that kind of apparent impact on a thread quite that large and fast. When I got involved I thought that it was going so fast that people weren't reading, only chatting as fast as they could. Obviously they were reading! definitively worth the time and effort. It beats beating your head against the mainstream media or shouting into a conservative echo-chamber.

  35. It was indeed much fun! :)


  36. Had a lot of fun doing the You Tube thread-jack last night. Just imagine the impact we could have if it was a dozen (or more) people, all organized as a sort of comment forum "flash mob"? Obamafake's ability to come up with new and innovative ways to get the word out asymmetrically never ceases to amaze. Real world and online, the real-time activism is the Real Deal either way. I can walk and chew gum at the same time, and I can do this essential work both online and in the physical realm.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  37. I was just posting and then flying off to the next, so I have ni idea if there was any response. Today I will do as you are, sounds wonderfully fun!
    I am still confused, it is ok to link here now? Or just use it in a name?
    I have no clue if any one I have invited has come, I am guesiing no, as I have not got a response or any exciting news.....
    I will be able to team up later today if someone wants, maybe after 6 to be sure. Meanwhile I will pop over at YOUTUBE sporadicaly today.
    Proe u r really good at this stuff! Great idea, again!

  38. Also going to post with diferent names today at You Tube.

  39. Sounds like you all had fun and made an impact. I flipped through about 280 pages to read some of what you wrote.

    Let us all know when you plan to resume educating on youtube!

  40. FJ,

    It was great and very obviously effective. Thanks again for being there and bringing (a couple?) of friends.

    "Just imagine the impact we could have if it was a dozen (or more) people, all organized as a sort of comment forum "flash mob"?

    Alas, for that we need more people at OF for sure. We need a recruitment drive, folks. Do that and get more people and our little merry band can decimate Obama's support. After last night there is little question. Maybe I should start awarding military ranks to the people most active. ;) But the future of OF really is still in doubt, because anything we do here you people will still do as individuals. This place needs more people to make sense. I cannot be seen going out begging. Only participants who believe in OF have the credibility to bring people in. I can't do it.

    However, if a dozen of us *did* highjack the most active board again with thousands of people otherwise uneducated about Obama's birth certificate and eligibility reading it the effect could be unbelievable. We had a very solid impact last night. I would say many month's worth of conventional conservative/message board impact in 2 hours because people come into the boards slowly and often drift away before they really understand the depth of the issue. We hit thousands who knew little or nothing about it the facts like an atom bomb last night. No joke.

    On the semi-political threads like ObamaGirl (and let's face it, these people are not ready to be on Face The Nation), as an individual poster I see amazingly shallow defenses of Obama. I suggested not debating Obots there but I may have been wrong, because if you knock down a really simple argument, that, too, can have an impact.

    If I can stand on a soap box yet again, remember, folks, it isn't all about the birth certificate, in a way, because even if people don;t fully absorb that issue, you have deflated their confidence in Obama at a time when his numbers are low and his political standing extremely vulnerable. At a time like this you can make an impact at turning people away from him permanently. We want to win the birther issue, but if it turns out we don't, then you are very seriously eroding his core support for 2012, which is a benefit to the entire nation regardless of anything else. This is all win/win if you just take an hour or two every day or so and have a little fun.

  41. Ann,

    I have an idea. Dick Tator (like we don't know who THAT is! ;) says he/she can be on after 6Pm (I am guessing EST). If you hook up with Dick, Ann, I can join you both for an hour or so. From PMs I'm pretty sure FJ won;t be able to be in on that one, but maybe Charles or Sharon or Alex will.

    Indeed, if someone wants to post "ObamaFake Recruitment Drive" at places like FB and give a little head's up, we could get some more people on today.

    If Ann and Dick Tator agree that they can hook up tonight, I'll join them. Then maybe we can get a couple of others. You may want to prepare a couple of copy and paste messages, because if the thread moves as fast as it did at the beginning of our "conversation" last night, you gotta be quick!

    Once again, OF needs more people to begin to meet its potential.

  42. Welcome to new members William and Reverend Joe, who have joined the site officially (not necessary to join to be active - several of our most active members never did join officially, which is fine). Let's hope William and Rev Joe jump into the action, also!

  43. William and Rev Joe, Welcome to the fun!

    I can be there at 6 (EST) let me know where!
    Again with a lame question, how do save a couple of responses to copy and paste as you suggested?
    I only know how to do one at a time.....

  44. Dick Tator,

    Posting any web addresses like in your comment will disable the post at Youtube from being published. However, if you put a web address in your Youtube profile, it will hotlink your name to that website. So if Dick Tator's website address in Dick Tator's profile is, then other people clicking on the name will come here. Surprisingly, a few people from youtube actually came to the site last night, so it might help, maybe. But the posting of the info had a huge impact on public awareness for sure - we saw it when the board slowed to a comparative crawl when we made strong statements or posted a lot at the same time - people were reading, and some commenting.

    Bit by bit, I think we're doing it. I think we're defeating the mainstream media silence where it counts - to the otherwise uninformed. That said, before long our group needs to be a little larger. That's just the fact of it.

  45. Oops. Welcome also to new member Poptoy.

    Saska, we need you a bit more, here.

  46. Dick Tator,

    I SO know who you are, Dick! ;) Love the name.

    How to copy and paste a pre-composed message:

    1. Left click on start button on the lower left of your screen

    2. Choose "all programs"

    3. Choose yellow folder that says "accessories"

    4. Open "notepad" from the list

    5. Write stuff. Remember, no web addresses - youtube will disable the post.

    6. Save the notepad file somewhere you won't lose it.

    7. Go to the file and double click to open it.

    8. In a separate window from youtube, highlight whatever you want to copy and paste.

    9. Go to the edit drop-down at the top of the screen and choose/press "copy" (copies automatically).

    10. Move into the youtube window and "paste" the same way (or you can get the copy and paste functions by right-clicking on whatever you highlight and pasting wherever the cursor is)

    Done. You have a fairly small limit of words before going over that limit in the youtube responses, so don't be like me and try to write a book!

    You may even want to compose conversational posts, like "Proe, did you see there is more evidence that OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE?" and "THAT'S RIGHT JOW, OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE REALLY IS FAKE" - unless people are keeping a scorecard, no one will pick up on the fact that the thread has no "Joe". The beauty of this thing is that there is no longer a "birther argument" that needs to be made.All you have to say is OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE, LOOK IT UP" and all the evidence is against it - for now. But Obots are sure to try to plant distractions in time, so now is the time to hit the issue hard. (Obots really are lying, unconscionable pieces of sh*t, pardon my french - the way they act like truth and lies are pawns in a chess game make me want to puke, they're such worthless, malicious little trolls)

  47. PG and Dick, I can join you on youtube at 6PM EST. I can stay 60-90 minutes. How will we know which videos to comment on? How did you and FJ coordinate this?

    PG: do you have any prepared messages that you can post that we can cut and paste and have on hand in an open word document?

    I will add your URL to my youtube profile.

  48. PG: do you need to know my youtube name? It starts with "An" but is totally off the wall after that.

    I think I know Dick too (-:

  49. Ann,

    Okay, I'll be there. I coordinated mostly on e-mail with FJ, but if you don't want to send your e-mail address, come here at 6:00 PM at I'll let you know the thread, here - then others can join in, too. If we get some obots in the mix because we posted publicly, let them try to defend Obama and then we'll see if we need to keep it secret the next time. Basically, when you say "Look it up" you have reduced the opposition to saying "No, don't look it up", so again, their need for silence is a win/win for us, because, "No, don't look it up" is just obviously guilty and is likely to make people more inclined to look it up. It's beautiful, really, at this point, because all we have to do is get people to see the facts. There are no two sides to this argument because the best and brightest - and virtually only - say the BC is a fake.

    Come here at 6:00 and grab the link to the thread we'll see you on youtube a few minutes after. If you two are doing it, I will, too. I have no idea what your youtube name is, but if you identify yourself to me on the thread, I'll know and can direct some conversation to you, specifically.

  50. OK! Let the good times roll at 6!

  51. Ready to roll! PG you have email.

  52. Hi all. I was going to suggest coordination but ya'll beat me too it. I will look for you! And yes it's fun!

  53. Ann, Charles, Charlene,

    There were storms along the eastern seaboard yesterday that flattened my internet service for hours and hours. Don't know how you did but it's calm here now, anyway. This area isn't what you would call rural, so we must be stable again, now.

    I don't want to be giving all the central marching orders - this a federalist-minded website ;) - so someone pick a day and time and we'll see who can come aboard.

  54. Thanks, "Richard". ;)

    Let's try for it again tomorrow after 6 PM. I doubt there will be any more freak storms until that Hurricane comes up the coast. FJ, two of his friends and I had a rousing good time, as I think Ann who read the posts can attest. You have to trust me when I say it's nowhere near as complicated as it's starting to now sound if we're all on the same page tomorrow. In fact, it's very easy, once you get into the swing of it, and fun.

    Someone set a time for Tuesday in the PM.

  55. Let's all meet here Tuesday at 9PM EST. We can go to the youtube thread that is PG's choice. It will be entertaining to say the least. The threads were quite fast and furious the other night. Hope many can join in!

  56. Pro and Company,
    I am only available after Midnite ET. Please leave a list of where you and the team visited so I can accentuate your comments at my convenience! I am "sunlightdisinfectant". Sorry but I can't quit mt day job just yet.

  57. Ann, I'm in for 9 PM eastern.

    Charles, I will ALSO be in for an hour or so at midnight. This was my idea - I might as well put my money where my mouth is and back it up.

    Everyone, Tuesday (technically today) will be a double-header: 9pm for 60-90 minutes (plus?) and again at midnight Eastern.

    If we can get one or two more people on at either of those times, I'd like to get screen-shots of some good pages as inspiration for the potential new recruits. I'm going to be putting up a volunteer activist recruitment drive page in the next day or so. This way you have something "join-us" specific to which to point your friends and associates.

    Dick, Charlene, Sharon, et al? Et Tu?

  58. pro, I'm e-mailing you questions about joining the youtube thing. It's a good idea, and I love the screen shots, but I'm still a little confused.

  59. I will check in here at around 11:30 pm ET

  60. I put out an inquiry on my FB page and directed people to ask about what we are doing on the comment page. I hope we can get a few people to join us.

  61. Charles, I suggest that since there is now going to be a little official recruitment effort thread, that it might be prudent to sit on any recruitment efforts until I get that recruitment drive thread up. Let's just try to make a go of it tomorrow at Youtube and see what happens, unless people want to join since you already posted it (in which case its the best of all worlds).

  62. Right now it's 9:00 PM Tuesday, August 23

    I'll be @


    The comment board is getting a comment every few seconds, so don;t wait to see me. Jump right in and I'll find you.

    You might chime in with, Unlike Obama, I hope their kids has a birth certificate.

    By the way, check in i found a bunch of friend requests and positive comments from my last visit. You make make friends this way!

  63. Hey Pro:

    Check out this bozo's () comments here:

    and here:

    I thought you could go "give him a piece of your mind", including all the facts! You have a way with words like noneother!