Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Editorial: The Last Days

 I don't know "Flotsam and Jetsome" in real life - in the tactile place where we work and play and gambol - I know him only from the internet. However, noticing his unmissable determination, leadership by example and clever and insightful wordsmithery, I have asked him to express himself here in a guest editorial. I'm glad I did. I hope there will be many more to come.

~ Pro Graphique.


By Flotsam and Jetsome

When the phrase "The Last Days" is uttered, people often assign different
meanings to it. To some, it means the last days of world history, and the
literal the End of the World. To others, it conjures up images of the
impending demise of the American Experiment. As to the first interpretation,
I'll leave that to the sages, the prophets and to God.

Regarding the second, the pessimists are entitled to their opinions of
course, but that type of thinking is not only counterproductive, it runs
counter to the attitude Americans have held since its founding, which is an
ideal (excuse me while I channel George Lopez for a moment) holding that
We as a people are composed of AmeriCANs, rather than AmeriCAN'Ts. For
myself, when I think on that phrase, I immediately think of the current cabal
of grifters abiding in our White House, and how their days in power are
surely numbered.

The story of the rise of the "Obama" regime is a sordid one, and one shrouded
in so much secrecy and obfuscation as to beggar belief. Which of course is
exactly the point. Set aside the issue of an almost complete lack of a historical
data on this guy. Forget, for just this moment that his passport records,
Punahou School records, his Columbia thesis, Harvard Law Review articles,
tuition assistance records, adoption records, information on why both he and
Michelle had to relinquish ability to practice law, etc etc ad nauseum are not
forthcoming. And never mind the apparent Connecticut Social Security
number usage and fraudulent Selective Service registration. Ignore, even, the
argument that should "Obama", against the odds (there's always a first time,
right?) be telling the truth about his paternity, he would then be automatically
be ineligible to attain the office of President due to the foreign citizenship of
his putative father. When all of these considerations are set aside, we are still
left with this: "Obama" and his minions have conspired to create and post a
FORGERY on taxpayer-funded servers at the White House.

Numerous experts in fields such as computer graphics and typesetting have
argued that case so persuasively that even an uninitiated "caveman" such as
myself can see the glaring, indisputable discrepancies readily apparent in the
amateurish "document" that the inept villains have recklessly displayed for
the whole world to see. Whether this was done in a panic, as I suspect, or due
to an eminently disdainful hubris that presumes untouchability is irrelevant. The
virtually indisputable fact of the matter is that "Obama" and his team of
fellow (alleged - PG) criminals have broadcast a patent fraud, and in doing so, have by
their own arrogant hands provided the proverbial "smoking gun" to enable the
utter destruction of their con game and a clear avenue of redemption for the

What exactly are we up against here? Why aren't there hordes of media
personalities, ambitious political up-and-comers, and high-level business
and military leaders leaping into the fray on exposing this obvious fraud??
Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins? The George Pattons and
Douglas MacArthers? Is the Republic so far gone that there aren't any true
patriot leaders left? None? Is Donald Trump really the best we can do now,
in the 21st Century? Really? I cannot believe that. Whatever his
motivations, Mr. Trump has done an invaluable service to the country in
raising enough of a stink that "Obama" and his enablers were forced to
produce and disseminate the forgery that they did on 27 April 2011. But
there are others as well . . .
The Donald's ability to garner widespread media attention aside, it is not
the billionaire celebrity apprentices that are going to turn the tide, here.
We, the ticked off rookies and latecomer novices are the ones who are going
to "git 'er done" on this most critical of issues. WE are the heroes we've
been waiting for as I've read elsewhere, and instead of standing by waiting
for the Anointed Champion to appear, we've all just got to do what we can,
as individuals, every single day to "Shout the truth from the billtops"
(instead of hilltops- I'll explain this later) as far and wide as we possibly can
that "Obama" and his people have committed felony forgery in posting the
fraudulent document that they have on servers paid for by our tax dollars.

Our fellow citizens can have their eyes opened to the lies that have
overtaken our country.
Sometimes they are so deep in denial that they almost
have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light, but they CAN BE
CONVINCED. It just takes persistence, level-headedness, patience and a firm
grasp of the subject matter. It works. I know this well, as I've personally
educated several people on the subject, and they are now "in the know", if
not overtly active in the cause, as yet. Even if they do nothing more than
correct/challenge sheeple that they meet when the subject comes up at
random, they'll have contributed. Just yesterday, I encountered a gentleman
whom I consider to be an educated, sober individual with a worldly outlook who
returned a blank, vacuous stare when I asked him if he had ever heard of the
Cloward Piven strategy of overwhelming the social services system and
intentionally bankrupting the country. If this man, whom I heretofore
thought well informed could display such an apparently profound ignorance of
the perfidy being wrought upon our Nation, what hope would there be in any
effort undertaken to educate the larger American public, that seems more
interested in which vacuous contender for the American Idol throne is
surging any given week than in whether or not an ineligible Marxist usurper
is selling our free enterprise system down the river? At first glance, it
would appear "not much".
Even before I finished that despairing train of thought however, I knew the
answer. The answer is threefold, actually: American fortitude, an appreciation
of self-reliance and a disdain for disingenuous, self-aggrandizing, opportunistic
jerks are manifestly abundant in Americans, historically. These three things,
among others, preclude the indefinite continuation of the sham that has been
perpetrated upon our people. Americans don't take kindly to scam artists who
don't want to carry their own loads and who instead contrive ways to leech their
and their cohorts' livelihoods from the labors of others who are striving honestly
to attain the still-extant (for now) fruits of the American Dream. No, we don't like
that garbage one bit. We are a people first and foremost of ACTION. To that
end, concerned patriots across the land and across the political spectrum
are standing up and speaking out about the incontrovertible fact that our
putative Commander in Chief is actually the Liar in Chief who has conspired
to commit multiple felonies, of which the most recent and audacious is the
dissemination of a FAKE Long Form Birth Certificate using equipment
that we pay for. I for one will not stand for it, and my fervent hope is that my
fellow patriots will not either. Media blackout notwithstanding, we have the
power to bring this fraud to light and go a long way toward restoring the
integrity of our government and respect for our Constitution.
Each of us has
the ability to make a difference in seemingly-small, yet cumulative ways by
reaching out to our fellow citizens as often and in as many legally
allowable ways as possible, to "snap our fingers" in front of their faces,
so-to-speak, and break the hypnotic spell of the "Hope and Change" bill of
goods they've been sold by this carnival barker and his enablers.

There are many, many ways to get the word out far and wide, but possibly the
best method, which has a proven track record via a currency dispersal paradigm
analogous to the "Where's George" game model, is to stamp or annotate US
currency with the remarks "Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake" on as many
bills as pass through our respective wallets.
These treasury notes then are
inducted into the larger economy and are passed from consumer to consumer,
with the simple message eventually being seen and digested by millions upon
millions of our fellow citizens that the digital-only "document" that Team
Obama has presented is fraudulent. And the powers-that-be in the media, Big
Business and the government cannot stop it. 

If even a small percentage of
the folks that encounter this "subversive" message affixed to their cash
decide to look into the veracity of the claim for themselves, the result
will be a tidal wave of new "recruits" in our intellectual war to take our
country back. A self-inking hand-stamp to annotate the money will certainly
facilitate the marking process, but is absolutely not necessary. A simple
fine-tip marker, or "Sharpie" will suffice
, and annotating the notes with
the message "Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake" takes only seconds using
even this rudimentary tool.
The most important takeaway here is that we can
all do something, today, to tip the first domino forward. Oh, and the man I
met with yesterday who was ignorant not only of the Cloward Piven strategy
in play and the truth of the birth certificate forgery? Today, that man's eyes
are open. And he's understandably quite angry about having been deceived
all this time.
The end of America as we've known it may yet prove to be inevitable. But I
would hope that no matter the outcome, in the final analysis, I personally will
be able to proudly stand up, next to you, and declare that I took action to
defend her still. Today. Can you say the same?
           If not you, who? If not now, when?


  1. Flotsom and Jetsome,

    That is very well written! Congratulations! I'm sending it around.


    You have competition on your own board! *S*

  2. EXCELLENT guest editorial, Flotsom and Jetsome! I hope we get to read more of the same! This is really good!

  3. This is beautifully expressed, F&J. I, too, am looking forward to more. Kudos to PG (WHO?! j/k) for giving you a megaphone here. What you wrote really speaks to the birther cause. Thank you for your insights.

  4. A star is born! Good job FJ!

  5. @anonymous 8:30AM

    It isn't about competition. This isn't a carer choice for me - it's what I feel I must do to fill a void on this issue. I would love to give a "megaphone" to every can-do voice out there - or better yet, wish this issue didn't exist in the first place, but the facts are the facts and there they are. I think a lot of good voices have fallen by the wayside over time due to frustration over the all-talk habits of our fellow "birthers". That has to stop. Right now, or we lose - we're running out of time.

    F/J did a terrific job on this, IMO. First rate writing.

  6. FJ Amazing how pointed and well said your message is. Very en*courag*ing hopefully it will touch many and inspire them to be part of the solution!

    Did ya post it at FR yet? If not ya better hurry, I got itchy fingers, LOL!

  7. Please go to the site below and wish the Usurper a happy Birthday. You can even leave a comment!

    I asked if he was the anti-christ or should we expect someone else. I don't know, that's just the first thing that popped into my mind upon realizing that I could actually get a message to this guy. Wouldn't you just love to hear a reporter ask him that? Use your imagination.

  8. SueQ,

    Sorry, but I wouldn't soil my motherboard by going to an Obama website or waste my time trying to rattle his chain - his people will see to it that he only gets the stuff that boosts his ego. That's another wasted minute. We need to get the word out to America! Thanks anyway, Sue.

  9. Charlene,

    I think *you* should post FJ's link, because it might appear unseemly for him to blow his own trumpet, since it's his editorial.

  10. Flotsome and Jetsome you said it all.

  11. I will gladly post it, but he had commented about that and was hoping I did not beat him to it!
    FJ if that works for you just let me know, It will be a very worthy post for our FRiends to get busy!

  12. SueQ, Good message for the devil incarnate!
    Surprised there was no charge to leave it! To attend his party some paid over 3G's!

  13. In the spirit of FJ's piece that he had 4 beverages to write, I have been imbibing to read it in the *spirit* he intended.
    Therefore , forgive me if I have already linked this here, it is HYSTERICAL! A very perfect Birthday Song for Berry!

  14. From the editorial: I would hope that no matter the outcome, in the final analysis, I personally will
    be able to proudly stand up, next to you, and declare that I took action to
    defend her still. Today.

    We're standing right beside you, bro. This is an excellent piece.

  15. Thanks Charlene @ 12:38. But I see Proe's point. I really do. But I must say it gave me a little sense of satisfaction, though as Proe said it is probably a waste of time.

  16. F -fat
    A- a$$
    K- kenyan
    E- EGOtist

    Everything about him is FAKE.

  17. SueQ,

    What I am hoping to do is get the word out asap and either change the habits of a couple of boards or start a community of people whose only conversational interest is centered not on the latest news, but the latest *action* to spread the word - with growing success. I think one reason we get involved in the chat rooms is to commensurate with like-minded people who may or may not be around us in *physical* life. We need to shift the focus of that culture into one from chatting for the sake of itself to pro-action chatting; talking to other birthers does not get the word out. Period; it gets enough steam under the lid that a little of the reality seeps out into the mainstream. We need to get that information flow going full-throttle (how's that for a nuclear bomb of mixed metaphors?)

    I don't want to put you on the spot, but do any of these methods discussed so far, like annotating money with what the media has been silent about - Obama's fake birth certificate - appeal to you? It sounds like a dull and repetitive conversation, but as Charlene and FJ and Alex and GStarz and others can tell you, it's an interesting conversation once you get into it. And more to the point, it's a conversation about more than talking. It's about doing.

    Welcome aboard, Sue. It sounds like you get it.

  18. Inspiring call out to America you wrote there, Flotsom Jetsome! Copied and saved it!

  19. Proe, I am totally behind you! Ever since I came across your website, I have made a point of using more cash than I am accustomed to. I usually use my debit card. And I DO write "Obama's birth certificate is fake" on most of it. I am thinking that you should offer the stamp for sale here. It would be a convenience to us, as well as possible income for you. What say you? Anyway, I get it. I really do. Old habits are hard to break.

  20. SueQ,

    I'd be happy to sell stamps for convenience sake (I don't imagine it would really amount to much in revenue), but there may be a legal issue to that. While Where's George stamping and writing is legal and so are we and ours, WG had to stop selling the actual stamps to do it, because it seems that selling the stamps with the website address on it amounted to selling advertising on US currency, and that is a very gay area legally (technically, you can;t do it). Now we're different: no site address and therefore no advertising. But after getting hacked and/or "suspended" once, I am particularly mindful about the law and appearances (I'm sure what happened was political, but just the same). However, any of the office supply chains carry simple self-ink stamps - you just arrange the letters (that's what some people I know including myself use - really simple, easy, no mess and convenient).

    If you stamp it, the appearance is better than writing it, because it looks professional and organized. Writing is good, but, quite frankly, stamping is better.

  21. Proe,
    Thanks for giving me a forum here. Simply outstanding job of polishing what was a rather mundane deliver, appearance-wise.

    You absolutely have my permission to post the piece and link to ObamaFake. The more traffic the site gets, the more intellectual "soldier" we add to the effort.

    Everyone- Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement!

  22. Yesterday, I seeded 10 notes, all of them $100 bills (rent time). This brings my total for the week to 25 (whatchoo got, Charles Mtn? ;)) and these were actually left at a bank. Related to that, my friend who encountered two annotated bills last weekend later told me that one of them was a $20 bill that he got out of an ATM. That should answer the question on the bills' suitability for reissuance, I would think.

    Thanks again to everyone, but especially to our host. This isn't a competition; it's an intellectual war. And we're winning. We're going to win.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  23. F.J.,

    No, thank YOU for a great editorial. Something in it prompted me to think of something for tomorrow. You'll like it.

    F.J., If we has just 100 guys like you on the internet, Obama would not have even gotten to the White House. No joke.

    On a different note, I'm going to repeat this as an example for others: isn't discussing what the facts are and HOW WE CAN GET THOSE FACTS OUT TO THE PUBLIC better than debating the minutia to Obots and each other?

    F.J., We'll be getting another editorial from you, I'm sure, but I'll be a gentleman and hound you in private about that. ;)

  24. Agree on the stamp appearance being more professional-looking than a handwritten message. To that end, I ordered 250 "business cards" that say "Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake!' and "Google It for Yourself!" and a pocket stamp today. Turns out that when I tried to order 500 cards previously, that put me over the shipping wieght limit for my address, but that 250 is okay. They're on their way. Woot!

  25. Thanks to everyone at this site. Good job, F&J. Like others have expressed, I am also hoping you do some more writing here. It was an excellent read.

  26. FJ's now on FreeRepublic. Here is link! It doesn't have the beautiful art behind it, but the message is just as inspirational, motivating and powerful. I would say it is right on the money!

  27. FJ,

    I think a lot of people will be shy about ordering a stamp with a "birther" message on it, that's why I'm recommending the do-it-yourself kits where people can be patriots in the privacy of their own homes (isn't it sick that this nation has come to this? 20 years ago Obama would never have gotten near the White House, and color would have had nothing to do with it) But if you can fill us in on the quality of the stamp you get that would be great. Is it self-inking or does it need an ink pad?


    Thanks. I wonder what the regulars at FP will do when you post an article that actually opens with the idea of stamping money and the rest in the first paragraph? Remember, a lot of the people who will reject it are fellow birthers who have gotten cozy over three years with the idea what comfortable chatter equals activism (pathetic). I have run into a lot of people over three years who get downright angry when it is pointed out that chatting is not action - but then, it's hard to tell how many of those people were Obots who are paid to keep birthers occupied with busy work in a bubble in the form of endlessly bitching as long as they only bitch to each other.

  28. I am guessing there are a lot of people who have wanted to DO something, but have not had a any other way except blogging. This is proactive and easy and I just can't explain the thrill i get up my arm when I pass it on.

  29. You have me beat there FJ! I am putting out about 4-5 bills a day. Glad to see others getting involved.

  30. Proe,
    The stamp is self-inking and is small enough to fit in your pocket.


  31. Charles,

    As far as more people getting involved, it's not surprising. The hit counts have started really flying since WND linked to that one article. On the one hand I want to say, "Ha! This is only the beginning!" On the other hand, we better win this thing pretty soon or it's going to turn into really rough going. We are winning this thing, but I'm a little rattled about the prospect of Rubio being thrown into the mix.


    Sounds perfect.

  32. Leaving several as "tips" at resturants, paying for Taxis,passing these bills anywhere I can. This week I have been able to put about 75 into circulation!

  33. I live in NE OHIO. Where does everyone else live? Be interesting to get an idea where the bucks are flowing from!

  34. Concerned 4 ConstitutionAugust 5, 2011 at 5:24 AM

    If Rubio does jump in it will certainly bring the NBC issue to the front. We will have to start stamping another message. Libs will finally see that the NBC issue needs to be adressed.
    They will freak as Rubio could certainly beat any Dem they put up. THEN they will suddenly begin to understand the importance of being Natural Born.
    I hope we will not need to do this. I hope Rubio understands the Contitution and does not try to usurp it as barry boy did. BUT if he does I do believe we shall see the left all of a sudden start crying for the true meaning of the Founding Fathers wisdom!

  35. @Cahlrnee,
    Hope your beverage-heightened reading experience was "stirring" ;)