Thursday, August 18, 2011

PAUL IREY: WHAT HAPPENED IN HAWAII ~ a mini-interview inside perspective

Document specialist and typography expert Paul Irey answered a few questions briefly for us to give an encapsulation of what actually happened on the ground in Hawaii, so people could get a sense of what actually transpired, not just the result.

As you will recall, ObamaFake ran an in-depth interview with typesetting and document specialist Paul Irey. Hot off his sojourn to Hawaii  we follow up on his experience at the, Hawaiian Department of Health.

Thank you again for speaking to ObamaFake, Mr. Irey. How was the trip to Hawaii?

Tiring doing over 24 hours travel for 3 days of some work ... research ... and a little rest.

What was the attitude among the people you met at the Hawaii DOH. Give us a feeling for the moment - nervous, friendly, indifferent?

 Indifferent would be the best answer.

So they didn't hand over the birth certificate, of course.

No ... and as I said previously ... I don't see how they could show us something they don't have ... regardless of any decision.      I would have been shocked if I had seen it.   After all ... it's only a computer file.

Were you able to draw any conclusions?

Fox interviewed the three of us.  What we said was newsworthy ... but apparently Fox didn't think so because it never aired.  When I asked the Fox crew ... "Where have you guys been" ... they did not answer and smiled a sly smile ... each of them.  The dept. of health ... FBI .... media ... Hawaii ... Judges ... and generally everyone is government is on one side ... and we are on the other.

What's next for you?

Waiting for Orly's hearing to see if there is one unbiased Judge left in America.

You're a genuine American hero in every regard, Mr. Irey, and ObamaFake thanks you for your continued service to your country on this import issue, and looks forward to speaking with you again, soon.

Anytime ... There are leads going on that should lead to more revelations soon.  We will win ... the truth has always won in the end.
ObamaFake makes no money, accepts no donations and has no advertising. ObamaFake is polite, pro-active, open to most activist suggestions and disallows Obots and augments with Obots, as that latter is simply a waste of now-precious time. We do, however, need more activists willing to stand up and be a part of the activist community or ObamaFake will have to shut down for being, in essence, a waste of time. You can read news and argue with Obots in a million other places. We need more people like Paul Irey and the  ObamaFake regulars. Being a part is easy: give yourself a name and say something inspiring, or tell an experience, or pass some positive activist idea or information every day. If arguing with Obots is all we can do as a general collective, then we have failed this country in her darkest day (and please don't spin fantasies about people "working and making progress behind the scenes" because they do not exist; Paul Irey is out in the open and the mysterious people have not yielded any result for 3 years. A few may be somewhere, but hoping for something from them after 3 years is disillusion. Please don't). Give yourself a chat handle at ObamaFake - a free activist enterprise that makes no money - and join in the final push to expose this issue.


  1. Great! I am happy to read there are leads that he believes will go somewhere.
    Somehow this left my memory since last week. But the idiot DID sign an Executive Order basically an Amnesty Agreement. In essence they are free to stay, food STAMPS,health care and FREE education. Oh, and VOTE!
    Of course this should have gone the proper channels and hasn't, so Dick Tator just orders it so. How many more treasonous acts?????

  2. You know how some of us feel off the board, Proe. We'll support you either way, but interviews like this show you are offering something no one else has. It would be a shame if you quit. While we understand your reasons, we hope you don't. We'll try to dig up some warm bodies somewhere. We can try to, anyway. You really aren't asking for a lot if people actually want to help.

  3. Pretty interesting. We get to hear what happened there. I wish it was longer, though.

  4. I wish it was longer, too, but the Fox News information is news. It is obvious what's going on at Fox.

  5. Seeded another nine bills today just over lunch. Broke a stamped $20 at the Supermarket,and also left about ten "business cards" around the store, including three in the meat section (Where's the Beef!) and two in the coffee section (Wake up and smell the coffee!).

    Then I went to my local Chili's restaurant, and broke another stamped twenty there for a four and a half dollar cup of chili, creating more "ammo". The cashier (yes, it happened again) there remarked to me that they had "been seeing a lot of these" lately. This time when I asked her if she knew that Obama's birth certificate is in fact, fake, she said "Really??" to which I replied that she should go to You Tube and search for "Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake" and watch what comes up.

    Then I went to the convenience store section at the gas station and bought some snacks with yet another stamped $20, and finally, I bought $33 worth of gasoline and paid with stamped $10x3 and $1x3

    Stamp management, people. It's What's for Winners.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  6. FJ,

    In my daydreams, I image about a tint fraction of even one state's population, about 10,000 people, doing what some of us do described in your post and think how quickly this issue would be put to rest via public pressure. This has nothing to do with how far the cash travels, now, this has to do with people just talking to people they meet. This of course, does happen around the country, but not with the the determination with which you do it, with the spending/talking combination. Imagine preferring to argue with Obots online who will never see things our way to doing things like this and sharing the experience on a message board with people who support the effort. If you are reading this but not yet involved here and the efforts, isn't it time you joined in?

    "It's What's for Winners." Pretty clever turn of the phrase, actually.


    One group I love to talk to is the high school age, and they're often working as cashiers where you get to know them slightly after awhile. At one place recently the girl who said she was entering her high school senior year mentioned something about the economy. Well, you can glue that conversationally to Obama in 5 words, and after a minute I mentioned the "birthers". She rolled her eyes and made a disapproving noise to which I responded, as a third-person observer, mind you, that *they* were right. She got really wide-eyed and stopped short and said "Really?" I explained how the birth certificate is fake - she already knows I'm an 'artist" - and then I handed her the money. She read the inscription and said with a huge knowing smile, "Did you do this?!" I said, "What, do think I'm a crazy birther?' Staring at the money she said, I'm totally looking into this. I told her to just google it and told her to tell her friends what she found. She said she would and she seemed to mean it with some certain determination. We'll see what she says the next time I run into her. I mention my own anecdote in response to FJ's to make an additional point: the communists know that the way to change the world is to get the info heavily to kids, where the social system ensures info will travel like absolute wildfire if it's interesting enough. One thing people can do is leave messages on youth-oriented youtube videos that have nothing to do with politics: "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. GOOGLE IT RIGHT NOW". I can assure you that there are plenty of Obots on those very same non-political comment threads after popular videos selling Obama on the youth that don't know better: I've seen it. Our advantage is that that phrase in bold is all you need to copy and paste to thread after thread. Obots will go crazy trying to knock it down, but people will come back, say they looked it up and it's true. I've seen that as well and you will, too, if you do it, and this you can do right now, instead of arguing with an obot on a political message board where everyone has already made up their minds.

    We can still win this this thing but you need to get people on board. You need to drag friends from other "argue with obots all day long" boards over here and get them involved. As you try to involve people you'll hear the same BS over and over: "People are doing more than you know", "People are working behind the scenes". Tell them the truth: if such people exist then they're failing and you need to tell them so and tell them to step up to the plate themselves and stop hoping for deliverance from people who in fact almost certainly do not exist. Be sure to tell them they don't need to "sign up" to get involved here and never will they see and advertisement or a donate button. ObamaFake is serious, not just chatter.

  7. For those visiting the site who post as "Anonymous" and don't realize this, you can choose a "handle" just by selecting the "Name/URL" option from the drop-down menu when you click on the "Select profile" button as part of the "Post a Comment" section at the bottom of the page/article.

    You don't have to enter a URL, and you can enter any name you like. You're still "Anonymous" in that you don't have to enter any personal info, but you'll be able to be recognizable as a distinct individual when you leave posts in the forum. That's what I do each time I comment here.

    Oh, and an update on my stamping: I didn't mention it in my previous post, but I deposited eleven, count them ELEVEN stamped $100 bills AT THE BANK yesterday, and the teller didn't even blink. Bonus: The teller ran the bills through an automatic counting machine, and it didn't blink, either. All told yesterday, I was able to "seed" 13 stamped bills.

    I lost track of the exact count, since we're not in the middle of a OFake-a-thon, but I know my total is over 40 for the week, and the week's not over. Forty bills a week x 20 weeks means that almost 600,000 people would receive the message "Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake" in one calendar year, courtesy of just Little Ol' Me. Now stop messing around and tell your friends to get their butts over here and join in the fun!!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  8. Proe,
    Dude! You can't possibly be thinking of giving up the ghost on this venture a bare two months into its existence. I've sent out the call to a number of folks, including some prominent names that I have contacted, exhorting them to in turn exhort their readers/constituency to check in here and get busy. Give us some more time, and we'll draw greater readership/activists. You've expressed faith in the dedication of a few fearless souls to effect real Change with an eye toward saving the Republic. Perfect. Now let's strategize, instead of folding.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  9. Proe,
    Good advice all around with one caveat: Google is NOT to be trusted as a search engine for "birther" information. The CEO of Google has been to at least one private dinner (in San Fransisco in 2010 at a private residence) with "Obama" that I know of, and I myself can attest to the FACT that the quality of the search results for information on the usurper's eligibility using Google are suspect, to say the least. I myself use "Dogpile ( instead, and with much, much more accurate and reliable results. Don't take my word for it, test it for yourself. Do a search of "Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake" on both Google and Dogpile and see the difference in search results. It should be readily apparent to anyone who has ever employed an internet search engine which is the more reliable. Yes, we really are up against that big of an O-machine.

    That's just one more example of why O-Fake is such an important yet still nascent forum. This place is the anti-apathy, anti-bullsh*t headquarters for real-world "birther" activists.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  10. "I urge Congress to do their duty. This is not the time for 'summer soldiers or sunshine patriots.' The long-suffering American population deserves no less."

    Thx You.

  11. All,
    Wanted to catch ya'all up on my adventures at Reagan National Airport. It was great, got there early with intent to move some *bill Boards*
    Taxi, $25 marked ones
    Beer $ 9 " " (did not even drink :( )
    Bag $ 2
    Eats $10
    Total $46 PLUS somehow in the mix of all the singles some lucky soul or 2 got an extra marked $20
    I was mad at self for being so not careful. I then realized at least they were marked and now seeded in DC and once moved around a few in the
    airport, who knows where they will go!?!?!
    I was not able to seed in Cleveland Airport as I was BROKE!

  12. Nice interview, PG! We need info like that.

    Speaking of high schoolers: you gave me an idea. I live 2 blocks from a highschool. I could leave a flier on windshields in the student parking lot! I would only do a dozen or so a day because I don't want to get caught and forbidden to leave more.

    I am passing out marked bills nearly every day. I NEVER used to spend cash.

    The manager of the restaurant we ate at last night was receptive when our conversation turned birther.

    Today I left a comment on a terrific article by Larry Sellin at Canada Free Press. I suggested folks there come to Obama Fake. I'm going to do more of that.

    I am still putting tiny fliers in magazines and books I donate. And I'm leaving those fliers on grocery shelves and such. They reference Obama Fake.

  13. FJ,

    People forget how much power they have in getting the word out. They assume they need the media. But were that true, the Tea Party would never have been successful because the left wing media hates us and has never, ever had a good word - yet we changed the entire dynamic of the 2010 election and led the GOP to the biggest landslide in 70 years. That was just the grassroots, though it did have Fox behind it, and we don't. Still, enough people know that you can tell that the silence is fragile on this issue and Obama keeps defensively mentioning it, like a truly nervous guy. But we do need more people and get organized. I think one problem is the system seems haphazard and people don;t know where they would fit in. They need to know that getting the word out alone fits in no matter what, because it cannot be said enough.

    FJ, we need more people because this site is work that pays nothing in dollar and cents. You and Charlene and Sharon and Alex et al will continue to do your part regardless of whether there is an OF or not - there is no question whatsoever of that. For the work here to make sense, this place needs to grow. If you can keep them coming in and they can bring more, then this is a worthwhile effort. 2 months is a long time when you have only a little more than a year to go before the 2012 election. And take my word on it - Obama's numbers today are not what they will be in November 2012, after the GOP has elected a candidate and the media has destroyed that person's credibility, and lied about the state of the economic recovery, and gotten Obama girls out to shake their wares on youtube in front of voting-age teenagers whose hormones are on fire. They will spare nothing - not attack, no manipulation - to ensure Obama wins. They will send ACORN/Obots out to pretend they are us on message boards and make passionate patriotic pleas to split the vote. They will distract us and get us to look into the future for hope - or rgue with them endlessly on chat boards so we aren't doing other things that really will help our side. These people may be crazy in their socialist dream, but they are in no way stupid. They know doctorate-level psychology and have studied Alinski and Marx; they're clever and inventive and they have an irrational hatred toward us and our views, so they will stop at nothing and use those talents and that knowledge to put Obama back and turn America into another just and fair - and inevitably bankrupt - worker's state.

    If Obama is exposed as having a fake birth certificate - it is, we all downloaded it from the white house itself, opened it and were horrified to see what a childish piece of work it was as forgeries go - all the above goes away in a sea change of absolute red-faced voter fury when they discover that the guy who ruined the economy did so without even being legally eligible to do it.

    But more people need to get on board, FJ. That's just the fact of it. But you guys seem determined to keep this going, and if you can do your part and be successful, then I'll do my part and keep it going.

  14. Charlene,

    You made a two-fold strike - via the legal "Where's George" money distribution model - at the belly of the beast; distribution in DC and your 40-something out around the country because that currency at Reagan (I miss 'em) airport will send your message all around the country; that airport sees a lot of national action. Much better than Cleveland. ;) Great work!

  15. Ann,


    You mentioning the flyers makes a very, very importnat point; legal Where's George-style money marking is only a small aspect of what we can do (though obviously an important one). I do want to say that anything where you feel you will get "caught" or "Banned" smacks of something truly inappropriate, so I'm not comfortable personally with your leaving flyers under windshields if you think trouble will come of it. It's your call, but still. Also, if you put one website name down, like OF, you should also put one or two others just so it's clear that it isn't a form of "advertising". One single web address will lead people to not absorb the rest of the message because they will assume it's just a form of junk mail advertising, so with respect, either put no web address or maybe one or two others with which OF has a good relationship and promotes Corsi and has a lot of high-end editorials.

    Here are ways BESIDES stamping money that you can do (and I guess this needs to be the next editorial):

    1.Flyers on bulletin board, wherever flyers are put, inside donated book and magazines. Can you think of other places? Get creative as long as it's legal.

    2. Leaving comments on Youtube videos for the youth about which politics are Not DISCUSSED. THE WHOLE POINT IS TO GET AWAY FROM SOCIETAL AREAS WHERE PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY MADE UP THEIR MINDS AND EDUCATE THE OTHERWISE UNINFORMED. Popular youtube videos get thousands of hits, and a single message will get hundreds or even thousands of reads. This is the one place online where you can make a real difference, because people will read them for sure, seeing what "other kids" think of a pretty girl or funny video.

    3. Business cards, and they can be left anywhere.

    4. I wish a few more people would do balloon launches and send some pictures -- there have been a couple I know of for sure but they didn't want to take pictures, so cowed have people been by the media.

    All these methods have the potential of reaching thousands of people in a heartbeat. Not quite as dramatic as the numbers with money distribution of course, but important just the same.

    Ann, rather than stick them under windshields, you might just tack one up on the bulletin board once in a while after hours or before school begins. And if you include one web address, be sure to include at least 2 more and say "google it" (I know FJ hates google, but it's the common vernacular that currently denotes that something is legit, or maybe "Do a Yahoo search".

    It's all up to you, of course, Ann, but those my thoughts, anyway (I don't want to give the impression of attempting to give orders, because if these activities are not voluntary and motivated internally and enthusiastically by the people involved, then it won't last, and therefore there's no point - people have to WANT to get the word out on their own; this site is just to inspire them with ideas and the company of like-minded people. These are just thoughts and suggestions).


    I received an e-mail today wanting to know where he could get a stamp kit. Stamp kits are generally found at any office supply chain store, and even local mom and pop office supply stores. If you don't want to make the trip for nothing, just call and ask if they have rubber stamps on the shelf. Believe it or not, they'll understand the request. Small places may not have the make-your-own, only "Return to sender", "First Class" and the like. But the chains always have some kind of stamp where you can arrange the letters that come with the stamp into your own message. Often, they are self-inking, and that speeds up the process of seconds into even fewer seconds.

    I hope this answers your question. The place to ask, however, is on the board here, where others can weigh in, too. I don't have all the answers there are to be had. ;)

  17. ****** Ann, Charles, birther, Cranial Access, et al *********

    If you could e-mail or link to a shot or two of your flyers or a stamped or hand-written Where's George-style bill, business card, etc, I want to include them in a post today or tomorrow for people coming to the site for the first time. If you people are really trying to get the word out to keep OF alive as an activity that makes sense, the one thing we should really do is inspire them with illustrations of what other people are doing, so they know that this is all real and not just talk. In fact, that's probably absolutely critical.

  18. Good Thinkin Anne! I like the idea of combating the libs on their own breeding grounds -Schools!
    It sounds to me like we are going to have to think like an Obot. They use every media they can, Twitter, FB, etc, but You Tube, that is a new one! I will probably get caught up watching videos and forget what I am doing, but i sure will try! That is where the young folk hang.
    Google is getting pretty left inspired and doing a lot of scrubbing for Otard so maybe Pro is right Yahoo or ah! LOL It is a goodsearch engine a maybe memorable?
    Anne, Ya got me inspired to do some flyers! Thanks. Would love to see what you guys are doing!!

  19. I am trying to figure out how to comment at You TUBE. Anyone know how? THX!

  20. Charlene,

    FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK! There's a brand-new post at the top that answers every question you are likely to have and gives plenty of suggestions, too. This has been worked out for awhile. Do what it says and you're in business. This works.

  21. Well, I was thinking if we could get highschool kids involved we might liven up their family dinner table discussions. I am not worried at all about getting seen/caught for the first time putting fliers on windshields. All I would get is a warning.

    PG: you are right about listing more than one birther site on a flier. I will correct that.

    Where are common places that have bulletin boards? My grocery store does not have one. All the schools around here require visitors to register at the office upon entry.

    I like the idea about nonpolitical youtube videos.

    I left a comment at Townhall dot com today with a link to obamafake site. Townhall dot com is not a birther friendly site.

  22. Ann,

    The Youtube strategy is all laid out at the top of this board. Just let people know that you're doing it here and elsewhere. if people know that others are doing it, it goes from being some weird internet idea to a party everyone can join, and that's a hell of a difference for you just to post what you did every day or so.

    We're working out a way to calculate an estimate on how many times a posting on youtube gets seen. Figure how many new views until the page comment turns over and divide by half is what we're coming up with. Appears to be plenty.