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DOCUMENT EXPERT MR. PAUL IREY - An ObamaFake Exclusive Interview

Mr. Irey is currently preparing to meet Dr. Orly Taitz and document specialist Doug Vogt in Hawaii in one week on August 8, 2011, at Orly Taitz's request  to be part of the team scheduled to examine Obama's long form birth certificate at the Hawaii Department of Health.

Paul Irey is a retired pioneer in professional photo typography with 50 years experience. Mr. Irey’s expertise goes back to 1967 when he started Bergan Graphics in Fort Lee, N.J.  At one point Bergan Graphics had 60 employees working ‘round-the-clock, so Mr. Irey is no small player in his business. Eventually the company even had a satellite office in the pricey real estate of 6th Avenue and 31st street in Manhattan,  NYC,  handling high-end clients that included Montgomery Ward and Acme Markets.  Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Mr. Irey.

You're welcome, Sir.

To keep it basic for the non-graphics people out there, the “Reader’s Digest” version of Mr. Irey’s analysis comes down to this: the “typewritten” specifics – name, date, etc - on the otherwise generic birth certificate form, supposedly created by a single typewriter, contain vastly different type characters which cannot be explained by mere sloppy ink distribution and the alignment of the mechanical keys. Supposedly same-font, same-character letters are different shapes from one another, an impossibility for a single typewriter, and Mr. Irey has identified several examples of this manifestation on Obama’s supposed birth certificate. For example, different lower case “a’’s don’t match in shape at all, essentially proving a cut-and-paste forgery. Is that a reasonable Reader’s Digest encapsulation of your analysis, Mr. Irey?

Yes it is.   Originally I referred to more examples of different letters.  Then decided to reduce the number to the 12 most obvious two letter comparisons just for simplicity.   I had typed for the Air Force during the years 1955 - 1958 as a clerk and was very familiar with the older mechanical typewriters of the era. Neat precise work was expected and I learned to deal with all kinds of problems that can occur when typing.  Later in my own business as a typographer I worked with every possible way of producing type and fully understood my trade which is why so many retail companies gave me work. One thing a typographer always knows is when something is wrong and does not look right with letters on paper.  I was familiar with all sorts of things that occur when a page is reproduced by photostats ... enlargements ... scanners ... cameras .... copiers ... etc.  Then for the past 32 years since the beginning of desktop computers I was working with those systems beginning with the TSR-80 ... then IBM .... then Macs. I have 25 years experience with Apple Macintosh systems alone.  So the possibility that the forgery had help from a computer was obvious to me.

Have I left anything out in a general description of your analysis?

No ... and I think I covered the rest of it.  

How and why do you think this happened?

It really happened because the strategy of claiming privacy rights to a birth certificate failed when it became generally known to the public that the short form released in 2008 was not the original birth certificate.  That was solidly reinforced when Donald Trump began to make public statements.  So we can guess that a forgery was quickly created to satisfy the demand to see the long form certificate.  The burden of actually creating it probably fell to a younger person that knew computers pretty well but did not understand that typewriter type comes in different styles and sizes.  This person apparently worked in or through someone at the Hawaiian dept. of health.   This was important because he would need documents from the era to find pieces and type to assemble for his creation.  I think he realized that when scanning letters ... he could never use the same scan of a letter more than once because every time a letter is scanned the scanner engages the letter in a unique way.   So for example if the forger scanned a lower case "t" and used that scan all over his document ... a forensic examiner could see that exact sameness ... viewing the original print under a microscope.  By original print ... I mean the print out on a computer printer from the forger's file.  This print would have been placed face down on the Xerox copier to copy and then stamp and send to the White House.  Why we would still see the curve of the form into the binder is because a scan would have been made from a Xerox of an existing certificate.   Then all the old text was removed and replaced with new text.   I believe that using old documents of the era in order to get the exact typed letters that needed to be matched ... tripped the forger up.  The forger apparently did not realize that all the documents in the files were not typed on one typewriter.  The hospitals typed the forms up ... they were signed and sent to the dept. of health.  Different typewriters had to have been used.  The forger did not blow up the letters to inspect them.   

You are set to travel to Hawaii to meet with Orly Taitz and Doug Vogt to – in theory - view the original long form birth certificate at the department of health on August 8, in a little less than a week. How have you prepared for this examination, if that isn’t getting into the secrets of the process?

It would expose too much to reveal everything that Doug and I are bringing with us.  I don't want to prepare them for this aspect of our examination ... except to say that we will bring everything necessary to  inspect the document.   

You were nice enough to respond on the ObamaFake comments area when Dr. Corsi e-mailed you a link to the story regarding my concern about the investigation group for August 8 not having a laboratory-trained examiner who could, either on-site or by collecting a scraping, determine the age of the document forensically. Could you repeat your response here in greater depth?

Certainly.  When I realized that I was the first one to see differences in the typewritten letters on this very public release of a birth certificate ... the most public release ever ... I should say ... I was a little angry because I know that there are thousands of more qualified experts in this country to make the same determination that I had made.  Someone ... just because it was their profession ... should have looked at it and found what I had found.  To me it was obvious.  It must have been to them also.  So while I was puzzling over that ... I got a call from this reality radio guy who basically lied about everthing to get me on his show and when I called in to be on the show ... I learned that a forensic document examiner was on just before I called and was still there.  Great I thought ... finally someone to bounce this evidence off of and get his opinion.  But this gentleman voiced no opinion one way or the other.  The others wanted him to ... but he had nothing to offer in the way of right or wrong.  I was on my own.  Later I found him and saw that he was a leader of an association of forensic examiners.  I e-mailed him ... sending him my evidence and asked for an up or down opinion.  Of course he would not give it.  Later because I e-mailed him a few generic BCC e-mails ... he asked to be removed from my contacts list.  Then you already know about the document examiner in Michigan.  His secretary claimed that they had government contracts and could not touch the matter.  I surmised that the forgery of a presidents birth certificate was a hot button issue for anyone in the business and no doubt many had examined it just to satisfy their own curiosity.  Apparently any patriotic issues are over-ridden by financial and prestige concerns.  Also it is not beyond imagination to think that perhaps the whole industry was advised to stay away from this document for perhaps that well known government ploy ... "In the interests of national security".

Is it possible for you, yourself, to collect some some sampling off the document to present to a forensics lab technician at a later date?

I think that first of all ... the chances of actually seeing it are less that 20%.  If we do see it ... the chances of it suddenly looking genuine and needing this kind of test are less than 10%.  Some will call that bias.  Good.  Obama has overwhelmed most of us with the sense that he is hiding something.  Just as the media has overwhelmed us all with the sense that they are protecting him.  There were so many legal challenges to Obamas eligibility that were all struck down by judges.  In every case the judges made the determination that the case could not be heard because the challenger did not have the proper "standing" to make the challenge.  OK ... judges decision and no evidence was heard.  But when the media finally covered each case ... only after it had been dismissed ... the press always ran the same headline ... "Proof Obama Born in Hawaii ... Judge Throws out Case."  Then the media aggressively attacked the "Birthers" as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.  Who among us can say that the media is not biased?  The media and their reporting have given me bias against them and against Obama.  In other words too many lies make me suspicious.  Is that bias or just suspicion? 

In a private communication, you mentioned that one forensics expert in Michigan who was recommended by Cdr Kerchner had his secretary answer ... declaring openly that he had government contracts and that is why he could not "touch the matter".  Where there any other similar responses?

No ... I was too busy to go out shopping for that honest patriotic certified forensic document examiner that should have reared his head as I did.  Since not one has done so yet ... I am suspicious of them all ... and that's why I will advise Orly Taitz to get a British examiner ... if we really need one because we see a perfect document in Hawaii that somehow does not show us a white outline around all the letters ... (don't tell me that happened because of the Xerox copy).  Then all the letters not only have to suddenly match each other but match the old document as well.  A sort of a cross between good and evil.  Then there are other things that I should not mention that go beyond that and I know they can never accomplish.  So in the final analysis ... I honestly believe that we can never see the Obama long form birth certificate ... mainly because it never existed and never will exist.

It would be easier for Obama to just resign ... giving us some other reason and just walk off the stage ... take the "Nixon" wave off on the departing helicopter ... and go to Kenya to run that country where they would gladly take him.  There will be no birthers down there.  Everyone in Kenya seems to think that's were he was born to a Kenyan father ... so eligibility is not an issue.

And leave us to deal with a fraudulent media and an over-powerful federal government that seems to control it.  I happen to personally know an ex NY Times reporter.  Half in jest ... I ask this reporter a few days ago ... "Why don't you ask the new editor of the New York Times to send you along with us to cover our story of the examination of the birth certificate in Honolulu?   The answer was .... "They have never gone near the subject, not even remotely." and of course I knew that and did not expect the paper with the motto ...."All the news that's fit to print." to go near our story either.  Very few Americans really know the gravity and seriousness of our situation ... that involves a lot more than a forged birth certificate. 

 So in other words, for them, career trumps the single assignment.


Is it possible to contact a retired forensics expert who might still have access to the resources to do the job but doesn’t need to worry about career objectives with the government?

Sure ... it's possible.  But if he can still work ... he can still get a government contract.  

ObamaFake is a pro-activist site, not just a report-and-comment blog. If people were able to suggest possible – even retired – forensics experts on the comments section of this story, would you be open to receiving the information and having someone in your group discuss with them the prospect of accompanying you on August 8?

I am 73 years old and really don't consider myself retired.  If a retail store ask me ... I would still do their work. Physically the work is not hard.  I move a mouse now and everything happens.  So I don't think a forensic examiner could retire either and if he is still able to examine Obama's birth certificate ... he is still able to do any of the work they do ... including government work. 

Is there any doubt in your mind at all that the Obama long form birth certificate posted on the White House website is a forgery?

Obviously no doubt in my mind.  

Someone mentioned that the court may not be entirely receptive to your conclusions because you have tipped your hand politically with your public opinions. What is your response to that?

I hardly know anyone these days without an opinion.  Was supreme court justice Clarence Thomas voicing an opinion when he said ... "We are evading that one" ... referring to the Obama eligibility issue.  My opinions were forced on me by solid information laid at my feet.  I have no choice but to follow my intelligent reasoning and struggle to inform a sleeping America with a few warnings.  So as you have seen in this interview ... I do not hold my tongue.  If there were no problems in America ... I would have little to say.  

As we discussed, I discovered that some events have been cancelled at the beginning of the week of August 8 around that date by the Hawaii Department of Health. My concern is that that fact may be indicative that Ms. Fuddy plans to not be around the offices then, hence the cancellations of other events. Your feelings on that?

I think she knows that she is (the focus of attention) over there.  They did not expect to ever need to show this non-existent document.  Someone has to answer for that.  The director of the department of health ... Loretta Fuddy is at the top of the list.  I would leave the island also if I were in her shoes.    

What, if anything, do you expect to happen on August 8? 

Well that is a mystery because they must not have come up with a good reason not to provide the document and now hope that since they said no before ... Orly would not make the trip.  But as I understand it no motions were made by them to the court.  If we don't go ... they can say it's not their fault ... they were ready.  Probably something will put a hold on it this coming week since Orly did send them a Fedex message that we definitely were going to make the appointment.  Internet news travels fast.  Major media news on this is frozen ... but by now they do realize that we intend to come and the bluff did not work.  So I think they must make some kind of move to prevent that.  

Mr. Irey, you are a brave, honorable and patriotic man to put yourself personally on the line in this fight to get to the bottom of a muddied and generally obscured and hidden truth. The word hero applies to you at the pinnacle of the definition, and that is no hyperbole. Thank you for your service and please let us know what happens in Hawaii. Our gratitude again for taking the time for this interview.

Thank you sir ... it was my pleasure to answer your questions.

For a highly technical but outstanding in-depth covering of Mr. Irey's analysis of the Obama birth certificate in detail, go to Dr. Jerome Corsi's excellent article at World Net Daily HERE

While Mr. Irey has not asked for outside help with procuring an additional examiner, and while entirely respecting his view, as an abstract experiment, OBAMAFAKE is a pro-activist site on the "birther" issue, and so asks all readers to  contact a forensics document expert who may be willing to help, and leave the information here, because you never know! 
We thank Mr. Irey once again for his gracious time in answering our questions for you. 


  1. Kick ass! Excellent! Woo hoo!

  2. Only one week to go. The suspense is getting unbearable! I hope Fuddy Duddy has her act together. The pressure is really building!

  3. What a shock it will be if they see it and determine it to be legit!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous@8:25

    Think about this a minute - Do you really want to bet on that one?

  5. help wanted! help fight ignorance!

  6. Charlene,

    "Help Wanted"

    You so understand what this site is about! "HELP WANTED" is an inspiring theme and title for a column, by the way.

    If this county had 100 Charlenes this issue would have been resolved long ago.

  7. "Exclusive interview"? WTF? How much is Pro Graphics investing in this new blog, anyway? It's good, but Holy sh*t.

  8. Proe, Thank you, but I am not doing anything more then anyone else. I have just been linking your great posts other places and spending dollars!(Obama BC is Fake dollars of course)
    I wish I had the know how to explain the truth to the paid posters who sometimes do not even make sense! Here is an example. I have no clue how to answer this question, I am hoping you and others will get over there and give the proof that you know and hopefuly open the eyes of the doubters.
    *Shout it from the bill tops!* F/J

  9. I wish Mr Irey, Mr. Vogt and Orly all the best of luck in Hawaii. As usual, Fuddy will fight them because it seems to be all she knows, but good luck anyway.

  10. Does anyone really think Orly and these people will see anything? The Hawaiian officials are corrupt to the core don't care about the law.

  11. Charlene,

    What's the link or question? (maybe the question is better, because I might not find it if the thread is contentious)

    BTW, you'll notice how C-A-L-M it is here. That's because Obots just get chucked out before making it to the board. Unfair? Let them straighten out their own mainstream media before going to conservative sites and crying foul on the first amendment when they can't argue for the sake of arguing. They waste our time arguing because they don't care about the answer, only some weird, blindly devoted liberal need to "win" against republicans, whatever that means when you have a democrat president like Obama destroying the economy - he's ruining *their* futures, too. Weird. If Bush had done this to the economy after 2 1/2 years you know every conservative would rightly be demanding he resign.

    Perhaps liberalism is a symptom of mental illness after all.

  12. Super impressive interview, Pro. Lots of new insights. Thank you. Thank you, too, to Mr. Irey for his courage.

  13. Charlene,

    I wish I could see the look on some congressman's face in DC when he gets one of your bills back from the store and it says that Obama's birth certificate is fake on it! Ha ha! Love it!

  14. Well done PG! Like I said before: you are really suited to do this! Keep it up!

    I was traveling over the last several days. I spent many marked bills over on the left coast. I spoke with random strangers about Omama's fake. Some agreed with me, others didn't want to engage.

    And I like you filtering out the Obots! It saves time that would be completely wasted.

  15. OH geez! I forgot to put the post I need help with! Here it is.....

    "That said, the point of the article is that if even if Taitz gets access to the original, she needs a competent forensic document examiner, not just some folks who worked in printing. The one legitimate expert Taitz has been citing is Sandra R. Lines, and what Lines said was that to make a determination she’d need the original document. Great. If Taitz thinks she has a valid command to produce the document, hire Lines to do what she does.

    Lines is expert in examining physical documents. The only plausible expert in forensic image analysis that I’ve seen comment on the eligibility evidence is Neal Krawetz, who debunked fake expert “Ron Polarik”. P turned out to non-expert, and in this case liar, Ronald Polland. Dr. Krawetz had published on forensic image analysis before Obama’s eligibility was an issue.

    The rest is a clown act. What work on forensic analysis can all these other “experts” cite, from before they decided to turn their talents to President Obama’s birth certificate? Near as I can tell — and if I’m wrong please cite — there is none. They are pretending to be experts at forensic analysis on their first try at forensic analysis. I don’t get that. How can one be an expert at doing what he or she has never yet done?

    Sandra R. Lines and Neal Krawetz have legitimate claims to expertise; they had published on forensic analysis before they stated their opinions on the issue here. The rest is nonsense."
    Please help me! I admit I posted this there with not alot of knowledge regarding experts expertise! You guys know more! Please respond@

    post #29

  16. Ann,

    Thank you for the kind words. We have some more interviews in the offing, but it takes time to schedule.

    You were spreading bills around on the left coast? At this point I have lost track of where our regulars are all from. Anyway, that should be good *agita* payback to the obots.

    There is something else about bill stamping we have never discussed: the degree to which simply seeing a stamped bill inspires others to do the same. I'll try to see if there is any statistical data that could apply to that.

    Tell me Ann, do you use an ink pad or a self-inking-stamp? I think people should use a self-inking stamp and even keep it in the car or for a woman in their purse, because you never know when it may occur to a person to get the message out on the fly. That kind of additional random action adds up faster than you'd think.

    We're winning this thing, Ann. The polls prove it. We're going to win.

  17. "Random Acts" Pay it Forward. "Shout it from the Bill tops"
    Anything we do is better than nothing!
    I too appreciate the lack of paid idiots being here. Soon they will be out of work too! More unemployed thanks to bo!
    If HI blows Orly and Friends of the Constitution off it will prove once again that they have no bc and even more people will awaken.

  18. Charlene,

    I disagree with the poster's "Clown act" description, because Irey and Vogt are no clowns and bring expertise which is helpful and can back up their professional credentials which are extremely significant. And this is the first time I have heard of Sandra Lines. That being said -


    "The one legitimate expert Taitz has been citing is Sandra R. Lines, and what Lines said was that to make a determination she’d need the original document. Great. If Taitz thinks she has a valid command to produce the document, hire Lines to do what she does."


    - is a remark I actually agree with. In fact, I agree with it very strongly if that facts are as described in the post. I do think Irey and Vogt need to be there, because they bring unique perspectives which broaden the analysis and are extremely helpful - Obama appears to have no shame, only a thin skin, and so will not resign to the facts easily if it means he cannot play President anymore. In fact, IMO Irey and Vogt are indispensable for any number of reasons. However, if Orly has a specific document forensics person who can do analysis on-site and take minute samples the right way to make lab analysis on the dating, and Orly knows and trusts her, then for God's sake bring her along. Unless Lines is refusing the assignment, which is possible (I have no idea), what's the problem? Bring Sandra Lines along. By all means. *Please* There is no such thing as too many experts on something of this magnitude, especially if you have one you can trust.

    If the facts are as described, then someone needs to tell Orly to drag Lines by the ear (figuratively speaking) to Hawaii on Monday.

    Does this help, Charlene?

  19. Great interview, Pro. You are right. Irey is a hero. Anyone who goes public on this is a hero. Good luck, Mr. Irey.

  20. @ Ann,

    Keep the bills flowing. You're going to give those left-coasters heart attacks!

    Pro is pretty good at this. This site has gone from being an activist site into being one of the actual players. Well done, PG. Keep 'em coming!

  21. This interview is really interesting. Gives you sense of the inside experience that Irey and others are going through. Of course, like many I do not expect that Hawaii will show anything. But just the fact of Orly going down there with a subpoena should start to make Obummer regret sending out a fake.

    Semper Fi, Mr. Irey.

  22. Mr. Irey, I hope you have success in Hawaii. Good luck, and tell Fuddy Duddy she can't run from the truth forever. Thank you for all you have done.

  23. Paul,
    Very nice interview and am waiting for your results as to what you find. It will be interesting to see what they have other than the forged copy that was put in file by the forger and Miss Fuddy.Thank you for all your expertise you have provided so far.

    REGISTRATION is open!

  25. I am spreading bills in the Northeast where most Obots can only blurt out "racist".

  26. Charlene,

    That "Summit" post went through because it was you posting it. You know how I feel about summits that are more than half a year away: as Orly also says, in more polite language: waste - of - time. We have the fake birther certificate - evidence of forgery. States are still pursuing eligibility laws that better get on the books pretty quickly, now. Orly is going to Hawaii in a week, and maybe they will receive her and show something or maybe they won't, but it's another move in the end game and closing in on the truth. If Rubio is in the mix November becomes a deadline for us.

    If this issue is still an issue next spring we're just screwed. It means we failed, Charlene. We lost. No one ever pays attention to these events. With respect, at the end of the last day as everyone goes home, I suspect the participants who entered with such high hopes will have the sinking realization that all they did was go to a big, serious party that no one will know about but themselves.

    Action today is everything. We're winning this thing, and we're going to win. But not if we allow ourselves to get caught up in talk about what happens many, many tomorrows away, because while I am optimistic, the truth is that we are running out of tomorrows. It has to be about today.

    God bless you for your heart, though. I wish everyone was like you.

  27. Charles Mountain,

    Go get 'em! You're a patriot, my friend. I slowly putting together an update on the money stamping strategy. The projection models of distribution on the message stamped on money are simply unbelievable. Keep telling everyone about it, my friend: the more the merrier.

    *Huge thumbs up!*

  28. UH OH! Sorry!! I keep hoping it will be a celebration, really. I won't bring it up again, Please feel free to not post anything I put here, I appreciate what you are doing and really believe in all the great people who are here. I do have some cognitive issues, so please bear with me!

  29. Way to go Charles! I dropped off five more today (one $20 and four $1's) so my total for the week is already up to 14. Take that comment for the thrown down gauntlet it's meant to be! ;)

    I still don't have a stamp, but a super-fine-tip marker (bright red) works just fine and only takes seconds per note. My point here is that for those reading, don't let not having a stamp be your (lame) excuse for not getting out there NOW. Do it. Do it today, and help "Shout it from the bill-tops!" that Obama's Birth Certificate is FAKE.

  30. Charlene,

    "Great people"? You're at the top of the list!

  31. Flotsam Jetsome,

    "a super-fine-tip marker works just fine and only takes seconds per note.... don't let not having a stamp be your (lame) excuse for not getting out there NOW."

    As you would say: THIS!

    Great point.

  32. Charles,

    I am in the northeast, also. I guess I'll get a stamp and do it, too!

  33. Go Delphi!
    I unloaded a 20 and got 9 ones! 9 to go tomarrow!
    My 86 yo Mom is going to be at National Airport tomarrow and she reluctantly let me change a 10 for 2 marked 5's that she will tip the Wheel Chair drivers with! This is fun! (My family fears I will end up in jail. Told 'em not to worry,at least it would be Federal and I could still have a computer.)

  34. Proe,
    I have composed an editorial as you suggested. I think it's pretty good (it's a four-beverager! ;o) ) and need to know the best way to get it to you. It seems to me that it would be anticlimactic to post it here as a comment, only to have it reappear as an editorial, but I will do so if that's the only way to submit reliably. ORYR has my personal email address, as does Orly, and they both hereby have my permission to provide it to you to set up comms if another route is not in the offing. If you're on Free Republic, you can also send me FReepmail and I can get it to you that way as well.

    This editorial is devoid of *ahem* "colorful" verbiage and therefore should be suitable for dissemination far and wide, if deemed worthy of such.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  35. Charlene,

    (Referencing where's george per the fair use act does not imply their endorsement of ObamaFake activity or political perspectives)

    IMHO it's a bit unfair for your relatives to worry for your sake on the bill stamping. I would respectfully advise you to show them this FAQ page on Where's George dot com that states the following (used per Fair Use Act)


    #8 Is it legal to write on or mark currency?

    Where's George? does not encourage the defacement of U.S. Currency. The law defines 'illegal' defacement as defacement that renders bills unfit to be re-issued. For the legal details from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, please Click Here


    If you click on that link to the GOV site it says, QUOTED IN FULL (and this is the *only* thing it says)


    Defacement of Currency

    Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Under this provision, currency defacement is generally defined as follows: Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

    Defacement of currency in such a way that it is made unfit for circulation comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service. The United States Secret Service web address is


    For those not used to reading legal lingo, the important part, no joke, is this:

    "with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued,"

    That means scribbling so badly you cannot use it as money or rendering it otherwise unusable. That is NEVER recommended because 1. It's illegal and 2. to ruin the money defeats our purpose, because we WANT the money to be reissued because - like where's george, which is also legal - our message, OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE, can only be seen if the money is distributed, and for it to be distributed it must be used, and for it to be used, it cannot be "unfit to be reissued".

    Obamafake, too, does not recommend the defacement of currency, defined as "with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued"

    Please show your family these links, including to a certain money game, so they fully understand that this activity, incredible as it sounds, is legal.

    The old idea that writing anything on money at all is illegal is an old wives tale. Please tell them to forget the idea: it's wrong. Manifestly, it's wrong. Writing or stamping a small message on money, also manifestly, is 100% legal. Period.

    Let them know. They'll sleep better. ;)

  36. FJ,

    I have not had great results as of late getting timely responses from either of those people, which is not a slight, just a fact. Post it here ASAP and I'll get it up before most see it. Promise. You may even want to post in advance of when you'll put it up.

    In the meantime, you may want to ask ORYR to forward your e-mail to me. We should stay in touch regardless. Need to figure out how to contact Charlene and others without opening the door to the Obots spoofing people. I can assure you from the deleted posts that they aren't enjoying this site. (Ha ha)

  37. Proe et al,

    Just a brief FYI re the Birther Summit.

    Registration is not free and, based upon my interpretation of the registration info, is only for Thursday's rally on the mall.

    Base: $44.00
    With legit BC: $39.00
    Age 65+: $34.00
    Veterans: $34.00
    Active Military: $19.50


  38. Can't wait to read your piece FJ!
    Wondering? Should I indulge in 4 beverages to read it? (I am hoping the answer is yes!)

    Thx for posting the info on marking dollars and the legalities. I am guessing new members need to see that!

    I was really bummed (as were many) when ObamaFake went dark a few weeks ago. A few of us discussed the desire for a way to keep in touch were something to happen. At another site one person volunteered to keep our info and keep us in touch. It did indeed go down and after a few days we were all reunited and are now back at it!
    I could open a new email and anyone who wanted could send their info there to be contacted in case of anything happenning again.
    I too am at FRee Republic Charlene4.
    Off to breakfast more fun passing bills and *shouting from the bill tops!*

  39. "Photo typography"? Is that a recognized field in questioned document forensics? Since we're dealing with a real document shouldn't this expert examine the actual document, or the best copy of it that is available, rather than a digitized copy? And shouldn't he be an expert in typewriters rather that photographs of type faces?

    I don't blieve this person would ever be accepted as an expert in a court of law.

  40. Racer Jim,

    Welcome to OB. I think I've seen you posting elsewhere.

    Thanks for the "Summit" info. I was going to comment at length on it and it occurred to me that I'd be falling into the same trap that I warn against in the first place: wasting precious time BS'ing the what-if's of an event that may or may not be successful well over half a year away, with important deadlines on this issue looming before then.

    Keeping OT, I'd be interested on your views about "getting the word out".

  41. Charlene,

    I think I have the answer to you question. Check my profile and e-mail some impossible-to-guess word or phrase. Then confirm it on the main board. Then I'll have your contact info and we can communicate off-board and I'll know for a fact that it's you (and vise versa).


    You can send your column there, also.

  42. Anon @6:52 AM,

    If you read Mr. Irey's bio carefully, you'll see that traditional typography is a very big part of his professional background. That's all there was until personal computers came out, and he was at it with his own very large and established company with major clients for at least 15 years before PCs were even available. It's tough to imagine anyone around who's better qualified to analyze conventional typesetting. We should be grateful that he is both on our side and passionate about this issue. The "birther" cause really lucked out when he came aboard. He's got the knowledge and he's ready to rumble.

    I disagree about his testimony as a witness on typography, of course. His credentials on the subject are unimpeachable.

    My only concern is that I feel they need someone who can do the forensic dating on the document, because that alone will destroy the credibility of any forgery - you cannot have a 50-year-old document forensically dating at being created last month. That may not be a problem, now, however - and that's all I'll say.

    My other concern is that the Hawaii DOH cancelled a suicide prevention seminar scheduled for the beginning of the same week. That suggests to the suspicious mind - and IMO who isn't, when it comes to that group - the possibility that Fuddy is planning on running away from the subpoena and hope the Governor and Obama and shield her, which is easing into the "fat chance" category.

    Some people are saying Orly blew it by telegraphing to Fuddy when she planned to appear. That's nonsense - the date is on the subpoena itself! It makes it incumbent on Fuddy to be there. My own feeling is she won't.

    If Fuddy is smart, however, she will be there, show the original, and if it isn't the same as the White House version, rightfully blame the WH for the forgery. If Bush was President and I was in the equivalent of being in Fuddy's shoes, that's what I would do. Fun is fun, but this issue is closing in, now. Mockery hasn't worked, silence isn't working. Now it's truth or consequences, and Obama cannot pardon anyone if he is holding the office illegally.

  43. Hey Proe, have you gotten my post about disapoint- mints? Something wrong about it?
    Like I said I have some cognitive problems so maybe i never hit post!

  44. Charlene,

    I did, posted as "guess who" on the roundtable radio show subject/thread. Yes, I knew it was you! ;)

  45. PG: I'm from Texas. I'm marking my bills with a red sharpie. I don't spend alot of cash (well more now days to get the message out).

  46. Ann,

    I love the fact that it's a sharpie: permanent ink! ;)

  47. Proe,

    Thank you, and thank you for "OBAMAFAKE!". You probably have seen me posting elsewhere -- specifically on other anti-Obama blogs/sites! :-)

    You're welcome re the Birther Summit info. For the same reason you stated, I intentionally restricted the info to the fact that registration is not free and is for Thursday's rally on the mall only.

    Keeping OT, my view on "getting the word out" is how ever possible, as soon as possible, as often as possible and to as many of the people as possible! Stamping "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE", "BORN BRIT = NOT LEGIT", etc., etc. on paper currency is a very good, very inexpensive and very cost effective method. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. :-)

    Download, print and distribute "OBAMAFAKE" et al brochures/flyers/postcards available on anti-Obama blogs/web-sites at local community events, on cars in shopping center parking lots, etc., etc.

    "OBAMAFAKE" et al bumper stickers and/or signs in the back window of your car -- highly risky in the metro DC area where I live.

    More OT re Obama's fake BC. Although I'm not a bonefied/certified forensic document examiner I did operate a part-time home-based Desktop Publishing business from 1985-1997 and my co-hab Significant Other from 1985-1990 was the head computer Graphics Artist/Desktop Publisher in the Department of Air Force Graphics at the Pentagon as well as Editor-In-Chief, Graphics Artist, Desktop Publisher and Production Manager of a 5,000 +/- member organization's monthly newsletter. Therefore I definitely have more than a modicum of expertise with computer generated documents.

    However, it only requires a modicum of common-sense to see that the image posted on the White House's web-site alleged to be an unaltered scan of a printed copy of an unaltered scan of Obama's original long-form BC cannot possibly be such. There is no way in hell that what's alleged to be a true and accurate representation of an unaltered scan of a 50 year old document would look like a brand new document...not one sign of normal aging like both Nordykte twins LFBCs et al have.

    In addition, how whomever at the HDOH who allegedly photocopied the orignal document onto a blank sheet of security paper managed to position each/both such that their security patterns lined up perfectly, to a digital pixel in fact, defies creduality.

    Then of course there's the obvious lack of a visable, much less legible, "STATE OF HAWAII * HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH" seal (embossed or not) required by HDOH law to certify it as authentic.



  48. Racer Jim,

    I have seen you posting elsewhere and remember enjoying what you wrote. Pro-active participants in the cause are not as plentiful as you'd imagine. Your voice is needed. Thanks.