Friday, August 5, 2011

A PRAYER; Reveal Obama's Past

Doubtless this will be categorized by the obots and even some on the right as taking this too far and too deep. I disagree. The current state of the economy is essentially Obama’s fault; all the repair that is necessary now and being attempted is to address the spending of his stimulus that was a complete and dismal failure, along with another democrat act of genius, ordering our largest lending institutions to behave in a way certain to bring about default. The money is gone and no growth was derived from that investment to pay it back. Now we’re in real trouble. 

On Monday the much-and-unfairly maligned Orly Taitz and her document experts are flying to Hawaii to supposedly examine Obama’s supposed long form birth certificate with a not-so-supposed subpoena firmly in hand. Most expect Hawaii department of health head Fuddy to close and lock the doors, others expect another forgery that is waved quickly before their eyes and then withdrawn without proper forensic examination, and a few expect that an actual document will be shown when Fuddy starts sweating and it’s the real deal that undermines Obama’s self-described history. Almost no one has voiced the idea that the document will be genuine and bear out Obama’s nativity story; even the Huffington Post and Mother Jones News, both as pro-Obama as can be imagined – have let it slip that they seem to believe there is something seriously wrong with Obama’s self-described origins.  This prayer then, is offered up for whatever good it may do for the truth, and for you, because if you’re here, like many of us, you may feel many such payers are needed, before Obama ruins this nation completely and to the point of no return.

A PRAYER; Reveal Obama's Past

Dear God, creator of all beauty and original matter, we beseech you in your divine providence to help us in your name in pursuit of the truth.

As you know, Dr Taitz and two – to - three experts are travelling to Hawaii to inspect Barack Obama’s supposed birth certificate. We ask your help in resolving the matter of Obama’s personal background, as he commands power given to him apparently falsely; a power being clearly misused. We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. We do not truly know where he comes from. He has told us, but the Devil is the father of all lies, and Obama’s words have thus far been often terribly deceptive. 

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. For 20 years Obama sat in a temple which claims to be dedicated in your name’s sake, but which preached hatred toward other men for the mere color of their skin, and used your name in vain by its own abominable reverend. Obama claimed that reverend to be his spiritual advisor, and then denounced him for political gain, keeping him as an advisor – in secret. This man’s words are not enough, and you know that, God.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. He hides his past in every way one can imagine while still remaining visible enough to sit at the head of all tables. His school, college, passport and every other record imaginable he keeps hidden if he can, and pays lawyers much to fight the world from seeing those records. This is not the way of an honest man, God. It is not your way and how you would have us live.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. In this time on your earth, in an effort to organize our society against the ills of our own imperfection, we have overseers, hired by us, to assign numbers to each person. Obama has been found to be using a number not assigned to him. It’s a lie, God. It’s another lie by a man whose policies are causing so much pain.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. No woman from his past has stepped forward to claim him as a former friend or lover – only another man has made that claim. It would be a joke to us, in our wayward imperfection, if it were not true.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. We know the soul of others by the company they keep. His long-time associates have been terrorists who espouse the murder of those with whom they disagree politically and others who in every possible way have shown contempt for your word and hatred toward those who keep by it.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. He mocked those who keep you close by insinuating that such people are inferior in context when he said that those people “cling to their guns and religion”. We who love you cling close and fast to you, Dear God, not from fear, but with the conviction of our love and appreciation to He who was so generous as to give us life.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. When public pressure became such that Obama felt he must release a birth certificate to put his secrets to rest, he released a forgery that many have publicly condemned and tens of thousands of others recognized for themselves. It was another lie and a shameless one, which persists only through the silence of fear from our allies and scorn from those who would eliminate the power our voices once and for all.

We do not know this man named Obama, Dear God. We cannot even be fully confident of his name. He calls himself Barack Obama, but he has also called himself Barry Seotoro, and there are no records available which testify to the time and place he ever changed it . In fact, several names have been attributed to him. The name by which he has chosen to be known, Barack Obama, as any mere person on earth can see with any “electronic translator”, appear to be the words spoken in Hebrew by Your Son, Jesus, when he described Satan as lightning (“Baraq”) from a great height (“Bama”). This latter will be mocked as it smacks of a relatively recent pop-culture perception of a “horror movie or novel”, but to true Christians, such coincidence cannot be summarily dismissed when applied to a man who advocated the killing of infants outside the womb when they survived abortion. Only a man of a seared conscience could advocate a murder so horrific. And while America starves and people lose their homes as a direct result of his own decisions and actions, on his supposed birthday he holds a private party for himself filled with celebration of himself and at great expense – but once again, done mostly in secret.

Dear God, who gave us breath and sight and appreciation for wonder and beauty - you know who this man who calls himself Barack Obama is, for nothing his withheld from your sight as all was made by thee. Please allow us the miracle of your Divine Intervention and tell us this Monday, Dear God, who Barack Obama really is and where he came from, and if it be your will, deliver us through good and legal means from the continuing pain that he has caused to those who Obama mockingly said, in his arrogant condescension and insult to you, cling to their religion.




  1. God bless you, Proe. We need all the prayers we can get.

  2. God will bless you Proe and all who seek the truth. God created this great country called America and we are to be its Stewards. One small truth will expose the lies, Barry has made the truth hidden. I pray God will give Fuddy and all else involved the character needed to show us the true story of this man who is delibertly destroying all that has been fought for and all that is good.
    Orley and good company are doing the right thing, maybe just not always doing it the proper way, but her heart is in the right place.
    Maybe each time we mark a note we should also say a Prayer and each time we pass a note another. God is listening and he will answer our prayers.
    Thank you for this post, I too often forget WHO is really in charge and to thank Him.

  3. Thanks to you both. The post just went up but I don't imagine a lot of comments even if you link it to FR, Charlene, because this cuts a little deeper than that with which most are comfortable in the political arena. Still, this whole site is not driven by the hosting service, but by conscience, and conscience dictated this prayer. Just in case.

    Charlene, He is in charge, but my own feeling is He watching to see if we are deserving of His help. Or even His Creation. Those have always been the rules. Despite media and pop culture glamorization, Obama as a person and as a truth teller has consistently proved he's pretty low in the gutter. If we accept Obama's kind as the way of the practical world, then we're not all that worthy, IMO. And so much for religion, because this is about God.


  4. Proe,

    It's a little over the top as you say, but it's still good. Maybe we do need a little more prayer as well as action after all.

  5. I am thinkin that if someone is uncomfortable, they have the choice not to read and or respond. My experiance the past 3 yrs has been that most people do Pray. Sometimes we need a lil reminder (kick in the butt) of who TRUELY is in charge.
    Thank you Proe for thr kick.

    CHOICE is a great topic also!

  6. Speaking of God............... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Either Polland is a genius or the biggest idiot on the planet.
    I post , u decide!
    Can't wait to hear Proe's thoughts on this.

  7. This is a much more sensitive side than we're used to seeing from you, Pro. I have even more respect than I did before. This is a powerful prayer.

  8. I don't know if I should thank you or not Proe. I cried. Maybe I just needed the right thing to set it off. I'm so tired of this whole thing and I cannot believe the media is so corrupt. Thank you, Proe.

  9. Thanks for the kind words, people. This post is kind of close to me, personally.


    It's impossible to tell if that is his work or not, there are so many variables, and therein lies the rub: this falls for me into the "chat endlessly about the details" category. The birth certificate is a fake. No matter how you slice it, it cannot possibly be real and the layers even prove the creation with the embedded history in the layers. I would prefer not to go down another road of madness and sit endlessly debating the minutia. It's a fake. We know it. Let them prove it isn't.

    Time to switch gears. It's a fake: get the word out! ;)

  10. I didn't cry, but it was good blog, Pro.

  11. ******** UPDATE ******************

    If you're interested,

    Once again, I think we hit an Obot nerve, here. HUGE uptick in (deleted) Obot posts, all insults to a one, shifting from four-letter expletives to supposed deep psychoanalysis, which when put together on the same post, sounds more like a case of projection on the part of a psychotic nut. None, of course, discussing the merits or lack thereof of the actual blog. Just four-letter insults.

    I've been scanning around here and there and generally the responses have been favorable. But not to the endless parade of "Anonymous" who seem angered to their core by.... a prayer. Think about what that reveals about the collective character of the people on the far left.

    Do know that the laundry list to God are all facts, every one of them. Not opinion. Fact. Right down to the fact that in Hebrew/Aramaic "Lightning" is "Baraq" and "Height" is "Bama", the words Jesus used to describe Lucifer in Luke. Sorry if you can't handle that one. You can draw your own conclusions, but those are the facts.

    Poor Obots. Shut out of a blog they so desperately want to rant on. Oh well.

  12. Not even going to address the Obot issue. To me they no longer exist.
    I posted this at FR and the response has been beautiful. Proe, you have outdone yourself. THIS is what we have needed to be reminded of. POSSITIVE ACTION. Get the annotated bills circulating and then today reminding us where The TRUE POWER comes from and how easily we can recieve the answers to our Prayers.
    Some one even suggested a Prayer Chain.
    Anyone so inspired might want to copy and paste, get this Prayer everywhere blogs, emails, leave around places????????

  13. God helps those who help themselves.

    If not you, who? If now now, when?

  14. PG: What a beautiful prayer! I join with you in it! As someone else said I love how sensitive it makes you sound. I have prayed a similar prayer every day for the last 3 years. May God have mercy on us. May He save us and our Nation! May we learn our lessons and our country be saved! May the truth be revealed!

  15. FJ,

    "God helps those who help themselves."

    If you think about the kind of people you would want to inhabit your kingdom, it really makes a lot of sense, provided there isn't too much ambition in play.


    Thank you. As far as my sensitivity, I'm not trying for anything - at the risk of sounding bluntly undiplomatic (I'm not, except for Obots), I'm just calling it as I see it. When speaking to God, though, things are a little different when it comes to tone. ;) Thanks.

  16. Charlene,

    I'm not too keen on a prayer chain or in any way making this post some kind of "event", minor notwithstanding, because this is just one thing to do, and keep in your head as we get the word out. As long as we are getting the word out about Obama for truth and to save the unborn, etc etc etc, then we're not excluding God from anything. Hopeful, he's standing with us in this, and rooting for our success as He judges whether we're living up to our potential or not. Sound too literal? Well, if a person is a Christian, then that person either is or isnt. It's difficult, IMO, to be too literal as a Christian. Who can be too *good*? (I guess I'm just sounding off at irksome Obot remarks that I deleted. I think a philosophy that reduces down to God + Bad Obama = Scared Obots. And rightfully so)

  17. You just gotta laugh at the whackadoodles.. calling themselves Christians, but can't accept a black man as President. LOL

  18. Got it PG. I got caught up in the excitement!
    It is Saturday, good shopping day! Stamp, stamp, stamp!

  19. "You just gotta laugh at the whackadoodles.. calling themselves Christians, but can't accept a black man as President. LOL "


    I let this one of many Obot responses through as an example of the degree to which we are winning this battle. This is extremely typical of the kinds of responses that come here from Obots, and you know it, because it's what you see elsewhere, too.

    'You know that we don't dislike Obama because he's black, I know we don't dislike Obama because he's black. We dislike his because he's a pro-abortion, economy-wrecking, secretive, lying, communist jerk. Herman Cain is black and conservatives love Herman Cain. Ambassador Alan Keyes is black and we love him, too, because he's an anti-abortion, pro-capitalist/healthy economy, open and truthful hero who also happens to be a "birther" (big time).

    Anyway, the point is,that this is what the Obots are left with as an argument on the birth certificate issue now that the one Obama released after three years turns out to be an absurd and insulting fake: racism.

    And you'll notice that this fellow dutifully follows the White House marching orders: laugh at the opposition. Note to Obots: when you need canned laughter, the joke isn't funny. You lose.

    We're winning this thing. We're going to win.

  20. I was telling my Sis last night, Alinsky's *Rules For Radicals* ought to be required reading. The obots use the tactics, if we understand that is all they are doing, being little robot-obots it makes it easier to ignore the attempts at baiting us into discusion in their crazed world of obama crap. They have no real arqument so they resort to child like name calling and try real hard to pi$$ a logical person off.
    Read 'em and Laugh, and pray they wake up!
    I can just imagine what they think when they see the little money that they do get from the *system* marked with *Obam's BC is FAKE* Too bad we can't mark food stamps!

  21. "The obots use the tactics, if we understand that is all they are doing, being little robot-obots it makes it easier to ignore the attempts at baiting us into discussion in their crazed world of obama crap."



    If there is anything that must be required reading for conservative chat-board participants, it should be what you just said: "baiting us into discusion in their crazed world"

    We've spent over 2 years spinning our wheels with their bullshit on the birther issue until we realized we were being had. Ignore THEM. Laugh at THE. DON'T be baited by them.

    It FEELS like you are accomplishing something when you argue back, but you are accomplishing nothing. They are twisted ideologues who root for their favorite team even if they destroy themselves if their team wins. They're sick. They have a truly corrupted and spoiled world view. Those are the people who work conservative message boards. In fact, this needs to be a column....!

  22. "They have a truly corrupted and spoiled world view. Those are the people who work conservative message boards."

    And ---- They get PAID to do it!

  23. California birther/dualer/doubterAugust 7, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    Great prayer, PG, and here's hoping God answers it. Considering that the Pharobama dissed God in saying that determining when life begins is below his pay grade, we can only sit back and watch as his arrogance gets a much needed rectification one way or another.