Saturday, August 6, 2011

IGNORE THE OBOTS! - Otherwise You Are Wasting Precious Time!

 We Have Won. That's the simple fact of the matter. The moment Obama let go a fake birth certificate - and it is fake, we know it, it's proven, it's a done deal - we won. But we're not done. Our biggest job may still lie ahead, because the size of the problem is not the issue, but the time with which we have to resolve it may very well be. And the work of Taitz et al is still extremely important because the media will be dragged kicking and screaming into admitting the truth.

It's taken hard work by many people to win this thing. It's been tough going, but a majority of the public are with us to some degree - polls prove it - but we have also been our own worst enemy on one critical matter: we allow ourselves to get drawn into distraction by Obots, and this simply must stop; there is no purpose to it.

"Poor, pathetic Birfers, so sad that you are too racist to accept a black president! LOL!" You have read that kind of thing a million times, and it makes your blood boil. Rightfully so. And what do you do? You launch into a debate so as to feel that you have silenced the lie; you cite Obama's background, quote Vattel, our founding fathers, supreme court precedent, McCain, Obama's father's citizenship, and while you're running around trying to shout down lies, they're laughing their asses off for one reason: while you argue with them, you aren't doing anything constructive on this issue. 

MEMO: You are no longer converting people on the fence who happen into conservative or political chat rooms. That part you won long ago, only you don't know it because no one has told you. Okay, I'm telling you: you won that part. When all of mainstream America is polled and depending on the poll, a large minority to a majority believe that Obama's citizenship and eligibility have serious questions, then you know you have won over the chat boards. That is the reality of today.

Ask yourself: Who benefits from arguing with Obots now?

Here is what the Obots get:

1. Most importantly: they waste your time - valuable time needed to get the word out about Obama's fake birth certificate to the world. Don't be shy. It's a fake. Everyone knows it, including some of the top graphics experts in the world, some of whom are democrats! F-A-K-E. There is no question on this. It is not theory it is a fact. All we don't know is who ordered it. The document itself has embedded in the layers that comprise it an autobiographical history of it's own creation, piece-by-piece, and that too is fact. The birth certificate is fake. Not maybe. For sure.

2. Obots upset you in the long run, and gleefully mock you, and that satisfies them and makes them happy. Do you really want to make Obots happy? Being ignored makes them unhappy. That sounds like a good idea.

3. They drain your strength and optimism and resolve to see this issue through to total victory. If you care about America you can't afford that.

What do you get by arguing with Obots in mid-2011 and from that point forward?

1. The false impression that you're accomplishing something when you argue with them, to "inform America".You aren't. You are in a chat room. That was what was needed two years ago. That ceased to have any importance once Obama released the material evidence of a fraud. That's over now. You get nothing more than the false feeling of accomplishment.

If you need to say anything to an Obot, I suggest you keep it brief and move on: "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FAKE. IT'S PROVEN. WE WIN." Stalin said, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth" but he never finished the thought: "A truth told often enough kills the lie." OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FAKE. IT'S PROVEN. WE WIN."

Now that remark is sure to be met with extremely agitated and energetic Obot posts along the lines of, "Who says so? If it is proven how come Obama is still in office? Poor pathetic birfers! So sad! LOL"! And your blood will boil.... again! Don't answer them. Or if you must answer them blow them off with something like, "Obama is a fake. It's proven" and move on. By talking to them we give Obots life and importance. Worse than that, we make their efforts effective, because as long as you;re talking to them, you aren't telling the rest of the world. Remember, there is a guy identified as part of the administration, if memory serves, who has recently been identified as running a propaganda office with 100 people whose job is to do exactly what is described of the behavior of the Obots.  They are working hard to get you to talk to them so you aren't talking to the world. beat them at their game: IGNORE THEM.

So when you are on another board, answer briefly with "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FAKE. IT'S PROVEN. WE WIN."again, and get back to discussing with your fellow board participants how you can get the word out about the fake to America.

To the other chat board hosts out there, and I don't need to name you - you know who you are - I ask you to simply delete the Obot posts for good. Shut them off and restrict their influence to their own little angry corner of the internet. Marginalize and shut them off from your own boards. They serve no purpose there. Some hosts will say, "I let them through as examples" but I sometimes wonder if it really isn;t attention whoring to build up their seeming popularity with long, long response threads.  Don;t do it. Put America first, and that means shutting off the flow of Obot propaganda - which wastes time -  as much as possible.

Do Obots allow you to message on their boards? Often yes. Why? For the same reason they come to you: while you are talking to them you aren't telling the truth to the rest of the world. Every time they come off as superior, they are merely proving they are on the defensive - because their party controls the White House -  otherwise they wouldn't bother talking to you at all because they hate you.
How do you get the word out? Here's how:

What to say: OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A PROVEN FAKE. THE "BIRTHERS" HAVE WON! OBAMA IS SCREWED! WHY THOSE WORDS? Because it puts Obots on the defensive with a problem they cannot easily explain away, and such a declaratory statement of victory makes non-political people wonder.... and investigate.... and doubt Obama.... and learn the truth.Let's face it - everyone wants to be on the winning side. Declare the "birthers" the winners and they will come to to our side faster than you ever imagined.

Where to say it on the internet: Anywhere that isn't politically oriented - celebrity news stories comment sections, Youtube videos about non-political subjects, AARP boards, anywhere. And you will not be well-received because the people who you are convincing are not going to be remotely as vocal as the people who don't like the message. Grow a thick skin and shrug off the anger and know that you are putting an end to the "birther" issue and saving America in record time.

What to talk about on conservative boards if you take arguing and complaining the days away? Easy: compare notes with people with whom you are friendly about your actions to get the word out. "There was this 90-year-old lady who said Obama wasn't worth shit and thanked me for the message! LOL!" Trust me - you'll enjoy it.

Poor, sad, pathetic Obot anti-birfers. So sad. 
So Pathetic. 



  1. I thought you were going into the clergy from you last blog, Proe! THIS IS THE PRO I KNOW! Welcome back!

    It's true. We need to stop giving obots attention they don't deserve.

  2. I've been saying this for ages but no one has listened. Maybe they'll listen to this. IGNORE THE BOTZ!

  3. This is a pretty good idea. It does not help the problem with the mainstream media, but it helps.

  4. The obots really don't have anything to say that can help us. This blog is right on, Proe. Ignore them. Yes, they piss us off, but that's just how it is.

  5. The upshot of the entire (excellent, I might add) piece is that every moment spent "debating" Obots is a moment that could have been spent productively in getting the word out. I pointed out to a poster on another forum day before yesterday that in the amount of time (he or she wasn't a readily apparent Obot, but a pessimist) we had spent exchanging our comments, we could've seeded a dozen annotated bills. Obots aren't sullying the message boards with their commentary in the hopes that someone, at some point, is going to present an argument that will convince them that they're on the wrong side. They're there to waste your time and muddy the intellectual waters. Don't accommodate them by putting up long, persuasive legal or other arguments just to have them come back with a two-sentence reply that almost invariably consists of either an ad hominem attack/ridicule, or a straw-man argument that prompts the wasting of yet more paragraphs of response and attendant precious time that could be put to better use.

    Let's focus our efforts more what we should be accomplishing in the real, physical world, and less on "winning" internet arguments. As PG said, we've already won by virtue of the release of the forgery and virtually irrefutable denunciation of it by renowned experts. The task now is to get the word out. Time is short; let's not waste it on irrelevant chatter with Obots.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  6. I believe the obots are very organized. With their comments and the sniping back and forth that follows many blog comment sections are actually made useless for the exchange of information and ideas. I'm sure readership also drops off as who wants to scan through comment after comment of back and forth retorts. I find this site a welcome relief with everyone generally sharing the same beliefs and goals.

    Cranial Access

  7. @ Cranial Access,
    Glad to have you here. The forum is as calm and productive as it is because PG sifts through a deluge of Obot attempts at posting and deletes them before they can appear. I'm surprised he has time for anything else, frankly.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  8. FJ,

    I don't know if you have read Cranial Access' posts prior but he's good. my only complaint is that he never voices his opinions often enough.

    BTW, I got sidetracked sidetracked with the Corsi interview and forget to say thanks for your very kind words previously.

    It doesn't take all that long to sift, quite frankly, through the Obot hate. It takes about a second to see where the post is going and then I just check it off with the down arrow. Clickclikclikclikc.... done. It's funny, because they seem to go to great lengths to write that drivel under the extremely false assumption that I will 1. read it and 2., care. They should stick to obots sites where they're wanted. They're not wanted here, as you know.