Thursday, August 11, 2011


The answer is, "Yes, it is legal"  and I'm tired of Obots, entrenched GOPers who hate birthers and ignorant blowhards authoritatively declaring that it isn't while basing their authority on common knowledge which is in turn based on an Old Wives Tale.

 Why bring this up again? Because one of our Obamafakers has reported off the board that (he/she) has been put on probation(!) on a large conservative message board for posting links that advocate "illegal activity".  

So here are the facts. Hopefully for the last time.

THE LAW is explicit and simple. It reads in total like this (emphasis by me): 

Defacement of Currency
Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Under this provision, currency defacement is generally defined as follows: Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Defacement of currency in such a way that it is made unfit for circulation comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Secret Service. 

In other words, if it can still be used as money, and the message itself is not illegal (slander, a physical threat, etc) then it is not "illegal defacement" and thus, obviously, not illegal.

The law properly understood can be found on numerous "unofficial sources" such as
although there appear to also be plenty in which the law is cited or simply misunderstood by people who aren't used to reading very basic law.

EXAMPLES AS PRECEDENT are perhaps the surest way of fully absorbing the general understanding of the law, and I present the following because many people really feel they are absolutely certain that writing or stamping a message on money is illegal even though they never read the law.

The following examples are not to be construed as an endorsement of any activity or political view by those entities and/or individuals, and the use of their web addresses, quotes and graphics is used per Fair Use Act as an illustration of this issue for educational purposes only as allowed by law for all journalistic and educational endeavors. is a now-famous online activity that follows money around the country as a form of entertainment. At the core of this entertainment is an activity which is where the precedent lies: they write or ink-stamp on one dollar bills (hence the "George" part) and then enter the serial number of the annotated bill at Where's Other players who then get a so-marked bill then enter the serial number online and can see how far and fast it has traveled, and that is, to my understanding, the entertainment of it (and one can understand how that might be fascinating). This they do and have done with no special government wavier for  12 years.

Further, from the FAQ on their website, courtesy the Fair Use Act, there is this:

#8 Is it legal to write on or mark currency?
 Where's George? does not encourage the defacement of U.S. Currency. The law defines 'illegal' defacement as defacement that renders bills unfit to be re-issued. For the legal details from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, please Click Here

 Where's George has been operating in the open for 12 years and has been covered by virtually all of the major media including as CNN, the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

HERE, Where's George claims the total number of bills entered into the Where's George game system to date to be a staggering 221,915,028!

There are many money tracking games out there, including the Canadian version of Where's George, Where's Willy.  


AS LONG AS THE MESSAGE IS LEGAL AND THE BILL IS NOT RUINED SO IT CANNOT BE USED AS MONEY, IT IS LEGAL. The law is clear and explicit and the unbelievable scale of the precedent makes it obvious that it is legal. Of course, if you wrote on it, no one would know it was you regardless of the law, but ObamaFake does not operate that way. It's the law and nothing but the law.

There is a lot of ignorance on this subject online. People will say it is not legal without citing the law, but rather 'common knowledge", and I have even seen some examples where people appeared to have deliberately mis-quoted the law (without providing the Treasury Dept website as OF has done.) though their motivation for doing that is unknown.



 WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because the distribution models are astonishing. Money moves at an estimated rate of 2 people per day (cities would be dozens, rural areas once a week, the average is 2 people a day seeing the message nationwide). Doesn't sound like much does it? Well, that's 14 people seeing that single message a week. That's 56 a month. That's 336 in 6 months. Now if you spend 20 marked bills instead of one in just one day ever, the number of people who see your message in 6 months for that one day of spending is 6720.  If you spend 20 marked bills a day for one single week only, and that's all you ever do, then the number of people who see your message on average will be 47,040. If you decide to engage this activity for only a month and then stop, the number of people who will see your message will be 188,160. 2 months will be 376,320. 4 months 752,640.. Or in a year from now, which will end 3 months before the 2012 election, 1,505,280 people.

That's just you. About 20 people have been doing this to my personal knowledge for 4 months so far at least, and sending out an average of around 30 bills a week. That means the so far, this message has passed through about 537,600 hands so far. That alone is millions by the time the election rolls around. Of course, the amount over time increases enormously as people add more bills to the total. Keeping it real, the flip side is that many people will not notice the writing. But the flip side of that is that many people who see it will mention it to their friends: the loudmouth drunk who gets the whole bar talking about it, the group taking a tour together, the school kids at the mall ("Dude, check this out! Let's look it up with your ipad right now, Dude!") , the little girl who shows it to her family at the dinner table after getting one from her lemonade stand. The supermarket, the electronics chain store, the local newspaper stand, the guy who tosses a bill into the pot in a game of cards, the school bake sale, the library book sale, the church rummage sale, the kid who gets his weekly allowance and asks his parents, the kid who gets one after mowing a lawn and asks the home owner, the bingo players, the casino gamblers, the guy buying a lunch sandwich who mentions the bill he got back as change to his co-workers, the group of kids who get one in change at the theater on Friday night, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....   The scenarios not just of distribution, but discussion, are endless.

If you are a birther, you have probably complained every day how the media has not reported that Obama's birth certificate is a fake. You have cried out loudly, HOW CAN WE TELL PEOPLE? This is the easiest and fastest way for the average citizen (who is no way "average" by the descriptive term - I'd personally trade you for the total numbers of congressmen in the House and Senate in a heartbeat ) can get the word out.

Silence is the only way the left can keep a lid on this issue, now, because the fake is so pathetically obvious.



"PROGRAMMING NOTE": It ensure that this column reaches as many people as possible , OF is suspending additional columns until Sunday, August 14, 2011, so everyone can understand the facts fully and get on board with this important and proven effective strategy. However, the comments will remain open and and will be extra lenient in moderation if people want to debate this strategy to get the concerns out of their systems.  

If you have questions about how to write the message or where to get stamp kits, etc, this is the best time and place to ask


  1. Stamparooney! Keep stampin' tell they're all wearing orange jumpsuits!

  2. Freat idea posting this! When I see the number of people the message will get to, it makes me want to do even more! Maybe I will sneak in my sons stash and mark his, and every buck I can!I have talked family members into letting me annotate theirs, but so far they won't do it themselves. I bet they will when they see these numbers!
    I change in 20's for 5"s and ones. Of course the 20 is marked, I have been using ones as much as possible.

  3. Sh*t! This really adds up! Okay, make that 21 people writing that obamas birth certificate is a fake on money.

  4. @ Charlene

    I have already got my family in on this except my lib daughter and even she thinks Obama is a fraud. I think Pro is counting me as one but I'm really three. How many family members are letting you mark their bills? I think Proe has really underestimated the number of people who are doing this.

  5. This is good news, I guess, but who started the rumor then that writing on money was illegal?

  6. charles

    You can write and you can stamp. They can run, but no way can they hide. PG is right when he says Obawmaw and the Obawts have been hoping for silence and secrecy to protect them. Barry is going to need an extra change of diapers when this operation really takes off.

  7. Sharon,

    You know I never thought about the families - only people who have told me that *they* are marking money with this message. I remember Charles said he had 3 friends doing it, but what it if the families of those three people are involved as well? We could have 50 or more people involved in this and not know it. That's the message passing through several million hands in 6 months for sure (I haven't ask anyone in my family sphere because I do so much organizing here, and you get tired of leading the charge, but maybe I should). Good point, Sharon.

  8. Anon @ 6:19 PM,

    Who started the old wives tale about writing on money in any way is illegal? That's a good question. I'm guessing nervous people who didn't understand what they were reading in the law who wanted to err - wrongly - on the side of caution.

  9. The numbers are unbelievable. Sharon, that was a great wake up!
    Maybe we should each set a goal of getting at least one more person each week? Sounds like Amway, but that sure works!
    I enjoy reading what everyone is doing, thx for posting.

  10. Charlene,

    "Maybe we should each set a goal of getting at least one more person each week?"

    I think you're really onto something. Let's see what the posters say in the next 48 hours. This is something that needs to be voted on, IMO. But it's a great challenge.

  11. This will help to get more people on board. The case has been made. Writing the message on money is a good plan.

  12. I seeded 14 notes just at lunch yesterday, and another five today. As I told PG in separate correspondence, if there were legal issue with this, the teller at the bank would not have allowed me to make my deposit with the marked bills. Or they would not have allowed me to do so without filling out some paperwork because the bills had been rendered unusable. It's legal as long as the notes have not been marked up to the point where they are no longer viable as currency. My weekly average is running at about 30-40 notes, and that's just using a sharpie. I no longer mark on the backs of the bills; I'm beyond that irrational fear, and want to make sure that everyone sees the message loud and clear on the front. Of course, the way that money gets flipped around in people's wallets, once my stamp arrives (should be in any day now), I'll stamp them on the front AND back. Never mind Hussein losing in a 2012 election, I want him arrested, and pronto.


  13. FJ,

    I honestly think the system is so corrupt Obama will never be arrested. However, I *do* think politicians watch their own asses and will throw anyone under the bus when a situation gets too hot, and that usually involves some pressing degree of pubic awareness.

    Whether Obama says, "Golly, I always thought I was a natural born citizen" or the congress asks him to step down, I do believable there are not enough Tea Party patriots in congress yet to see him held fully to account. In fact, all we know is that he is hiding his records and his people put a fake birth certificate up on the white house website. If you want to know my gut feeling, I think it may very well show he was born in Hawaii but that his nationality is British because of his father. of course we can very reasonably suspect with some real certitude that he is hiding something really, really damning, but we don't KNOW for certain if that includes a criminal offense, although the fake birth certificate appears to qualify. But he'll just say, "I never really looked at it because I have been too busy trying to fix 8 years of Bush tax cuts" an the congress will be terrified of the political blowback of removing a half-black president because the media has Obama's back.

    That said, even if we only show him up to be a fake to the nation - meaning he lied with his birth certificate - that's enough to cost him completely in 2012 and the congressional democrats for came to his defense along with him. My own motivation is not seeing Obama arrested - my own motivation is rescuing this county from a guy who is ruining the country and probably doesn't have the legal authority to do it. Maybe that's disappointing to some, but that's good enough for me.

    On the legality of marking the money, the precedent of Where's George and the basic reading of the law - and you are very well-spoken so you are obviously well-read, so you know - is that the activity is 100% legal. People can save this nation if they just send the message on their money like so many notes in so many bottles, because a good proportion of those who read it will do what people I know have done which is what your bank teller did - read the note and look it up for themselves online. For all my centrist-sounding opinions about what may or may not happen ultimately with Obama, I do believe that our little band of merry activists can be significantly instrumental in saving this nation from Obama's communism. We'll never get credit for what we did, but no one in that picture of Washington crossing the Delaware has a name, either. As I said in the prior column here at OF, after kids died for us by the hundreds of thousands, taking a little time each day is nothing. I'm not only happy but anxious to do it, to repay them posthumously in some small part and prove to myself that I give a damn that they died and try to preserve that ideal for which they did die, if nothing else.

  14. This isn't what I ever heard but I guess you must know what you are talking about, PG.

  15. Sharon,

    There are probably a lot of people doing this, but people are probably afraid to speak up.

  16. I made my own stamp from a thing at the office store. The letters are small but I am stamping the bills anyway. It looks legal to me.

  17. Can you please direct me to a website and style (RED) where I can order a custom stamp:


    All I see are 3-line, etc stamps. I would like a self-inking stamp. Where did you guys get your stamps?

  18. "Muslims Now Defacing US Currency to Promote Islam":

  19. SaskaMare,

    If you go to any of the office supply chains they actually have SELF-INKING "stamp kits". They are similar to the old ink pad variety insomuch as you pull off the little rubber letters you want and place them in the holder. You may need tweezers because they're a tad on the smallish side to get into place. But they work like a charm. Once your message is in place, the self-inking works beautifully and the message is much more clear - and professional looking - than an ink pad stamper. The additional advantage is that if things change, you can change your message on a dime by simply re-arranging the letters with new ones, etc.

  20. @ Saska

    Charlene recommends Vistaprint online. They have custom stamps for next to nothing.

  21. THX Alexpdf, Charlene also recomends a bic red ink pen while you are waiting for a stamp! Let nothing delay the fun of knowing some poor some one has not heard the truth, Obama's BC is Fake,and you can shake them awake!

  22. @ A Patriot, then they should read Flotsam and Jetsome's post on why there is nothing to fear.

  23. 10 bills out near DC this morning!

    Mc Donalds in an Obama entrenched neighbor, HOOD. May wake a few up!

  24. Charlene,

    Ten bills in one morning is great! And who here does not love the fact that it's being done by at least one person in DC, where the powers-that-be (and often don't or won't) will start seeing them soon enough according to the distribution models.

  25. STAMPATHON!!!!!

    Love it, PG. Can't wait!

  26. I look forward to seeing how this works out.

  27. @ Everyone regarding stamps:

    Can you link to a stamp that you bought at VistaPrint? Thanks.

  28. Saska,

    Charlene knows all about that one. Keep an eye out for her answer.

  29. We need to sort out the details on the ObamaFake-A-Thon, so it won't be for a few more days. Sorry. But it's coming in plenty of time!

    here ya go Saska! If that doesn't work try In the left corner there is a box, one of the categories is FREE look down till ya see rubber stamp. Click, order. It is free - just pay shipping/ should be less then $5.00!
    They also have frre biz cards, good for leaving on Bulliten Boards etc.
    Happy Stamping!


    Suggestion: Since the VistaPrint stamp is so dirt cheap, if you order one, try to order 2 or 3. This way, you can give them to people who sound like they are angry enough to get on board but may not follow through unless you put the actual stamp in their hands - so put the actual stamp in their hands! RED INK IS A WHOLE EXTRA $1.99! (WOW! So much!)

    ******* BE CREATIVE! *********

    The free self-inking stamps have lot of name and address layouts along these lines


    so when ordering fill it out like this:

    IS FAKE!


    (your favorite birther website here)

    THE STYLES FOR BUSINESS CARDS are pretty broad, including some nice patriot color/flag options. DIRT CHEAP!!!!!


  32. Thanks Proe, guess I submitted witout adding that link. I really intended to!

  33. Charlene, the link is written out, but it's about a thousand characters long! I followed your advice/instruction of just going to and looking in the left corner and found it in 2 seconds.

  34. Hi,

    Just found a link to your blog at WND, and after reading, I joined!

    Instead of putting on the money that obama’s birth certificate is fake, I will put on mine that he is using a stolen social security number. I think both ideas are wonderful, and older people who use more actual money, will be especially interested in learning that! Nice thing about it, his supporters can’t wait to get rid of THAT KIND of money, thus will cause it to circulate even faster. Beautiful!

    Congratulations on creating the best blog ever, and keep up the good work!

  35. LOVE my green sharpie, but a stamp would be much easier. Where can I buy one, without some hotshot reporting me to Janet Nepolitano??

  36. Anonymous,

    I'm copying these posts to the top thread about recruitment (which will remain the top thread for the next several days barring some amazing news). I'll answer your questions there. I know your name but give yourself a handle under the "comment as" options!

  37. New anonymous,

    Please go to the top thread (Recruitment)

    You can get a stamp-kit at office Max, Staples and the like. Just go and ask for the "rubber stamps" and the sales person will lead you to a wall on which the many options hang. Among the options are the self-ink stamp "kits" that allow you to put the included multiple alphabets into whatever message will fit on the 3 or 4 lines on the stamp. This way Obots cannot "narc" on you to ACORN, although Charlene found virtually free ones at VistPrint where you fill in the message and so far no one has been accosted.

    Remember, they aren't as bloodthirsty for individual birthers as they are trying to discredit the overall movement, because one wrong move by them and you become the poster child for the very issue they do not want discussed, Remember, silence is their only hope now. Your concerns are nevertheless understandable now, so head to your local office supply store for a rubber stamp "kit" (costs around $20.00 on average for a self-inking one. Ink-pad versions cost less)

  38. Thanks! Three ones already done in sharpie. I have a Staples nearby.

  39. Priscilla,

    At the risk of sounding like a cornball, post this on the top thread because I think others will want to welcome you in as a real do-er, and your comments are likely to get lost down here. Welcome!

    BTW, wait until you join a Youtube session if you are so inclined. if you think stamping money is fun, you'll love watching Obots scramble around trying to convince you not that Obama's birth certificate is real, but that you should simply stop talking about it because they don;t like it!