Tuesday, August 23, 2011

VOLUNTEER ACTIVIST RECRUITMENT DRIVE ` Join With Others Online Today and REALLY Get The Word Out!

If you are one of the regulars here, you already know what this is about: You need to get out and bring more people in who are tired of blogging and arguing endlessly online about Obama's citizenship issue. ObamaFake needs to grow if it's going to come anywhere near its potential.

IF YOU ARE NEW HERE, welcome, and here's a breakdown of this site:

1. ObamaFake is entirely a non-profit enterprise. There are no donate buttons. There are no advertisements. There are no hidden money-making schemes. ObamaFake was set up to strike a political blow for America through real-life activism by cutting to the chase on Obama's now-very-apparent Achilles heel - a past and eligibility problem he is attempting to keep hidden - facts that arrived in the form of a 100% proven birth certificate forgery on April 28th. No weirdo internet fantasy - unbelievably, this is bizarre story is true.

2. This site has one purpose: to provide a conduit for people who want to tell the rest of the world one fact: Experts ranging from Fortune 500 graphics experts to Joseph Newcomer himself, whose analysis of the Killian Documents cost Dan Rather his 24-year news anchor job at CBS News, all agree that Obama's birth certificate released by the White House is a pathetically amateurish fake. We proceed on the daunting but sensible extrapolation that once public awareness grows past the bounds in which it is currently constrained by media silence, the fact that Americans can smell a rat will, in one legal way or another, be Obama's political undoing.

3. There is no pie in the sky here, despite the high-minded purpose; there are no calls for rallies that have proven unsuccessful, no yelling about "arrest them all" and no unrealistic expectations - we're not going to "bring Washington to it's knees", but are and can be more effective

4. Having acknowledged number 3, above, the fact is that we have brainstormed a few ways to make your single voice act as many thousands - sometimes tens and even hundreds of thousands, and that's a mathematical fact proven by projection models for other activities we have adopted with little variation and significant difference in purpose.

6. You won't find an Obot in sight. They get blocked and censored. There are only your friends here. Arguing with Obots in front of others achieves nothing. This isn't 2009. We don't need to argue anything anymore, quite frankly -  that became moot when the White House released a proven birth certificate forgery. (ObamaFake used to be a repository for all the evidence in reader's digest-style so everyone could understand it before it got hacked and taken down. This more secure incarnation is much more activist)

7. Despite it's still-new status, small size and thus far extremely modest activity, this isn't some hole in the wall; We have been featured "Column of the Day" at World Net Daily (that has most of the top conservatives writing editorials) amidst names like The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times, and even have people like Jerome Corsi slightly involved (Here's the ObamaFake exclusive Jerome Corsi interview - expect more).


At the risk of leading a positive request with a negative reality, the fact is that we "Birthers" are, in the larger sense,  slowly proving to be mostly talk and little action on this issue. We need to stop arguing uselessly with Obots who hate us and get together with like-minded patriots and start telling the world that does not know that Obama has tied his political fortunes to a proven birth certificate forgery. Public awareness is how bad Presidents fall from power. Ask Richard Nixon. This we need to do because of a media lock-down on the subject (you've no doubt repeatedly heard them mock us while simultaneously getting every salient fact - probably intentionally - wrong in the process). We're proceeding on one time-proven assumption: once everyone knows about the fake, Obama is defeated/finished. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to get the word out. Here are the ways we're using so far. Please bring your own ideas in, too, if you like.

STRATEGY 1: Following the entirely legal example set forth by the gigantically successful www.Where'sGeorge.com of marking money with a legal message in a legal fashion, your voice speaks in just months to thousands for each bill you mark with OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. This is legal (mention of Where's George per the Fair Use Act does not imply any support by them of any viewpoint or activity at ObamaFake). It's all explained to everyone's satisfaction, HERE.

STRATEGY 2:  Without making a video, take the message to YouTube - where the kids and unknowing, non-political citizens of this country can be found in very large volume. People bash Palin et al off-topic on threads having nothing to do with politics all day long. Take the offensive. Alone or with other ObamaFake members and participants (we've had good success and fun by exposing this issue publicly on Youtube, and the effect is immediate - a thousand times more effective than arguing with Obots in the societal vacuum of a message board), if you get the word out in popular comment threads, you can beat the living tar out of the mainstream media silence. Interesting factoid: in our individual and collective sojourns into "neutral" and "enemy territory", not one person we have encountered out of thousands commenting on videos with tens of millions of hits has been able to make a defense of Obama's birth certificate (how can they? No expert has come forth to defend it, only condemn it as a fake. Literally!) ALL THE DETAILS ARE ON THIS OBAMAFAKE POST

As you can see from this screen capture from the OBAMA GIRL youtube channel, ObamaFake is not at all afraid to take this straight into enemy territory with no apologies. Facts are facts.


Other uses for paper. Yes, we advocate flyers which is nothing new, but ObamaFake has some inventive minds in its ranks (apologies and corrections at your call if I mis-credited the strategies to anyone): Ann came up with putting the flyers in magazines and books donated to library, church and other books sales. I believe Charlene came up with the idea of putting business cards with OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE up on cork boards in public places next to where contractors and the like advertise. You'd be amazed at how many thousands of people on any given week stop and glance at those cards.


This is a win/win for conservatives. If public awareness on the forgery is strong enough, Obama either explains his forgery or he legally goes away. If less pressure is put out then people who are already abandoning Obama turn their backs on him for good, and loses in 2012 even with a hot and eager media. This kind of strategy in politics is not new. But silence on this issue ensures Obama wins in 2012 with the media at his back.

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. Keep it simple: just tell people to look it up online: every piece of evidence is against it. No self-respecting professional of any merit has or will step forward to defend it. 




  1. As for Strategy #3: be creative where you leave your flyers, business cards and sticky notes. Think grocery shelves, fitting rooms, restrooms, on chairs, inside the bill at a restaurant, on gas pumps, in waiting rooms, library shelves, on video games at the theatre or arcade, taxi cabs, public transportation, under windshield wipers. Any shelf will do! The list is endless. Just get the word out!

  2. Proe, as you yourself have stated, there are many times the talkers than the people who get up and do something. Don't be too disappointed in the result of this effort. The whores are everywhere but a good patriot is hard to find. Just sayin'.

  3. We're all doing what we can to keep ObamaFake alive, Proe!

  4. Crickets, as you predicted, Proe. You said all anyone wants to do is dream and complain and it seems as though your call to action may be the experiment that proves your hypothesis. I hope you are wrong.

  5. We'll see how it goes over the next week or so. A couple of us are supposed to do a couple of Youtube sessions tonight. Maybe we'll attract some interested parties while getting the word out, then.

    But yeah, Alex and GS, and it doesn't look promising, but it never did, I knew that going in - if the probability of real birther activism was promising, everyone who has a news and chat site would be doing this instead of newsing and chatting and this issue would have been brought to a boiling point and resolved 2 years ago. But there is a solid little group here that knows personal effort needs to be expended on this, and you guys are aces. That gives me some hope that we can expand a little.

    Ann, Sharon, thanks.

  6. How long have you been here?


    Right now it's 9:00 PM Tuesday, August 23

    I'll be @



    The comment board is getting a comment every few seconds, so don;t wait to see me. Jump right in and I'll find you.

    You might chime in with, Unlike Obama, I hope their kids has a birth certificate.

    By the way, check in i found a bunch of friend requests and positive comments from my last visit. You make make friends this way!

  8. cheap business cards at vista print... you can print his ct ss# also along with the info about the selective service..

  9. I'm in...great ideas!

  10. Give yourself a name, Anonymous. We need to be able to have conversations that make sense. Welcome aboard.

    Speaking of which, just came off of 2 hours fighting Obots on Youtube with Ann. She's great at this. Once again, you could see where the thread would go from a comment every 3 seconds to a comment every 30 seconds when some obot exchange heated up, or initially when we flooded the place with OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. GOOGLE IT.

    This works people. Just remember to keep writing OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. GOOGLE IT at the bottom of every post. That's the important part. Making obots look like fools is just fun. I have to admit that after 2 hours non-stop, I do need to breather. I think Charles and I are on for midnight. Don't know if he's still in.

    Several youtube friend requests now, but I'm going to pass - they may be Obots trying to keep track of us. I wouldn't answer any for the time being. They can come here by clicking on my Youtube name.

    Do this people. It works. 1000 times better than arguing with Obots in the bubble of a conservative chat room. Let the world know.

  11. I am on for midnight Pro. Monitoring this comment section for where you will be. I am "sunlightdisinfectant".

  12. Charles,

    Shit! I'm tired!

    Okay, a deal is a deal. I was going to say, "I shouldn't have done so much with Ann on the board" but that wouldn't sound right.

    Sign on at Midnight onto the same Kardashian thread. or better yet, start without me now and I'll catch up.

  13. No worries if your tired. I'm on Kardashian's wedding.

  14. I know how you feel, Proe. I was pretty beat down also, following our You Tube fest last weekend. It is a satisfying, but also taxing activity.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  15. Well, Charles was there, kicking some tukas. I think he missed Ann by a millisecond! (too bad, too)

    Anyway, I'm a man of my word, so I put in an hour and 15 minutes with Charles. You can really see people understanding it and also the occasional conservative emboldened to join the chorus. That's 3 hours and 15 minutes for me tonight - *punches time clock*.


  16. By the way, there are no Obot arguments because they don't have any. It's amazing to see this in real-time on a non-political board: they mock, attempt to be clever, act ulta-cool/too-cool-to-care (very phoney effect), but never address the issue or facts even with thousands of people watching.

    Suggestion: Call them out. When they make a smarmy remark, just say, "that's the best you can do? A smarmy remark? What about the facts?" A couple of these guys have tried to swagger away in a superior way; call that out too: "So you pick a fight (they always do to defend Obama) and then run away but try to pretend you're superior while you;re running." That's withering and it infuriates them and they really lose their cool, and that creates attention on the board and more people see OUR message.

    This works. For sure.

  17. Proe

    I'm hoping to have one or two more people for you by the end of the week, but people need convincing to adopt a new habit.

  18. PG: so you went back at it after we finished on You Tube! I have to admire you for that! We riled up some of them!!! They had offense and absolutely no defense. I was amazed that they were so enthusiastic about a porn star and so intellectually NOT curious about what is happening to our country. I am so surprised that they kept coming back at us over and over. I do think we made an impression even if we didn't have any converts.

  19. Ann,

    You post has so many aspects worthy of conversation:

    Yes, many are enthusiastic about kardashian but that kind of superficial interest is not new. I do, however, believe that much of the press is pushing frivolities like never before to keep Obama off the headlines to protect him. When Bush was president there was always some deep concern on the part of the press that something was wrong and it was reflected every single day in the headlines, and not a day went by when some tragic war story was not front and center. Unemployment is now twice what it was when Bush left (and three times what it was when bush was President before the democrats regained control of congress) and the debt is nearing a number that is insurmountable, and the first thing on yahoo news is that Lindsey Lohan wore a Pippa dress. There is a huge sea change in the press and it can only be to protect Obama.

    You know, ACORN people are still paid to do obama's propaganda work. I have to wonder if any are specifically assigned to Youtube and we ran into a couple, because they had all the talking points, attitude, mockery and buddy system that is part of the ACORN propaganda machine.

    There was a guy who came on later when I was on with Charles who was on our side. Converts will take a little time (and a little time is all we have left - a year being not much). We wasted 3 years gabbing on birther and conservative news sites and people have been begging bloggers, "What can we do?" while the bloggers spin off on ego trips and start preaching pablum. What we're doing now should have been started the day the fake birth certificate was released. But we will have converts, you'll see. Many are likely already there like that gentleman who came on later, but are waiting for someone to set the pace and give them the courage to speak up. Right now all we want to do is get people to Google the Obama birth certificate fake info. You'll notice that i never let a post out without it in caps. We'll be finding allies on Youtube soon enough. Rely on it.

    You did a great job last night. Thanks;

  20. Anyone planning some fun tonight?????

  21. Charlene,

    If one other person will join in, I will, too, and it' fun. But fun or not, I cannot keep always being "the other person" who joins in like last night. 3 hours of doing half the work on a regular basis is a tad too much. I'll do 1/3 always.


    Everyone has asked me to keep OF going. I said I would of they could get what amounts to one or two more active participants each, and if they would be a daily part of this board - every day. After 36 all has thus far not materialized. I'll keep my word and keep this place going, but you guys have to pull out the stops at the various place on which you otherwise blog and chat and comment and really push to get more people on board. This is what the liberals do - they pour themselves right into the task, and don;t just sit like people on other conservative boards yelling for congress and the media to do their job, cheer-lead the occasional activist or plan more parties many months down the road. They get the lead out - today.

    I've put plenty into this place, given up a bit and refused to take a dime, I cannot keep OF going in a steady-state because there is no such thing in the universe as perpetual motion. If OF is going to keep being a force for good, it needs to grow. I can't beg people I do not know to join. But as third party advocates you can speak to people of OF's value, strategies and effectiveness. This needs to be a team effort to succeed. Between the usual OF work and 3 hours on youtube, yesterday, I put in 5 - 6 solid hours, breaks not included.

    As you know this citizenship situation is a nightmare: it sets horrible precedents that will and can not be reversed, and in a year after the media has really pulled out the stops to get an uninspiring RINO as the GOP nominee and then they bash him into a state of humiliation, glorifies Obama and Trump runs third party, Obama stands an exceedingly good chance of winning again. Indeed, it may be the reason they're coming gently down on him now - to lull conservatives into a sense of false security on the assumption that Obama's opponent is a shoe-in (these people are not stupid, many have significant psychology and media degrees and accomplishment and they will pull out the stops to make sure the awful capitalist United States is transformed into a wonderful socialist state as long as they, themselves, make a good living.)

    I would very strongly suggest telling people it's fun here, because you, yourselves, have started to say so. One thing that is proving true is that not only is the atmosphere here very different than the usual age-inducing anger and stress you see elsewhere while people go crazy from frustration, but it is also proving to be fun - everyone who has done the youtube thing so far says so, that isn't just me talking. Sell it with that. But this place must grow within the week - that's simply the reality of it.

    If we get a number if extra people but less than hoped for, I will keep OF alive regardless - I won't make you look like fools by recruiting and then shutting down because a certain number was not reached. We might exceed it. But I have done as much on that front as I can. It's up to you, now. Use this recruitment situation as a bench-mark of our ability to defeat Obama in 2012 - you only need to bring in a handful of new participants. Think about it.

  23. I spent my time today trying to get anyone I know to come have fun with us and work to get the idiot usurper out. I have got no personal responses, wonder if there were any more hits?
    I think I am going to have hard time listening to my friends that are anti Obama bitch if they do not come here! Which will pretty much leave me with no friends!

  24. Charlene,

    Thank you.

    "I think I am going to have hard time listening to my friends that are anti Obama bitch if they do not come here! "

    I have a similar feeling, though it isn't only about being here, but about doing something in general. I gave up mostly watching Fox news, and now I really can't stand the message board on conservative and birther sites. Having worked with you people, seen the stamping, the business cards, and participated with you on the Youtube activities, I look at the boards now and simply want to go crazy. No one knows what a waste of valuable time and energy it is flushing opinion after opinion into the toilet of those message boards until they know what real day-to-day accomplishment and activism feels like. Once you have tasted real activism, there is no turning back to just talk.

    In that spirit I will will join on youtube from 9;30 - 10:30 EST tonight if you;re game, Charlene, regardless of whether anyone else joins us or not. Just let me know if you are free than and still game. As FJ always says, if not you, who? if not now, when?

  25. I posted earlier that I can have fun with you all for a little while tonight. My message must have gotten lost. It sure would be easier with at least 3 people. Last night it was fast and furious.

    PG: please tell us how you go about selecting a you tube thread. I want to do this on my own as well.

    Let us know where to be at 9:30. It would be a riot if we ran into the guys from last night! They HATE us! LOL!

  26. Ann,

    They don't like us much, alright - OF obot messages have spiked and it can only be because of people from Youtube. We frighten them, I think, and that fear enrages them. That must be it, because they have no defense at all on the issue of the fake birth certificate (did you see what most say? "I don;t care if it;s fake." What an admission!).

    Okay, I'm in for tonight.

    Basically to choose your own, you can do 2 things IMO:

    1. Go to the most popular video: it's listed on the main page. That's what I did last night. Just pop in and see when the messages were posted. If, like last night before we got involved, it says, 1 second ago, 12 seconds ago, 14 seconds ago, 19 seconds ago, the thread is pretty hot. Doing it alone on one of those can get you swept away by the speed and bulk, though as you saw those are great for groups of OF people (did you see how everything slowed WAY down once we got going? People were stopping to read).

    2. To go it alone, pick things that are popular generally. I go to Obama videos and Obama girl and cute animal videos, to get at both the mind-numbed kids who don;t know any better and think the girl is sexy, and the cute animal people because they seem less political and therefore less likely to know. Those cute animals are VERY popular.

    Try to tie your remark into the video. On a "Surprise mouse" video I said the reason he was acting surprised is that he just found out that OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE! GOOGLE IT!

    Just kick the tires on the videos on the main board and look at how many hits the videos have gotten and when the last posts were. Don;t bother posting on a thread in which the last post is a week old. But if the last post was half a day or less, you'll be reaching numbers worth talking to.

    If I can be of any more help on this, don't hesitate to ask. It took a while of experimenting to work out the most efficient strategies, so we might as well use them.

  27. Tonight's place with a fast moving comment section is

    Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)


    Maybe this very fine filmmaker will turn his talents to doing a piece about Obama's fake BC. Anyway, the guys who made this appear to be online and selecting spam, so this one might not work as well as some.

    There ya go. Let's try it as an experiment. This is the first time I've run into this situation.

  28. Well tonight on youtube was a blast! I haven't laughed so hard in ages! They hated us! I think PG and I held our own. We could sure use some help from the rest of you the next time. I think we related to the stupid video quite well and tied it in to how Obama is raping our country.


    Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)



    This is a beautiful opportunity to connect a huge and fast-moving audience to a theme of a video intelligent enough to already have them thinking along the same lines and therefore receptive to the message OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. This is a very popular video so no matter what time of day or time zone you're in, you'll reach people and have an impact.

    I expect this to be popular for several days. This one could go viral. The film is terrific, audience response overwhelming and the theme fits beautifully for us. The hit numbers are simply soaring. Don't waste the opportunity to reach so many who are being put in the frame of mind to be receptive your your message!

  30. Ann, I agree with everything you said except I feel technically the film was outstanding. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but held my attention strongly throughout without a single word of dialogue, and believe me, I'm not a very easy audience to please!

    What is astonishing is how the occasional Obit fires an insulting one-liner but no one even really denies the fact of the fake. Unbelievable.

    By the way, Ann, did you see when the posts started slowing? This was the fastest thread I have ever seen in my life and yet it really slowed often once we got going. People are reading but not arguing. This works.

  31. This sounds outrageous. Okay. I'll try it and tell you how it goes.

  32. It is almost midnight, I just was able to get here, sorry! Will go over thete and see what is happennin!

  33. Hope you all had fun on your You Tube adventures. I seeded 18 bills over my lunch hour today. At a store and at a gas station. When I bought gas, I paid with one $10 and ELEVEN $1 bills. The clerk didn't say anything, but I'm sure she was wondering wth!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  34. Sorry, I can only start at around 11:00-11:30 pm ish ET but if you want to do Monday night let me know. I always do an hour a day on You Tube at night. I just go down the list of most viewed...day, week, month, all time...
    Still stamping about 20+ bills a week.

    If not you, who?
    If not now, when?

    We will win, I assure you!

  35. FJ,

    I expect to see you on Youtube again, soon. Maybe we should have a marathon this weekend for like 4 hours and see if we can get 3 or 4 people from OF plus your buddies for a total of 6. We'd simply slow the thread down to a grind until thousands upon thousands of people were getting the message. That's a bigger audience than an evening for Ray Charles Maddow.

    I love 18 stamped bills going out in one lunch break. In one year, your 18 bills that you would have spent anyway in just a single one-lunch hour break, will get the message OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE to 12,096 people. Considering you didn't need to pay any more for what you bought with them, that was a pretty solid couple of minutes of actual activity that you would have done anyway.

    For people in Rio Linda, this is called "Getting things done".

  36. PG: well I shouldn't have called it stupid here. Obviously I didn't watch it. I tried to be respectful of it on You Tube.

    Yes, I saw how we slowed them down. I do think this gets the message out!

    Try as I have I can't see "most popular videos" when I bring up a You Tube page. It seems to list what it thinks my interests are based on history. Any more tips for finding the most popular?

  37. Ann,

    The particular video on which we piggy-backed last night uses a current sci-fi/action/movie/game style to tell it;s story, but it has a terrific sociological implication at the end (terrific meaning dramatic, not optimistic) and is so thoughtful as to be made to order to set the stage for the "birther" message.

    It doesn't say "most popular" - my mistake - it says "most viewed" right under the "sports" area. Check this before you log in, because logging in changes the configuration a bit according to what the program understands to be your interests. The other good bet for an active thread is "top Favorited" ("Favorited" - geez! These people need to learn English without attempting to re-write it). You should check out that little film, Ann. It takes 5 minutes and really arms you to use the theme for the birther message.

    I continue to post on less frequented areas, including Obama Girl and cute animals, and the threads are the top posts, which is something I forgot to mention: if you get a little exchange going, the reads will put your "discussion" at the top of the page, right under the video, where all will see. very effective.

    Mainstream media? Who needs a mainstream media. WE are the new mainstream media. There is no question: These combined efforts are getting the word to tens and even hundreds of thousands who would not normally even here of it except as a throwaway late night joke. In another month or two long it will be safe to project those numbers reliably into the millions. If you turn on the juice and get some real numbers of participants to this board, it may not be unrealistic to imagine that we (all of us, together) might be the ones to force this issue directly into the unavoidable sunlight. Worth your time?

  38. PG: Thanks! You are right I had to log out. Most viewed is right where you said it would be.

    You didn't mention that I should expect mail on You Tube! I discover that little bonus today. I have about 8. They are mean and nasty. But they made me laugh. I have 2 requests to be friends. I wonder what that's all about.

    Okay, those of you who haven't tried it yet get ready for some great entertainment. Especially if you can partner up.

    I just watched the video. Strange!

    I left little notes all over the grocery store today.

  39. Corsi's book is $4.95 at WND today only.

  40. Ann,

    Thanks for the Corsi head's up! Buy buy buy, and then spread those books around! 4 for 20 bucks? Yes.

    Re YouTube,

    If you check the mail it breaks down in a few categories:

    1. friend requests: most of these are people trying to build up their cred for music careers by appearing to have a huge fan base. But no matter,I generally don't friend because then they track you on Youtube easily.

    2. Private messages. I don't even open these. Obots play dirty.

    3. Responses to comments you left on certain videos. THESE ARE INVALUABLE, because it allows you to backtrack where you've been, and if you mix it up with an obot, you are likely to get a lot of attention because everyone likes a fight.

    I need to re-think my own view on not debating Obots on Youtube. Previously I said I thought this was a bad idea, being influenced by the go-nowhere aspect of this on conservative chat boards. But on youtube you get a chance for thousands to see the fight who are otherwise not influenced, and will get the message in the process, hopefully repeatedly. For example:

    "Why the hell is there 2 guys fighting about Obama's birth?

    This is an adorable mouse vid. If this makes you think about Obama's birth you have some problems."


    Sure, people are going to get angry. But it doesn't matter. The press won't do their job so someone is going to be angry. Does it make us look crazy? Only to those people who think we're crazy anyway, and the press will glue the GOP to that perception by 2012 anyway, so we might as well come out fighting and prove the point is legit before then: OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE.

    We have yet another new strategy that works. Rely on it.

  41. By the way, this Group-Youtube-Bang really is a lot of fun. I'm game for an hour again tonight at 9:00 PM if anyone is feeling activist.

  42. Hi,

    Just found a link to your blog at WND, and after reading, I joined!

    Instead of putting on the money that obama’s birth certificate is fake, I will put on mine that he is using a stolen social security number. I think both ideas are wonderful, and older people who use more actual money, will be especially interested in learning that! Nice thing about it, his supporters can’t wait to get rid of THAT KIND of money, thus will cause it to circulate even faster. Beautiful!

    Congratulations on creating the best blog ever, and keep up the good work!

  43. LOVE my green sharpie, but a stamp would be much easier. Where can I buy one, without some hotshot reporting me to Janet Nepolitano??

  44. Anonymous,

    Thank you. I know your name from your e-mail where you said the same things, but give yourself a handle here so people can talk to you. Just choose an option under 'comment as" and name/URL: you can write in a name without a URL and then people can say more than "hey you". ObamaFake isn't a numbers-game popularity contest; this is a real community of people working anonymous but together, so they need some kind of name for you.

    You can get a stamp-kit at office Max, Staples and the like. Just go and ask for the "rubber stamps" and the sales person will lead you to a wall on which the many options hang. Among the options are the self-ink stamp "kits" that allow you to put the included multiple alphabets into whatever message will fit on the 3 or 4 lines on the stamp. This way Obots cannot "narc" on you to ACORN, although Charlene found virtually free ones at VistPrint where you fill in the message and so far no one has been accosted.

    Remember, they aren't as bloodthirsty for individual birthers as they are trying to discredit the overall movement, because one wrong move by them and you become the poster child for the very issue they do not want discussed, Remember, silence is their only hope now. Your concerns are nevertheless understandable now, so head to your local office supply store for a rubber stamp "kit" (costs around $20.00 on average for a self-inking one. Ink-pad versions cost less)

  45. Do we have a new troublemaker to welcome into the group, Proe?

  46. Alex,

    Yep. And a great, upbeat spirit she seems to be, too. She's going to fit in here wonderfully. She's going by "Priscilla". (and I hope I'm not embarrassing her). Everyone is welcome, but real pro-activist people who jump right in get a special welcome.

  47. I'm regularly at an interstate exit, with lots of fast food places. My money will travel far and wide!

  48. Welcome Priscilla! You will find this is the best place to actually do something to save our country!

    PG are you on You Tube? Where?

  49. Charlene, Ann, FJ, Charles, Alex, et al: Priscilla found OF on a post on the comments area of a world net daily poll. If you can keep a reference to OF on-topic, that's a good place to reach a lot of people to recruit for OF. Remember, the non-doers outnumber the doers a thousand to one, so we may need to be seen on places like WND to beat the odds.

  50. Priscilla,

    You are located beautifully for this. This is beginning to take on the character of a war room, and Priscilla is manning the big guns at a point of strategic significance! (although Charlene also did some major hitting at Reagan International Airport in DC!)


    I'd like to coordinate group youtube action but people need to come here more regularly and then say when they can participate. Charles says he does an hour every night and is available for a group on Monday. I think it' a tad too late for me tonight. But you guys need to coordinate with each other, too! Ann, you can invite Charlene or Charles. Maybe Alex can invite Sharon. If Priscilla wants to give it a try, I can do one with her. But what we have yet to do is get a solid group of 3 or 4 who have the info down pat and are ready to rock and roll a thread with thousands of viewers and essentially force the message repeatedly on every page. We know the Obots will feel a need to debate it (with mockery) and thus sets the stage for a complete thread takeover on this subject (or potentially near to it, because people stop and read these things - we've all seen the slowdowns)

    *****So let's get coordinated, here: YOUTUBE: WHO IS GOOD FOR WHEN? Everyone who is in on this needs to answer.*****

  51. Welcome Priscilla! I'm a computer Luddite so I can't do a lot of what Proe asks, but I can stamp a buck! Great to have you on board!

  52. Corsi said it took three years to take down Nixon. We are way ahead of schedule. I don't mind if we are small group. We are making a difference. We just need to keep plugging away. Posting the Obamafake link all over FB is kickass!

  53. Please let me know if any any one wants to do late night nite ET. I go it alone almost every night for about an hour at 11-midnightish... just click browse, then most viewed, then top ten all time, top ten day, week, month etc. Cut and paste my Obamafake message!

  54. WND Comments VIA Facebook, will do. And yes, start dropping links to Obamafake all over FaceBook. I always post your link as soon as you get it up on your blog, Pro.

  55. This is my standard Obamafake comment for you tube.

    "OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE! Numerous experts have proven it's a forgery. GOOGLE IT!



    EXACTLY WHO THE HELL is Obama???

  56. Charles,

    If you give me a little lead time, we can do it.

    You said you were available earlier on Mondays. Hurricane Irene-issues notwithstanding, how about if we otherwise try a group YouTuber around 9 PM on Monday, if Ann and Charlene are available. FJ has limited time for Youtube during the week and I understand his situation. Don't know about Alex, yet; Sharon is a Luddite (;) and A Patriot and birther have yet to weigh in. I have no idea what happened to Cranial Access who found us from the old board and seems to have vanished again. I still don't know what happened to the others from the old board,either, like that Scandinavian guy and Michelle's Big Mouth (who would be perfect for this because MBM was more in-your-face fearless than anyone on planet earth!)

    Priscilla, if you are game, we'd love to have you aboard for these Youtube sessions. Basically we *accidentally* highjack a thread, in essence, and tie it into the Obama birth certificate issue, and have a conversation about it always reminding each other to google the info. It drives Obots positively insane as thousands of otherwise in-the-dark non-political people get an earful/eyeful. It really works to get the word out. Think about it.

    I need more of a head's up, Charles, but next time you tell me where, and if there is lead time I'll do my best to be there.

  57. Welcome Priscella! Good to have another Patriot on board!
    Sorry I have been MIA, all should be great for Monday! I don't do well by myself, need some on the job training! Keep posted about Monday, and meanwhile I will do what I can!
    The same delivery guy picked up 21 marked ones last week and again today. I am surprised he has said nothing.
    Is there another way to post at WND other than Facebook? I can't stand when to comment they make you connect with FB or Google acct etc. Just don't like them tracking my actions, just on principle!
    I agree about the SS#. it is such an obvious, verified by SSA, FAKE from the Fraud.
    Plus Orly is makin some waves and might garner some extra attention from our comments.

  58. You've got me! I'm not always available, but retired and on my own schedule. Might go to sleep in the middle of a conversation, but it will be interesting while I'm awake! I get all information as to where and when right here, correct?

  59. Dick Tator (I know who you are! :),

    If you sign up with World Net Daily with an e-mail and a password, you should be fine. You have plenty of e-mail addresses, as I recall, Mr/Ms Tator, so should be no prob for you. You have been missed the last day or so (he says you have been missed but can't recall how long you have been gone - nice). Yeah, I agree about the WND/Facebook thing, because then it feels like your privacy control is getting *out* of control; too many people cross-indexing too much information - I like to keep it all compartmentalized, myself, just for sanity's sake.

    Well, doubtless we're going to have a go again in a day or so on Youtube - you can join any of those Dr Tator - but if you are a definite for Monday, then let's firm that up with Ann and Charles for sure, so we're a solid 4 for that night at least. If we can get 5 we'll rule the world. Isn't this nice? We can say all this right in front of the Obots and there isn't a damn thing they can do about it. Life is good.

  60. Priscilla,

    We were posting at the same time. Okay, we're 5 for Monday! Now if Alex can firm up, FJ can find some free time or Sharon can get a techno-lobotomy, we can make that 6. With 6 people going mad on one youtube thread at once we can cause a breach in the atmosphere's inversion layer.

    Yes, the info on what thread will be available just before 9 PM on Monday, Priscilla, unless you want to make it an hour earlier (don't know about everyone else). In the meantime, you need to take out a Youtube address. All the info is a couple of threads down here on ObamaFake on the main post about Youtube. The most important thing is to take out an anonymous Yahoo account and use that for your Youtube account.

    In the meantime, post here for time if you want to set up a little practice session, and if I can't join you, maybe Ann can, since she's got more open hours and knows the drill. It isn't difficult, you just need to be relentless.

    IMPORTANT: I suggest you guys e-mail me and tell me with whom you feel you can trust with your e-mail addys. MORE IMPORTANT: perhaps you should all take out additional yahoo anonymous e-mail accounts (preferably with some connection to your OF handles) for private mass distribution among the members, and I can mail those addresses to the others. That massive hurricane is coming up the eastern seaboard which is where I am (I'm generally pretty calm about disasters but I'm not really looking forward to this one), and I already missed one Youtube session because of a power/internet outage. If I go down and stay down through Monday, you guys need to be able to co-ordinate between yourselves, and if I don't moderate the remarks, we're going to be hip-deep in smarmy Obots.(that means you cannot speak to each other directly without me being here to moderate because the board will get flooded with jerks, and this is a friendly, Obot-free zone. They can read, but if they can't comment they're powerless.). So please take out e-mail addresses you can use to exchange with each other and use them in the event you come here at some point looking for a when and where and the information is mysteriously not here. If I go power/internet down, you guys need to be able to keep the rendezvous. New Yahoo e-mail addresses that can be shared with others, e-mailed to me, please. Thanks

  61. Hi everyone! I can do Monday 9PM EST! Sounds like we will rule whatever video we want to spread the word on. This will be major FUN! I am up for some shorter sessions before Monday if someone wants to join me.

  62. I now have that yahoo address, and will get a second one before Monday. I also now have my YouTube account. Will prepare a word doc of remarks for fast copy and paste. This is going to be fun.

  63. I tried to post earlier , not sure it went through....
    My email is ObamaIsAFake@activist.com
    If you want to have some fun with a new email addy try www.mail.com all kinds of .coms to choose from and free and you don't need to use a valid email or name to register! (I took PG's advise and registered my contact email as JoeBlow @aol.com.
    Hope to see ya'all Mon at 9 for our Youtube flash mob!
    I bet if we each manage to post, we are looking for help Mon at all the sites we each go to and keep it up, we will get some more volunteers for our lil army!
    If anyone hasn't seen what the jerks have planned for Sept.17th, check out www.USDayOfRage.org. It is being planned by the big guys, Ayers, union assholes etc. Same jerks that got Egypt, Syria, London goin. I am planning on stocking up in case it gets out of hand... If you ever wondered how important what we are doing is, this site will get your activist engine going!
    Proe, you take care of yourself and be safe. Anyone else in the path of Irene? Prayers for everyone.

  64. Okay, so far that's Charlene, Ricard Tator (come on, spill it!),Ann, Priscilla, maybe Charles, and myself provided Irene doesn't knock power out for a week (I'll be fine, Char - have a generator). That's 4 for sure. I'm also probably game for 9 PM tonight for an hour or so if anyone else is, and probably tomorrow, too, same time (Sat is a good Youtube Night, though I might go a lot later if FJ is around). I'm game if you are, Ann. Anyone else?

    Charlene, I love the "activist.com". I've got to get one of those! By the way, what do you REALLY think of the "Day of rage" people? In case no one is noticing, they are basically trying to recreate the Russian communist revolution globally. These are very intelligent but also very, very sick people who for some reason have picked those who are wealthier than they are to vent their general unhappiness while apparently consciously refusing to embrace the fact that these people have wealth mostly through personal accomplishment, provide jobs and are people whom people should emulate, not despise. Very, very sick people.

    Priscilla, it's great how you have just jumped into the fray. You are a perfect fit with the regulars here at OF. Thanks for existing!

  65. I'll do my best PG to meet you here at 9 EST. Let me know the hot video. If it's something I should actually watch before hand please give me a tiny bit of lead time.

  66. I'll make it 8;45 here, and let you know. You should always watch whatever it is if it's only 5 minutes or so, so you can tie the BC issue into the thread somehow. Then it's much more powerful than the appearance of spam on the Youtube board, because they know someone - or many - is/are on the other end of the post and they mean it. Which, as you have seen and acknowledged, drives Obots mad.

  67. Thanks to all, who have made me feel welcome here. I just came from Staples where they sell a nice stamp kit for $26.99, but what that stamp kit can do is PRICELESS! Will be busy assembling it for an hour or so.

  68. Priscilla,

    Your enthusiasm and immediate action-taking is the kind of thing that makes keeping this site going against the odds worthwhile. THANK YOU!

    Speaking of taking action,

    Ann, and everyone,

    the target tonight is Jim Carey making goo goo eyes at Emma Stone (they say it's creepy, I think they need to get a life, the guy is saying things so over-the-top that he's clearly just goofing around)

    The address is


    I'll wait until 9 PM EST before I get going. I figure to spend an hour - 90 minutes if all goes well.

  69. Oh yeah, that "target" is a Youtube comments section, of course.

  70. WHEW, I just had some fun!

  71. Priscilla,

    Ha ha! I thought that was you in there with Ann! Well, I counted 2 sympathetic people, a few Obots and some VERY significant slowing down of the thread when we really came on in force. I also counted some names. A few hundred different names in just a few pages, and for each person commenting at any given moment, there are hundreds of people only reading (hence the million-plus total views).

    It would be safe to say that in an hour and a half we must have gotten the message to several thousand people at least. Possibly ten thousand or more (maybe easily), because there was barely a second in that 90 minutes where one of our OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. GOOGLE IT messages wasn't on the front page.

    We have a tremendous advantage: the left cannot debate back on this - silence is their only weapon. once again, we saw calls of racism but no one really even called the "birthers" "crazy". If we hammer away like mad, we'll break this thing wide open because out of several thousand people, maybe a hundred will look into it and see the facts, since we told them what to google. And they will tell 2 people, and each of those on average will tell one more. Do this a few times a week an in a few-several months you have a large portion of the country talking about it. And when that time comes, Obama either explains the forgery, or he legally goes away. I think this is going to work.

  72. My fingers were "out of breath" but it was well worth the 90 minutes or so, if we got to just one more person! Meanwhile, my build-it-yourself rubber stamp is complete, but it came with a black ink pad, and I forgot to buy a red one. I'll get that over the weekend.

  73. Priscilla,

    "Fingers out of breath" - I see we have yet another wordsmith on board. We got the word out to waaaaay more than just one person. The fact that the obots had no defense was obvious - they'd run up, we'd knock them down.

    Your Staples didn't have a self-inking kind of stamper? Surprising. Black ink works, too. Your enthusiasm is fantastic.

  74. One gal gave me the best opening ever! She told me to get a life. Told her I already had one, and a birth certificate to prove it, and that Obama doesn't have a birth cetificate to prove his. LMAO

    The language there was a little rougher than I've ever dealt with, but for such a good cause, I can overlook it. Just goes with the types who hang out on such sites, I suppose.

    Staples would sell me a stamper they custom made, or a build-it-myself kit. Didn't want them to know what my stamp was going to say, so chose the build-it-myself kit. The pre-inked stamps had the words already on them for teachers, etc., to use. Staples here is small, as I live in a small town (fewer than 30,000 people in the county.) Might could buy better in a larger store, but was limited here.

  75. I can do tomorrow night if the hurricane doesn't shut us down. I can do 9pm ET Monday too.
    Welcome Priscilla.

  76. Priscilla,

    "She told me to get a life. Told her I already had one, and a birth certificate to prove it'

    ZING! Excellent!

    "The language there was a little rougher than I've ever dealt with...."

    I know, and I was one of them, and I apologize for that, it isn't me. But I learned a long time ago that when you're in a loudmouth playground environment, being the gentle Poindexter only gets you rolled. The only way to deal with these guys is to say "fuck you" in a way that's withering for them. It also earns you some cred with other idiots, and quite frankly, and that's generally helpful, even if the respect is attained in a way that isn't rally terrific.


    Excellent. maybe we should try to establish 2 nights a week of a big group attack. Monday, weather permitting, will now be, for sure, you, Ann, Priscella, Charlene and myself. We have never had 5 before, and we have seen good results, like tonight, with 3 at once. I hope this catches on, because if we could double these numbers, we'd have a gigantic impact that A LOT of people would be talking about.

  77. Well, it was a BLAST! Priscilla, you were TERRIFIC! Way to jump in feet first! I don't think we were attacked as visciously as on the sci-fi video. We did manage to be called racists. That is so lame and has gotten so old.

    I think that was the first time we encountered "sympathetic" people.

    GStarz, Sharon, Alex, Patriot, Anonymous, etc. will you join us Monday at 9PM EST? This is a highly entertaining way to spread the word. It's hard to believe so many thousands spend their time on something so trivial. We can reach them though!

  78. Are we going to try tonight too? I'll check back...Hope you can get a new post up soon, Pro.

  79. Charles,

    I'm leaving the recruitment post up until I think we have exhausted our options. There is no point in endlessly updating small stories that leave the situation in limbo the way most sites do. In a way, we're making our own news here. It's funny that other sites sympathetic to the birther cause that know about this are actually not reporting on what we're doing to spread the word. Take a minutes and think about the implications of that.

    Anyway, we're having a solid impact regardless.A few of our regulars are not all that into the Youtube thing, and in a couple of instances I understand why. Not everyone is into everything - or can be. Priscilla,however, is an amazing example of what a new member can do, so I want to leave this post at the top as long as possible to get new people on board. Our impact can be many times stronger with a disproportionately smaller number of new activists.

  80. We can do tonight if you want, Charles, but at some point Irene is likely to close me down once it gets bad.

  81. I am still online but I have to push back my start time to 9:30. I'll check here to see where you are at and meet you there if Irene doesn't get to bad.

  82. Also, if you want to drop a website to prove to someone Obama's BC is fake. I recommend this one if you don't already know it. There is just no if ands or buts about it.


  83. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8Gf4-eT3w0&feature=topvideos_mp

    Lil' Wayne is the target. We have to be careful not this one not to look racist.

    I originally said Beyonce, but the atmosphere is wrong on that - we;ll never win, there. This one. Power is spotty here, so therefore so shall i be too, it seems.

  84. I am setting things up to join in on the youtube fun are you all on tonight?

    Cranial Access

  85. Went over to the Beyonce Video to see if you fellow patriots were spreading the word....the number of comments were amazing, but I couldn't find any of you there. I am on a very slow internet connection will that impede my participation?

    Cranial Access

  86. Found you all and tried to join in but kept getting an error message indicating I should try again....may be my slow connection.....I tried!

    Cranial Access

  87. well I jumped in as best I could, my slow connection hinders my participation and I keep getting error messages when I try to post longer messages.....see you again soon....it is exhausting....but satisfying!

    Cranial Access

  88. Exhausted! Another good night!

  89. Cranial Access,

    It's great to have you back! NOTE: where it says "Comment as", below choose name/ULR and you can type in and use your name without typing in a ULR. This puts your name at the top of your post.

    You did a great job tonight, CA. It takes a few sessions to really fall into it, but you're good now so you will be great in another day or so.

    I was surprised that we didn't see Ann, though. I hope she's okay in the storm.

    CA, if you can make Monday night's session, that will make 6 people all at once that night. That could actually become somewhat epic. I hope you can find the time.


    You were really, really good tonight and pick up on the hints well. For everyone else - Priscilla and wound up pleading as sympathetic black/democrats to drop Obama because the GOP will use his fake birth certificate against him at the last minute. One guy who sent me a friend request said "Well done" after one of those remarks (I got a couple of thanks for that one) and when i checked his profile he was a black rapper. HMMMMMMMM. I think we're onto something with that one. back in the day, Obots would come onto conservative boards pretending to be irate, idealistic conservatives eating away at the base by calling for third party voting. That won't work anymore, but now it seems we can flip that one around and eat away at obama's support with upset inner city guys calling to abandon Obama now before the evil republicans use Obama's fake birth certificate to put a white republican into office. Ah, sunny days. And you know the best thing of all? We can talk about it right in the open because there isn't a damn thing the libs can do about it; talking about Obama's birth certificate is the one thing they don't want, so they can't fight back - only hope the silence is strong enough to carry on through 2012 (fat chance).

    Incidentally, my apologies for the colorful language tonight - just doing in Rome as the Romans do.

  90. Cranial Access, you did well! This was only my second night at it, and I'm totally new to YouTube, so it's a learn-as-you-go thing. I kind of learned tonight how to reply to others. Reply button doesn't always come up. And I'm OLD. Can't read as fast as they can write, so miss lots of posts. Just do the best you can, and keep on saying what you're there to say!

  91. Thanks for the kind words, Proe! This is going to be my new diet plan. I was having so much fun, I forgot to eat supper!

  92. Priscilla,

    NO ONE can read as fast as thy write!

    That said, I did notice it yet again: the posts slow down once we really got going. It happens every single time. People are stopping to read what we say. This works. For sure.

    Now doesn't this make you feel sorry for those conservatives arguing with obots in a conservative chat bubble with only a handful of the *same readers* watching day in and day out, month after month, going nowhere, when instead this way in an hour or so you can get the message out to thousands and thousands of brand-new people every single night you do it - making real mainstream headway? If I do say so, we're becoming the poster child for the future of getting the word out. You guys are truly outstanding.

  93. @Priscilla,
    Welcome. I know what you mean about the fingers being "out of breath". After a 2 -2 1/2 hour session with Proe last weekend, I was wrung out. The mental exertion expended in typing comments, then watching for responses (including team members') and formulating responses to them non-stop and rapid-fire for that length of time is a real Cranial Workout. ;)

    Proe- Talked to my buddy and while he's tied up with volunteering at a charity event this weekend, he says (again) that he had a lot of fun last time, and is willing to jump in again. I'll keep in touch with him during the coming week and see if we can't get a thread insertion team put together for an event this coming Friday or Saturday. My schedule is such that it precludes my participation most weeknights, as you well know.

    In the meantime, let's not forget to keep stamping those bills, seeding "business" cards and using other asymmetrical ways to circumvent the corrupt media and Get the Word Out!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  94. FJ,

    Any additional people is great. There are a few other OF people who also have schedules that prevent their participation during the weeknights, and sometimes weekends. I look forward to when you can join us.

    BTW, may I mention that that anonymous, above, is none other than Cranial Access, from the old board, who showed up tonight and jumped right into a Youtube session . Don't forget to welcome him, too, my friend. Chopped liver he isn't - we're all equal here!

  95. @Cranial Access,
    Welcome. The reference to the mental strenuousness of the You Tube adventure as a "Cranial Workout" was actually a nod in your direction, inadequate though it was. Glad to have you (back) aboard!

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  96. Good Morning All!Thanks for letting me participate and your kind words. It was very satisfying to be getting the word out to so many people! I am so frustrated by the media covering for the fraud in office. The You Tube "interventions" are a perfect way to relieve the frustration. Why sit for hours commenting back and forth about the fraud in office on blogs when we need to do the job the media won't do!Anyone lurking out there come on in and join the fun! As my name implies, I enjoy getting a thought or two into their heads! Pro, I'll be with you on Monday!

  97. Cranial Access,

    You'll have to watch out for Flotsam Jetsome, he's a positively devastatingly subtle wordsmith (he said to himself!); my apologies FJ. I always miss the really nuanced stuff (after using endless four-letter epithets and intentional mis-managed sentence structure so as to be effective on a rapper thread, my semantic sensibilities are particularly battered today)

    CA, THIS, by you: "Why sit for hours commenting back and forth about the fraud in office on blogs when we need to do the job the media won't do!" That's what it's all about, and we're getting up to speed, now: we're really doing it. Thank you for fully understanding; you're living up to your name, admirably!

  98. @Flotsam Jetsome

    Thanks I did pick up on your subtle nod in my direction. Stayed up way past my bedtime last night 1AM.....time just flew by....glad I found where you were commenting. Still stamping money and leaving sticky notes......

  99. I was on last night and I saw you Pro but that was it. Not sure if I was at the right place. Oh well...I am up for 9pm tonight, off because of the weather. I hope to join you all Monday night for the big bash.

  100. Don't you just love McDonald's DOLLAR menu? Especially when you find one sitting on the edge of an Interstate Highway exit. My little dollars could be in Florida, or in New York by tomorrow night! I wonder, will they all travel north, all travel south, or will the little dollar family become separated forever? Maybe I'd better send out an entire posse of dollars to see if they can locate the ones that got away today!

  101. Almost comical, isn't it, that the "ONE" is getting honored on all of my ones?

  102. Charles,

    you are or are not up tonight? Not sure I'm reading your post right. If you're there I'll put in some time. dead tired because of the storm, but I'm always up for at least an hour of Yafoolery, or perhaps we should call it Obamafakology. We're making a difference. Perhaps big-time. Re that, btw, people are slowly emerging from the shadows in support of this issue. I got my first-ever solidly pro-birther response on a slow, standing thread, and the guy went all through the reasons why it was fake. A VERY important aspect of this somehow eluded me: people have been cowed by mockery into silence, and our relentlessness is giving others the courage to come into the light and speak out on their own - that's obvious, now. This could wind up being a big, albeit unanticipated (at least by me) aspect to the equation. This might be an even more effective strategy than we thought.

    Charles, I'll come back at 8:45 PM to see if you're on or off for tonight.

  103. Priscilla,

    That's funny and cute. All those little dollars, merrily scurry about looking for other like-marked bills. Listen! Can you hear their little voices? "george?george?george?george?george?george?..."

    You know, I remember talking to FJ about how terrible it would be if people started stamping diner menus with the message. I really, really really really REALLY hope no one does that.

  104. Priscilla: you are a riot! I love that you are worried about your dollar families being split up. I spent five of my own today. I hope they spread the word far and wide.

  105. Well, tomorrow (Monday) is a big night for us! I will be there! Looking forward to it! Let's all show up!

  106. Ann,

    Well, a casual remark like that be me shows I REALLY need to get some sleep (I'm deleting that post to keep confusion from occurring overall)!
    Yes, tomorrow is a big night. We're going to descend pretty heavily compared to the usual.

    A note for the people who have understandably said it's difficult to read all the posts and type - do it all - on a Youtube session. Don't try to follow it all - it's impossible and unnecessary (unless you want to). Just keep an eye out for recognizable names - including your own - and concentrate on writing, not reading. The idea is to flood the thread with as many OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE, GOOGLE IT, as you can. Yes, we want to talk between each other so as to keep the appearance of a group of actual people so as to not appear to just be spam, but trying to read even half is usually impossible Look for fiends and people quoting you that's all. It will be even MORE fun for you that way.

  107. Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been keepin up here. This will change! CA and Priscella you guys are on fire!
    Tomarrow at 9, will be my firsttime with a group, hope I can catch on! This sounds so wonderful! Actually getting somewhere!!!! Great Goin!
    See ya at 9!
    Is everyone safe and secure after Irene? I sure hope so!!

  108. Hi Charlene! Safe and sound here. Two nights ago was my first experience with YouTube. FUN, but also exhausting! I'm preparing a few remarks to copy and paste so as to speed myself up next time.

  109. Proe said " I really, really really really REALLY hope no one does that." REALLY? Gosh darn, and I had my stamp in my purse! I just hope nobody stamps the newspapers in the public library!

  110. Or the white areas of cereal boxes at the supermarket, or the page that has the library card in the back of the book, or what if some terrible person added a stamp next to the others at the county fair so when people got their hand stamped 25% had 'OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE" on their hand, or the first page of children's books at the doctor's office? I' m not recommencing any of these things because they're terrible ideas. Really. I'm not kidding, now. We don't want to look like crazies running around defacing everything in the free world. Really. I mean this now. I really do. definitely. No question about it. Can't say it enough. I do think that stamping the menus at Diners is one of the worst, though, because they are not easily replaced and thousands of people would see that terrible message in a week. Just awful. The worst. Please don't. That isn't your property. Please remember that. A Diner menu is important. Think about how important it is. Please. never. No no. Mm-mm.

  111. Proe,
    I put up another comment at Free Republic with a link to the site that appears to have (for the moment) gotten posted. I'm thinking that if the reference is to real-world activism in general and not about "stamping money" specifically, that the plugs will go through. This site is after all, about myriad ways of Getting the Word Out in a non-profit manner.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  112. FJ,

    If you could post a link here - to the link there - others here might want to comment on FR to what you wrote there. There's no harm in cross-pollinating with FR. In fact, it;s extremely helpful.

    Thanks for continuing to get the word out. I'm really pleased with the recent upturn in enthusiastic energy among the regulars and new participants. OF is finally showing signs of hitting it's stride for the first time, and it's great to see everyone having a good time while they're at it. Winning in front of the world is fun, after all, and much better than endlessly arguing with Obot trolls in the dark and depressing recesses of message board echo chambers while complaining angrily that people won't help us.

    Thanks. Thumbs up.

  113. Proe,
    It's in this comment thread, post #112:

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  114. Found this from Reganite Republicans...
    Forget all that jive about Obama being some cross between Einstein and Jesus Christ.... evidence continues to mount that this arrogant, unaccomplished nothing isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer...
    Can't walk Can't talk Can't think Can't drink No longer grin 'cuz cannot win Yet will not heed... On floor he peed The loafers are light... And he can't even write (!)
    Well, it made me smile!......

  115. FJ,

    Thanks. I missed the link the first few times because it posts to the far right (which politically speaking, is just right). I wonder if they would permit posts in which people actually *start* the post with the link. Just a thought.

    That was a great post, by the way. Great content, as usual.

  116. Dick tator,

    There is something to that post in substance; it really is shocking the degree to which Obama is just an arrogant, swaggering empty-headed empty suit - he knows the appearances, but not the content. "Get something on my desk". The only time he has ever had the experience to say that was as an *ADJUNCT* professor ("Teacher's helper") to students. I have never heard in any President say that he wants something "on my desk", phrased like that. It shows the shocking extent to which he is even now trying to merely get a handle on the appearances required of him, let alone know what the hell he is actually doing. Unfortunately, he probably fills this void with the one thing he does know - radical, left-wing social reconstruction, like he did with Ayres in Chicago. That's who our president is now, it seems - a radical nut, and nothing else. Thankfully he's a radical nut with a proven shockingly fake birth certificate, so we can do something about this mess by getting the word out and let public shock and pressure do the rest.

  117. Sorry Pro I wasn't able last night.
    I am confirming for 9pm ET tonight. I will check here at about 8:45pm for our location.
    Point of note: I usually confirm here, just like this, when I am available.

    Suggestion: Check and make sure it's a slow to medium moving thread. Seems like our comments get lost on some of those fast moving ones.

  118. Wow Proe! I am bettin' you don't like the guy too much!

  119. Charles,

    For just a couple of people a fast thread is too fast. But especially for tonight, when we have a nice-sized group together, the faster, generally the more people reading. If we find a fast-moving thread that has gotten half a million hits or more in a day or so, so know the people reading are pretty good. be sure to post OBAMA'S name in caps so it catches people;s eye. The other thing is that after about half an hour, fast moving thread slow don (sometime very much sooner than that) when people get caught up reading the discussion. The short version is I am going to pick a pretty fats-moving thread tonight. It's up to us to slow it down with public awareness. Do that, and we get many thousands of people aware of the facts and details in an hour or two who would not otherwise know - possibly tens of thousands if it;s busy and popular and we're on for a couple of hours. Put on your racing goggles, man, and do what you can - the whole point of the group sessions is to go for mass volume of awareness. Afterward we can re-asses the experience collectively and fine-tune for the next one, which will hopefully be.... the day after? Just have fun, Charles. Do that, and the hard work goes away no matter what the situation.

  120. *****YOUTUBE*****

    It looks like hurricane Irene really had an impact on views, suggesting a disproportionate number of hits come of the east coast, and that makes sense, because the coasts are where the larger populations are and it's still only 6PM on the west (hits may pick up by 10:00 PM EST).

    The fastest moving, larger-numbered video I could find is .... Justin Beiber. So I guess we're educating white kids today (did you hear there is a group out there that has contests to see what woman looks the most like Beiber because they think he looks like a twenty-something lesbian? True. )

    Anyway, I guess we'll have to muddle through our first larger-group session on a moderate board with posts coming every 30 seconds or so - slow by our standards, but there's nothing you can do when 1/4 of the people who would be watching at this time have no service.

    Here's the link


  121. ok ready, Pro!

  122. Had a fun time tonight! Gotta get up at 0430 EST for work. See you all again soon!

  123. I was a little late to the game. It ended up fast and furious from my point of view. We dominated the thread and got the word out! Let's do this again en masse!

  124. Well, that's it for me! What a night! I am truly enjoying this group.

  125. Great work, CA.

    I fried after 2 1/2 hours. I would say without question that we essentially owned that board tonight, and in so doing, really got the word out in a big way. Also, I feel like we all had a great, in-sync conversation going in the larger sense.

    You guys are simply Aces.

    Who's up for when, again? I'm sorry that the action was slower than normal because of the aftermath of the hurricane, but it was very good practice.

    Charles, I see someone was after you pretty strongly. I don;t know why you, but i suggest taking out a second Youtube account and using the new name for awhile.

    Oh, dammit, I wanted to make a screen shot to show everyone else how were were ruling tonight and I completely forgot because I got so caught up. Nuts. Now I think of it. Oh well. Next time.

  126. What I noticed, with all of the flagged messages: If you got Justin's name in there somehow, the message didn't get flagged. If you didn't get it in, about half the messages were flagged.

  127. I hope you liked the little spam show at the end.

  128. charlesmountain said...

    I hope you liked the little spam show at the end.

    That's why I am suggesting taking out a second or even third Youtube account and using that for while (all you need is a new Yahoo e-mail. You can set them both up in 5 minutes each)

  129. Priscilla said...

    What I noticed, with all of the flagged messages: If you got Justin's name in there somehow, the message didn't get flagged. If you didn't get it in, about half the messages were flagged.

    I think you're probably right about that and you are definitely onto something here.

    NEW RULE OF THE GAME: TRY TO MAKE THE POSTS A BIT MORE RELEVANT TO THE THREAD/ARTIST by sneaking the name of the artist or movie or whatever. I am assuming there are spam detectors that spot when a post is violently off-topic.

    The flip side is that by the time they are flagged, they're usually moving toward the bottom. Still, that's an invaluable observation,Priscilla. Thank you. (and you are really good at this, BTW. For sure)

  130. charlesmountain, yeah, that show at the end was like a 4th of July fireworks show! How in heck did you get so many messages in there so fast? I have to stop and type in their little code stuff, which is mostly unreadable, after practically every other post.

  131. Yes Priscilla that anti-spam letter code thing really slows me down and is very frustrating! Was an individual flagging or removing posts? Seemed like it. Good work everyone!

  132. YouTube hijinks aside, I seeded eight stamped bills and on the order of 25 "business cards" over my lunch hour today. The card seeding was super fun. Among the more ironic/humorous places at the store where I left them were the book section (horror, fantasy and of course, in front of the single copy of Where's the Birth Certificate they had on display), the liquor department (you've gotta be high to think that Zero is eligible), and best of all, the greeting card section. This is where I laid down the true mayhem. The shelves have little plastic placeholders to keep product sales-pitch tags on the front end of them, so I just kept tucking my "Obama's Birth Certificate is FAKE!" business cards under the edges of them, so they're facing customers up and down the two aisles' worth of product, at adult eye level, facing outward. Absolutely beautiful. It looked like the store had placed them there as advertisements. I put cards under the Halloween card section, the Sympathy Card section and of course, nearly a dozen under the Birthday Card section. I'm still chuckling about it as I type this, hours later.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  133. CA,

    It's unknown if people are flagging as spam. I get the feeling that it got to some kind of Obot ACORN-style operation that there was some anti-Obama activity because a couple of people showed up who seemed too well-trained in the usual lines and defenses to just be the usual Beiber fans. The good news is we ate that thread for lunch.


    "Highjinks?!" That said I love your inventive approach to the business cards. 8 bills in one day is a good number, too. I hope people aren't forgetting to spend their stamped bills.

  134. Re Youtube,I've been looking at numbers there and trying to get a reliable sense of some averages for projections.

    For example, the Justin Beiber video tonight got 500,000 hits in 24 hours (rough estimate, and many others double that number in 24 hours easily - remember, at this time approximately 7 million homes are without power because of hurricane Irene). Assume that 500,000 is the usual limit (it isn't but being conservative)only 1/2 are original views on average, with some people watching it more than twice in 24 hours and some only once (one day isn't a long time).

    500,000 halved = 250,000

    250,000 divided by 24 hours is 21,875 new views every hour, though the prime time 9 Pm - 11:00 PM that we do our sessions is far greater than, say, 6 AM, so the numbers much favor us, but again, keeping it conservative, we'll say that.

    there are 11, 000 posts, but many are the same people (not just us) so assume 4,000 individuals posting in 24 hours, or 166 people (not posts but people) an hour. That seems about right from the speed, so from that I think we can deduce that the overall Youtube counts are accurate.

    What we do not know is how many people read the first page of comments after watching the video. I have to assume a very large number, because I always do and I asked a few people and they do, too. You always want to get a sense of what others think, at least at a glance. Anyone can watch and read, but only people who sign up can post.

    The math gets complicated at this point, back and forth, from this point on but the way i have it figured we were reaching a minimum of 10,000 people seeing the message every hour (less than half watching the videos in the same time), so last night we got out message - often repeatedly - to 20,000 people. It seems absolutely incredible, but the only way this is not the case is if a huge proportion watch but don't read even the top comments. Fans of stars always look to see what others say - like gossip.

    Out of that let's say maybe 2% actually google anything we ask them to check out (this may be incredibly low, but let's just say it). That's 400 people for last night likely checked it out and learned the truth. But assume even that's too high. lets say 200 people because some will get distracted, etc. Besides Trump when was the last time 200 people unfamiliar with this issue learned the truth - for sure - in less than 2 hours? But you never know. the number might have been in the thousands - I'm just trying to keep it real. And how many of those mentioned what they read to others? - plenty I'll bet.

    If we do this twice a week (and in smaller groups a few of us have been doing it more than every other night) that's 40,000 people a week, and almost a thousand learn the truth by googling, bare bones minimum and many thousands wind up talking about it to their friends and family members.

    In a month that's a staggering 160,000 people with a few thousand learning the truth by googling minimum, and tens of thousands talking to their friends about it.

    In 6 months that's 960,000 people seeing it and probably minimum of 20,000 - 30,000 more people knowing it by googling (at this point the degree to which they also become "birthers" and take up the cause online and to their friends is unknowable, but this is a scandal, and history and human nature assures us that word of scandals travels fast).

    In a year that's almost 2 million people getting the message, a minimum 40,000 - 60,000 people learning and probably many, many thousands of new, bona fide birthers taking up the cause.

    If we can double the number of our little group, then we can work two shifts, because we utterly owned that thread tonight. I think additional people on one thread would begin to have diminishing returns. We took up 30 - 40% of that board most of the time at any given moment, and occasionally our posts are almost all anyone could see.


  135. Continued....

    if we got 2 shifts going - or one shifts on 2 different video threads - only working twice a week, you can double all those numbers: 4 million getting the message, over 100,000 new birthers (minimum) and who knows how much larger influence.

    Quite frankly, because a few of us have been on more than every other night, we may well be approaching the weekly version of those same numbers already.

    If OF grows, it is not at all impossible that through this one activity alone, we could reach a few million people by this coming December and many thousands of young/teenage/20's birthers hitting Obama at his core support base among young people and using their relentless energy and networking passion to get the word out about this scandal.

    Now add to this the money distribution that also reaches millions PER PERSON in several months of activity, and we're talking reaching upward of ten percent of the US population in a year. If OF really takes off, there is no way to calculate the influence.

    That sounds crazy and grandiose and disillusion, but the facts are the facts, the numbers are conservatively estimated and the established projection models are what they are and very large outfits including the government rely on them. This must work in terms of reaching very large numbers. The question is just how many, and I think most of us would be satisfied - even ecstatic - with anything in that general range considering the frustrating mire we've been in for three years.

    Thought you might be interested in how some of this reliably appears to add up.

  136. Oh, yes, add to that an unknown number to the equation: how many people respond to our posts to either agree or shoot it down. Both are good because all we need to do is mention it, now - the birth certificate is a fake, and as I;m sure you guys saw last night, there was scarce little defense for the thing - a couple said he already posted it, someone mentioned the Fox News article with their expert and posted the address (which makes me certain a couple of Obots got word and showed up to defend Obama, they were too well-prepared to be Beiber fans)but citing the fake and the fact that Jean Claude Tremblay angrily said Fox misquoted him and that he never said that the BC was real and that he is only a graphics teacher seems to shut those guys up in 2 seconds.

    So figure in the vagaries somewhere a little extra advantage to us still, from those other people who comment back at us. My numbers only take into account us, alone, not those who add extra weight to the topic by answering back.

  137. Oh yes, again, just for S&Gs, remember that we're basing our projected estimate on a 500,000 hit count in 24 hours. "The Portal" short film we were on a few nights ago had 1, 250,000 hits in the same time period and a blazing comment thread. So it might make sense to not do what I just did: make a broad foundational assumption based on numbers found on Youtube when 5 million buildings (with hundreds or thousands of housing units like condos and apartment buildings each holding dozens of families each) along the US seaboard were without power and the internet in the aftermath of hurricane Irene. If you want to average 1 mil in 24 hours (if we can consistently find fast-moving threads with that many hits in 24 hours), then you can double all those above numbers from the ground up, with just us reaching nearly 2 mil in 6 months with 60,000 - 120,000 new people learning the truth from the 2% googling, etc etc etc. Don't double the percentage amounts, but the raw numbers. There are variables, but just sayin' - I have based these projections on a night when a heavily populated area of 13 states along the eastern seaboard was anywhere from 8 - 40 percent without power, depending on the state. You could see immediately that Youtube was much lower in activity than normal. So the above numbers are particularly conservative.

  138. "Oh, yes, add to that an unknown number to the equation: how many people respond to our posts to either agree or shoot it down."

    That's the "force muliplier" that is the Elephant In the Room. As more and more people are educated, the momentum for a "put up or shut up" moment vis a vis the "Obama" administration's stonewalling on, well, everything becomes more extant by the day.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?

  139. I had fun too! I think I have the hang of it now!
    Priscella, great observation! I was having to do the code thing also , I HATE those! I am 1/2 blind and dyslexic!!!! So I will try to use the subject also. I did see one , I think sunlight was flagged as spam, I was able to open it though.
    I also will open a new acct and I think I will try a name like hot college student, and argue with you guys. OK? Somethin to keep it not looking like we are the gang that we are! Help me with a name. (don't forget I want to be HOT!!!!!!)
    Do we have a next time planned?
    Last night when waiting for 9pm I thought what if we had an instant message thread we could defer to at start time and during? I opened a Yahoo act to check it out. Let me know what you all think. I felt at times lost, and not sure oif anyone was there or possibly went to a new Video, so May be wrong and it is not necisary? But thought I would throw it out for talk!

  140. When do we gather together again for some fun? Like they said on youtube: we need to get a life! I guess our life is saving our country!

  141. Charlene and Ann,

    You guys can organize between each other and other people, too. However, just say when you want to be there, and I'll probably join in, too. For me personally, no matter how tired I am at any given point, I know I can always depend on a youtube session to provide a solid 90-minute adrenaline rush. It really is fun and challenging on so many levels you could get addicted to this thing.

    I can do some tonight, but I don;t want to be the one always saying "when" - I'm a wild card who is good for most any time. I owe it to OF to be that much, anyway. So someone else call out a day and time, including tonight. I'm good. It's up to you guys (I also want to see if this will continue should anything happen to me)

    OF has a couple of little surprises coming in the next week, BTW.

    In the mean time, shout out your earliest day and time. Let's go, folks.

  142. I can go for almost an hour tonight ASAP. Tell me the video if you are game.

  143. Ann,

    I just got your message so I think we missed the window of opportunity.


    I can be on tomorrow - Wed - night from 8:30 - 11:00 EST if anyone wants to give it a go (please tell the times you can make it)

    We will have to change the following schedule because we don't want to telegraph our plans too far in advance to Obots - not that they can do anything , really; saying "DON'T google what they tell you to google" sounds pretty suspicious and doesn't fly in the real world - BUT FOR THE TIME BEING, LET'S TRY TO MAKE MONDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS OUR BIG GROUP NIGHTS. If you can't make those and have a night better suited, please post it here.

    I have also with innumerable slow-moving threads that have a political edge that get alot of attention - slamming palin, etc - and I will be sending out some of those addresses to the regular youtube participants via e-mail and ask you to drop b when you get a chance and put a little oomph into the argument.

    Considering that once the fake birth certificate appeared, all that stands against us and victory is media silence, we should use the gigantic megaphone that are the popular youtube threads.
    This is working. Let's use it a bit more.

  144. PG: I am up for tomorrow. I can't start until 9EST. I like your idea of a massive meeting Mon and Thurs. I hope everyone else can do that too. In between we can meet in smaller groups to rile them up on youtube.

    Feel free to send me suggestions via email. I'll do what I can.

  145. Seeded eight more bills today, at a grocer, the gas station and the post office. Slow day. For me. ;)

  146. FJ,

    I think you and I are on the same par bill-wise. I really need to do a recalculated projection of where we are inclined to be in terms of getting bill-stamp views. There are a few new people in on this, like Priscilla, who have not been taken into account on the original projections. I can't imagine offhand what the combined six-month totals from today onward will be when you combine the Youtube and stamped bills. I wonder to what extent they will begin to cross-pollinate. You know, someone gets a bill and says, "Some guys on Youtube were just talking about that" or someone looks at Youtube and says "I just got a dollar bill with that on it." I suppose we get estimates of what the demographics are on Youtube (younger), what that age group spends as a demographic, make a best-guess application of the projection models of money distribution and we should be able to get some vague idea of when the cross pollination should begin to kick in and to what degree.


    I'm good for Wed night at 9 for a small session and Thursday for a big one. Anyone else?

  147. I can not promise, I have out of town company, but if it works out I will sure be there!

  148. I will join in whenever/wherever I can, likely both nights for a while. I'm working on a project that sometimes keeps me out a little late, but always home and at computer by 9:30 EST, usually earlier.

    What I wonder about on the bills, how long before others say "Great idea!" and begin to emulate us. I have to take my car to the carwash this week, and it just occurred to me that machines that accept dollars is one fantastic place to unload all of those ones I'm carrying around.

  149. Priscilla,

    "What I wonder about on the bills, how long before others say "Great idea!" and begin to emulate us."

    That's the million dollar question on all birther activism. My own suspicion is that a combination of irrational fear of mockery (who cares what anyone says about an internet handle, but many people apparently do), irrational fear of black helicopters or KGB-knocks at the door in the middle of the night (absolutely stupid notion often promoted by paid ACORN types pretending to be terrified conservatives trying to make us afraid to act) and a cultural-manifestation that I call "Limbaugh Syndrome", which is to sit on your ass and talk all day to other conservatives and call it "taking action" has created a perfect storm of paralysis by analysis. It's time that others shook the sand out of their heads and do what you guys are doing: get out and tell the world any legal way possible. If we had 50 people doing what we're doing, we could break this story irreversibly into the mainstream to the point of effecting action in less than 2 months; that much time of endless bills and stifled top youtube threads alone would do it.The complaints would be deafening, and wash back into demanding a resolution to the issue that is the cause of it all.

    But there is hope. Once in a while, when word gets out enough, a new person joins in. A couple of the older regulars will be back; they're off for a bit and I understand their reasons. I will personally try to un-luddite Sharon, myself when it comes to Youtube (no promises).

    Putting stamped bills into bill machines is the best way to spread the word undetected, if you are concerned about appearances.

    I'll be on tonight with Ann (and later) Priscilla if anyone else wants to join us.

    Please confirm if you are good for Thursday night, Monday night at 9 PM, EST, or both.

  150. Once again, another very slow Youtube night thanks to Hurricane Irene and her aftermath. When in doubt, turn to a Kim Kardashian thread to get the word out to the under-educated.


  151. Well, it was a wash tonight, from what I can see at 9:30. No one showed up and we haven't heard from Charles or Cranial Access about tomorrow. I guess we'll have to see how strategy this goes. We're the only ones who can do it. If we don't, it doesn't happen.

  152. I came in about 9:30. I could see some of PG's posts from several minutes earlier. I played the game for about 35 minutes with many posts. I was completely ignored.

    That may show that we have to have at least 3-4 people going at this simultaneously to get noticed.

    I was late because we were having dinner with a dozen conservative friends. The conversation turned birther. Several of them think Rubio should run as VP. I had to school them!

  153. I was there for 10 minutes or so, and didn't see anyone else. Will be available tomorrow and Thursday!

  154. Just stamped 16, 100 dollar bills for deposit into my local Atm! WooHoo FJ! Am I catching up to you?

    Sorry not sure when I am available this week But it is a definite go on Monday nites 9:00 pm. ET.

    Pricilla and,Pro..I can shut down a fast moving thread with my attack, like I finished out last Monday, and then the rest of you guys can own the thread and I'll assist....I can end the party the same way. Just give me a some sort of code comment when we are just about to leave. Pricilla saw the action. I had 4 solid pages with nothing but my maxed out standard boilerplate comment.

  155. PG: I say let's keep plugging along and do what we can. We have had some amazing results on youtube. Tonight just wasn't great. I think you are making an impact with obamafake.

    I'll jump in Thursday night and Monday as well.

    Let's all hang in here and do what we can!

  156. Proe, you know I AM Luddite! But I WILL try to get the hang of understanding Youtube. I guess I just run away from technology that isn't easy.

  157. There's a new post up if you guys are interested.

  158. Proe, I read the new post. It's GOOD, and very accurate!

  159. Looks like I may be able tonight. I will check in here at 9!

  160. I will check in here around 8:45pm EST to see where we are headed. I can do the 2 nights a week on a fairly regular basis, but my work hours and age/health...preclude more commitment unless I have a day off or vacation scheduled. I am still stamping money and leaving sticky notes wherever I can! Enjoyed reading your new post pro!

  161. Cranial, Charlene, Ann,


    Remember to keep the posts somehow connected to the theme. You know, wouldn't it be great if the forger had used that technology, etc

  162. Did you guys move? Been looking for ya!

  163. Ok something is wrong with me, I could not find you guys AND I can not find the new post!

  164. One fun night! I fell in love! LMAO

  165. Charlene,

    That's very strange, because Ann, Priscilla and I were there for 2 hours and it was a slower than usual thread so we pretty much ruled it. if we had had six again we would have simply stopped it cold. But the viewer numbers were terrific. I'm not sure what happened for you. next time I will do what I usually do: name the thread/video title and say where it's located on the page. Trust me - you were missed.

  166. Priscilla,

    I thought we had a terrific night for 3 people. I noticed an immediate thread slowing once we got going (it always picks up around 10:00 - 10:30 EST when the west coast kicks in) and only one objection that I saw.

    You know, we're really falling into a solid groove conversationally with this strategy, now, and the whole boy/girl thing worked absolutely beautifully. You and Ann were champs and great sports, too. I also noticed that the thread got really SLOW ON THE BOY/GIRL STUFF BECAUSE EVERYONE STOPS TO WATCH THE FLIRTATION - AND READ THE OBAMA FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE INFO EMBEDDED IN IT.

    This is working beautifully, and you guys were champs. The conversation was superb. Thank you for a great evening session!

  167. Charlene, did you copy and paste the url, or did you copy it by hand? I always copy and paste, because I think I have two of each finger on my right hand. I double strike keys, getting for example, the i and o both nearly every word I type! If I copied by hand, I would have so many typos, I would never get there.

  168. I'm old enough to be Swifty's grandmother, but I was "IN LOVE!" Who would have known?

  169. Priscilla,

    You were AMAZINGLY skillful tonight, No joke. That was great!

  170. Crap!I missed a chance to flirt!?!?!?! I was there, a video about a game and everyone wanted the headphones. I at one time posted a dumb comment to see if one of you would answer. Oh well I AM sorry i missed this, sounds like you had a blast!
    What next?

  171. Charlene, I watch carefully for group member comments, but it moves so fast I know I miss a lot of them. Even so, you can PRETEND to reply to one of us. For example, write @humperdink234 and then post anything having to do with the video and mr. Zero. Others amongst us will spot you....maybe not on your first post, but just keep posting a few times, and someone will see you. My eyes nor my fingers can keep up with all of it, but just keep on typing! It's FUN!

  172. **** RE YOUTUBE *****

    I have to skip tonight for no other reason than exhaustion. This is no kidding. Between my work and keeping OF content going (there is more original stuff in the works as I write this) keeping OF relevant, advertising and Youtube, I'm shot for tonight. Dollars to donuts I'm asleep in an hour.

    I would, however, be intrigued and grateful if one of you would pick up the gauntlet, choose the video thread and announce it here, and have at it. You guys said you'd throw your backs into it if I kept OF alive. Okay. Start 'a throwin'. I might check in to see what's going on on Youtube if someone gets a thread going, but I'm just not up for starting and sustaining one tonight.

    I suppose tomorrow is a bet worth taking, being a weekend for everyone, youtube will either be more or less busy than usual, so I'm probably set one up for then, unless Sunday is better, though we have Monday as a big group scheduled. I need to know who can do when.

  173. Proe, I've been looking for a YouTube to visit, but just don't know how to locate one that is presently occupied. Will keep trying, but not good at this part of it. Haven't watched very many of them, ever.

  174. any mob action and or flirting tonight?

  175. I went ahead and posted a link to this piece at The Blaze. We'll see whether and for how long it remains up at that site. GB may (publicly) disparage "birthers" (rather, Constitutionalists), but judging by the many comments I've read there questioning "Obama"'s eligibility, I'm hoping that it gets seen by a lot of people, and by people who are fed up and ready to join the fray.

    If not you, who? If not now, when?


  176. Proe, just give me a place to go, and wear your asbestos suit. I plan to give 'em hell.

  177. What's happening? I'm sitting here getting antsy. Want to get GOING!! But where?

  178. Ann emailed and said the address was up, but I'm not seeing it. HELP!!!

  179. Was fun until my computer locked up on me. CTRL-ALT-DEL didn't work, so had to turn it off by hand, and do a restart. By the time I got back you guys were gone. : - (

  180. New idea....report ss#
    042-68-4425 as a fraud.
    I've filled one out, it takes like 10 minutes, maybe if they get a couple thousand SSN fraud tips, one honest man/woman will do something. Remember 042-68-4425.

    SSA Public Fraud Reporting Form

  181. Just seeded 1 - $5 bill and 3- $1 bills all to the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE

    Also, placed business cards in an Obozo van with Ozero '08 bummer sticker.

    Placed business cards into a return box of merchandice, also put cards into books on the "staff recommended" reading shelf and videos/books I was returning. Placed cards by the library checkout desk and by the computer terminals.

    Left cards on checkout stand at the post office by the credit card thingy....left cards on the table where you select your paperwork to mail your packages....

    Placed cards into the post box where you put your letters (someone has to pick those out of there...

    Also placed cards into various drop boxes for US mail and city drop boxes AND library drop boxes...

    Paid library fine with 3-$1 stamped!

    Just a note to remember...

    IF you are concerned about comments from the bills all you need to say is...

    "I noticed that....."
    "Yeah, they were like that when I got them...." (hand them to someone before you use them....)
    "Yeah, I saw that and went to that site on there and WOW!...found out some interesting info...you may want to check it out"

    If they ask where you got the bills, say....
    "I don't know...the ATM or Jewel(whatever grocery store is yours...)

    SO FAR...NO ONE has said anything to me, but a few have noticed and raised eyebrows, but NEVER said anything to me directly...
    and why would they?
    WHY would someone accuse someone of anything...you get your bills from EVERYWHERE!!!